Student Acceptable Usage Policy

All students who wish to avail of college Information Communication Technology (ICT) facilities must: o Be aware of all the College’s information security policies and operate in accordance with them. o Not use the network to view, transmit or distribute any material that may be considered offensive. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual, pornographic, racist, sexist, libellous, threatening, defamatory or any other material that may bring the College into disrepute. o Not display, transmit or reproduce any materials covered under the Copyright And Related Rights Act (2000) as amended without prior consent of the owner. All questions regarding copyright must be directed towards o Use of the network must be for the purpose of coursework and associated research only. o Not access or attempt to access any services for which they have not been given permission. o Not make any attempts to alter or conceal their identity when connecting to the internet or sending email o Not disclose their password to anyone else or attempt to access resources using other users credentials. o Not make any attempts to bypass any filtering or restrictions placed by the IT department.  The IT Security Officer is authorised to monitor any communication on the network and record the activities of all users on all College communications and systems. This includes, but is not limited to, email and web activity.  It is the College’s objective that such monitoring should not be necessary on an on-going basis, but will be occasionally used to audit practices. However, the College retains the right through any member of the Senior Management team (including but not limited to the IT Security Officer) to monitor, intercept and read each individual’s e-mail, internet activity, data and other activity relative to College facilities to ensure the protection of the College, its students and its staff, and to ensure that there is no abuse of privilege.  No student should have an expectation of privacy in relation to electronic records or communications transmitted from or held on College systems  The College has implemented technology to filter inappropriate images on all College systems. All attempts to view inappropriate images will be logged.  All commercial use of the network is explicitly forbidden.  The IT department may disconnect any computer that it believes is posing a risk to the availability or security of the network.  Any confidential information should be encrypted before being sent over the network.  Aside from statutory obligations, the college is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the colleges IT facilities.  Any student who does not comply with this policy may face withdrawal of ICT facilities or may face disciplinary action by NCI. I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to the acceptable usage policy as outlined above.

Name (please print):____________________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________

Student ID Number: _________________________ Class: ___________________________
(refer to your student card for the above details)

Date: _____________________________________
Please sign and return to:

For IT Dept Purposes Only Course Code Date Received Date Details Collected/Posted

IT Department – AUP National College of Ireland Mayor Street IFSC Dublin 1

Or return by Fax: 01-4972200 or email scanned copy to Revised August 2011

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