34 credits All students must complete the SUNY/ESC general education requirements. • demonstrate an understanding of the operation and design of financial systems.General Remarks Upon successful completion of the Finance program students will be able to: • Prove financial knowledge with broader business fundamentals including understanding of management scien accounting. functions and environment of financial services in an international context. • comprehend the political. • have a foundation in science and liberal studies through the General Education Program. • demonstrate a working knowledge of the European environment of business and multi-cultural issues. legal. social. Course 1 Composition I 2 Composition II 3 College Algebra (Course can be waived upon testing) 4 Trigonometry (Course can be waived upon testing) 5 1 Natural Science course 6 1 Social Science course 7 US History II 8 World History I or II 9 Other World Civilizations 10 1 Humanities course 11 1 Art course 12 Computer Applications (Course can be waived upon testing) UNYT Concentration Prerequisites – 52 credits Course 1 Statistics I 2 Statistics II 3 Calculus I 4 Albanian Business and Labor Law OR Legal Environment Business 5 Microeconomics 6 Macroeconomics Credits 3 3 3 1 Prerequisite TOEFL > 525 Composition I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Credits 3 3 4 3 3 3 Composition I WAP or preferably C WAP or preferably C WAP or preferably C WAP or preferably C WAP or preferably C Prerequisite College Algebra Statistics I College Algebra & T Composition II Microeconomics . business law and ethics. • be able to apply the subject matter critically and analytically in real situations. computing and information systems. and financial instrument • understand the role. List of Courses General Education . environmental and technological impacts on organizations. risks. • provide and analyze financial information for a variety of decision-making purposes. • pursue postgraduate studies or professional qualifications in the field of finance. regulatory. organizational behaviour.

Money & Banking. Reporting and Transparency ( pre: Managerial Accounting ) 4 Business Ethics (pre-requisite: senior status) 5 International Finance (pre-requisite: Corporate Finance. Stat. Money & Banking. Recommended: Public Relations SED Project Management Intercultural Management Econometrics Internship or Senior Project 3 3 3 3 Macroeconomics Composition I Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Corporate Finance Microeconomics Composition I 4 3 3 3 Composition II. senior status) Investment Banking (pre-requisite: Corporate Finance.11 credits Electives may be taken at UNYT and /or ECS. senior status) Internship OR Senior Project (pre: upper senior status) TOTAL 128 CREDITS . Analysis) 2 ESC electives OR Internship OR Senior Project (pre: upper senior status) based on avail Econometrics (pre-requisite: Macro. Statistics II) Public Finance (pre-requisite: Macro. Man 3 3 3 Macroeconomics Composition II Composition I Empire State College Concentration Courses – 32 credits Course 1 Investing (pre: Corporate Finance and Money & Banking) 2 Risk Management (pre: Corporate Finance and senior status) 3 Financial Statement Analysis. senior status) 6 Auditing (pre-requisite: Fin.7 Economics of EEU 8 Financial Accounting 9 Managerial Accounting 10 Cost Accounting 11 Corporate Finance 12 Advanced Finance 13 Principles of Marketing 14 Principles of Management 15 Money & Banking 16 Advanced Business English 17 Introduction to Speech Communication Foreign Language(s) and Electives .

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