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To the Hohe Tauern Alpine World in just 45 minutes Welcome to the Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs!
A trip to the Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs takes you on a spectacular
Stage 1: Bus tour along the Lärchwand Road journey through the magnificent mountain landscape of the Hohe Tauern.
The journey to the reservoir starts at the Kesselfall-Alpenhaus at the bottom This brochure contains information about the individual stations, helpful
of the Kaprun valley. Modern buses will take you through a natural rock tips, and important orientation information.
tunnel as you travel along the Lärchwand Road to the Lärchwand Funicular.
Stage 2: Travel on the Lärchwand Funicular The team of the Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs
As you ride on Europe’s largest open funicular, which travels a total wishes you a very pleasant journey!
distance of 820 m and ascends an incline of 431 m, you will have the
opportunity to enjoy spectacular panoramic views.
Stage 3: Bus tour along the Mooserboden Road
The high alpine reservoirs can be visited at the following times:
The journey continues by bus, taking you past the Wasserfallboden
begin-June to mid-October, daily from 8.10 am to 4.45 pm
reservoir and the Fürthermoar Alp to the Mooserboden reservoir, located
(last ascent 3.30 pm).
at 2,040 m above sea level.

Tauern Touristik GmbH

Dam wall tours:
Nikolaus-Gassner-Straße 321
Explore the inside of the Mooser dam wall by taking one of the ongoing
5710 Kaprun, Austria
guided tours. The meeting point is located between the kiosk – where you
Phone: +43(0)65 47/20 0 19-23 2 01
can also purchase tickets for the tour – and the Mountain Restaurant.
Fax: +43(0)65 47/20 0 19-23 2 09
Hiking info:
The Mooserboden is the starting point for numerous mountain hikes and
alpine tours through the Hohe Tauern. Hiking trails and alpine routes are
indicated on the appropriate hiking maps. Before embarking on any hike,
please always check the weather forecast, make sure to bring appropriate
equipment, tell somebody else of your travel plans, and do not stray from
the marked paths! Publisher, owner and editor: Tauern Touristik GmbH, A-5710 Kaprun, Austria. No liability is assumed for the information contained
Alpine Reservoirs
herein. All rights reserved. Subject to change. Last updated: February 2008.
1,068 – 2,040 m above sea level Tauern Touristik
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs
1 Lärchwand en 5 Mooserboden
Road Bus Tour b od Mountain Restaurant
s er ees
Your journey to the alpine reservoirs elk The Panorama Restaurant not only

starts at the Kesselfall-Alpenhaus. ko offers you a spectacular view of the


A bus will take you through the mountains, but also a taste of


Lärchwand tunnel to the Lärchwand Austrian home cooking and regional

2802m 2669m
funicular valley station at 1,209 m 2036m 6 culinary delicacies. The spacious
above sea level. Drossen- Wanderweg Kl. Grießkogel restaurant terrace is a popular
Mooser- zum Kl. Grießkogel
Staumauer Staumauer meeting place.
5 Bergrestaurant
2040m 7 Mooserboden
Kiosk Besucherzentrum
»Erlebniswelt Strom und Eis« 8

2 Lärchwand Funicular at 6 Hiking path
The ride on Europe’s largest open Eb to Kleiner Grießkogel
funicular is the first highlight on your A well-marked alpine path takes the

S t a u s e e W a s s e rf a ll b o d e n
trip to the Kaprun alpine landscape. 1805m hiker from Mooserboden to Sedlgrat
You will glide almost soundlessly Fürthermoaralm and then on to the Kleiner
through mixed beech woodlands and Grießkogel summit in about 90
rugged mountain flanks as the funic- minutes. This trail is also suited for
ular makes its way to the mountain less experienced hikers. Please wear
station at 1,640 m above sea level.
sturdy footgear.

3 Mooserboden 7 Interactive
Road Bus Tour Limberg- 1672m Exhibition “Power & Ice”
At the mountain station of the Staumauer Located between the Mooser and

Lärchwand funicular, near the Krafthaus Drossen dam walls, the interactive
Limberg lock, buses will wait to take exhibition “Power & Ice” awaits you.
T a

you past the Wasserfallboden reser- 3 Here, you can learn more about the
voir and the Fürthermoar Alp to the history of hydropower and marvel at
Mooserboden reservoir, located at Schmiedingersee the authentic reproduction of a
2,040 m above sea level. Lärchwand- glacier arch.

Schrägaufzug Alpincenter
K a p r u n e

1209m Kiosk
4 Mooserboden Reservoir Krefelder Hütte 8 Höhenburg
The Mooser and Drossen retaining From the interactive exhibition
walls form the valley dam of the “Power & Ice”, you can take a brief
Kesselfall excursion to Höhenburg. Following
Mooserboden reservoir. It holds 84.9 1
Alpenhaus this short hike, you will be rewarded
million m3 of water, 60% of which is
with a breathtaking view of both
melt water from the Pasterze,
reservoirs and the eternal ice of the
Austria’s largest glacier. The melt
glaciers. Please wear sturdy foot-
water is transferred from the glacier gear!
to the reservoir through a 12 km long Gletscherschigebiet
tunnel. Kitzsteinhorn
approx. 20 Min.