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Tekla Structures Peikko Components

Installation instructions for Peikko components, Tekla version 17.0

1. Start browsing from or local web page 2. Click Go to software download center in Tools for Designers box

3. Scroll down the page to see list of Peikko Design Components. To download components click Go to download page.

4. Fill the registration form: a. Select Softwares and Components you want to download b. Fill your contact information c. Click Submit-button.




5. After registration you will receive an email with links to download database. Click the link of components you want to download. In this case Peikko components for 3D Tekla Structures.

6. In database choose first Views on top right corner. And from there File list to get easy to read list of folders and files.

7. Before downloading files, you need to know Tekla Structures version, Windows edition and Downloaders computer system type. a. Tekla Structures version can be found from start window of Tekla or from opened Tekla Help- pull-down menu and About Tekla Structures -tab.

b. Windows edition and computer system can be found from Control Panel - System and Security - System

In this case Tekla Structure 17.0, Windows 7 and 64 bit system.

8. You can now download Peikko components. Recommended way is to install Peikko Component Downloader, which installs components automatically to correct places and offers easy way to update components. Other way to install Peikko Components is to do it by manually. Downloader a. Click correct exe-file and then press Download original. Save file.

b. Go to location where exe -file has been saved. Double click the file. You might have Security Warning window. If it appears, click run. The application starts and installs Downloader to your computer.

You need to have administrator privileges to get Downloader installed. If you get following message, contact your IT helpdesk.

c. Downloader is now installed and can be found from Tekla Structures. Open Tekla. Select Tools drop-down list and Macros from there. In Macros window select Downloader and press Run-button.

d. Downloader opens to a new window. Select what components you want to load and press Download selected. You can also select will the downloader import files after download and update Component Tree View (recommended).

e. Peikko Components are now visible in the Component catalog.

Downloading from database a. On the download page, select Custom components -folder.

b. Click correct Tekla Structures version, then PeikkoItems-folder and finally Uels-folder.

c. Select file or files you want to download. Click Tools -drop-down list and select download option. This function makes files to download as zip-file. Save the zip-file and unzip it.

You can also download files separately by clicking the file and then pressing Download original.

d. Start Tekla and open Detailing -drop-down list. Select Component and Import Custom Component. Find the location where you have saved downloaded file(s). Select the .uel-file to be imported.

e. Copy content of ComponentCatalogTreeView_add-on_17.0.txt to the end of ComponentCatalogTreeView.txt in TeklaStructuresModels -> (model) -> attributes -folder.


You can find Peikko components from Component Catalog under the Peikko in tree view.