NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR Entrance Test for Admission to MBA (Insurance) and MS (Insurance) -2012 With reference

to the above the following procedure may be noted: ELIGIBILITY FOR APPLICATION Admission to MBA Insurance /Master of Science (MS) Insurance programme shall be based on merit in the entrance test. Following is the criteria to be eligible to appear in the entrance test: MBA (Insurance) Four Semesters 2 Years – 60% marks in aggregate in Graduation/ Postgraduation. MS (Insurance) Two Semesters 1 Year – 60% marks in aggregate in B.E./B.Tech. in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics and Tele-communication and allied excluding Computer Science. A relaxation of 5% of marks in eligibility criteria shall be admissible to candidates belonging to SC and ST categories. Candidates who have appeared/are appearing in the final year of qualifying examination may also apply. However, candidates not fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned above, at the time of finalization of admission, will not be entitled to admission. Both the courses shall be full time residential. MAXIMUM SEATS MBA (Insurance) -20 MS (Insurance) - 10 RESERVATION 15% and 7.5% seats in both the courses individually shall be reserved for SC and ST candidates respectively. TEST PATTERN The test is designed to measure the candidate’s ability to think systematically, to employ the verbal and mathematical skills and to assess his/her aptitude for insurance carrer. The test shall be in two parts: A - Objective type 50 Marks Questions shall be of multiple choice, Out of the given multiple options, the candidate has to choose the correct answer. The Candidate shall not give more than one answer to any question. Such answers will be ignored while awarding marks. There will be no negative marking.

Questions and Marks (10) No. Geometrical and Statistical Ability. Chemistry and Biology.Total Questions and Marks No. Questions and Marks (50) The date of submission of Application Form for the above courses will be informed during middle February 2012. Section E . Reasoning. Banking and Insurance. Questions and Marks (10) No. . Questions and Marks (10) No.Basic Arithmetic. JODHPUR Duration of Test: One Hour (60 Minutes) B – Essay writing (200 words) 50 Marks Duration of Test: Thirty Minutes SYLLABUS: MBA (Insurance) Section A – Aptitude Test. Reasoning. Geometrical and Statistical Ability. Questions and Marks (10) No.Knowledge of Basic Commerce comprising questions on Industry. Section C – Knowledge of Basic Science comprising questions on Physics. Questions and Marks (10) No. and General Knowledge and Computer Technology Section B . Section C – Knowledge of Basic Science comprising questions on Physics. Algebraic. Questions and Marks (20) No. Electrical. Section D .Basic Arithmetic. Section D – Basic Mechanical.NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY. General Knowledge and Basic Computer Technology Section B . Questions and Marks (50) MS (Insurance) Section A – Aptitude Test. . Questions and Marks (10) No.Total Questions and Marks No. Civil and Electronics Engineering . Questions and Marks (10) No. Algebraic. Questions and Marks (10) No. Geography and Political Science. Trade. Chemistry and Biology.Knowledge of Basic Arts comprising questions on Economics.

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