Based in Texas. The EXCEL program targets global directors. The Solution Currently running into two locations. Michael Dell speaks directly to participants to share important learning from his own experiences. ‗Tell Dell‘ highlighted increasing disengagement amongst employees – becoming more pronounced at senior levels The organization realized that it needed to review its business model in order to remain competitive and hence increase employee engagement. The Problem In 2008. The EDGE program aims to reinvigorate high-potential vice presidents and to deepen their dialogue with each other and with Dell CEO. employee engagement and customer understanding.000 people worldwide. . Ongoing coaching support for participants on both programs ensures that new thinking and learning continues and has a real impact on the organization. Michael Dell. He deeply challenges participants‘ thinking and gives them new perspectives on strategy and planning. Participants on both programs report that they feel more positive and re-energized. and have a better understanding of what it means to be a global leader. an internal survey.Employee Engagement implemented by Dell : Dell is a global. Dell wanted a learning and development initiative which would re-energize and re-engage senior leaders. re-engage their organizations and re-energize themselves. and Singapore. He talks about where Dell is. He also discusses with participants the projects they work on during the program. It aims to reinvigorate this talented group and to provide them with the tools. During the program. the United States. the learning solution consists of two distinct programs. and help them to revitalize the organization. where it is going. technology organization and one of the world‘s leading brands. Dell employs more than 80. The program equips participants to take an active part in defining a game-changing future. cross-functional coordination. and how it can get there in new ways. support and opportunity to rethink their businesses. The Results Qualitative improvements include enhanced teamwork. equip them with the tools to rethink strategy.

as well as given the opportunity to learn and grow. . perform better. The outcomes tend to show that employees who are happy with their jobs and employers. resulting in higher productivity and profitability. dubbed Employee Storm allows Dell‘s worldwide community of more than 80. Mobile messaging High use of smartphones means mobile messaging can help executives better connect withemployees on a personal level. and those for employees and are then routed to the right departments for consideration.Dell Uses Social Media to Foster Employee Ideas and Engagement A social media platform. In-house messages Tools like in-house phone calls and executive Web chats allow staffers to hear messages directly from their leaders. even if it meant challenging their bosses. such as new product ideas. and think fearlessly and out-of the-box. Employees were encouraged to be direct. Dell employee‘s were also encouraged to work as a team. Ideas submitted by employees through Employee Storm are segmented into those for customers. and learning from failure. Some of the things that Dell did to improve employee morale included: • Giving the employees more feedback • Giving the employees an opportunity to participate more in the decision-making • Being more honest and open with lower level employees. Many studies have often linked a company‘s profitability to employee productivity. They were also expected to hold themselves accountable for their assigned goals. Michael Dell created a culture in which the company‘s employees were given clear expectations for their jobs. and thus to morale. • Giving the employees more flexibility in their work schedules and locations. facilities improvements and benefits. Michael stressed to his employees that innovation is about taking risks. It became obvious that financial motivation was not enough.000 employees to post and discuss ideas on topics ranging from product upgrades and innovation to critiques of company policies.

clarity of purpose and teamwork.  Community Involvement/volunteerism actively encouraged.  Applying equal focus to building a great company & a great place to work. Employee engagement program  Tell Dell program .It‘s a platform where Dell employees who share common ethnicity.  Competency based hiring – drive for results.  Objectives agreed and reviewed quarterly with each employee.  Engagement requires understanding and buy-in to the dream! Understanding is built on good communication. it strives to develop and retain the talent pool.  Cross cultural skills. .Through an intensive. grievances etc. sharing ideas and best practices. welfare program.  Meritocracy – pay for performance and profit related bonuses.  Also recognizing & acting upon the fact that people need to have fun and a bigger sense of community.• Promoting an environment that values individual differences engages people in decisionmaking and encourages employees at all levels and across all parts of the company to work as a team. tolerance for ambiguity are key attributes.  Career management program. managerial effectiveness. and participating in carpooling and telework programs are just a few of the ways our employees share the responsibility of protecting our environment.  Focus on non-work personal development.Dell offers workshops where different cultural norms of different countries are taught & executed.  Minimum 40 hours training per employee per year. Sports and Social events    Learn — make a connection that aligns with your passion Engage — give time and talent through team-building activities Commit — contribute directly to change "By far. Volunteering to work on green initiatives at work and in their communities. nationality & lifestyle meet together and share their views. flexibility.Encourages employees to speak frankly about Dell‘s policies.  Employee networking group (NWG).  Open job postings advertised with preference given to internal candidates. the best executive leadership development program at Dell!” Programme participant.  Expectation that each employee has an Individual Development plan which is worked on with direct manager. six-month Career Management Program.

These courses are directly tied to business needs and are designed to develop specific competencies in the Leadership Framework. most learning and development is gained through on-the-job experience and assignments. Most Popular     Work Life Effectiveness Health and Wellness Growth and Learning Retirement . business and financial acumen. Learning through Experience It is important to carefully plan development that will prepare team members for future roles at Dell. and through formal learning programs. and more. BPI. creating relationships and receiving feedback are critical to personal and professional development. diversity. Assessments such as the 360-degree process provide insight so that individuals can identify opportunities for continued growth and improvement. coaching and mentoring. the model used to define and describe the set of core leadership competencies that are key to success at Dell. Dell training courses help prepare Dell team members for their current and future roles and cover a wide range of content. including leadership and the Dell culture. Activities such as coaching and mentoring provide the guidance and support to help improve performance and grow capabilities. Training and Learning Programs Dell offers a variety of formal and informal learning programs that target individual development. while the remainder includes interacting with others through networking. Planning development through experiences translates into identifying the new assignments and job changes that can provide the greatest impact to a desired skill set.Talent Management and Career Progression at Dell: Growth and Learning in DELL At Dell. Learning through Others Building an informal network.

and the individual contributors combine as an interdependent team. Meritocracy. At Dell Computer Corporation. the success of this corporate team. Those components include * Corporate vision * Differentiated job levels * Performance plans * Monitoring. These are the distinguishing features of a career at Dell. for corporate success. Success of Professional Career Paths For professional career paths to be successful. therefore. the managers. Academic preparation plays a significant role in the effectiveness and. Global mobility. the corporation has a responsibility to provide employees with * Its corporate vision * Consistently administered policies and procedures * Differentiated job levels through clearly defined job descriptions * Continuing education and training for state-of-the-art expertise . communication. ultimately. offers people the unique freedom to experience different areas of the business and that means unlimited opportunity for the ambitious. the components of the "Performance Management Process" comprise the elements required for successful careers and.Career path in dell Flexibility. the corporate executive team. Corporate Responsibilities To support successful careers. and feedback * Performance appraisals Each member of the corporate team contributes differently and is responsible and accountable to the other team members.

To be optimally effective in producing success.– Vision Organizations. executive management team. When policies are communicated clearly and implemented consistently across the organization. job descriptions must differentiate the job levels clearly. middle managers. and projects sometimes fail simply because of the lack of a commonly held vision. recognition. tactics. and contributions . careers. – Policies Corporate policies and procedures provide a framework for employees and managers that enhances and advances the objectives of the organization. – Job Descriptions For professionals to understand how to grow within their career paths. The following differentiators should be addressed for every level within the technical communication career path (Dell job description manual 1993): * Specific duties * Specific responsibilities * Level of technical knowledge and expertise * Key competencies in the technical communications discipline and in the technical community * Level of education or experience equivalency * Years of experience * Level of supervision * Leadership expectations * Teamsmanship expectations * Crossover skills * Interactions with other professionals * Professional association. a credible corporate culture that produces confidence and mutual trust among the corporate players emerges. and individual contributor alike. Strategies. corporate vision must be shared with and embraced by every employee. and career/project plans are an outgrowth of vision.

periodicals. technology. and files the plan as an agreement for the next year's work. The immediate manager is responsible for these elements within the "Performance Management Process": * Weekly or biweekly one-on-one meetings with each employee under his or her supervision: * Weekly or biweekly department meetings for sharing corporate and departmental communications: * Performance plans. the department manager is responsible for attracting. so that professionals have the opportunity to study about contemporary advances in tools. * Career planning sessions on a regular basis * Continuing education opportunities * Informal performance reviews on a regular basis * Performance appraisals on a regular basis: . and techniques. updated or rewritten each year: The manager reviews. reference materials. • Time is a critical element. The department should allot an annual budget for training. managers are responsible for assisting that individual in reaching his or her career potential as a professional technical communicator. approves. media. The forward-looking corporation establishes an expectation for every professional technical communicator to devote a stipulated amount of time each year to professional education. • Budget is another critical element. college courses. and retaining professionals with the appropriate balance of expertise to create the technical information needed by the corporation.– Continuing Education Establishing a top-tier technical communication department requires both hiring professionals who have either the best academic preparation or experience required by the department and investing in their continuing education and training for refreshing and retaining state-of-the-art skills. and subscriptions to trade magazines. After interviewing and hiring an entry-level professional. * Monitoring and feedback: determined by the level of competence and commitment displayed by the professional. annotates. and online services. developing. Managers' Responsibilities Ultimately.

which encourages professional growth and promotes job satisfaction. and accomplishment Progression along a well-defined career path Benefits of Establishing Successful Career Paths • • • Creating. and implementing successful career paths result in greater retention of the most valued employees. and current development opportunities – what are the areas that the employee needs to focus on developing Individual growth. it cultivates an overall high morale within the corporation and contributes to an environment in which people are highly motivated to produce quality documentation. In addition. and involvement in the development of our future leaders • • Individual Development Plans • • • Given where the employees aspires to go.” . such as engineers and computer programmers. communicating. It provides a continuum or progression parallel to those of other industry professionals. visibility to.Organizational HR Planning is Dell‘s semi-annual ―talent review‖ process involving robust conversations about the organization and talent • Through the OHRP process. – Assess current level of talent and leadership bench strength for the top three levels in the organization – Identify the next generation of leaders and accelerating their development – Review Current and Future Talent needs and strategies to address the needs – Encourage open dialogue between team members and their managers on career development OHRP feeds the – People Planning process – Staffing Plans Provides our leaders with greater knowledge of. contribution. “It is one difference between having an average job and having a career with pride in corporate affiliation.

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