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Divine Science Principle and Practice by Malinda Cramer & Fannie B. James
Library Home - Visit Malinda Cramer Bio Page - Visit Fannie James Bio Page Compiled from Truth and Health by Fannie B. James and Divine Science and Healing by Malinda E. Cramer One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. Ephesians 4:6 Textbook of Divine Science DENVER, COLORADO "To the reader: We apologize for the old style usage of the masculine pronoun in all instances where an indefinite pronoun is used. We chose to publish from the original films to lower the cost of printing; however, the reader must recognize that in all such instances, both the feminine and masculine pronoun are implied. Moreover, there is reason to rejoice: the reader's awareness and our awareness of this discrepancy speaks well for the changes that have come about in our society since the first printing of the book." Copyright 1957 by Divine Science Church and College Denver, Colorado
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Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

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Foreword - p.5 0. Early History of Divine Science - p.9 1. Revelation - p.19
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Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

Divine Science Interprets Some Important Doctrines - p.135 10. Practical Application of the Principle - p.157 11. Conclusion - p.190 12. Selected Inspirational Readings - p.202
Glossary - p.231 Index - p.238

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Basis of Divine Science - p.27 God and Man are One - p.37 Thought - p.49 The Work of Thought - p.59 Prayer - p.79 Healing - p.97 Unfoldment - p.115

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Foreword - p.5

In response to the ever-increasing interest in the things of Spirit, this volume is sent forth that the strength of its message may add to the mighty chorus of Truth now sounding throughout our lands in acknowledgment of the Infinite Love that fills and rules the world. The fundamental principle of Divine Science, the omnipresence of God, clearly defined and explained, is to be found within the covers of this textbook. It contains the essential teachings of the founders of Divine Science since it is a compilation of material given in Truth and Health by Fannie B. James and Divine Science and Healing by Malinda E. Cramer. This text is presented to the reading public with joy, knowing that all who study its pages with earnest thinking and definite living will be richly blessed. The Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth, forever proclaims its presence by the utterance of "Peace on earth, good will to men." The proclamation of Infinite Love presages the healing of every ill here and now. The peace it declares is for earth as well as heaven; the good will is for men as well as angels. The fact that there is unrest throughout the world and that a will contrary to 5

good seems to pursue men, proves that man is blind to the Spirit and deaf to that "Voice" that is ever saying, "Lo, I am

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Each lesson should be thoroughly studied and practiced.D. D. and to deserve its name must have a governing principle with laws by which the principle works to produce infallible results. will the consciousness of the student unfold and "behold. The two earlier texts have been woven together and supplemented by more recent material from the fields of religion. Compilation Committee: Helen C. the changeless and eternal divine truth of the omnipresent God. Ernst. and the individual application of this knowledge in every walk of life. clearer perception of these truths has come. Clara B. to teachers. all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17 Each student will receive that which nourishes him spiritually and thus he will grow or unfold into the eternal consciousness until he comprehends the whole. D. and to students wherever they may be studying Divine Science. and psychology.S. Science is systematized and classified knowledge. develop into scientific thinkers. broader. conscious. so united are religion and science. but so closely linked are the spiritual and the metaphysical. The metaphysical teachings of Divine Science appeal to those eager to hear law and order revealed as based upon the one perfect Mind.htm (4 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Chairman 8 Return to the Top Return to the Top file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice." Truth is changeless. "Speaking the truth in love. Divine Science as presented herein bases its teachings upon the principle of the omnipresence of God. D. and the laws of His perfect activity.B. study. D.S. progress has been made. Prater. and practice. Foremost in the teachings of Divine Science as the basis for right thinking are the following: Truth a unit.. and those who think they want only the religious. only opinions change. and only then. the equality of Father and Son. God as all. Moore. its action and result. they must be reviewed and rethought until the reader finds himself accepting them and incorporating them into his daily thinking and acting.S.S. we may grow up into him in all things. Truth teaches that man is forever in the Creator and is an eternal. inseparable identity. which is the head.B. 4:15 7 There has been a sincere effort on the part of the committee to keep this new textbook true to the original teachings of Divine Science.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and deeper. Its true knowledge consists therefore in knowing the true nature of the Supreme Source and Cause. and ALL THERE IS AS GOOD AND VERY GOOD.D.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. The spiritual teachings appeal to those who love the Fatherhood of God. Rereading each several times will open the mentality to the logical.S. For surely after these years of research.com with you alway. Irwin Gregg. even Christ. and higher vision has been attained. Divine Science knows no authority but this self-evident truth from which to reason and upon which to base its decisions. Frederick Larson. Then.those who are drawn by the appeal of science eventually find themselves religious in the truest 6 sense. that ." Eph. Alice L. D. scientific truths stated therein. As statements only they are of little value. We trust that this volume will prove helpful to readers.D. science.

The physicians were not able to do anything for her and in the spring of that year sent her to Chicago to consult specialists. but I know several who have been healed by her and they were very ill. Colorado. Bingham. I was living at that time in Pueblo. I could not bring myself to sing the first stanza---"nearer my God to Thee." On the Sunday before we were to start our new lessons with Mrs. as a family. being able to eat only very soft. Three weeks of study and treatment with Mrs. but as the song progressed I realized a complete surrender of myself and of the family conditions in order that I might be nearer to God and so I was able to sing the last stanza with the others. nearer 10 to Thee. who for so many years was an outstanding teacher of spiritual mysticism.p. that they could not promise a healing but her one chance was to stay in Chicago for a year and take a certain treatment. Bingham to tell them what had brought about her transformation. in sad condition physically and financially but we did not think her classes would help us and it was most difficult for us to undertake anything of this kind. especially prepared food. Frank Bingham back to Pueblo radiant with health and joy. myself. and Nona Lovell Brooks. We were. too. I. Informal classes grew up in response to these requests. Hopkins. Come back with me to 1886." she replied. Fannie Brooks James. Friends and neighbors began asking Mrs. Mrs. As soon as she could she came across town to tell us the wonderful story. she finally was so insistent that we accepted. "I have a husband and four little children that I cannot leave for a year. "before I made any decision I would consult a lady here in Chicago who is doing some wonderful healing.htm (5 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . For more than a year I had been praying almost constantly. A close friend had been ill for some months. and knowing how much we needed what she was giving. Hopkins brought Mrs. e'en tho' it be a cross." I rebelled---I and my family had had all the crosses we could possibly bear. I attended my church. she gave in simple language what she had learned from Mrs.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. with my sister. We were always invited to these meetings. After a thorough examination they told our friend that she was in a most critical condition. Their names in order of age were Alethea Brooks Small. was in very poor physical condition. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. In the spring of 1887 three sisters began their study of metaphysics. where during the communion service the song to be sung was. I do not know her. Nearer My God To Thee. I do not know her teaching. Colorado. "But I can't do that.Divine Science Principle And Practice .9 As told by Nona Lovell Brooks. Small." God give me light. As the congregation sang I was filled with an inner turmoil." Immediate connection was made with Emma 9 Curtis Hopkins." "If I were you. cofounder of the Divine Science Movement in Denver. that raiseth me.com Early History of Divine Science ." suggested a friend.

Now let me tell you something which intrigues me greatly and which shows how we came to call our teaching Divine Science. however. of our remarkable healing. Cramer's immediate thought was to make known to the world her great discovery of God's 13 power in each individual life. like its Creator. poverty and inharmonies of all kinds. It is good from center to circumference.com It was during the fourth class lesson. Cramer. It was not long before we had systematized the teaching that Divine Science was the first to promulgate: All creation is the expression of God and partakes of the same substance.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Tho' the actual healing was instantaneous." The universe of form is the Word of God. I love to tell of the blessed change in outlook that came to us. of the quick improvement of the financial situation. we were so happy in our new freedom that we said nothing about these non-acceptances. which eight of us were taking with Mrs. and who did not know us. while believing in nearly all of what we had been taught. And with this in view we began our study of the visible. we could give answers satisfactory to our own perception 12 of truth. Mrs. We had at that time no thought of establishing a movement. Malinda E. a lady in San Francisco." tells of this. when questioned. "Divine Science and Healing. She burned with the desire to show others that through the knowledge of truth they could be freed from disease. but they had not. We knew that no wrong thought or anything else undesirable could touch us so long as we centered our attention on God's presence instead of on man's false concepts. There were other less important points that we saw differently. It filled me! It surrounded me! I was conscious of nothing but that intense white light! I thought that of course all in the room had seen the light too. the omnipresence of God. We were thrilled! Who would not be! We were deeply grateful for all of these blessings and yet. in order to discover ever deeper meanings to this fundamental truth of our philosophy and to learn to apply it more definitely to the welfare of ourselves and others. We discussed the entire subject for our own satisfaction and in order that. She also did much successful healing work. During these early years while we three sisters were earnestly studying our basis.Divine Science Principle And Practice . After many years of invalidism she had been healed through her own realization of God's presence. that my whole being was completely flooded with a great light---a light brighter than sunlight. She held meetings and taught classes in her home in San Francisco. Bingham. We did not believe that the visible universe did not exist but was delusion and was to be denied. wholly good. brighter than any I had ever seen. whom we did not know.htm (6 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . that this wonderful world was not to be denied but to be understood and interpreted. I discovered that I had been instantly and completely healed. Her book. yet I truly believe that the months and months of praying that I might receive light had been a preparation for the healing which had actually come to me in the form of light. there were several points with which we were not fully in accord. 11 In fact our entire lives were transformed. All of the power and beauty in nature is the result of God's fiat going forth---"Let there be and it was so. was working along the same line. Our reason revolted at this and we decided that form was the product of God's creative activity. She incorporated her college under the name of Home College of file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. We took our stand then and there in the thought that in our thinking and living we were to emphasize God and His action in our lives. I alone had had this wonderful experience.

open to the Inner Word and both received the same message. effective teaching and practice. her healings were among the most remarkable I have seen. In 1898 the Divine Science College was incorporated that we might train teachers. I took charge of the first church organized by our College. Meanwhile in Denver. cared for the healing part of the work.. develop practitioners and ordain ministers.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 16 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. one of the first Bible teachers. Mrs. Mrs. of Man and his oneness with the Father. consequently she 14 never had a large number in her group.htm (7 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . but in the summer of 1896 resigned from school work and began definite activity in teaching and healing The work outgrew Mrs. friends kept asking for help and in a short time classes started. Mrs. asked if we might call our teaching Divine Science also. first in our own church home on Seventeenth and Clarkson. James' home and moved to an office and classroom downtown. However. She most graciously granted this and from that time on there was fine cooperation between our two groups. It teaches the truth of God and His creation. Small who had moved to Denver. Mrs. helpful life.com Divine Science in 1887. Martha Stark. who up to this time. will always be remembered for her powerful work. and then. Cramer's teaching was so profound that only advanced students could understand her. first in Pueblo then in Denver. There have been many valuable helpers all along the way. had been nameless. Our work was successful and grew steadily. Mrs. which fell on Sunday.Divine Science Principle And Practice . 1410 Curtis St. I was teaching in the public schools. Josephine Preston was the "joy practitioner. Anna L. Palmer. I served in this capacity for 15 thirty years. C. After her passing in 1907. The coming together of two closely related streams of thought has always been thrilling to me. When they came face to face they knew they belonged together. in our present beautiful College and Church at Fourteenth and Williams. Baum was lovingly named "the peace practitioner" because of her quiet. gentle. 1899. Then there were Agnes Galer and Mrs. for our teaching is based on the changeless rock of Divine Being. Cramer came to Denver and taught her first class here. L." so named because of her radiant spirit. James had classes in her home. The First Divine Science Church of Denver. Denver became headquarters of the Divine Science activities. a successful teacher and practitioner. To name only a few: Ada B. In 1889 Mrs. Mrs. I love to think of those days so full of consecration and joy. Three sisters in Colorado and one dynamic woman in California unknown to each other thought out the same outline of teaching. We are growing and shall continue to do so. We found to our delight that her teaching tallied with ours to a "T. Fay. They were consecrated to Truth. given by Mrs. I was ordained that year and on January 1. Galliger and so many others who worked ceaselessly and selflessly to establish Divine Science in our world. Many others gave so much to earn our deep gratitude. lived a long. to whom credit is due. will long be remembered." We. James was president of the College for fifteen years and when she passed on I served from 1914 to 1929. David Moffat who had been remarkably healed. organize churches. the steadfast friend of many. and there was the closest feeling of unity between them. Cramer was our guest of honor at our opening celebration.

and of the consciousness of good as the supreme power in the life of each one of us. the omnipotence. electricity. art. truths that he may know and use. as the further expansion of God-consciousness in man.p. It proclaims the right of man. Let's give it our best. who is unfolding in consciousness so that he is becoming more aware of truths that have always existed. and religion. wealth. It insists that these blessings are to be realized by the royal law that Jesus gave: "Seek ye first His kingdom. The world needs us. And we are still expanding. happiness and power. 18 There is nothing covered. through right thinking and true living. and the omniscience of God.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. --." Many churches and centers throughout the world are giving strong Divine Science teaching. 17 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 1 . himself. neither hid. automotive power.19 Story of Progress The time has come when all mankind is to be introduced to scientific facts pertaining to spiritual development.Revelation . Divine Science acknowledges every advance in the world of natural science. and all these things shall be added unto you. When the body of knowledge is made up of spiritual truths based upon the changeless truth of the omnipresence.htm (8 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . A body of facts and truths systematically arranged showing the operation of general laws constitutes a science.com of unity as the basic law of the universe. of thought as the sole means of expression. that shall not be made known. In no phase of life are new truths being created. and even atomic power. Divine Science. The chapters which follow will present the principle and laws embraced by such a science under the general title. just as he is learning more and more of the scientific facts governing the everyday world in which he lives. to health. that shall not be revealed.Luke 12:2 Revelation Questions to direct your study file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and His righteousness. It is man. It is becoming evident that scientific facts of a spiritual nature are changing the life of mankind as vitally as have those of steam. then it and its laws constitute a science of the Divine.

The Spirit of Truth will guide man into all truth.htm (9 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . "God is light and in him is no darkness at all. neither have entered into the heart of man. "Which veil is done away in Christ. it will guide him into divine understanding and he will see all things in a new light. 3:44 In a better understanding of God. 21 doubt." 1 Cor. 3. and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped." Matt 28:20 When man is willing to hear the voice and open his consciousness to it. 50:21 As well might we say on a cloudy day.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 2:9 man also has the promise that. What is revelation? Is revelation possible today? How do you account for the fact that it is generally true that "eye hath not seen nor ear heard"? How does man received a revelation of truth which seems new to him? Will any truth newly "discovered" be contradictory to others previously realized? Where is "the Kingdom" and how does one come to live in it? Truth is eternal and changeless. John declares. with every new revelation of truth the veil grows thinner. Jesus discovered some truth that Moses had not seen "Clouds and darkness are around about him. Revelation is not the making of new truth. With Jeremiah we have been willing to say.Divine Science Principle And Practice ." John 1:9 "Take heed that the light which is in thee be not darkness. 4.com (Be alert -. 35:5 Revelation comes not at set times and places but to the individual when he is able to receive and make use of fuller knowledge. 2. 97:2 is the Psalmist's conception of God. The light of electricity that now brightens our homes might have illumined the Garden of Eden if man had then known its presence and the laws of its use. "Revelation is an unveiling." Ps. It is an indwelling Spirit of Divine Intelligence which never forsakes man but forever proclaims. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. In the use of electricity today man 20 has not made a new truth. is around us and not near the Source of light and love." 2 Cor. sorrow or pain comes from self and not from God.every fear. I am with you always." Luke 11:35 Take care that thou are not in the dark concerning the things of Truth. These are new discoveries that come as we open our eyes to see and our ears to hear that which forever was and is." The clouds that hide the sun from us are around our earth and arise from the earth. I stand at the door and knock:" Rev." Ps. "Thou hast covered thyself with a cloud. but the veil is on the face of man and not on the face of God. We speak of the discovery of a new star. it is the uncovering of the ever-present Truth as we are able to see and hear. "Thou thoughtest that was altogether such an one as thyself. 5." 1 John 1:5 That was the true "light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. "Behold. It is something new to our understanding. but not new to truth." Isa. "the eyes 19 of the blind shall be opened. but until every mystery of truth is made plain to the mind of man there must be revelation. Every sense of "cloud" -. we mean it is a new discovery of a star that belongs to the ages. that our prayer should not pass through. he has but discovered the use of an eternal truth. 3:20 and "Lo. "The sun has wrapped itself in clouds and darkness. nor ear hear.find the answers) 1. The Psalmist and Jeremiah saw the darkness in their own conceptions and thought the "cloud" was around God. the things which God hath prepared. Though "eye hath not seen. 3:14 In the full understanding of truth all ignorance is done away." Lam." The veil is a fitting symbol of our ignorance.

IN MIND NOT IN PLACE. so knowledge is the essence of man's nature before his development in knowledge is started. but that we shall learn the truth of what we are.Divine Science Principle And Practice . higher vision. 24 When we understand that the infinite goodness of life is here now. Let us not postpone the day of revelation. Thought unfold from knowledge into fuller and fuller understanding of its own possibilities and powers. But it also claims "now is the accepted time. the truth that is changeless." but knowing that time might be needed for the light of these truths to come he kindly said. neither let us relegate it to the past. Our search for heaven has proved that we knew not where to find it.com We cannot see by the light that lights another. As soon as we can understand his words and say. Truth never destroys any portion of truth. He told them of Truth's presence "within" and "at hand. The essence of all that is to be gained is forever within man's consciousness. Jesus found men in this blind condition. Divine Science reveals everything as good in its rightful place." now is the time of fulfillment because man's understanding has expanded into the "ripe corn in the ear.a radiance from the Inmost Soul. THAT PERFECTION IS REALIZED. As any seed contains the forms and potentialities of the complete plant before growth begins. The process of revelation of truths new to man comes from within rather than from without. There is in each soul an illumination -." Matt. In the higher grades he does not think or speak as he did in the lower grades. "As it was in the beginning it is now and ever shall be. we shall know how to let this great truth possess us." Since the kingdom is "within us" and "at hand.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. but that is all.that is infinite in love and wisdom. educere. Truth perceived destroys ignorance and frees our thoughts." IT IS CONSCIOUSNESS NOT IN TIME." we cease our search and live in the joy of knowing that pure presence. comes from the Latin. "Ye shall find" means that some day we shall know and possess what we sought and then seeking shall end. 23 This indicates that the faculties and powers are already inherent within the child and are to be brought out and put into use. yet we may get a spark that will set our lamp to burning." It is a matter then of seeing and of knowing what we did not know before. and within each member is implanted "a right seed. 7:7 We search for a thing as long as we do not know where it is." for God's Spirit indwells man and God reveals to man by His Spirit the things He hath prepared for him. hence it has no prejudice against past teachings and beliefs. which means to lead out. bringing realization of harmony to ourselves and others. the Source -. for the fuller knowledge includes all the fragments that have been previously perceived. this is revelation. to develop the faculties and powers by means of teaching. All development is from the perfect seed implanted in the beginning. and surely we should after these years of opportunities be able to receive the deeper. When the consciousness of an individual is opened to this illumination and he hears.GOD IS file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. We say that a child receives his education but the word educate. Even as a child grows so does the race. instruction or schooling. For centuries we have prayed. we may see. "Thy kingdom is come. A child in the process of education passes from grade to grade in school. The promise is not that we shall be something we are not and so be freed.htm (10 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . "Thy kingdom come. "Seek and ye shall find. May the light which was so clearly revealed to the founders of Divine Science be a spark to awaken the consciousness of the earnest student as he studies this logical presentation of a simple basic truth upon which the whole teaching rests -. broader. we in the midst of it and it in the midst of us. Whatever our forefathers perceived." from whence is it to come? We 22 must come to a knowledge of its presence with us and must learn that the presence of the kingdom means the presence of peace and all good.

Divine Science Principle And Practice . it must have an absolute. All conclusions must be in harmony with the premise upon which the science is based." Mark 12:37 Discuss this statement. Divine Science is such a science. truth ascertained. In Jesus' time it was said.htm (11 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . unchanging principle with exact relations and methods by which the principle is expressed and proved. 3. 25 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 2 . Many no longer accept religion as a family "hand-me-down" or as something which is primarily of the emotions. unchanging principle with laws that can be proved under every circumstance and by which man can learn to solve the problems of life and produce correct and harmonious results. Energy follows attention.p. Religion must be dependable. "The common people heard him gladly. To what does mankind give his attention that prevents his hearing the "voice of Spirit"? 2.com EVERYWHERE. What is the basic truth upon which Divine Science is founded? 5.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. many are now demanding that something as important as religion should have as firm a foundation as the sciences which men have learned to use and to trust.Basis of Divine Science . the term science has not been applied to religion. 4. it must "work". 26 Basis of Divine Science file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Explain. Are you familiar with the early history of the Divine Science movement? Discuss it. but with the growth of the race. systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws. Man has two responsibilities if he is to unfold his spiritual possibilities." --Webster It is a well-known fact that an exact science is based upon a universal. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1.27 Story of Progress "Science is exact knowledge. In general.

of God action and the results. who is above all. it become a science. All is good and can be naught but good. omnipresent. God is pure Spirit. 4:6 Questions to direct your study 1.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. The foundation truth of Divine Science is that limitless Being. one and only power. that their true Being has neither beginning nor end of days. space or conditions. 4. but must contain all form within itself and be the substance of all form. accepts only one knowledge and power.htm (12 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Therefore it is a statement of truth to declare: God is omnipresent. Omnipotence means all-power. "God is everywhere. and if another presence. no other power than God-power. 5. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Hence the teaching of Divine Science is classified knowledge of Being manifesting in existence. and in you all. Thus we have a divine science. Omnipresence shows that all things live and move within it. knowledge of Truth.com One God and Father of all. What God is is everywhere. Omniscience means all-science. How is evil to be accounted for? An organized teaching pertaining to God and His manifestation in creation would be known as divine knowledge. Eph. accepts the one and only presence." --Nona Brooks. The logical conclusion is that there can be no other presence than God-presence. 2. is equally present everywhere and is the ALL of everything. a science of unity of the Creator and His creation. one and only presence. and omniscient. accepts the one and only substance. changeless. then another knowledge and power. for as changeless as God Himself is His eternal goodness. for God omnipresent means God everywhere present. therefore God is here. and cannot be limited by either time. Its study will assure the individual a true spiritual education and will provide real advancement for the race since society is a community of individuals. Spirit. God is omniscient. of existence proceeding from God or Being. and through all. all of which suppositions are contrary to the fundamental principle of the science that the one Being is infinite Spirit and Changeless Good. all-enveloping presence being everywhere at the same time. Substance must be what God is. it must be substance of all that is created. therefore what God is is here." Illustrate. one and only knowledge. The acceptance of another substance than Spirit would be the acceptance of another presence. Why is Divine Science a logical name for this teaching? What advantage will the student of Divine Science gain? What is the fundamental truth of Divine Science? Explain "new understanding brings new habits of thought. It is the Creator revealed in the creature. eternal. as the principle and source of all. all good. infinite knowledge. Divine Science accepts the infinite nature of God. 3.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Hence in reality it must be eternal. God is omnipotent. it must be what has always been and will always be. Spirit. Omnipresent means all-presence. no other knowledge than Godknowledge. almighty or infinite in power. God. That which fills all space cannot be limited to form. It is 27 God expressing in creation. 28 That which is omni-present fills all space. God. omnipotent. And when this knowledge is based upon eternal God-Principle as the source of all that is. absolute. infinite Good. manifesting in all creation.

no more can good and evil exist together. .com 29 Since Spirit is omnipresent and absolutely fills all and is infinite. excludes the belief in any opposing presence or power. We may have varied experiences. how to form the habit of continuously thinking of the presence." To believe that a knowledge of good and evil is an aid to wisdom is to believe that the Source of the universe is a contradiction. The consciousness of the supremacy and changelessness of God. This awareness eliminates evil from our thinking and dissipates every false belief. But since the nature of the Supreme Being is Oneness. the reverse of each other. One Knowledge. Evil can never be a living presence. they will all combine to constitute one perfect and harmonious result. for we have spoken of good and evil as counterparts and have given place in our thinking to both of them. heat and cold. we may expect to have contradictory experiences. to think and believe in this oneness is to exercise dominion and have no contradictory experiences. thy habitation (habit of thought). it is merely the absence of light. Light and darkness. It is nothing but a belief that "misses the mark. for opposites cannot be in the same place at the same time. Darkness is not a reality. In the same way when the individual thought is centered upon the omnipresence of good. All in All. and knowledge of infinite Good to the exclusion of every other opinion. 31 is to enjoy peace. it simply becomes nonexistent. and satisfaction. New understanding that brings new thinking must result in new realizations." Ps. and exercise good will. Heretofore we may have thought that evil had its place. its foundation cannot be Truth." "falls short of truth. is the underlying error of all errors. All. cannot be real or permanent. power. To realize that One is All is to know that the unity of Good is the basis of knowledge. This false claim is at the bottom of all belief in separation from God the Good. We think and make manifest only as much Truth as we acknowledge. "Because thou hast made the Lord . This understanding compels new thinking and new speaking. or the expression of any quality of God is composed of opposite. It is a supposition of what might be. what become of evil? What happens to the darkness which fills a room when the light is turned on? The darkness does not move out and go somewhere else.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. If Good is omnipresent. The nature of Divine Being can be realized only giving it expression and embodying it in our thoughts. Our next step is to fill our thoughts and feelings with awareness of the One Presence. 10 We can learn how to make to Lord our habitation. 91:9. no peace on earth and no good will among men. and One Power. therefore. there shall be no evil befall thee. or anything to Spirit or God. the Good. health. it can have existence only so long as an individual supports it by his belief in it. evil thought does not move out and continue to exist elsewhere. happiness. The supposition that there are two powers. there can be no power of evil anywhere. it simply does not exist in the presence of light. sound and silence cannot fill the same place at the same time. Evil has no reality 30 within itself. Now science leads us into a more perfect understanding based not upon past or future but upon the Eternal. . . All incorrect judgment relative to Supreme Being and man's subjection to all conditions of belief is traceable to this untruthful claim. The belief in evil is a misconception as to God's being infinite. Evil.htm (13 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . It follows then that with faith each individual may start from where he is a present 32 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.Divine Science Principle And Practice . All things will work together for good in the consciousness of Truth. words. but they will not be at cross-purposes. were not God or Good. a creation. If the Source and Cause of the universe. and deeds.

No longer need man accept these old beliefs. even the belief that he is a creature essentially sinful in nature. 5.God and Man are One . Man accepting himself as a son and heir of God may learn to appropriate for his own use the attributes or inherencies of file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.p. doomed to eternal punishment unless redeemed.htm (14 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . for light is now shed upon the truth of man. 4. STATEMENTS OF TRUTH God the Good is omnipresent. God has appeared quite indifferent to man's struggle. Man has considered himself to be an individual struggling to eke out an existence. while his God sits upon a throne in some far-distant heaven. Since God is infinite there is no place for anything contrary to God. God omnipresent means Good everywhere present. A mind entered upon good has no false beliefs. for He seems neither to intervene to prevent disaster nor to assist any individual. __________. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. The new thought reveals that man is one with God. Divine Science accepts the one and only substance. 3. How does the omnipresence of God prove the unreality of evil? Divine Science accepts the infinite ____________.37 Story of Progress Long has there been a general belief that man is a being separated from God.com and gradually come to realize that perfect satisfaction for which he hungers and thirsts.Divine Science Principle And Practice . My good is ever-present. __________. What is the proof that one has accepted the Divine Science principles? 34 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 3 .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. but allows events to take their due course. 33 Give clear explanations of omnipresence. 2. Since God is All. searching for happiness through the turmoil of earthly life. The knowledge that God is all in all eliminates all fear. ALL IS GOOD. and omniscience. Why has man such contradictory experiences? 7. then logically man is included within God and is one with Him and with all creation. omnipotence. 6. Divine Science accepts the one and only presence.

He may learn to use God-guidance.His wisdom.God the Uncreate. knowledge. 3. love. Godprotection. and . eternal and changeless God. the source of all. the omnipresent Principle. God the Good. as the bay is one with the ocean of which it is an extension.htm (15 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . after our likeness. In the beginning God -. In order to reason aright we must determine the first and originating cause. 2. 6. There are definite steps of growth and unfoldment necessary before the realization of this wonderful truth of oneness can be fully ours. Creator being the Source is therefore the substance of its creation. Genesis 1:26 Questions to alert your thinking 1. eternal and changeless. it was very good. let us make man in our image. by logical reasoning. behold. and be expectant of results which formerly you would have thought unbelievable. perfect and good. and God-peace if he chooses to avail himself of his birthright.Divine Science Principle And Practice . life and joy.com God -. God. the Uncreate. be eternal SpiritSubstance and the idea of each created form must be held within God-Mind in order to maintain existence. This is the revelation that Divine Science brings to mankind for his joy and happiness. the source of all form. the perfect Mind. the cause of all that is. 4. 36 God and Man are One And God said. as the fountain is the substance of its stream. There is only god.created. All creation is within the Creator. omnipresent. God Himself. What is creation as explained in Divine Science? What new thought is given you as to the nature of matter or substance? Are the teachings of Divine Science supported by modern scientists? What attributes are inherent in the nature of God? What must man do to claim his birthright? What is man's greatest need? In order to understand and accept the truth concerning the reality of good and the unreality of evil.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. the eternal Spirit -. while in the 38 visible is the expression or living form of Idea. All is contained 37 within God. understanding. it will be necessary to consider the source or beginning of all that is. Be an earnest student. or Source. "And God saw everything that he had made. creates. power. the beginning out of which were all things made which were made. for in the Invisible is the eternal Idea of all that makes up creation. The essence of all created things must. before coming into form. 5. The emanation of the life and substance of God into creation must mean that the life and substance of creation is as perfect as that of the Creator." Genesis 1:31 Creation is the emanation of life and substance from the one original Source which can only be the infinite. the perfect Mind. as the tree is the source and substance of its branches and fruit. the only source. Reason tells us that it is necessarily true that all living forms are included file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. God the Good. God. put into thinking and practice all that you learn as you proceed.

and perfect. the first. life and joy. Spirit contains within itself all souls and bodies before they are expressed. eternal and changeless in essence. remains eternally the same. . "I and my Father are on. has taught that Spirit and Substance are two aspects of the same reality. for there is but one presence. since Omnipresence embraces ALL within itself. which is God's thought. "All is Spirit." It is first cause wherein we find the true nature of all things. nor anything taken from it . Principle is thus defined by Webster: "The source and origin. 3:14 40 2. 4. whatsoever God doeth. He is one with God whose nature is love. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. It confidently affirms the following conclusions: 1. like planets around a central sun. All is God and God in action. but the inner form. 3. Many scientists state further that everything they have found points to the truth that "the universe is a great thought. power. hence he is like God. that from which anything proceeds. All of man's possibilities lie in the truth that is divine as is his Creator with whom he is one. The outward form may seem to change.com within Omnipresence. the beginning. That which emanates from this One is the end. wisdom. " . . and Millikan are out-spoken in their declaration that what has been called "solid matter" is in fact more space than solid and is very much alive since it consists of charges of energy vibrating about a central charge. Divine Science has always taught that Spirit expresses by means of substance. It is with the assurance of confident knowing that Divine Science teaches the concept of God as Universal Mind and man as a thought in that eternal Mind. Everything begins and ends as Spirit. " Eccl. Eddington. Divine Science feels a great debt of gratitude to the present day natural scientists and physicists for their discoveries which confirm the Divine Science position. Since all that is has its source in Spirit. revealing itself in form as nature and mankind. it repeatedly points out that Substance is Spirit." John 10:30 There is but one source of all. whole. God. All substance is pure." Rev. Then with God as our beginning our nature is decided by His. God is Spirit Universal and is expressed and manifest as living soul and body. Creation is Spirit.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it. . Man is one with God.htm (16 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM ." and that the stuff of which it is made is MindStuff. the first and the last. on life. God is omnipresent Principle. and 41 they are the attributes which man inherits by nature of his oneness with God. This is the truth of which Jesus was fully conscious for he declared. Creation is God in Self-manifestation. That which begins in Spirit is Spirit to the end. it has always taught that so-called matter is pure divine energy manifested 39 as form. the source. "I am the beginning and the end. knowledge. Divine Science explains the law and order of perfect God-Mind involving itself within creation. understanding. . All substance is one. Divine Science has taught these truths from the time of its founding. God. These are known as the inherencies of God. and one substance. All substance is Spirit. 22:13 The universal Spirit. the only life and substance is the beginning. just as the vine hold branches and fruit within itself before they are expressed or pressed out. Man is one with God who is omnipresent. we can confidently say. Man then is eternally one with the infinite Source and in nature is the image and likeness of the Eternal as it expresses in living form." God and man cannot be separated.Divine Science Principle And Practice . it too is Spirit. Jeans.

and most truly I cannot be something that my source is not. The stream is like the fountain from which it flows. It is KNOWING the truth that makes man free. thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself . Eventually each one will be able to say." Jesus was quoting from the Old testament when he gave but two commandments: "Thou shalt love the Lord they God with all thy heart. Ignorance of the truth of his Being does not alter man's true nature. one Presence. joint-heirs with Christ. implanted within him by the divine Mind. some idea of the fullness that is all in all. omnipresent Infinite Power. As his vision enlarges. "I am because God is. his life.All Good. the letter for the Spirit and. takes the expression for the Expresser. God is the reason or cause of my being.htm (17 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . omnipresent Infinite Life. moves. we can scarcely comprehend the fullness and infinitude of God. one 42 Source. in general. and sooner or later everyone must awaken to its presence within him." Lev. omnipresent. and with all thy soul. omnipresent Infinite Joy. be slaves of misery.Divine Science Principle And Practice . let us place before each of the inherencies of God the word. he may go on his way lacking many things and losing the blessedness that IS his. is perfect since he is one with his perfect Source. and has his being in God. All that I am must be found in God. Try as we may. although man lives. As man understands that his true state. omnipresent As words. 44 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. he claims his own perfection as something innately his. one Life -. the body for the source of Self. . if he is not conscious of it. one Power. As students of science we start with a new concept of man. 19:18. his very existence through time and eternity is God the Good. omnipresent Infinite Wisdom. not something which he has earned or which comes to him from outside himself. 6:5. "Heirs of God. but to think deeply on each one opens man's consciousness to a new realization of his Source and of his own potentialities. and after the word.com omnipotent. . To illumine this idea and to start the stretching of our thinking. the brain for the source of Mind. the All Good. in this way: Infinite Love." men may. and omniscient. . and with all thy might. an idea which may be new to our 43 thought. his eternal nature. Ignorance is the seeming great delusion of the world. the perfect unity between the Divine and all mankind is revealed to the consciousness of man. but which is eternal in Truth. My source decides my nature. Think deeply of this. omnipresent Infinite Understanding. these may be read off glibly. to glimpse the truth of his sonship. Concentrated thinking upon the broadness of this thought brings out some degree of God's infinitude. one Substance. The divine nature can never be lost for it is an eternal truth. doubt. through ignorance of the truth." Deut. omnipresent Infinite Knowledge. and poverty. It unknowingly takes things for what they are not. Truth must be recognized in order to be realized and to become a power in the lives of men. Man gives a sense of reality and power to evil when he fails to recognize that his source. There is only one Mind. the source of my existence. enlarge our thought of it as much as we possibly can. gradually he sees the everlasting nature of all things. . that is.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. He begins. dimly at first. infinite. and " . causes a sense of disorder or disease. although he dwells in the kingdom of heaven. Although Truth is omnipresent and changeless. for the REALITY of man never changes.

By making this your daily practice you will partake of the free gift of eternal life. true understanding cannot fail. One Mind. and harmony back of all creation which when understood will be expressed as love.htm (18 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . and all persons. was. From this standpoint it is right for you to accept for yourself all thought and feelings of divine love. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. harmony. true life can never end. but as they 45 are in God. Let us accept them. Thinks me. Understanding that the whole of Truth must be found in infinite Mind. both invisible and visible. Know that what is true of God is true of you and of them. Man is the perfect manifestation of a perfect God. Conscious awareness of the Truth and the opening of our hearts and minds to the acceptance of the fullness within our own nature is our greatest need. truth. "Principle is the source and origin.com These commandments are fulfilled as man recognizes the perfect nature in all creation. knowledge. When we realize the oneness and divinity of Life in all things we sense a universal justice. your friends. as that which the Expresser expresses perfectly. lives me as part of itself. the first. Think of your children. and ever shall be. power. wisdom. as that which thinks and knows. not as they seem by observation. strength. 46 STATEMENTS OF TRUTH God is omnipresent Principle. life. This one that is all is perfect life.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. and perfect substance. All good. Think of them as that which is. perfect love. One Power is all. perfect Mind. health. Whatever God is. I live now by the life that is omnipresent and full of power. moves me. All Truth is eternal in nature: true love can never change. is Truth. the beginning. we decide what is true from our knowledge of an omnipresent principle of Truth rather than from a personal opinion or feeling. a basis from which to reason of Truth. you will be remembering God the Good. Think of yourself as a son of God. In all that I do this day. and perfect substance.Divine Science Principle And Practice . One Presence. love are ours now. that from which anything proceeds. Begin each day with an acknowledgment of omnipresent Good. we have a standard by which to judge all things. perfect love. Divine Science Statement of Being God is all. Through this consciousness the healing of body and affairs takes place and Good is made manifest. strength. We now turn from appearances and "judge righteous judgment". From this standpoint you can intelligently master the problems of life. This is all true now. the image and likeness of God. ever active." --Webster Man is a spiritual Being. Man is the individualized expression of God and is ever one with this perfect life. Man's consciousness is the activity of God-Mind.

3. 47 How does a broader understanding change your viewpoint? What is the standard for righteous judgment? Is Truth changeable? Support your answer. strong In thought and body.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.htm (19 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . changeless.com I am immortal Spirit. individuals here and there have discovered that thought is of great importance. that it is a determining factor in making man's outer world. will be ready for a complete change in thought. illness. accident.49 Story of Progress Since the dawn of consciousness in the race.Divine Science Principle And Practice . from boyhood he has been influenced by the world around him. resting in the freedom And fullness of perfect Life. 4. etc. In its immaturity man's thinking has been centered on the world of conditions about him. He has thought spontaneously with little regard to the type of thought. that it is a ready too for improving his affairs. war. Divine Science is an organized study designed to bring the student to a realization that all the richness of God belongs to man and that by training his thinking into new habits he may avail himself of that which is awaiting his use. and as a result he is living in a world filled with such experiences. In this day many more are learning the value of the practical laws of right thinking. New realization means new thinking and new reactions. sorrow. he. and with practically no knowledge of the fact that he could and should control his thinking. Man has free will in his thinking. Quite naturally he has based his decisions upon appearances and formed his opinions through observation of the outer as it has registered upon his consciousness through the senses. Explain. incorruptible. disaster. Gradually during the progress of man's slow growth through the ages. man has thought. 5. As a deep conviction of the truths which have been given in the preceding chapters comes the student.Thought . He has emphasized negative conditions.. 48 Thought file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. 2. Can you now accept the unreality of evil? Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 4 .p. harmonious. living. trusting. too.

"All in all. The basis of reasoning in Divine Science is the omnipresence of God. it is evident that our thoughts and affirmations must be at one with God and His attributes. . It includes everything in the perfect harmony of God-Substance. When we study music. 5.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 4. It includes my body within GodPerfection. I am. whatsoever things are pure. events. whatsoever things are lovely. 2. Would we enjoy harmonious conditions. To think is proof that I am. no matter what appearances may indicate. and success. 6:5 Would we externalize love. There cannot be a thought without a thinker. a consciousness of how to find and demonstrate health. God is omnipresent. whatsoever things are true." After admitting the omnipresence of God what should we do with it? We should begin at once to put into practice the type of thinking which is harmonious with this Truth. light or shadow. the one and only Presence everywhere. 3. therefore I think. our thoughts must be filled with love. all circumstances. and to goodness all things are good. must move out of the mists of illusive belief and be thoroughly willing to be established in knowledge and faith. It includes all times and places. as students. . This teaching is a science because it presents an exact knowledge of life. plans. and to realize peace and enjoy rest. "Every man shall bear his own burden.com Finally. whatsoever things are of good report . The thoughts and beliefs upon which we rely and dwell bring us our experiences of either pleasure or pain. We. To the pure in thought all things are pure. whatsoever things are just.htm (20 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Giving up false concepts opens the way for the incoming of light and truth. All external conditions are the results of our thoughts." Gal. the Creator God. 49 and conclusions to form words and shape our deeds. It is our own mental conduct and recognition that makes conditions either pleasant or unpleasant.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Since thought is used as the basis on which to form conclusions. the impelling power is in Mind. we must believe in harmony. beliefs. we 51 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. and purposes within God. Divine Science teaches the value of having a basis of truth from which to think and reason. God. God-Intelligence. happiness. God-Mind includes you and me.4:8 Questions to Stimulate Your Thinking 1. The greatest need of humanity is a knowledge of Truth with its certainty and unwavering 50 faith in the All as Good. Recognition of the ever-present Good is the means by which all this is to be realized and enjoyed. and decisions. What is the basis of reasoning in Divine Science? How may we open our mentality to light and truth? What is man's responsibility in his everyday thinking? What is a necessary step if we desire to change our conditions and affairs? What will the recognition of an ever-present God do for the individual? Thought is the instrument of the creative power of Mind and is the cause of word and deed. . whatsoever things are honest. brethren. think on these things. God-Life. the Creation God. and God-Power. the Creative Actions God. Phil. Thinking is not a cause of growth but a means of growth. The time has come when we are ready for a complete change of thought and a deep conviction of Truth.

Awaken! Listen! Think and speak by its light. Knowledge. As we do this. To be free from experiences contrary to this Good we must think in accordance with these inherent attributes. for by thinking man's mentality is kept alive to Truth. "Whatsoever things are true. Train yourself to think: "I do not judge of what I am by what I feel. There is no standard but God." know this "I" is your identity in God. think on these things. perceiving all as One. and all that we can conceive to be good. . claim our wholeness 52 complete in infinite Good. Peace. 4:8 "And God said. We become conscious of being unlimited Spirit. knowing that there is nothing lacking morally. yes. he is to watch and cultivate 53 the right thought of himself. knowledge. and act. Eventually we shall understand that it is a law as fixed as the eternal principle of mathematics. We live in the fullness of Spirit. the Kingdom of Unity. whatsoever things are honest. Perfection. and Health.Divine Science Principle And Practice . changes all conditions.com begin practicing as once. See the truth and the value of the new way of thinking. find it and abides in it. This is the method and the only method by which to control thought and express our highest concept of perfection. a yield of our varied opinions to the One Changeless and Infinite Good. We can realize the Good in which we live only by loving acknowledgment of it in our own individual lives and ways. or spiritually. above us. Recognize that this is your Being -. but I direct my feelings by what I know I am. let him recognize it faithfully. Recognize that these are verities of your own being or Life. The understanding that Truth heals and makes free from error is of no value unless it be practiced. it is knowledge duly arranged. a perfect seed. Success. We claim health. Purity. we enjoy the Good. whatsoever things are just. power. we are able to persist without discouragement even though conditions do not at once seem transformed. we expect to set aside time every day for practice. mentally. be firm and unwavering and consciousness of Truth will be your reward. This is man's responsibility. whatsoever things are of good report . whatsoever things are lovely. Just as surely must we put into practice whatever of Truth we have seen. hence. Every hour in the day. Systematically train your thinking in Truth's way. and all good. if we wish to see more and more of Truth and to enjoy the experiences of desirable Good. Affirm over and over again the eternal principles that Truth reveals. It follows that an essential thing in the beginning of our work is that of changing the basis of thought from observation to Principle. we shall manifest power over external conditions and reveal more and more of the life which we live until we express harmony divine. word. whatsoever things are pure. whatever He is should be our guide for thought. Divine Science transfers the attention from the visible to the Invisible and thus gives us a new and correct basis for our thinking." Phil. after our likeness. Accept this new revelation." Gen. let him systematically practice thinking of this perfect Being that is the nature of Love. We know that He is Life. and one Life. Forming new habits of thinking requires practice but is essential. Thinking is the method of cultivation. Be positive.your Nature. Know that file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. There is but one Way. Since the living God is around us. and have peace and rest. in man and tells him to "dress and keep this seed". realization of the true state of things becomes more and more clear to him. This change of basis. every moment be on your guard to admit only perfect good and affirm the love 54 presence in everything. that as men and women think in their hearts (in the depths of their God-Self). 1:26 He plants the living soul. and through us all. so do they become aware of their true possibilities. As he persistently thinks on this declaration. and in anything we undertake to learn. we are protected and shielded by the perfect Good at all times. one Truth. . When you say "I am. If we form the perfect idea of divine humanity.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. This "I" of which you speak is immortal." This is scientific. Love and Power. Health.htm (21 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Let us make man in our image.

loving. Discuss the discipline and training you are giving your thinking. If your thinking is optimistic. It has no existence in reality since it is un-Godlike. The faithful daily practice of right thinking prepares us to meet any emergency. Discuss your reactions as you tried to form the perfect idea of divine humanity.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. in case of fright. 2. It matters not what beliefs your thoughts accept. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. 3. you will find each day an opportunity for development. To manifest our "image and likeness" we must think out speak in the likeness of Good. harmonious. All thought not based in omnipresent Spirit is negative to it. constructive. Explain: "The fear of man bringeth a snare. 55 STATEMENTS OF TRUTH True understanding reveals that the real source of thought is his Being. Conform every thought to the consciousness of Divine Presence. Never try to account for a false appearance. trusting. Some fundamental facts of Science are: 1. Accept the Whole Being. By thoughtfully making the above statements and using them each day for a time. right. declare it to the exclusion of all else." Prov. should be that Good is omnipresent and there is nothing to fear.com you are an eternal idea in the mind of God: changeless. strong in thought and body. My experiences in life are determined by my thoughts. Truthful thinking is one with all Truth ever thought. The first thought of a Divine Scientist. resting in the freedom and fullness of perfect life. 5. spoken or written. I make myself what I am by my thoughts.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Moment by moment you live and moment by moment you think. if you persistently entertain them you will bring them into your experience. 2. Does a mother who thinks and talks disease and dreads lest her family be attacked by disease open the door to these very conditions! 56 3. The nature of our beliefs blends with all others of nature. b. 29:25 4. 57 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. then will your thinking and speaking change. living. but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe. Which statement is correct" a. for you will be proving that you understand the power of thought. and your doing is consistent with it.htm (22 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . habits of thinking will be formed that will gradually bring a sense of peace.

How can God be both personal and impersonal? file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 3." John 10:30 Divine Science predicates everything on Perfect Being and shows the true relation of all things to their Source. Usually he has based his thinking upon appearances and circumstances. This leads to success. think as God thinks. speak as God speaks. he doeth the works. 58 The Work of Thought Commit thy words unto the Lord. In this consciousness he will say as Jesus did. trust the inner guidance of God-Mind which thinks perfect thoughts. one word. thinking. as individuals. all divine.The Work of Thought . and thy thought shall be established. This method which ignores Truth. Keep in remembrance the truth that God is All in all. whether indulged in ignorantly or otherwise. "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 16:3 Questions to Alert Your Thinking 1. it has been uncontrolled. The acknowledgment of but one Mind. is making it possible for man to say as Jesus did. the thinking of man has run riot. and much confusion and turmoil in the affairs of man.p.59 Story of Progress Speaking generally. bears bitter fruit. Where does everything have its true and permanent existence? What trinity expresses the process of God-Mind creating? Why is consciousness of Truth our great need? List four changes necessary to enlighten man's. one thought. man will. a sense of lack. 2. I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me. ungratified desires accompanied by fear and doubt. "The words that I speak unto you. we shall produce results in harmony with God's plan for creations.com Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 5 . then the whole structure is in danger because the foundation is unreliable. and these conclusions are in turn the basis for further ones. Prov. When circumstances are made the basis for conclusions. Man has not known that he needed a fixed basis for his thinking. 5.htm (23 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . The truth is that the perfect Mind is implanted within each individual and can always be trusted to think true to the purpose of the Whole. 4. The true and full use of our spiritual and mental faculties is the means through which this relationship is enjoyed.Divine Science Principle And Practice . work as God works. like Jesus." John 14:10 After practicing until the right habit of thought is established. When we.

It explains the law and order of perfect Mind in this work of selfmanifestation. the creation. Idea is the natural product of Mind. Upon what basis should our thinking rest? To reason aright we must find cause. and consciousness is the knowledge of its power to carry that idea into visible form.Mind. To understand the work of thought. Idea. Everything in existence is contained within the infinite Source as idea. or that which is born of Spirit is Spirit. body file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. between God. To know what is possible to man. Without 60 idea Mind would have naught of which to think. To understand creation. is God the Son. the creation -.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. This One is God. that creation is Spirit-Substance in manifestation. Infinite Being. from Principle to example. the creative action. living soul. and Consciousness. we must study its source. These three compose one perfect intelligence ready for expression. Its creation is the manifestation of itself and this manifestation must be as perfect as is the Source. The perfect idea inherent in God-Mind. its exactness. Hence. is God the Father. Eternal and Changeless. the law of the trinity expressing as unity. Man then must necessarily know Truth and understand the principle of unity in order to experience the fulfillment of law within himself. invisible Source. Spirit.com 6. That knowledge which enables Mind to carry out its idea is perfect consciousness. This is the law of the one perfect Mind and it manifests throughout all creation for it is one law.htm (24 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . This law shows the relationship existing between Cause and effect.a trinity in unity. The value of Divine Science lies in its unfailing principle. Divine Science teaches that creation is Spirit expressing.Divine Science Principle And Practice . or God the Holy Ghost. thought. Son. and God. the Creator. and is the basic urge underlying all life: Father. from the Inner to the 61 outer. This is universally true and as we study we shall see that it works in the same way on the plane of the individual. it reveals the method by which invisible Life. known as the law of expression. and universal applicability. and without consciousness it would not know anything of which to think. God. It teaches the method by which the Creator reveals Himself in creation. Therefore they trinity of divine Mind combines these three which work as one -. we must discover its function in the God-Mind and realize that the same laws apply on the plane of the individual. It works from the Invisible to the visible. which is to be created or pressed forth. is the state of perfection known as the Creator. Idea. An infinite Source and Cause must be one which contains perfect intelligence and limitless idea. Holy Ghost Mind. and invisible Spirit-Substance are made visible. God is infinite Mind and manifests as thought and word. the Creator. its never-changing basis. word Spirit. Thus by the law of expression we have these important trinities: Mind. God is infinite Spirit and manifests as living soul and body. and God. we must search his origin and therein know his nature. By this law it is seen that like produces like. certainty. Absolute and Uncreate. the Universal or Absolute Trinity is all pure Spirit. the Source. Consciousness The process by which the Creator reveals or produces creation is called the LAW OF EXPRESSION. The Creator as infinite Mind. 59 Divine Science is based upon the principle that God is All in all.

63 Let us review in order to clarify our thinking and bring about the realization that "I and the Father are one. branch. the conclusion is that there is but One All. THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING. love. and of the true nature of all existence. The image of God is God expressed in individuality and as visible form. MIND'S ACTION IS THINKING. Love.MAN. and sooner or later all shall awaken to its presence within them. Although Truth is omnipresent and changeless. God is Life." It is well to study carefully this law of expression. which explains so exactly how it is possible and cannot be otherwise." John 1:1 Creation is the word of the Eternal made visible. He is not something that has body. Our divine nature can never be lost. This new interpretation of life leads to a consciousness of what the Real is. Spirit manifests as flesh. for though the form is changed the Substance remains ever the same. or the word become flesh." IT IS LAW THAT LIKE PRODUCES LIKE. Consciousness of Truth then is our great need. and a source of faith. thought we dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven but lacking many good things. Man could not exist as the reverse of God. ALL THINGS HAVE THEIR ORIGIN IN THIS ONE MIND. but that our comprehension may be opened to see that All is within our very nature and that all God is. the Substance of infinite Source is not changed by coming forth into the individualized expression of itself -. Since all things are produced by the power of God's creative action. As we reason from the order of this One in Self-expression. and losing the blessedness that is ours. even the visible form is made of Spirit-Substance.Divine Science Principle And Practice . then the branch is grape and the fruit is grape. The All is Good and the All is here. OR "THE WORD MADE VISIBLE. the divine order of creation. is forever ours. and have our being" in God. This is the new revelation. the nature of man is exactly like the nature of God. God is constantly expressing man in His image and likeness. the All Good.htm (25 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . MIND HAS IDEA. and fruit are one and the same substance. we have a fixed basis for peace. I in God and God in me. God is omnipresent and we are in His presence from everlasting to everlasting. that man is made "in the image and after the likeness" of the Father. The nature of the image is exactly like the nature of its source. that is. thought "we live. Man then is not something that has Spirit. The likeness of God means that all inherencies and qualities of God. for man's existence is right where God is. Let us study and contemplate the truth until full revelation (of the Truth) dawns upon our minds.com Since by law like begets like. and move. Infinite Source brings forth after its kind that which is inherent within itself. that is. the living soul and body that comprise individual man are image and likeness of Spirit. but is body. We may have a dim realization of this at the present time but 64 the truth is forever awaiting our recognition. If the vine is grape. If we rely upon the real nature of what is. and never is it file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. truth. it is infinite Idea expressed and expressing itself in mentality and visibility. GOD IS THE ONE MIND. not that we may have more strength or wisdom or life or health sent to us. are implanted within His image. Truth. as vine. all His ideas and potentialities. The law of expression reveals the body to be Spirit expressing. not that more good may come to us. the result is an exact image of the idea of the Creator. but is Spirit. substance. The substance of the vine is not changed by coming forth into ranch and fruit. There is but one Substance invisible and visible.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. This proves the unity of God and man. yea. 62 the image of God is life. "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. THINKING BRINGS THE IDEA INTO THE VISIBLE.

and dendrites. Intelligence. and fruit or flower. The law of expression works through man as certainly as it does in God's process of creation. Each individual. Idea. that he is cause. the plane of the individual.Father. neutron. the very atoms into which so-called matter is organized manifest in terms of three-ness. And while each individual must acknowledge that "My Father (the universal) is great than I. Invisible and visible. While man apparently originates an idea. response. and Holy Ghost -. vegetable or animal. the Father expressing on the plane of the individual. There are innumerable other illustrations of such trinities. axons.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Son. Conscious level of mind. possesses for his use these three levels of mind: Superconscious. the thought. the son expressing on the plane of the individual. protons. 65 of Mind's intelligence and power. the family comprises father. stalk. and result on his plane of existence. God's law of good. conscious. As we study we understand that it is logical for man to be a triune being for as we look at nature we discover many units which are made up of three phases. 67 Subconscious level of mind.we now find that man on a lower level of awareness.htm (26 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM ." yet each may also say "I am exactly what the Universal is." The purpose of creation is that the Creator may express.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and affairs. and the purpose of individual creation is that the Creator may be expressed through and by the individual. conditions. since man is the individualized expression of God. This truth of being gives man power to say "I am the thinker. every picture that is painted began as idea in mind before being expressed visibly. There is naught else to be. is a triune being. the Holy Ghost manifesting on the plane of the individual. but to give clarity to our thinking we may divide our concept of life into God and man. the plant is composed of root. Universal and individual.Mind. the one God-Mind produces ideas in man. Unless that base is scientifically true to principle. being an expression of the Father. Whether man thinks about ideas truly or falsely the results will come forth according to his thinking and will manifest scientifically by the law of expression in his experiences. the 66 functioning process of any of man's five senses consists of stimulus. Absolute and relative. The Father is the universal. action. All life on the planet is classified as mineral. The one Thinker is God. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.or through the trinity of divine Mind -. but these are sufficient to help us understand the importance of the three-in-one principle upon which all creation is based. or Christ Mind. and offspring. functions through a similar trinity -the Super-conscious. Consciousness -. and Power the individual is formed. Of course we cannot in truth divide life." Every object that is made. mother. too. Hence. In and of universal Substance. conditions. man produces varied conditions in his life. and affairs. and reaction over nerves which are themselves made up of neurons. and its substance in the invisible. its form. The son is the individual. and subconscious levels of mind. and the word. every book that is written. and is of the purity of infinite Substance. Life. He brings it into expression by the inherent power of his consciousness. in reality he receives it from infinite Intelligence because he sought it and was ready to receive it. each individual is a center of Life's activity. There is no visible thing but had its source. As we have seen that God functions through the Absolute Trinity -. in his world of experiences. Without doubt the majority of people have proved to themselves the effect of thought when learning to ride a bicycle or to steer an automobile. Man's thinking then is creative action and should have a reliable base from which to operate.com otherwise. and electrons. Man is created to carry on the work of the Creator and he should know that he.

" Man has unknowingly made his own conditions of life and affairs. for we shall always think and act exactly in accordance with that which we believe ourselves to be and to be related to. then the true mental image of an idea will always bring realization of that idea. The same law applies to our thinking: look away from appearances of evil and keep "eye" or thought fixed upon the good we wish." to look away from that which he wishes to avoid and to fix his eye and his attention upon the place where he wishes to go in order to reach it safely.Divine Science Principle And Practice . by now your own thoughts have come to the place where they see that if thinking turns aside and busies itself with outer 71 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Fellow student. His Eternal State is Perfection for God is his Being or Nature which is changeless. Thus man started out. through truthful thinking and speaking. but the law of expression shows the method by which man is to express himself in individual life. the omnipresent Mind. peace. The Source of all idea being God. for as Emerson says. Not until we hold ourselves individually as divine Being can we solve the problems of life satisfactorily. "I had planted thee a noble vine. but such is God's law. truth and love of God-Mind is set in action by our thinking and speaking. The law of expression fully understood is of the greatest value to us. When God-Idea is brought forth into form it is the Real expressed and known. is Good.com 68 How easily one steers directly into the very object he wishes to avoid if he looks at that object and concentrates his thought upon it. Hitherto we have not known that the goodness. and he can never be outside of God. not only with our source and Cause. or enter the way that leads to knowledge of Life Eternal which Jesus gave to the world. Every beginner learns by experience.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. It explains to him how he has control over all conditions and how he may show forth his Perfect State in all things. He is to work out his state of perfection. It is the way by which we have come forth. and this is done by recognition of his true Self through right thinking and right speaking. As long as man's thinking is based upon 70 anything less than God's idea of Good. Man is one with God before he is born of God. turmoil. It is being lifted up to know that all that really is. but with humanity. All good is ours of which to think and speak. and adverse circumstances in his world of affairs. and good will to all. to be a fixed center of action in the Infinite One. with unlimited possibilities of Good. so to speak. "Law obeyed or disobeyed brings opposite results. so why waste opportunity by any thinking or speaking which is contrary to Good? Not until we acknowledge the infinite Source as the I that I am are we in a condition to think and act divinely. harmony. and it will be actualized in the spoke word and in our dealings with each other. or by the good advice of an experienced "steerer. and conforming our ways to it. he will experience confusion. The same order by which God is manifesting in existence must be maintained in man's thinking in solving the problems of life and in demonstrating his true freedom. As long as man does not realize that he is an individualized center of God-activity and that he is to share in fulfilling the Father's purpose of bringing love. and we shall reach the goal. wholly a right seed. 2:21 Man is to cultivate this right seed by his correct thinking and thus fulfill the purpose for which he was created. and we need to apply it for the purpose of realizing our true and harmonious relationship." Jer. Many is one with God before or above all law.htm (27 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . It enables us to act justly and correctly in unity with the whole of power and correctly in unity with the whole of power and the all of Good according to scientific law. The true realization of oneness is knowing the 69 true nature of the Creator and creation. he is prone to use his thinking power for his own selfish purposes.

May we rejoice in the beauty of this truth which is becoming more and more clear to us. a knowledge of truth that is based upon the Eternal. to gather from within. to be illumined from within. know what we are and fully believe in what we are. When this is done we shall be able to perceive and read the silent and invisible language or idea that lies back of all nature." Jesus declared this real Self when he said. the language which is in the beginning.htm (28 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . purity and perfection. These are to be the light of our thinking. life.com "causes" it fails in its work and gains nothing. and with faith in the knowledge that like produces like. "I am the Way.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Thought is to be diligent in perceiving knowledge of one Presence and one Power. its substance also comes from Mind. before thought. I precede by thought therefore I cannot be the result of my thought. and the law of expression as showing the exact place and work of thought. of controlling words by speaking true to principle. trust what we are. it waits forever upon recognition. "I am the Way" should be understood to mean that the right way is being the Way and expressing what I am. Our divine nature -. Listen inwardly as Malinda Cramer instructs us in these forceful words: "Let us cease to be prodigal in our conclusions and beliefs and awaken to our Reality. consequently neither thought nor word can rightly control or guide. bringing realization of harmony to ourselves and others. functioning here to carry on His work of love. May the light of inspiration which glows in the words of the founders of Divine Science be the spark which will set our hearts aflame. to hold to the consciousness of everpresent fullness. then does it become the outlet for Divine fullness. and then we shall have true control. can change his way of believing and know himself divine. The highest truths of the Unmanifest will reveal themselves to the perception of one whose mental condition is purified by perfect thought. I am with you always. for the outer cannot supply anything to thought. just as the branches of the tree draw from the tree all the life and substance that is to make good fruit. we must remember that that which represents the nature of Being cannot control or guide Being." This divine nature is a universal Presence saying "Lo. "By their fruits ye shall know them. it is our glory.Divine Science Principle And Practice . True thoughts partake of the real nature of the Source and give form to divine ideas and attitudes. Each of us. being the Way and demonstrating the God-Self. We must remain true to our basis.our real Self -. being the thinker of true thoughts. which is doing as the Father does. 7:20 As important as thought is. We are now accepting Omnipresence as our 73 basis of thought. 72 Thought is to recognize the unity of spirit and body and to declare fullness of life and perfection for all things. The work of thought is to recognize and carry from the inner to the outer all the good that infinite Love holds for its offspring. What I am cannot change. I am before I think or speak. The power of thought is derived from Mind." Matt. It is omnipresent. an understanding of changeless Life and Being that reveals Spirit as presence and power. There is but one laws. We assume the responsibility of controlling thought simply by thinking correctly. and of controlling deeds by acting in accord with the unity of the spirit. Our thought can be enlightened in truth only by turning to the Christ within to unfold a consciousness of our oneness with the Father. the Truth. 28:20 As soon as we recognize it. to form the habit of thinking of love. a son or 74 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. the omnipresence of God. a realization that we are extensions of Him. Thought has power to express the Self but not to make it. prior to expression. and the Life.is the Christ our "hope of glory." Matt. It is the work of thought to look within.

is divine. think of your life as perfect. Be true in thought. then think of three other trinities. speak. 2. but a perfect law governs results.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and have our Being in God? To thus know that the Kingdom of Heaven is a hand is to think. love. and know that his life is God. ‘Be still and know that I am God. We. does nothing for us. as individuals. are firmly fixed as centers of action in the Infinite One. 75 Whereever there is action. and free from anxiety and fear. "Man is made in the image and likeness of God. Man is a triune being. and motive of Spirit our thought.) Omnipresent Spirit has one purpose ---to express itself as the universe of visible things. Discuss each. Discuss this statement: Our conditions in life are the automatic fulfillment of our states of consciousness. look steadfastly into the Unity of Being. and thus produce the fruits of Spirit -. action. It is through the perfect spiritual perception that we recognize what the truth of form is. A false supposition about anything has nothing to do with its reality. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. makes free and brings peace that passeth understanding. God-Power. "I am what my thoughts have made me. What is it to find the Kingdom of Heaven and dwell therein but to get understanding and to become fully conscious that we live.' " STATEMENTS OF TRUTH Thought is free in action. and act. move. it is thine to use and to enjoy. result (In his own world of conditions. and thou shalt see that all that is. Awaken to thine own inheritance of pure and perfect Being. and unending. To change outward conditions we must begin within by the renewing of our thinking. that is. but everything through us. What gave you the greatest thrill in this chapter? file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 76 4. Then. we shall find an actor on the one hand and a result of that action on the other.com daughter of God.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. the perfect law of liberty. "Our work resolves itself into this: we are to make the thought. May one right say. and motive."? 6. love. he is cause. As Divine Scientists what is the basis of our thinking? 5.htm (29 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Explain in your own words the expression." 3. List all the trinities mentioned in this chapter. lay hold upon it. Thought should turn within to receive and without to give.effects which harmonize with the Supreme All. unlimited. though omnipresent. This is Truth. There is but One Life. which to know. to live in the realization of the power and glory of Being.

Students of Divine Science are being illumined by greater understanding and are cultivating the habit of true thinking.com 77 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 6 . O Lord. All Resourcefulness. and the glory. Sine he was usually in a state of desperation when he at last sought spiritual help. Thine.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. and praise they glorious name. 1Chron 29: 10-13 Questions to Alert Your Thinking file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. and the majesty. and the power. 78 Prayer Blessed be thou. Thus he increases his ability to receive the flood of goodness which is constantly flowing out from God to His whole creation. thine is the kingdom. he partakes of the riches of Spirit. and in thine hand is power and might. This type of prayer added nothing to his self-confidence or to his ability to meet new difficulties as they arose. is.Prayer . He withdraws his thoughts from appearances in the physical realm and centers them upon the omnipresence. of pleading and beseeching a god or some unknown power to come to his aid. quite naturally his prayer was one of supplication. our God we thank thee. All Power.htm (30 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .79 Story of Progress From primitive time man has instinctively sought a higher power when he has felt the need of help. so that man may actually abide in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. knowing that God has already given man all that He. omnipotence. Himself. Now therefore. As man lives in the knowledge of the truth of himself and knows his oneness with All Wisdom. and thou reignest over all. He has been inclined to depend upon himself. Lord God of Israel our father. Affirmative prayer establishes confidence and enables us to meet all situations with poise and peace of mind.Divine Science Principle And Practice . The prayer of Divine Science become affirmative statements of our hearts' praise of the Father and a thankful acknowledgment of what we are and what we are to express here. he no longer prays at God but commune with God. It directs our thinking from the need. or the problem. and the victory.p. and to give strength unto all. and in thine hand it is to make great. and omniscience of God. for all that is in the heavens and earth is thine. He openly declares his oneness with the one God-Mind and as he brings all his thoughts into alignment with that Mind. O Lord. is the greatness. to the One Abiding Presence and Power. Prayer becomes an expression of our willingness to do our part in fulfilling God's plan for peace on earth and good will toward all. and thou art exalted as head above all. exhausting every idea and every apparent resource before turning to God for help. that is. for ever and ever. Both riches and honor come of thee.

4. Through prayer we constantly become more conscious of God and God in action in all life's experiences.htm (31 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . As we study and practice. To recognize the One All as present is finding and receiving our good. the comradeship of God and man. and pain drift away. 5. through. for recognition is the sure method of seeking. and acting the true nature of God. and to become aware of His purpose for us. our thoughts 79 are steadily enlightened and there comes to us a greater realization of our oneness with God. our world becomes a pleasanter place in which to live. thanksgiving. The true prayer is the prayer of illumined faith and of the acknowledgement of God's loving presence. the Christ within ourselves. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. A fast of though which we shall give recognition: we refuse to entertain any concept of evil. His expression and this creation 80 is potentially as perfect as He is perfect. not realizing that we must pass from them. we see ourselves and our fellowmen in a new light and with greater understanding. Prayer in Divine Science becomes the method of recognizing God and His fullness. we give up human comparisons of good and evil. More and more as our thought is illumined by truth we see the whole world and all that belongs in it as God's creation. we know that we have received. realizes that God is continually expressing Himself in. The scientist declares the everlasting. We begin to understand that we shall no longer beseech our God for what we desire. 3. 2. eternal truth of 81 God. the process may be likened to a mental fast. After we understand Omnipresence as the "fullness filling all" we can say. fear. True prayer is recognition. more conscious of the immediate nearness and availability of God.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. acceptance. The scientist prays in Spirit with understanding. and so we have prayed that they might pass from us. weariness. not primarily for things or for favors from God.com 1. we reject every negative thought. When our thoughts accept the Omnipresence and its Good. Again our eyes are opened to see that prayer is not what we had previously thought it to be. Through prayer we become more conscious of what we are. Now we shall pray to realize the God presence. he renders thanks for what has been received and joyfully acknowledges omnipresent good. Hitherto we have not realized that the conditions we experience in our lives are the automatic fulfillment of our own state of consciousness. We shall pray for a fuller realization of God." Now we shall "speak with new tongues. As a student trains his thinking. Hitherto prayer has been considered an expressed desire to be released from some condition or to have some need supplied." we shall pray in a new way. It is the method that brings the highest unfoldment to the individual. His own image and likeness.Divine Science Principle And Practice . It is the foundation of all clear seeing and believing and through it comes the greatest of all joys. We shall pray in order to become more certain of that which is. and as His creation. What does Divine Science consider the true purpose of prayer? Explain why there is no beseeching of God in the prayer of a Divine Scientist. to feel His love. "I have received. of what God knows us to be. receiving and having. The results are positive: anger and the inclination to become angry grow less as we refuse to give place to evil. How does affirmative prayer benefit the individual? How does one partake of the riches of Spirit? Why is it desirable to have a period of silence after meditation? Thinking of Truth reveals it to us more and more clearly. we release our previously accumulated beliefs and opinions. we know that all good is already ours and is only awaiting our recognition and acceptance.

thou art my very Self revealed and like ever expresses like.. Our need is to know the truth and to listen to the voice of intuition which is ever speaking within us. It is the time when we bring our thinking into alignment with the God idea. "Because I am. Sit in a comfortable position so that we may forget the body and our surroundings. How natural it is that the Creator. But it is also necessary to acquire the habit of a longer communication with God. the Aramaic. It may be file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. The period of daily meditation is an excellent preparation for the true Silence wherein we listen to God who is ever seeking to express through us. and of our desire to open the way for God's plan to work out through us. Before meditating we decide upon the inherency or aspect of God we wish to realize for that day. of our inheritance. and the power." This is the time of meditation which will keep us alert to the ever-present God in the midst of us. becomes our consciousness when we identify and locate ourselves in the presence of God. renewed love. therefore becomes an acknowledgment 83 of the divine order or plan. Thou givest us this day our daily bread: Thou forgivest us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Thy will is done on earth as it is in heaven. In this prayer we find not pleading but affirmation of truth.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary." The law of love is God's givingness of all that He is to His creation. by means of true prayer. guidance. when we agree with His divine nature. infinite Mind. for ever. This is the reason that direct communication with God is possible.com The affirmative prayer of Divine Science is patterned after the Lord's Prayer. should know His creations individually. the acceptance of the perfect adjustment of mentality and body to the truth of Spirit.and shut the 84 door. when we center our whole attention in the divine Mind and openly declare the truth of our oneness with that Mind. and assurance. or Mind. personal opinions must be set aside for unchangeable law. Read it in the 82 present tense and see how much stronger and more meaningful it become to you: Our Father which art in heaven. One soon learns that prayer may be instantaneous. Law is unchangeable. which had neither past nor future tense. Meditation includes our affirmative statement of our origin. Personal opinion has no influence over law.. Hallowed is Thy name. Prayer. for by the quick turning of thought to the Christ Mind within. Thy kingdom come. It is often used in Divine Science services as a powerful means of emphasizing oneness with God which Jesus so definitely expressed in all his teachings. thou art. should know man as His own thought. God knows when we turn to Him and our love for Him is met by His own outflowing love for us. The Creator expresses His own nature in living form and is always saying to His expression. one receives added strength. His resourcefulness becomes real to us in proportion as we become conscious of His presence with us and within us. His capacity for being intensely conscious is so much greater than ours that it is beyond comparison. In the practice of Truth. It is spoken in the present tense for it is believed that Jesus spoke it in his native language. Amen. God is more conscious of us than we are of Him. and the glory. Truth never changes. In order to meditate effectively let us set aside a time for meditation when we may be as undisturbed as possible. To this purpose the present chapter will present a proven method by which the student may establish the habit of affirmative prayer and the art of silent listening in order that he may more fully partake of Truth. This requires a daily period of quiet when we "enter the closet.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Thou leadest us not into temptation but dost deliver us from all evil: For thine is the kingdom.. To keep thought centered in God and to declare our oneness with Him is to enter heaven and partake of the kingdom.htm (32 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . The infinite consciousness of God.

direct all our attention to the Christ Mind within and listen only to Spirit. we may receive wisdom direct from divine Mind. we bring our thought to the world at large and think of every evidence of God's expressing this characteristic in the natural universe. This detailed "thinking through" from the perfect Source to perfect manifestation is the third step in meditation. We always hold to the one thought that God is expressing Himself in. we enter into a state of mind which accepts the truth that God has provided for us all that we can possibly need. as we know that that which is true of God's nature is also true of our own for we are the image and likeness of God. and until in our thought we bring ourselves to an awareness that it is ours also. another tomorrow. It is called Recognition of Omnipresence. that we may be fully receptive to this direct knowing as it flows forth from the Infinite. Now. called Concentration. opinions. yet quietly. We meditate upon the need of a deeper realization. be it of health. through.htm (33 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . even as a completed example is the perfect expression 88 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Christ Mind. wherein we praise and described the goodness of God. We meditate upon tat one subject only. As we dwell upon it with all our attention. and we go forth in a godly way from Invisible Being to visible expression. as we shut out thought of all that is contrary to our peace. supply. It is far better to concentrate upon a single God inherency than it is to attempt to realize the complete omnipresence of God in a single meditation. The fourth step should follow automatically. This is the second step in meditation and is called Affirmation. Now at this time when thoughts. love.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Again we bring thought still closer to our own immediate surroundings and ourselves. in the Perfect Uncreate. As we affirm our true nature until we are certain of its truth. we make our definite affirmative statement of the truth we wish to dwell upon in order to attain a deeper realization of it as actuality in our experience. wisdom. listen while allowing the hidden glories and truths of life to be revealed to our thinking. listen to be convinced of Truth. will lead us into an inner spiritual-mental practice of the Presence which results 87 in intuitive communication. Continue to think of this attribute or characteristic as it exists perfectly in the God-Mind. We repeat this 86 affirmation several times until we feel its truth and think of nothing else. We come out of the Silence with a grateful outpouring of thanks for if we have carried out these directions conscientiously we shall feel such an upwelling of spontaneous gratitude to the Father for all that He means to us that we will be compelled to express our thanks. strength. wherein we magnify the good in our conscious thinking until the subconscious realm of our soul becomes full of the recognition of good. peace or any other subject -. guidance. Enumerate all the ways which convince us of the existence of this characteristic in God.com 85 one today. and questions are stilled. After this time in the Silence and the full expression of our gratitude we return to the normal activities of daily living carrying an enlightened consciousness with us. We listen attentively. This is the first step in meditation. and as us.until we begin to sense its completeness in God. The foregoing three steps. we life our consciousness into a state of true prayer. emotions. it is the Silence wherein we cease our thinking. This fourth step is called Conscious Realization. which is the presence of God within the individual. feel it to the core of our hearts. listen inwardly that we may receive the intuitions of the Spirit. and until this truth permeates our consciousness.Divine Science Principle And Practice . We choose for the subject of our meditation something for which we feel the need of a deeper realization.

for meditation is not a subjective state in which we invite into our mentality anything that may want to come. a clear conviction that it is the Christ with whom we have been communing. our conscious mind must be alert and 89 q q q dynamic during meditation. strength is gathered for activity. some have a deep knowing 90 q q that it is unaccompanied by any phenomena of physical senses. When this conviction comes it brings a wonderful sense of joy and satisfaction. here are some points to e kept in mind as we practice meditation: q q q First. Second. claim it as part of ourselves. By means of regular.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. we must establish a strong unwavering belief in the indwelling Christ Mind. Fourth." for the affirmative prayer requires that every minute be attuned to a constant acknowledgment of God. speaking. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. for it means consistently thinking through and the earnest endeavor to be true in all thinking. in action. after patient practice we shall come to an inner knowing. Stillness is the night wherein 91 the soul reposes and is refreshed for the activity of the day. One soon appreciates the reminder that we continue "instant in prayer. If we are apathetic we open ourselves to a host of jumbled impressions and desires that will rise out of the subconscious realm of mind. In fact it loses all value unless followed by action which conforms to the knowing. Affirmations and meditation bring us into a close feeling of intimacy with that Mind and we can follow out our intent. It will come to each one in the way best for him.htm (34 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . let us not permit the intellect to reason away what we may have received intuitively. we are creatures of free will and we can decide to open to the Christ Mind and to it alone. Meditation and practice are the two phases of strong living. For in truth we include our expression within our consciousness just as omnipresence includes all creation within its infinite Consciousness. Finally. As we are steadfast in study and prayer. the One All. colors or voices. so do not make any special attempt to bring lights. Fifth. Third. Some say that they see a light. meditation and study. the energy realized is stillness is exercised.Divine Science Principle And Practice . we shall find Him as willing to give as we are to receive. we must make it our responsibility to grasp every opportunity to recognize the expression of a God inherency in our contact with others. daily affirmation. which is the greatest achievement that can come to us. The practice of living the truth is of such vital importance that later there will be an entire lesson devoted to the practical application of it. and reacting in accordance therewith. To be sure that we are contacting the Christ Mind. Let us name if.com of a perfect principle in the science of mathematics. In stillness. To pray the meditative prayer takes more time and thought than a supplication for help. some say that they hear a voice. There is no set form in which it must come. and it is sure to come as a reward of earnest and persistent seeking. Hence our freedom is of the same nature as is the freedom of omnipresent Spirit. knowing that we are turning to the indwelling Father in deep earnestness. we shall implant such a deep and abiding faith that eventually it becomes a rock upon which to build. Intuition is superior to intellect for intellect must ultimately depend upon intuition for its clearest explanation of Truth and for is working ideas. give it more than a passing thought. give thanks for it and for our ability to discern it.

Time spent in meditation gives me opportunity to enumerate in definite statements. Withdraw attention from externals.com To pray and depend upon God as the source of life and strength is to worship in Spirit and in Truth. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 4.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. You will worship in spirit and in Truth. He who finds not himself in God and as God will have sought the Christ in vain. Realization is conscious possession. be humble. and is to fulfill the purpose of Life in creation. and abiding place within Spirit. Meditative prayer has the same purpose as the practice of any art or skill -. Explain why The Lord's Prayer may rightly be prayed in the present tense. Be persistent in giving yourself unreservedly to God It may take much practice in meditation before we attain the real Silence and have an awareness of the presence of God. 3. STATEMENTS OF TRUTH Affirmations declare that which is forever true. For a successful Silence: 1. 93 2. aloud or silently. Name the four steps of meditative prayer and explain what each step includes. is to base motive and faith aright. as individuals. Concentrate one-pointedly. It will implant such a deep and abiding faith in the guidance of that Indwelling One in both the conscious and subconscious levels of our thought that nothing can dislodge it.htm (35 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .the attainment of perfect results. come to know our true Sonship. Be persistent. It will bring to each one who practices faithfully an established consciousness 92 which will promote progressive spiritual unfoldment. that we may. The purpose of Life is that God may be made manifest. you will become aware that Father and son are one. Regular. 2. meditate upon their truths from that high plane and the light of understanding will reveal their truth. have faith. the truth I know about God and about myself. When God is sought and found as the expresser of form. Study these lessons from the plane of Spirit. This is our goal in the understanding and use of prayer. there is no place where He is not apparent. Turn from personality and concentrate upon the Christ Self. and as expressed in form. If you will pray as herein instructed you will feel the power of communing with the Father. Affirmation brings realization. persistent practice of affirmative prayer will bring us eventually to the place where we will establish a strong. He who finds not God within himself may seek in vain elsewhere. and one day you will find a refuge.Divine Science Principle And Practice . This is the "Pearl of Great Price." QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. unwavering belief in the Christ Mind which is the eternal Self of each one. This is a consciousness of Life Eternal.

and to try to rid himself of them by external means. 94 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 7 .p. a divine Power which is acting continuously to bring forth His own wholeness.97 Story of Progress The ruling thought of the past has been separation: man apart from God.com 3. Mans has been taught to believe himself subject to ills. After some practice discuss your reactions to the instructions given in this chapter. harmony. This true consciousness is the guarantee of the perfection of the body.Divine Science Principle And Practice . that he was virtuous when accepting with patience the experiences "sent" to him.Healing . to fear ills. as he thought. for his good. there has come an awakening to God's plan for His creation. believing the Spirit to be immortal and body mortal.htm (36 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Why does the meditative-type prayer do more to convince you of your sonship than the prayer of supplication? 4. Results are unfailing for by the law of expression." Jer. So long as man thinks thus. so will he suffer. Divine Science. "I will bring evil upon this people. even the fruit of their thoughts. earth apart from heaven. since He is omnipresent and omniactive in everything everywhere. This pure realization is the foreshadowing of harmony or health. There has come an understanding that God is necessarily in His universe. What do you understand intuition to be? Do you desire to be receptive to it? 5. life ever produces life. 6:19 Gradually through the years. which operates with the same certainty as does the law of mathematics. His own perfect functioning with ease. a necessary disciplinary time of training for a life to come. Based upon these confused concepts it is little wonder that the race has been having just that type of experience and has built into its consciousness an expectation of illness and hardships. as individuals have risen above the race consciousness. body apart from Spirit. and all good. He has been taught that Spirit may survive sickness and death but that the body is subject to them. His own perfection. in the light of this understanding. Man has believed that his earthly life was a period of preparation. teaches that man may live consciously in and from the basis of Spirit.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 96 Healing file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.

we lose sight of our spiritual nature and invite unpleasant experiences. it is understandable that suggestions from the race mind subtly get into our own consciousness and we easily become susceptible to race experiences. What is the Divine Science basis for healing? Is Divine Science primarily a teaching or a healing profession? When is it desirable to request the help of a practitioner? What characterizes a well-trained practitioner? In what way does the student work best with the practitioner? Wholeness is the universal standard of being. for spirit is the Creator.com The prayer of faith shall save the sick. 3. Spirit is the source and substance of everything. 4. hence there is one and the same Source for living soul and body. All Truth is. False thinking with its consequent emotional disturbances manifests discord in the body. creative activity. Since a belief concerning the possibility of illness still generally predominates the thought of mankind. proves that the One All is Creator. hence Spirit is source and substance of the body. perfect. We have received perfect Life. Made of the changeless living substance. James 5:15 I am the Lord that healeth thee.we have already received all -. and appreciate this. if we are to maintain an abiding consciousness of health and strength. Health is liberated God-activity expressing through man. The more we think of it the better we see and know it. called the law of expression. Divine Science teaches us that our natural state is health. our substance can never be injured. The total personality is involved true spiritual healing. for the truth is that we live. The 98 REALITY of us never changes. The law of expression reveals body to be Spirit expressing. move.but to understand more and more of the truth of what we are. and creation.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Sickness arises from thinking based upon sense testimony. Infinite Intelligence has brought forth every soul filled with the fullness of its nature. 2. Seeing and knowing it are necessary to our joy and satisfaction. Health is the outer evidence appearing in the body indicating that the law of wholeness is being complied with. Healing goes much deeper than the getting rid of a particular illness or complaint. Through the study of Divine Science we learn that the divine order. Perfect Substance is our substance. a process which is always at work within us if we will but recognize it and cooperate with it. As we think of this truth. Health is the normal state of the human body and it should require no effort for health to manifest. the body needs no healing when we as individuals constantly maintain our oneness with our Source. The body is 97 Spirit. Our life can never be endangered. 99 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. All is Spirit.htm (37 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . pure and changeless. also one and the same Life. one and the same Nature. in which the universe operates. It is a process of whole-making. we open our thought to receive not more -. living soul and body its creation. and to be conscious of Truth is to be conscious of health. and have our being in God. duality.Divine Science Principle And Practice . it is our life. When some outer condition dominates our thinking. We are to perceive. and God is absolute spiritual harmony and wholeness. one and the same Substance. It requires living in and from the basis of the Spirit of wholeness. Exodus 15:26 Watch for the Answers As You Study 1. it appears when thought becomes separated or alienated from the truth of Life's wholeness and it is then that perplexity. and anxiety work their havoc in soul and body. 5. feel.

the original creative order. failure is no more possible than is a mistake in mathematical work possible 102 when one understands and follows its law. and is the truth of his substance. The clearer the light of understanding. permeating his very being. and uncertainties can 100 no longer be admitted in thought. but constantly. Better far is it to see steadily and be healthy because we are health. The Infinite created us out of its own health. fears. All sickness is the result of some personal infraction of the law of Life. His beliefs which produce inharmonious conditions are the results of his ignorance. an answer which has always been known to Principle as true no matter what mistakes have been made by man. From the understanding that I am health. and worries come crowding in when we fail to hold steadfastly to the belief in the grand unity of life.com Personal factors such as emotional upsets. anxieties. When the law is understood and obeyed. It is to be clearly understood that in Divine Science there is no attempt to deny body. and health is established. then there can be no failure in the realization of health. The Spirit of Life is universal health. the expression and manifestation file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. the greater the certainty of health. as a child would clear the blackboard and begin again. The certainly of knowledge of truth develops faith. Being whole must be our realization. Certainly its teaching shows that we are to declare that which God is. and then to realize that we are in our essential nature like Him. than to believe that we can be healed. that the one pure substance is all and is forever whole. The personal factor is important because it must voluntarily choose to cooperate with the action of Spirit in order to partake of universal health. think the thoughts of health. man will gain a truer answer to his problem. When there is a clear understanding that every soul is brought forth filled with the perfection of the divine nature. like producing like. The order of the one perfect Mind teaches us to begin with the Mind of health. health will be evident. but that a change from a belief in sickness to the established consciousness that health is our inheritance will manifest a perfect body. Divine Science proposes to teach that only that healing is permanent which dispels ignorance by giving understanding of the truth of man's being. bodily health can be realized. When this consciousness is attained. As the principle of mathematics is not responsible for a student's mistake in working out his problem.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. We unfold health 101 eternal. or God's perfect health manifesting in the visible as man's health. and we become self-centered rather than Life-centered. fears. can be only what that Life is. When we come into the knowledge and understanding of the perfect Mind we know that health is our reality. Healing is the God-nature of man becoming visible by means of the great divine law of expression. and faith sees that perfect life everywhere is health. healing is the awareness of that health as our nature.htm (38 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .Divine Science Principle And Practice . He must erase them from memory. so is Truth not answerable for man's mistaken concept of life and the results of that mistake. I am health before I begin to manifest it. To be health is more desirable than a healing. Let the full meaning of omnipresence be realized and let man be known as the very substance of the Creator. if you wish to realize it. Understanding principle better. not spasmodically. The individual. As often as we think of being health. as an expression of the universal Life. Its action is involuntary in all creation. we are laying hold of the understanding that will be realized as health of body. Think and speak health only. Healing consists of getting back into the right relation to Life. doubts. When the omnipresence of God is understood in all its significance and accepted with full confidence there is healing. The purpose of Divine Science is to teach the individual so to think and live that he is ever conscious of the Presence which is unfailingly surrounding him. The One Mind that is the only mind is forever the state of perfection.

We then must know that we are still hold on to an unreality in our beliefs and sensations rather than accepting the reality and limitless nature of our Being. but they declare health or perfection as the true nature of all. hypnotism. we come 103 into an understanding of our oneness with the All. Not that thinking and speaking make health. He sees "the fullness which filleth all. therefore of the student -. There is undoubtedly a wrong habitual subconscious condition to be corrected that we do not realize or which we seem unable to remove. Realize also that the substance of each individual is the substance of the Infinite and that its nature is not changed when it comes forth into individual expression. omnipresent. Law in file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. which causes the subconscious realm to be gradually purified and in this way trained to accept the life pattern of the Christ.htm (39 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . then the practitioner realizes the truth of our health for us. perfect Health. Consequently he is able to assist a student in knowing the truth more clearly. He knows that only health can be expressed by perfect Health. or mesmerism.Divine Science Principle And Practice . A practitioner understands that unfoldment into knowledge 104 precedes the desired unfoldment into a health consciousness." Mark 5:34 "According to they faith be it unto you.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Divine Science believes that each student should get an understanding of the truth of himself. Our habit has not been to acknowledge Truth completely in all our ways. and come to know the reality of our health as something which is forever established for us by Life itself. and all. for any reason. he begins and ends with seeing our perfect Being.com of Spirit. A practitioner teaches another to have a continuous recognition and praise of the omnipresence of the Spirit of Good on the conscious level. Our feelings of sickness give evidence that our habitual prayer (fixed belief) has not been of faith or the prayer of understanding and thanksgiving. A trained Divine Science practitioner devotes time and loving attention to this type of assistance." Matt 9:29 "Receive they sight: they faith hath saved thee. before speaking the words of power. The practitioner does not give his thought to another. and when this is accepted we recognize our consequent wholeness. through our study and clear comprehension. Jesus called forth an expression of faith. but recognizes that the patient is one with the eternal wholeness. we shall still experience only part time good health. This was the means by which the power of the Spirit was realized and wholeness was manifested. He helps another by knowing him to be one with God even as all are. Healing then is inevitable. In this healing there cannot be thought 105 transference. that he should do his own praying and bring himself into an expression of his own natural health. or recognized it manifest by those he healed. now believe in yourself and do so in the selfsame way that you believe in Him." Luke 18:42 Their faith substantiated by Jesus united their thought and consciousness. Then it is that we may need to call upon someone who is firmly established in Truth to help us rise above our own false premises and false conclusions. "They faith hath made thee whole. The power of the Lord. for he could not exist separate from the infinitude of Omnipresence! Now Man must gird up his loins with the Spirit of Truth and acknowledge the nature of his Being before he can prove that having eyes he sees and having ears he hears. The practitioner endeavors to follow the method used by Jesus in his healing works. How can God be infinite. A practitioner is one who is skilled I ignoring appearance and in seeing only the perfection of real Being. What greater proof of wisdom could one possibly imagine than the law and order now manifesting in God's world and system of worlds? You believe in God. therefore he is one who teaches the soul its true abiding place and leads it into recognition of perfect consciousness. he trains us to come to a realization of our unity with the Infinite. are unable to get a clear realization. and permanent healing results." He awakens the patient's thought to this truth. When we.his health is. But until. The power of healing is unlimited since it is the changeless divine Presence that is health. and man differ from Him in his true nature? Man must be what God is. There is no uncertainty about it.

Healing is accomplished by the word of Truth. by it people are healed and their lives are thereby turned into paths of peace and plenty. when your mother said. There is but one healer. and Beings responds to its own words of Truth and the healing is done. 6:24 The process of healing in Divine Science is the Christ method of healing. Substance. and ourselves as the expression of His perfect Being. including both the invisible identity and visible form. use the truth you know and rely upon it. correcting the student's false belief in himself. infinite Mind. in Divine Science is truly revelation and illumination. Faith in and cooperation with practitioner 106 and the Truth of Life is the secret of success. healing is accomplished. In the Christ method the healer speaks the Truth until he is conscious of universal Principle. Let us realize momentarily that there is no power working in us but the power of Truth and it cannot work but for good.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. The worker is invisible Spirit and the work is visible forms. The complete acknowledgment and acceptance of Truth brings 108 permanent healing. know that your consciousness of Truth is your freedom. Let God's nature be your nature -. Healing means the expressing of all good -.it is." The loving interest she had for you and you confidence in her. Put your confidence in your practitioner and trust your God in the same confident way. the revelation of the perfect body.Divine Science Principle And Practice .good health. To know man's Spirit. There is nothing more potent for good results than right thinking. wise hand led you. Affirm it regardless file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. The sooner we accept the truth of our oneness with God.htm (40 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . As a child you had no fear when a loving. is the dis-ease that is felt. and Power. Do not try to control either. The Divine Science practitioner's method of 107 procedure is to receive his patient as a student. We cannot compel Life principle to come our way unless our way is its way. take no anxious care concerning yourself. He gives this Truth in the form of a lesson. Then by speaking the word of Spirit. and deeds. intelligence. Thus the practitioner's remedy is Truth. They know that Spirit speaks and creates within and unto itself. good substance. and that we have no existence that is not good. for Life makes no effort to become life.and let it express in your thoughts. out. the never-failing Good. therefore. and to perceive him or her to be pure Spirit-Substance. it health. The student needs to be taught that there is a permanent principle of health and all good which he is to recognize and express.com action. Let your relaxation be complete. God the Good. The invisible law works from within. is to know his unity with the Eternal and to know the Infinite as all. "No man can serve two masters. and body as living Substance. perfect as Expresser and expression and in a state of ease and reset. knowledge. is present to heal. let go of false beliefs and opinions. Healing by the word of Truth is the one omnipresent. but instead move with them. or Holy Spirit. Being expressing itself. We have stayed long enough. It is essential that the body or form of this ever-present All be recognized as being a body of Life. its good of every sort is now in God. all being the word of God. living soul. voicing its own nature. Healing is a change from belief in sickness to a consciousness of health. he calls the attention of the student to true consciousness of Being. you know -. "We must go now. It is the divine expression of the Creator in the creature. When the real Being and Nature of man is given full acknowledgment. the truth of itself. operating through all for permanent relief. They who understand Divine Science know and have faith in omnipresent Spirit as intelligence and power. Healing is that period when the erroneous concepts are being dismissed and the God-Nature comes into its own at the conscious and subconscious levels of the soul. and power. as taught by Divine Science. If students do their part. and embrace Truth. present a relationship that is eternal and universal. When the true scientific teaching is applied in faith it always heals. Healing. The practitioner perceives that the holding of beliefs that are false to the nature of Being. words. the sooner will health be experienced. We have faith that this Life with all its beauty. Intelligence." Matt. they will be healed.

the Good.com 109 of circumstances and events. include body. happiness. and in all creation. living substance. Truth is the remedy for all seeming dis-ease. soul. All may heal who think. but it must be applied. STATEMENTS OF TRUTH The realization of eternal. We must conform to it in our words and our deeds. whole. releasing in me its enduring health and strength. scientifically and truthfully affirmed by everyone. speak truth of it. affirm that it is eternal substance. speak.like God in nature.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. the glorious Word of Life made flesh. and entire -. God is the wholeness of the universe. therefore.good. and to demonstrate even immortality and eternal life. changeless health is the only basis used by Divine Science for healing. and prosperity may spring forth speedily and naturally. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice." can be lawfully. God-Idea expressed. There is no power working in me but the power of Truth and it can work only for good." John 7:24 110 In Truth the body always stands as a holy temple of God. Divine Science illumines mankind with the truth of the unity of God and the oneness of man as Spirit. Man is just what God made him -. I.Divine Science Principle And Practice . free from personal opinions and beliefs. I turn to Spirit within me and mentally accept its creative order as including my true body. all-loving. I am free here and now. enjoying the power and glory of it. all-adjusting power of the Spirit is now working within and through me. "I and the Father are one. The work of Divine Science is to teach and to demonstrate the truth of at-one-ment. and body. and practically demonstrated and applied in all walks of life.htm (41 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . I am in my Father's kingdom. God manifest in the flesh. I know that my God is my good and is a healing presence always with me and in me. I AM one perfect whole. If God were the author of sickness we could not demonstrate over it. Jesus said: "Judge not according to the appearance. self-existing and eternal. My wholeness comes froth into expression as my perfect body. This gives Divine Scientists opportunity to speak the word prayerfully and faithfully. It thus proves that Jesus' declaration. The all-wise. Being. that health. God is the great constant in life and He is the health of His people. but judge righteous judgment. therefore. God is my wholeness. External things do not affect the truth of Being. and act Truth. Thus I release the healing power that repairs and rebuilds the body temple. It is not sufficient to know that the nature of man is the nature of God.

Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com


He is ever with me, heals me. Refusal to believe in disease does not mean that it has no existence in appearance, but that there is not real or permanent cause for such appearance. Health is not made by thinking but is the eternal state of Being. By thinking we recognize this wholeness. Divine Science recognizes the body as pure Spirit, divine Idea. I accept the perfect body and bless its functional nature.


Write out your logical conclusion to support the statement, "God is the health of His people." Why is it more desirable to be health than to believe that a healing is possible? Discuss the statement: "The clearer the light of understanding the greater the certainty of health." Is it a sign of weakness to ask for the help of a practitioner? 5. Reason this out in terms of health, "How can man be, yet no express what he is?"

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Chapter 8 - Unfoldment - p.115

Story of Progress
Long has mankind been content to think of himself as a human being born in this world to experience the many vicissitudes of life -- some good, and some bad. He has expected to live his life span, then to have death overtake him. The goal of the majority apparently has been to provide the necessities for a comfortable physical existence, to enjoy life, and to submit to old age and inevitable death. Man's expectations of a future life are according to his individual beliefs and religious training or lack of it. Thus he may expect to go out into oblivion or to live on in a glorious heavenly realm. Now, new light of understanding is dawning upon man's consciousness, and in that light man is beginning to see life as something much bigger than heretofore conceived. "Now we are the Sons of God" living this portion of everlasting life, which provides the opportunity for unfoldment into that sonship day by day. Life goes on unendingly and each individual
file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.htm (42 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM

Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

will have the opportunity to achieve his sonship; he will know that he is an individualized center of God-Being, and that he shares God-Life, God-Mind, God-Power, and God-Love. His true purpose in life becomes the discovery of himself as he is in God, and his object is to express that Self in everyday living. He understands that he is born of God, is brought forth into expression without ever getting outside of God, and lives forever in the omnipresence of God. Jesus' great achievement proves that he realized his true Self, his potentialities, and his divine heritage. "As he is so are we in this world." 1 John 4:17 Man needs only to know and obey the law by which Jesus achieved, to bring about his own achievement as a Son of God. 114

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Eph. 4:13 As He (Jesus) is, so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Phil. 2:5 Watch For Answers As You Read

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Give several proofs that man is capable of growth and development. Where is the pattern for all creation to be found? Name the three aspects of man's nature. By what names is the unfolding process of the consciousness of man known? Who is the perfect example of man's potentialities? What is the range of man's stages of consciousness?

All of us have looked at a full-blown flower and marveled that such beauty could unfold from the tiny, brown seed, or from the lifeless-looking bulb. But we have seen this happen so often that we have come to accept the fact that the complete pattern of the perfected plant and blossom is implanted 115

within the dormant seed or bulb, and that the impulse for growth which will bring it to fruition is also involved within its very nature. We have not always realized that the same is true in the case of man, that is, that the pattern of his beautifully perfect Christhood is implanted within his innermost nature. That the Spirit of Life within him, as within the see, acts as law to manifest the fullness of its potentialities. Man's Christ-like characteristics and nature will unfold through the process of growth and development until the consciousness of the individual brings forth the outpicturing of the Christ as his own person. Just as Jesus became the Christ, so this is the latent possibility and destiny for the individual - each one will become Christed. Divine Science acknowledges an infinite Presence and Truth ever present with all creation, but it also acknowledges the process by which the creature grows, unfolds, and comes into a full-blown, conscious realization of himself and his place in the cosmic order of life. This process is called spiritual evolution, unfoldment, increasing awareness of Truth, or the law of spiritual maturity. To substantiate the process of unfoldment is the fact that all creation proceeds from the Infinite, but before 116

file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.htm (43 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM

Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

visible creation could possibly appear there must have been first the spiritual pattern for it in God-Mind. Thus we see that greater by far is the God-Idea or prototypal man implanted within us than is our present human expression of it. Man is the Son of God, but as a son of man he has not yet put on that completeness which is latently his in God-Mind. Within the thought of evolution is the recognition of a persistent urge in all living things to move on, to progress to new things and new experiences. Emerson says, "The creation is on wheels, always passing into something else, streaming into something higher." There is something in the very nature of life itself that compels it and its creatures to move on. There is an innate urge that speaks in every soul; aspirations in every human heart which indicate the evolutionary tendency of the universe. The indefinable Spirit which keeps us moving onward and upward is the great guardian of humanity. It forwards creation's spiritual evolution for the purpose of ultimately bringing out all the hidden wonders and beauties of the God-Mind. For God holds all His ideas within His consciousness and is zealous for the development and fulfillment of their every potentiality. 117

Divine Science teaches that this creative drive is the God-idea, an infallible truth moving throughout all the created realms, and calls it the Christ principle. The Christ principle is the essential part of human nature. It is the fundamental God-idea of MAN imbedded within the spiritual constitution of that which appears to us as a human being. Christ is the truth that reveals and expresses the life, purity, perfection, and power of the perfect Mind. In the heart of all humanity are stirring dreams, ambitions, visions which are of a higher order than man's present material environment. The source of such dreams and visions is the Christ principle stirring within him to make him aware of his true Self which is yet to be realized and manifested. This Christ within is the motive power which constantly pushes man toward higher evolvement. When things move along very well, objectively speaking, man may deny or even fear the deeper intuitions of his soul and continue to live by false values. He may still work for outer goals, but if these goals, when achieved, turn out to be disappointing, in that they do not give the inner peace and satisfaction he had anticipated, he is not happy. By this very fact he should realize that he is being urged to progress: "Be not conformed to this world, 118

but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Rom. 12:2 He is now ready for a new state of consciousness and will not be happy until he adjusts himself to becoming more nearly his real Self in thought and practice. We are to understand that man is a threefold being with three distinct aspects to his nature. First, there is the physical aspect in which he seems to be primarily a body - a body which is "fearfully and wonderfully made." But man discovers that his body is subject to his mental states, so the mental is man's second aspect. These two, the physical and the mental, are referred to as the human personality and many people live a lifetime and do not realize that there is still a deeper and more fundamental side to their being, the spiritual aspect, the true Self of every man - the Christ. The true Self is that part of man which speaks, unfolds, and expresses, not from a world sense, but from a divine awareness. It knows beyond logic. It lives not under the confines of time and space limitations but functions in the freedom of Spirit. In the early periods of unfoldment this true Self, the Christ, is so buried beneath mental concepts and sense training that it has to be literally unearthed or resurrected and brought up to its rightful place in our lives. 119

As individuals journeying through life from a purely natural and objective vision of life to the Christ Consciousness, or purely spiritual viewpoint, we seem for a long time to be deadened by the material sense of things and to live mainly at the level of physical sensation. Man begins his path of individual experience and unfoldment in the material order of life where self-preservation comes first. Moral, intellectual, and ethical values come along at higher stages of natural and human development. Sooner or later the intuitive urge for growth arouses the soul of man to be aware of a need for something higher than his present material concept. He begins to realize that he is destined for something more than the worldly life about him.
file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.htm (44 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM

"the ear. It is scientifically true to teach that the Infinite expresses what it is and neither does nor can express that which it is not. we can better understand the reason for this. our growth in consciousness. a rebirth occurs and a new set of values comes to consciousness. do the things we do according to the general tenor of our understanding." but as revelation is received thought expands -. thus does the individual evolve. as individuals. The revelation of truth by which man sees more and more clearly is evolution. Christ the Son. to declare it. We begin to believe in it."the full corn in the ear. we are renewed." Heb. our level of unfoldment. then the ear. in the Christ. the Christ. the true Self. the higher than the human or the natural. there is first the Universal (Cause). Each understanding of God and His overwhelming generosity in the manifestation of His Spirit in the life of the individual brings new concepts with lift the soul into higher levels of consciousness. within him. In the cosmic order of the universe it is intended that God should express through man. Now. and prospered by the divinity within us. Each individual life is a journey in consciousness. that there are no qualities inherent in man except God qualities." Mark 4:28 So is the order of creation. and an awareness of his true 120 talents and abilities which spring out of the Son of God." John 18:37 The wonderful experience of awakening to the truth that we ourselves incorporate the God-idea of MAN. the indwelling Christ. gradually more and more perception. Each adjustment affords new growth and opens new vistas. we see life as something greater than a birth-and-death file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 10:36 "First the blade. no attributes in man's nature that are not attributable to God. come into our experience more easily and naturally. and wait. As we grow in consciousness of our unity with God and develop power to express the Christ in our daily living. Out of some dead concept our mentality rises to a greater realization of the living Truth. mighty strength. "To this end was I born. For a man to accept the spiritual reality of his being evokes inspiration. All things await man's recognition and acceptance. "For ye have need of patience. or unfoldment. must come to everyone at some time in his unfoldment. the individual. then finally. Each unfoldment of thought is a 121 resurrection. and many changes and adjustments will be necessary as we grow. the fuller our understanding of the forms of life. after that the full corn in the ear.htm (45 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. then the individual (effect). that after ye have done the will of God ye might receive the promise. It is man's thought of life that awakens in consciousness to fuller comprehension of what is. realization or conscious possession of Truth. As man is able to silence the personal and material senses. and a spiritual order is perceived. inspired. which are our inalienable rights. the potential man within us. At first we discover "the I Am that I am" and faintly realize it -. The way we grow and release ourselves from our limited experiences is by the changing of our thought patterns.Divine Science Principle And Practice . The more conscious we are of the Truth of Life." until we recognize the All as all -. As students of Divine Science we have continuously been taught to affirm the reality of the I Am. begins to dawn. or that God's will be done through the consciousness of His son. We ascend to realize our perfect Self. the Christ. for since our lives are unfolding states and stages of our spiritual Selfhood."the blade. 122 and for this cause came I into the world.com Eventually the Christ. that I should bear witness unto the truth. as we let the Christ enlighten the conscious levels of our being. the blessings of the Most High. When our life and behavior rise from a spiritual basis. With growth comes faith in our God-nature. the spiritual aspect of his nature as it comes to conscious level and makes itself known as an active presence within his very soul." Babyhood of understanding first. All through life we.

and we look up to this omnipresent and indwelling nature as our true being. we find there the evidence 125 that he came to a higher understanding of life. By his resurrection Jesus revealed that life is greater than death and that death is but life's effort to free itself from man's self-imposed limitations. from the awakening of its mentality in Adam to its great perception by Jesus. are accountable for our actions as we grow and unfold in consciousness. Jesus literally became the Christ made flesh. the image in the mind of the Infinite. we begin to take on the likeness of the God-image within us. direct expression of God in creation by means of divine activity is the law of growth and unfoldment. and demonstrate the power of spirit to heal dis-ease and to manifest the wholeness of the body. as individual expressions of this divine activity. Reason tells us that there must be a basic consciousness. so are file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. As we grow and unfold our individuality (that which we innately are) it is a satisfaction to know that only that which is involved into the Christ pattern of man by the Creator can be evolved or unfolded into permanent manifestation. He showed man's ability to use Truth would reveal the light of truth regarding any circumstance or condition. we think in terms of eternal life and the immortality of the individual soul. We begin to see that even during this period of gradual development. 6:7 Human life. God is no mocked. The law of growth and unfoldment is the law of Self-expression. "We have this treasure in earthen vessels. We begin to think in terms of a spiritual universe. The only true growth is the unfoldment of the powers and possibilities that we are. objectively considered." Gal. our perfection is the spiritual truth of us. giving special attention to the life and teachings of Jesus. The process of calling forth that which is potential within is true education. As we study the Bible. or first mind. "As he is. that shall he also reap. We then understand that since God is infinite perfection and creates perfection. he allows it to manifest. his Christhood.com arrangement. is a growing unfolding. His teachings and works show how the love of the Father causes life to overflow with spiritual blessings. "Be not deceived. God creating within and unto Himself. for it was John who said. we are all potentially perfect in Christ. The Bible presents the history of this gradual unfoldment of the race into more and more consciousness. It never remains static.Divine Science Principle And Practice . God. As God alone is. he showed that God is all-sufficient in all things as He gives the light needed to illumine the way. Jesus taught that Spirit is always affirmative. Therefore. we are nevertheless innately perfect.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary." 2 Cor. All growth reveals the effect of the activity of God. Jesus' disciples accepted the fact that Jesus knew that what was true for him was also true for all mankind. The rule of the creative process is that all proceeds out of the infinite All. We unfold the fullness of what is within us. became the personification of the Christ. or God acting and revealing Himself. that he became aware of his own divine nature and lived in accordance with its guidance. 4:7 Strict adherence to principle and faithful practice bring out what is potential within. We may often "miss the mark" as we feel our way while growing. As the soul's 123 evolution is realized in daily living. The Bible is the story of man's unfolding consciousness of his God and of his own innate divinity. rather than of a material world. We. out of which this continuous unfoldment takes rise. visible creation appears according to the spiritual pattern for it. for whatsoever a man soweth.htm (46 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . even so we always reap as we sow and thus we learn our lessons in life with law as 124 our schoolmaster until our motives coincide with God's purpose of All Good. All unfoldment is the work of an Unfolder. progressive process. it is God who is manifested in an ever-present creation. taught that it is God's will that man should be whole and that when he accepts and rejoices in the Wholeness within him. prove the power of God to lead men into all truth. the perfect pattern of MAN.

4. 3. to unfold our own latent powers. We now see that Jesus is our wayshower because his clear realization of the Fatherhood of God and the sonship of man demonstrated how the Christ manifests in the flesh. until the man. We can expect a coming forth of this miracle-working power in the wake of affirmation and realization of its divine nature." 1 John 4:17 The indwelling Christ is the same creative channel and quality of Spirit working in us which worked in and through Jesus. and revenge with their resulting illness. for the true way of life will be known and proven right here. We can uphold that which we know to be within us. Cosmic Consciousness. we grow up into it. the effect. hatred. 11:16 Our work is to find and prove our own divinity. Cosmic Consciousness gradually dawns. Those of us living in the world order are travelers on the path of unfoldment. We can act from the basis of a Son of God within ourselves and release more and more of it through the conscious and subconscious levels of human personality until the outer takes on the perfection of the inner. nature. We can regularly be still and know. In Jesus the inner and outer became one and indivisible -. When the highest that we know seems show in manifesting perhaps it is because we are still accepting more of the old order than we realize. The same Christ principle which evolved in Jesus is in each of us and as wholly capable for guiding our unfoldment to its destined goal. when he says. it is awareness of the spiritual nature and function of the universe.htm (47 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . It is supreme intuitive knowledge of the divine order that transcends the mere intellectual faculty of comprehension. but complete education along spiritual lines comes slowly. Then shall peace come upon the earth. Christ Consciousness 127 is spiritual perception in contrast to intellectual analysis. 2. The levels of man's consciousness may vary from the lowest and slowest to a cosmic quality. Paul assures us that we may accomplish our Christhood.Jesus Christ! Jesus is the perfect example of man's potentiality. toward which we are unfolding. he will have come to the place where he knows that there is nothing to fear. so are the branches. Consciousness is the measuring stick of our unfoldment. We shall eventually reach the stage of development where we demonstrate with the skill of the Christed man. Our perfection is as yet only a spiritual truth and not a complete manifestation. "Until Christ be formed in you. and to bring forth our own indwelling Christ as the second coming. living from this viewpoint. the indwelling Cause." Gal. become the true embodiment of the Christ.Divine Science Principle And Practice . The attainment of Christ Consciousness is our goal. He will have overcome the former bad habits of envy. Let us be patient if there are seasons when we seem to lack the power of perfect demonstration in all ways. when given opportunity. When we arrive we shall live in a spiritual order of life here and now. In this new consciousness we willingly subscribe to a wholly spiritual way of thinking. or the life. for we have a living example of it in Jesus Christ. the lump (mankind) is also holy: and if the root be holy. is the awareness of the cosmos. acting and being. jealously. 4:19 129 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. will use the natural order for greater accomplishments rather than be used by laws over which he seems to have no control." Rom. "For if the first fruit (Jesus) be holy. Through the guidance of the Christ Spirit within we are awakened to the spirit of all Good. When man comes to that place in growth where 128 he discovers his real being and. We are still growing. There are many ways in which we may hasten the process of growth: 1.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com 126 we in this world. This Christ Consciousness is the fullness of the riches of divine Mind active in our souls. and beauty of the universe.

Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. new purposes. "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. its buds." John 14:6 11. 8." If we wish a beautiful lily. yourself. childish. the true Self. Dependence upon the Fathers guidance. Christ in you. the unlimited Spirit of Truth. we cannot reproduce the blossom in that way. This is the way to the Christ Consciousness. We must plant deep in the earth a lily bulb which in due time will unfold its stem. and the life. with new and accepting the truth of our oneness with the Christ within.12:2 12. 10. "I am the way. No one can do this for another. and the truth. 12:21 c. and its full bloom." Eph. then spiritual demonstrations bless our human existence. 13. to do as we have been done by only adds fuel to the fire. We can "Be still and know that I am God" -. we are no longer prisoners to the senses but glorious souls of consciousness. saying. the becoming conscious of what is. Its growth is fuller unfoldment from within.nothing less than the Christ. We can practice mentally to come unto the Christ. It is a natural process. 4:15 or into his understanding of divinity as man. Christ the Son. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. WE can meditate regularly upon the truth which we have already accepted and more light will dawn upon us. and perfect. new goals. your hope of glory. has a beginning in consciousness that is the bud of the coming branch and fruit.Divine Science Principle And Practice .com 5. All of us have the perfect Christ implanted within us." Rom. 9. that ye many prove what is that good. Living from the basis of our spiritual being. as did Jesus. angry." John 5:30 6. each one 131 a Christ mind in a Christ body achieving the work of the Christ. We can prove for ourselves. have attained conscious Sonship and our Christhood is demonstrated. the Christ within. each shall end as "Jesus" in full consciousness." Rom. untrue. we are not free. 7. that when human life is lived in realization of the omnipresence of God as Life. In negative circumstances. and reactions positive so that they heal adverse situations. actions. the revelation of truth by which we see more and more clearly. This means to accept the divinity which is potential within everyone and to uphold the integrity. we shall ascend from joy to joy. will of God. We can practice seeing the Christ within another. how may we obtain it? Shall we being by trying to make the flower? No. Each individual begins as "Adam" in understanding. and acceptable. b. petty. too. We can see that Jesus' attitude brought him assurance of his good. We can remember that unkind. The Christ within speaks. It will come to you. new understanding. and latent possibilities that are there though they are not yet manifested. wholeness. "I can of mine own self do nothing. but overcome evil with good. all growth is from within outward. for it must come to each one sometime in his unfoldment. We can practice keeping our thoughts.htm (48 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Paul says that we "may grow up into him in all things. Certainty of the Father's care. Nonresistance to conditions or appearances "Be no overcome of evil. His attitudes can be our attitudes: a. Every new awakening in thought is a birth on a new plane of consciousness. This is evolution. 130 Individual life. Only you can develop your individual consciousness. like the branching of the tree. Again we turn our thought to the dormant seed or the apparently lifeless brown bulb and we "consider the lilies how they grow. You are now prepared for the wonderful experience of awakening to the truth that you. from glory to glory until we. Until false opinions and beliefs based upon human experiences are uprooted. A study of Divine Science brings new light. and ugly remarks have no place in our new vision of life. We can examine carefully the undercurrent of our thought. incorporate the God-idea.

htm (49 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . I am potentially perfect in Christ. As I silence my personal senses and turn to the divinity within me. life. 3. but there is also a viewpoint from the process side. and my inheritance in God is made real to me. I receive new inspiration. increased health and strength. What is your true or real Self? 4. Our human existence is our relative degree of unfoldment of the Christ Self within us. Direct expression of God in creation by means of divine activity is the law of growth and unfoldment. Since God is infinite perfection and creates in perfection. Why do Divine Scientists greatly appreciate Jesus? 6. by Christ Self. and man. Show how the acceptance of the divine nature within us helps us to act more like sons of God. The Divine Idea of me (the Christ) is forever held in the Living Consciousness in which I live and move and have my being. 2. There is an Absolute viewpoint of God.Divine Science Principle And Practice .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Explain. 132 Man from the basis of his spiritual evolution has not yet put on the completeness which is latently his in God-Mind. Within the Christ are all the potentialities of our being which God works to unfold through spiritual evolution. What is one definite method by which mankind grows? Explain it. 5. Are you earnestly endeavoring to follow the suggestions given to help you develop your consciousness? Discuss your plan of using them. QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION 1. I bless and praise the action of God within me.com STATEMENTS OF TRUTH I daily declare my true nature as that of the Christ within. 133 Return to the Top Return to the Top file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.

"I in the Father and the Father in me" is universally true for all time. The universal and formless Intelligence. the power. be so sublime. the Creator. through its Power it has all ability to form. produces forms of Life made out of its Substance. The blessed truth of the omnipresence of God reveals that creation is the the emanation of perfect Life and Substance. he may feel a long way from God.the Invisible and the visible --. The activity of universal. The Bible is the history of Everyman at the various stages of his unfoldment in consciousness from that of Adam in the Old Testament to the Jesus Christ state of consciousness in the New Testament. and creation.and He is the substance of all that is created. Love.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Love. by its Intelligence. accepts the Bible as a book of Life. creative action.what has always been and will always be --. Form is the expression of the Formless and is wholly dependent upon its Source for its being and for its existence. through its Power." To understand and to become fully conscious that we live and move and have our being in God is to find the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. This Mind is the intelligence of the universe. If nature. SONSHIP Man may seem apart from God and unlike God. Intelligence. it is natural that the Bible. omnipresent Life produces continuously. Power. Mind and Mind manifest is all intelligence known as Creator.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. "Thine is the kingdom. Life. everything that lives has its being in God. and Life. Therefore. CREATOR AND CREATION The Creator is infinite Mind. with all her planets and systems of planets. because of its Love. they are living works because the Creator is present in them.p.is one. 136 His works are never in one place and He in another. Creation is here because the Creator is here. because of its Love it rejoices in forming. should constitute a very important textbook of Divine Science. the Source. and the glory forever. Power. Formless and form are of one and the same Substance. The universal Life is ceaseless activity. The activity of the Formless and form is one and the same.com Chapter 9 . Grand and sublime as nature is. God is in and of Himself independent of any source or 135 cause. The nature of the Formless and form --. hence the eternal truth contained in the words. and all things thereon contained. Of its Substance it forms its creation. He is eternal --. This is because he 137 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. must be the Creator who contains it all.htm (50 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . by its Intelligence it knows and understands how to form. Through the study of the Bible we trace the development of man's concept of God as it is revealed through the medium of human experience. It is upon these teachings that Divine Science bases its interpretations of various doctrines.135 Divine Science recognizes the Bible as the history of the growth of man's awareness of God. especially the teachings of Jesus. and Substance are omnipresent. the story of man's search for God. Form is individual and is the eternal Idea expressed as living form. All is produced by the action of creative power. creation and all effects are forever sustained by the Creator.Divine Science Interprets Some Important Doctrines . how much more transcendently so. The Formless is universal and invisible and it forever holds its eternal Idea. for He is the One Source of existence in the whole universe. yet she and all her forms only represent the ideas that are forever in the mind of the Creator. All existence proceeds from God. the appearance. God in Self-manifestation.

com has not realized his Source. as all are. One may recognize Him more fully than another. eternal idea potential in the Father. Power is his birthright. the image and likeness of God." and that God may be known as ALL. he has thought ignorantly about his life and substance. 1:15. Son means he who is a direct expression of God. Each level of realization is supplanted by a higher one as man evolves. divine. that the only name is "the mighty God. now are we the sons of God. 6 John 14:20 Matt. JESUS Jesus attained this highest concept of sonship." 1 John 3:2 There is still another step in realization which must be taken to realize God as All in all. and understanding. There is no doubt that Jesus had a deeper realization and conviction of his union with God than anyone of whom we have record. knowledge. the harmony of divinity and humanity. but fully understood." Finally it is." Since nothing can be manifest that is not the expression of God. 16 or "Beloved. Man is eternally what he is. is the mystery of ignorance. made of a woman.4:4 knew and exemplified the unity of God and man. one can be no nearer to Him than another.the Son of God.. Son of God. Inherent in the Son are wisdom. and may consult His nature in all ways more. that all are Sons of God and that the same power which he used is available to all. In essence he is love.not two. Man's understanding of who and what he is follows a pattern as his consciousness unfolds. Life is his inheritance. 1 John 4:17 John 14:12 John 8:12 Matt. But it is only man's thought of himself which changes as he expands in consciousness. Man will at length come to know that he no longer wishes to rule in the Father's house. "Some of self and some of Thee. 23:9 John 5:30 Jesus. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice." Later. offspring of the Infinite. for he eternally IS what he is --. and lived so in accordance with his deep. Since God is all-pervading Spirit. He will wish only to know that "I and my Father are one" --. yet son of man. He accepted the Christ.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. "It pleased God . "None of self and all of Thee. The Christ Idea held in divine Mind is the perfect pattern of the Son.. "For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." This grows to be. yet born through the human channel. the everlasting Father. "Ga1. 5:14 John 17:14 John 1:16 Romans 8:11 and 8:17 Ephesians 4:13 Philippians 2:5. made under the law. First it is.. Perfection is his nature. that he had no special power. He lived as the Christ. the son of God could not exist in form without first being an . He was a 139 conscious Son of God. and has failed to be steadfast and loyal to truth. inner knowledge of his oneness with God that he understood that he was about his Father's business at all times. "Less of self and more of Thee. 2:9 Sonship is glorious and to have been a son all the time while man thought and called himself less than what he is.htm (51 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . The limited thought of self gives place to an unbounded consciousness of Self. or to be acknowledged as the heir." Gal. according to his teachings. a perfect idea in God-Mind. to reveal his son in me. Jesus did this. "All of self and none of Thee. "The only begotten 138 of the Father and full of grace and truth. "God sent forth his Son.Divine Science Principle And Practice . the Son. He no longer wishes to be praised as the son." With this consciousness of sonship he can say with Paul." Col. yet human.

a particular expression of the Universal Principle expressed in bodily form. see the body by the light of this true consciousness. and that the body always responds 142 to the consciousness of life eternal.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Jesus taught by word and by deed. Keep this possibility in view. "rise to higher things" in thought.htm (52 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Jesus knew he possessed this limitless power and proved himself trustworthy of such understanding by his refusal of all personal exaltation. now. "As he is so are we in this world. It is not alone a passive receptivity of the God power. a certain knowing and earnest conviction that man. possess potentially that divinity which we claim for Jesus --. but he repudiated any claim of personal power. He demonstrated his doctrines. Jesus brought to light the truth that immortality is man's nature and is perceived by him through consciousness. let conceptions die. CHRIST file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. we claim that we. or in the coming ages. a coworker. after annulling that "sleep" in others and showing that man need not be held by death. he accepted the suffering and ignominy which his death brought to him. We believe in his words and his work. and life are synonymous with: The fully awakened mentality The full consciousness of being divine Complete resurrection of thought 140 Man knowing himself "lord of all" Ascension of thought above all human concepts of mind and body The realization of unity The eternal state which man realizes through consciousness The destiny of every living soul and body. He proved the nothingness of death by passing through the tomb. too. but an active cooperation. but still a part of God.Son. we believe that we are "heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ". and the expression of the universal principle of the Christ within each soul. we might doubt our being able to do the same work. Christ in us. acceptance. as in Jesus. It is the merging of the human will with the divine law of the Universal Christ. In Jesus we find "the elder brother" who has gone before us in attainment. In order to prove the powerlessness of death. 141 is a part of God. this is an unalterable truth to which all will awaken. yet came through the experience unscathed.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. In all ways is he our example. demonstrating that death has no power over life. is the gradual attainment of the Christ Consciousness. While Jesus clearly saw the truth of his oneness. Jesus pointed the way in which all may walk and know the truth of their union with God. the Self.com Jesus' name. mankind has not yet awakened to the truth of this inherent Christhood. It is the recognition. "I can of mine own self do nothing. is our "hope of glory" and our Son-ship. This process of man's coming to know." 1 John 4:17 We hold precisely the same relationship to the Father as does Jesus. After declaring that death is but a "sleep" and that Truth's followers should not taste of it. character.ship in God. even as Jesus did. If Jesus had done his work by personal power. Mankind can be found at all stages of unfoldment. a copartner and necessary to His universal plan of Good." John 5:30 The eternal God is the quickening Presence and Power. be it slow or rapid. Ascension to full realization of Truth brings to light the truth of immortality. he had yet to give his greatest object lesson.

and formed in all. the true Self of every man. The record of his life proves this. but. is an eternal verity. being universal. sufferings. This does not lessen the divinity of Jesus but reveals the divinity of all mankind.htm (53 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . because he completely accepted the truth that the Christ is the universal divine nature of mankind. At-one-ment is an all-important truth in the teachings of Divine Science. Jesus used the expression "I am" when apparently he did not refer to his personal self.its visible creation." and. the truth. He realized his divinity. Belief in separation from God has caused man's sense of lack and limitation.All is One. for this cosmic principle within each individual soul is "the way. It is the destiny of mankind to express the Christ. ATONEMENT The dictionary meaning of atonement. Christ is the impersonal idea of MAN in and of the infinite Mind before any individual existence. Christ is the divinity. perfect and changeless. the mind that says. and death of Christ" is not accepted literally by Divine Science. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Christ in man is that part of his being which is not born of the flesh and is not subject to the changes that take place in the flesh. He attained to the state wherein he was completely God-conscious. and the life. I am" John 8:58 and "I am the way." The "I AM" of each of us is our immortal Self. It is itself the absolute God-Self coming forth by the law of expression to express through the realm of the relative --. 145 "to cause to be at one" is accepted." John 14:6 Understanding this. and thus is made plain the principle of omnipresence --. no man cometh unto the Father but by me. In each individual life the Christ is sent into the world as a witness unto truth." The true individual life is an expression of the Infinite Life for by the law of expression like produces like.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. "the light that lighteth every man. 143 Christ is the indwelling perfect pattern of the divine idea of man as held in the mind of God. he demonstrated his divinity. "The reconcilation of God and man by means of the life. Jesus became Christ Jesus.Divine Science Principle And Practice . the truth. but its original meaning. the pure and perfect idea of man as God saw him in bringing him forth and as He forever sees him in the light of His Mind. "Before Abraham was. the image of God. Such belief has not changed the real nature of man or altered his relation to God. and the life. the perfect idea of MAN is coexistent with eternal Mind. by his absolute surrender of himself to allow the Christ to manifest through him. one with Universal Mind. Divine Science teaches that that level of individual mind which 144 gives power to both the conscious and the subconscious phases of mind is the Superconscious or Christ Mind.the indwelling Christ. and is the only begotten Son. like all truth. has shown us how we are to bear witness unto truth. "I AM. Atonement is not something that can be made. but it has blinded him to Truth.com Jesus attained his Christhood by recognizing and by being true to the divine nature of the Christ. the one divine nature of which each individual soul is an expression. Christ. and he has suffered in his wanderings. makes everyone a son. and is the substance of all individual existence. Jesus. but was giving recognition to the universal Principle within him --.

Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. I and my Father are One. but a willing martyr since the truth was to free his brother man from sin and suffering of ignorance. and if children 147 then heirs. even God as spiritually perfect. and that everyone is the inheritor of life. heirs of God. and is "the way. and truth. Like produces like. 13 "We are children of God. The spiritual birthright of unity and equality with God is a pearl of great price. "To as many as received him (could receive the Divine Idea) to them gave he power to become sons of God. The Christ Consciousness within is the redeemer of world thought. but the fulfillment of such a conception comes slowly to man because he is slow to give up beliefs and opinions. Jesus did not make the atonement. Immaculate conception is the realization that man's source is in the Perfect. thought it not robbery to be equal (one) with God. We perceive that every child has spiritual parenthood hitherto unrecognized. He showed man the way of truth and life. and this way Jesus revealed. devoted his lifetime to the teaching of Truth and the demonstration of its power. Man is one with God. the only Creator. 148 HEREDITY file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.the immaculate and pure conception which must ever accompany realization of His omnipresence. who. This reveals all birth from the Father. the same nature and mind that was in Christ Jesus. and begotten of God. He was a martyr to the truth he taught. This knowledge is the way of 146 escape from belief in separation. being in the form (image) of God. but heirs of His Infinity and Eternity! This consciousness affords children the best possible birth --.com Jesus. we reason. but each must walk in that way. "that which is born of Spirit is spirit. but of God. "Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. or agreement. more precious than any human belief or theory. and joint heirs with Christ. each must be that truth." Phil." John 1:12. Man's only source is God. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Knowing that all is One. practice. and the truth" that brings each into conscious at-one-ment. nor of flesh. he revealed it. Thus we prove our ways to be spiritual and divinely ordered. if he would enter into realization of that life. 6 We are to accept as ours that same mind Truth. were of the Infinite and might claim all of its fullness. We were first immaculately conceived in the Spirit of wholeness.htm (54 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . love. too. and conform in all our ways to the truth of what that One is. understood and lived. nor of the will of man. with his Source. Man accepts atonement by knowing this truth. The truth of all birth is revealed in Jesus. We are conceived in righteousness and born in true holiness." Rom. becomes our peace. who understood man's unity with God.Divine Science Principle And Practice . This consciousness is absolute purity in which the entire nature of man as he is to God. is expressed naturally. 8:17 What a wonderful conception! Heirs of God! Not only heirs of certain qualities of His nature. He showed men their relation to the Father and assured them that they. 2:5. for by its light we can see unity in all things and the breaking down of every claim of separation between God and man. who are born not of blood." John 3:6 God is Spirit.

Sin originates with the belief of separation from God. Divine Science conducts a baptismal service for children in which they are recognized as God's own. and to disclaim the belief of any other. God is without sin. is also the fire that consumes our false conceptions and illumines our understanding. As the light illumines it is the destructive fire to our ignorance. His power to think is his means of cultivating." By this insight into the truth of man's being. It is true that we are heirs to that of which we are born. that like produces like. "One God and Father of all" teaches us of our pure Source. he will not claim any other inheritance or belief in sinful origin. hence it is the claim of another life and another power. No inheritance of evil can be man's for the only sin of the world is the sin which we declare as ours --. God only is the Father of the race. This is Christ's baptism of which the baptism by water is but the symbol. no original sin in his nature. "I had planted thee wholly a right seed. for the light that leads us is the Holy Spirit. Disclaim inheritance of any ill.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 2:21 The good seed planted within the living soul of each awaits cultivation. we are to realize that and to claim none other. so Jesus taught. and by the thought he cultivates so does he live.Divine Science Principle And Practice . There is no sin in his origin. is not to plant but to cultivate. since God is his origin. This is the truth that makes us free. To receive this baptism we must be willing to pass through the fire. claim his inheritance of goodness and wholeness.htm (55 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . "Fire" is the light of understanding which consumes darkness of ignorance." Of man it is spoken. for the light that reveals. "In the image of God made he him. the Spirit of love and life. and if we have received the light of true consciousness we die daily to our misconceptions. BAPTISM True baptism is "with the Holy Ghost and with 150 fire. Man. EVOLUTION file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. We are to know that man's source is the perfect Mind. there is but one Source. and of deed.com Know man as a child of God. 3:11 Baptism is the immersion of every thought in divine Consciousness (the Holy Spirit)." Jer. in love that seeketh not its own." Matt. hence of our pure inheritance. When man understands that he is heir of God. health. Man has but one source. Of man it is written. of thought. in purity of purpose. We are to realize that a clear consciousness of our source will destroy every false conception of original 149 sin. we see and accept that man by nature is good. The only inheritance of evil or original sin is that which we claim is ours.when understood this signifies that the Whole is divine and perfect. ORIGINAL SIN Man has no sin in origin. all of which is erroneous. Divine Science means the knowledge of the Divine. and strength is declared and they are acknowledged as members of the Divine family in heaven and in earth.the sin we allow. When we know how to claim being "heirs of God" we shall know our true inheritance. that which I is born of God is without sin and all that is Truth is born of God without whom "was nothing made that was made. Their birthright of purity. hence. Recognition of the Universal Source assures each of finding and possessing consciously the true and lasting good. the individual. goodness. this Holy Ghost.

but passes through a beautiful process which is called growth. 4:13 Man cannot realize completeness or perfection while he refuses to receive the idea of perfection that consciousness reveals to him as his true being and birthright. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.Divine Science Principle And Practice . We shall no longer need any symbol when we have the original with us. and of the knowledge of the Son of God." someone has said." Eph. the Truth. and of his bones.com Evolution is man's coming to know. The Holy Ghost is Consciousness. let him continue their use. of his flesh. We receive our communion in Spirit. so the oak. The true worshipers shall worship in spirit and in truth. made flesh. communion may be continuous. This can never be forgiven. To sin against the Holy Ghost is to refuse to follow the light. unity. The rose does not come into visibility full blown.htm (56 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Visible aids are but temporary supports to the workmen that are "building the temple" as the scaffolding is to the house. that which was in part shall be done away. "Till we all come in the unity of the faith.." Communion is realization of the Omnipresence." Eph.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Man is in the process. We "drink his blood" as we receive the true consciousness of life. the unity between Divine Spirit and body. for while the means is rejected the end cannot be reached! We remain in darkness as long as we refuse the light. and to remain in darkness is to remain in unconsciousness of good. and our individual bodies "are members of his body. and we "eat his flesh" when we know the whole Body to be the divine "Word . The Lord's Body is the only Body. It is the gradual unfoldment of man's consciousness to the full awareness of his oneness with God. believing that it is synonymous with fellowship.. "Evolution. COMMUNION The Divine Science teaching recognizes communion. the light and only guide into all truth. When not dependent upon the visible elements. In a Divine Science communion service we come together to learn how to commune every moment. but as long as the visible elements are an aid to one's thought. and so all animals. unto a perfect man. "When that which is perfect is come. Evolution is only a name for a form of procedure. and concord with all men and all things. unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. and concord. 5:30 To receive every visible thing as the sacred Body is to receive communion. of which the visible is but a sign and a symbol. and so man." Each will 153 know when he is ready for fuller communion. "is the outshining of divinity as man. The visible elements of bread and wine are not used in the Divine Science service because the spiritual idea. Christ in the heart is the true bread and wine of our communion." Jesus portrays the consciousness that reveals MAN to man. We should receive all that we eat or drink as the divine Body. that it means fellowship 152 with Christ. has been realized and is known and felt as the true presence and the real substance. God's method 151 of procedure is by the unfolding process.

When man discovers that he is the Truth. ---Cramer Everyone's work of Truth should be commenced just where he is regardless of conditions and surroundings. the unity of God and His creation. "The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord . he knows he is the Christ. it must be perceived. ---Cramer A deviation from principle is the only adversary of Truth.157 The basic principle of Divine Science is the principle of atonement. not without.Practical Application of the Principle . 155 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 10 .. one that is the right of every living soul as soon as it consents to the inner guidance of truth. " Isa. and substance.." Isa. intelligence. The first step for the student of Truth to take is to put away the belief of an evil power and take his or her stand on the foundation of Oneness. love.. look for new heavens and a new earth. and Christ has come the second time. God manifest in the flesh. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. permanent unfoldment of knowledge and power is assured. 11:9 "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. and a little child shall lead them. that Good alone is real and is all there is. To receive the first evidence of Truth's presence we must look. according to his promise. The second appearing or coming is seeing omnipresent 154 life. Revelation comes to all who can see. There are three steps in the understanding of any principle that is new to anyone's thinking: First. but within. As soon as at-one-ment is seen and accepted there is no longer a sense of separation but the Presence is known as all.. 11:6 This redemption comes by revelation of what always is. Then by forming all conclusions from that basis. Begin to think and speak Truth for yourself without even pausing to take a glance at what has seemed to be obstacles.. We.com SECOND COMING There are many promises of full redemption for the earth and for the flesh. This is the second coming.p.htm (57 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM ." It is an individual privilege to see and to receive the Christ. "Unto them that look for him shall he appear.Divine Science Principle And Practice .

sickness. With all sacredness and holiness of purpose we should believe ourselves to be whole. my life. the fullness of Good will be ours. but we must open to it. Jesus knew this for he said. When we have done what the Father does. health. "You are a son in whom I am well pleased. It is essential to discard the belief of separation. to know and accept what God is as the truth of himself. that he may see the truth of what God everywhere is. the realization will result. as he discards old habits of thinking and acting. Now that man's thinking has been awakened. No matter what the occupation. and happiness are sure to follow.com then. More and more of truth can be revealed only if what is already comprehended is put into practice. Our daily practice of declaring all the truth we perceive will help us to form a habit of thinking and speaking of good. evil. for each must know and declare. and one attraction of New Thought for this practical age is that its theory is demonstrable. 6:33 Satisfaction has been eternally within the soul of man. it will become clearer and clearer to our understanding and bring deeper realization. it must be applied. There are no such attitudes in the One All. we shall hear 159 the voice of Spirit say. pure. To this end each one should set aside time daily for thought training. clearly realize that we are full expressions of Universal Good. for the outer is the result of the inner. or how humble the position. yields all past conceptions to the new consciousness." Jesus said: "I say unto you.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and sorrow. Truth may be applied in every situation. bless them that curse you. Man's work is to cultivate recognition of the perfect Soul-qualities in order to realize the perfection of the body and harmony of affairs. 22:39 Those who would perceive themselves as they truly are in Being. and have love for all things at all times and in all places. True thinking should be practiced every hour to keep mental activity free from the mists of erroneous suppositions." Matt. and healthy. It is clear that to think and believe in goodness. 157 Truth presents a practical law of right thinking which. his realization of true satisfaction will express. love your enemies. It is an offense against God to believe that there are powers the opposite of His nature. my intelligence. success. and life is to perceive and enjoy true harmony. Realization is conscious possession. health. if truth is thought and spoken. or a dislike for God as manifest in any creature. after having believed ourselves so limited. prejudice. We may not all at once. 158 Practice gives realization. feel ourselves united to all life.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. or deep. and to cease practicing the habits that are centered therein. but as we think faithfully of the truth and rise to every occasion to express the truth. will cultivate the right spirit within us. by being universal in thought and deed. "God is my substance. clear awareness of truth.htm (58 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . and my power. If we fulfill the conditions and obey the law. Truth is not theory merely but practice also." To reach this exalted state in realization is to act from the center of Spirit within. must drop from their conception the belief of dislike. This follows naturally as man acts by his new light upon truth. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. No one can realize his union with God so long as there is prejudice against. and last. as he gives up former beliefs and opinions. Only that which man has failed to realize within is lacking in man's world of experience. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. We should desire realization." Matt. "Love thy neighbor as thyself. and all these things shall be added unto you. it must be accepted. He then loses his self-centered life (that which he has believed life to be) to find Life as it is in Spirit and in Truth. We should learn to think and speak and act according to Truth. do good to them that hate 160 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. but forgotten while he sought to manufacture his own. if put into practice after it is perceived." Matt. 6:33 All else will come. this is to be done by knowing that these are not real.

and that what is perceived is contained within the perceiver. and forever the same. This can be accomplished only by ceasing all negation and living according to Truth. word. all law and all love." Matt." Matt.htm (59 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . all substance. deal with them as you would have them deal with you. Lift the thought above all heights. if you meet a negative state with a negative state. that ye may be the children of your father. and sendeth the rain upon the just and the unjust.Divine Science Principle And Practice .for the source of success is within the omnipresent One --." "A soft answer turneth away wrath. If we mentally analyze Spirit. If it seems necessary for you to listen to accounts of problems. 15:14 Truth is power and harmony. words. for he maketh the sun to shine on the evil and on the good. seek another's good as much as your own. and act are pure and extend equally to the just and to the seeming unjust.and that you can now manifest it. thus being centered in and at-one with Spirit. if you meet anger or any other negative emotion with steady. Extend your thought beyond limitation. Practice thinking what it would be like to be present everywhere at the same time sustaining. and as we do know it. embracing. and power is of God. it is our duty and good pleasure to hold all others in truth and love. remember to deny their spiritual reality. which is in heaven. we find that all life. knowing that success is established --. Know that your business will help others if conducted upon right principle. 45 In manifesting as Sons of God we fulfill these commandments. 162 As you master these teachings you begin to realize that the truth of God and the truth of man are one. Give thoughts of love and truth in return. Know this good as belonging to all. and Body.com you. intelligence. "Resist not evil. Right principle is that by which God's good is brought forth into manifestation for the rightful use of all. intelligence. Think life. in truth. the good that is for all alike. for. it is like the "blind leading the blind. substance. seek the good for all without discrimination." All should recognize that anger is negative. become eternity in thought. today. The omnipresence of good supplies all with abundance. in the infinite principle of good.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. knowledge. Place your business where it belongs. See them in the same light that you see yourself. in the omnipresent fullness. power. and pervading all that live. and deeds of Truth. 5:44. To thus perceive and think is freedom. you become master of any negative condition. Put your success where it belongs. illness. Just in proportion as you succeed will you comprehend the all-pervading Spirit and be rewarded with divine knowledge. and as those holding false beliefs do not know this or realize what the nature of Being is. pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you. and think that which represents the Creator. Put your supply where it belongs. 161 both shall fall into the ditch. this will prevent your sympathizing with false belief. in the hands of infinite wisdom and love. Recognize God as the universal good. Love your 163 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. unwavering thoughts. Think what it means to be one with all power. Practice daily the transferring of thought from creature to Creator. you are measuring to yourself. traverse all time. descend below all depths. enter the Source of all form. Our thought. Carry this with you into business and apply it in your dealings with others. and presence of All Good. to the good and the seeming evil. or sorrow. that you may conceive of and know the omnipresent Spirit and the true relationship existing between the Creator and creation. Measure to others as you would measure to yourself. Soul. live in the present. love. then see each member of your family in the light of the same truth that you see and know yourself. therefore. transcend forms.

charity.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. be honest in paying obligations. His thought and word our thought and word. You may claim God's Being and God's Expression. and child conducts a business whether it be at a desk in a schoolroom. No matter what the occupation. purity.htm (60 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . I am life. I am perfect.Divine Science Principle And Practice . We shall see it more clearly 165 as we continue to state it. woman. Since God is Life. both perfect. "What things soever ye desire when ye pray. and understanding. Live unselfishly. Obedience to these rules insure success. invisible and visible. he can only be what the Infinite is. believe that ye receive them. I am love. Being good is man's eternal state since he is being in God. by speaking nothing but the truth. Since God is Perfect. The way of knowledge and power is to make God's method and purpose our method and purpose. patience. Since God is Love. in the home. Realization that man's true being is God will reveal that all true expression is God also. In the truest sense. it is truth and the more it is thought upon the more it will be seen as truth. confidence." You need to realize love. "I am strength. will he realize fullness." There is a perfect law of supply. and ye shall have them. and ignorance and becomes love and understanding.com business! Every man. be a burden to no one. for all that I am is of God. fullness. and happiness are sure to follow. claim it by affirming. selfishness." Mark 11:24 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. or in the public places of the world. now and forever. To the degree that one gives up fear. "Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Since God is Wisdom. Make this recognition daily to make your realization enduring: God is the whole of Being. Affirm love. lack. I am whole. if truth is thought and spoken success. I am wisdom. Since God is Good. Gain truthful knowledge and affirm it. Man is included within the whole Being. you are to realize that supply is. Practice and demonstrate moment by moment. you may claim all because of your unity with the All. You feel need of strength. to be good is to be happy. Since God is Perfect Expression. then the perfect law of supply comes to have meaning. Since God is Whole. 164 no matter what the sacrifice. Remember in speaking of the I Am that it is God and therefore is what God is. Let untruthful belief be exposed and rejected. I am perfect expression. Let each dwell much upon this idea. I am conscious of the power and the presence of God that is manifesting rightness through me and my work. Where you see a need." Matt. peace. owe no man anything. In Truth one cannot be anything apart from the Infinite Since one is. Thus the individual proves to be the willing instrument of the All Good. but only the eye of faith and love can see it. claim it by knowing that God is perfect understanding hence you have understanding. The supply which each needs is already his. God is always the Good. health. If you sense a need of understanding. or how humble the position. Behind and supporting every right business is the same principle. 5:48 Make these statements of Truth earnestly. one and the same rule which when recognized and obeyed will make manifest the success of life. for it is the All. I am good. Realization is the conscious possession of this knowledge. Upon arising in the morning make a statement similar to this: "I love my work for today. it is a wonderful revelation.

Repetition is a necessity in these chapters since all decisions are referred to the one basis. harmonious. for the awareness that he is one with the All-Good. It is hoped that they will be helpful to students as they earnestly endeavor to establish new habits of positive thinking. one Source. One represents the basis of all Truth in the universe. for knowledge gained. Every hour of every day. incorruptible. One Infinite. Never give up. They are included here as a practical application of the teachings of the previous lessons. for ever-present Goodness.htm (61 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . and one Power.Divine Science Principle And Practice . strong in thought and body. I decide everything from this standpoint that God is all. think and speak by its light.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. All perfection that has been and that ever will be. is now. and His law of expression. The following pages contain positive statements of Truth on general and specific subjects. I confess the One to be all of Truth. A statement of a new idea may impress one slightly. I see the Truth of one Substance. every moment. but as the thought is dwelt upon it becomes more familiar and the idea that it brings becomes more illuminated. for truth perceived. one Substance. to acknowledge it is to awaken to a sense of being it. be firm. which will enable us to speak the truth as it was in Jesus. Consciousness of truth will be your reward. Be positive. one Mind. James capitalized many words in order to forcefully emphasize their truth. even the changeless good that God is. I AM immortal Spirit. The Divine Scientist renders thanks unceasingly for good received. be on your guard to admit only the perfect good. These have been retained in the following meditations so that each student as he uses them may receive benefit of her consciousness. Fannie B. Isa. for 167 health expressed. for love manifested. one Intelligence. trusting. To recognize it is to realize it. loving. for God revealed. 45:22 In acknowledging but one God. one Law. Assume the true position of a Son of God and express truth in wholeness. one Life. to affirm the love-presence in everything. 166 It is a well-known fact that reiteration deepens impression. Recognize the verities of your own being or life. Each student will need to repeat his affirmations of Truth over and over again. the omnipresence of God. and there is none else.com We can afford to practice faithfully since the goal is eternal life in perfect consciousness. one Will. yes. Accept the revelation. one Life as all Intelligence and Power. Affirm the eternal principle as it is revealed. and unwavering. There is but one Law. I acknowledge one Source. In all I look upon. Limitless Law creates and governs all that is made visible. resting in the freedom and fullness of perfect life. I admit but one Presence. The repeated use of these meditations will aid a student to think in terms of Truth and will unfold his consciousness. Until beliefs disappear continue to speak the words of Truth. changeless. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 168 ONE GOD Bible: I am the Almighty God. living.

By this Power I am made strong every moment. circumstance and condition only the one Presence.htm (62 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . God is the good and is omnipresent. This means that I am resolved to see in every place. I know what this Presence is and now decide to look for good only. "My yoke is easy and my burden is light. A statement to be learned: I believe in the presence of good only and look for good always. I acknowledge good in all and resolve to look for good in every person. 170 OMNIPOTENCE Bible: There is no power but of God. Rev. There is naught out of place for the Law of good governs all. 11:30 The Universal Spirit is limitless Power. "All power in heaven and earth is given unto me. 169 OMNIPRESENCE Bible: Do I not fill heaven and earth? Jer. Ps. I accept that God's will prevails everywhere.com I see that this great Intelligence and Power is the governing force in the universe. for it was and is my Maker.Divine Science Principle And Practice . My spirit is strong. in every condition. good. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 19:6 Jesus said. That the will of good is done in the visible as in the invisible. By inheritance. "Of myself I can do nothing " He also said. I am purposed to recognize faithfully this truth." Matt. to think of good only in every person. A statement to learn and ponder often: I acknowledge One Wisdom as my guide into all Truth.139:8 I accept the Omnipresence without any reserve. Rom. 1:13 The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. The Law of the universe is good." He meant that personally he had no power but joined to Omnipotence its power was his. time. in every thing. and that one. All is Law. All things great and small are being continuously held and kept by this Infinite Mind. I am joined to the one Spirit omnipotent. 23:24 If I make my bed in hell thou art there. in every thing I see. I believe with all my heart in one Power. the Power of the Limitless is mine.

I recognize this day that I walk by the light of the one perfect Mind.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. A statement to be learned: I live. there is but one Mind. the Strength of the all. thinks me. word and deed.belong to you. his birthright from his Infinite Source. I accept my birthright of power that makes me strong in thought. and Life. John 10:30 Ye shall know that I am in the Father and ye in me. A statement to be learned: I affirm my conscious unity with that Spirit that is All Power. moves me. I realize that the Life of the whole. We see unity. since there is but one Perfect Mind. I will never speak of mortal mind. or false mind. belongs to me. The universe is all of One. and am conscious in its Omniscience. and act intelligently. Mind is all. There is therefore but one kind of Mind --." Psalms 18:35 It is God that lives me. 8:6 Since God is the only Mind. A statement to learn and to remember: file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. In the consciousness of oneness. John 14:20 I now am seeing and feeling God's closeness to me and my nearness to God.com This Power has been given to all and is realized by all who live in conscious touch with the Limitless. all perfect. One Intelligence fills all. decide. So near am I to God that I know "It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect. 172 MAN ONE WITH GOD Bible: I and my Father are one. 1 Peter 3:8 To be spiritually minded is life and peace. I admit that its intelligence directs my paths. for God is my very breath. 171 ONE MIND Bible: Be ye all of one mind. or failing mind. plan. I lean not to mine own understanding. Mind is Omniscience. all good. and I in you.Divine Science Principle And Practice . move and am being in the one Mind. Understanding and Power of the Truth. there is but one Intelligence. belong to each member of the universal family --. I submit to the Universal Mind all rights to think. all Intelligence. This is man's Intelligence.all good. the Love. Rom.htm (63 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . The same Source and Cause begets all and holds all within itself.

Ye are perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. I am perfect Life because my Father is perfect Life. 1:27 The Son has the nature of the Father. is that they be true in all action. Truth is changeless. This day Truth leads me as it will. think and speak with the good. Spirit begets Spirit. I am perfect Love because my Father is perfect Love. I am like my Source. Ps. 174 TRUTH Bible: His truth endureth to all generations. Ps. hence that all things have one Source and are like it. Through this day I see. All souls are equally endowed.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. I am willing that Truth shall destroy my most valued theories about everything and show me the way of Life eternal. John 3:6 God created man in his own image. In the light that I have perceived I have learned to value Truth above all else.htm (64 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . me fully. 175 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. The great center within us all where Truth dwells in fullness is the light upon our way. Gen. 119:142 Lead me in thy truth and teach me. A statement to be memorized: All that the Universal is belongs to each individual. 23:9 That which is born of Spirit is Spirit. Matt. The proof required of those who love Truth. I am perfect Wisdom because my Father is perfect Wisdom. A statement to learn: Truth possesses. 25:5 To love Truth with all the heart and soul and strength is my one purpose. in every thought and in every word. In love of Truth I am now willing to leave all my opinions and beliefs that belong to time and to follow the enduring and changeless Consciousness.com I am one with all good. I am Spirit because my Father is Spirit.Divine Science Principle And Practice . 100:5 Thy law is truth. I acknowledge the one perfect Source. 173 MAN LIKE GOD Bible: One is your Father. I am perfect Substance because my Father is perfect Substance. Ps. In the image of God created he him.

I will look beneath the surface of things and will attribute good will and good intention to all the acts of my fellow beings. most helpful words of everyone. 176 TRUTH IN RELATIONSHIPS Bible: Ye are all one in Christ. We are his offspring. as unto the Lord. the same is my brother and sister and mother. In Truth we find the larger love. I dedicate my every word and act in the home to this universal law of Perfection. and this is the gate of heaven. All ye are brethren. word and deed therein shall be consecrated to Truth's service. Mark 3:35 There is but one family. I love all as God loves. seeing only the divine in each. The service of my home is the service of the Lord. Surely the Lord is in this place. I will love by speaking the kindest.Divine Science Principle And Practice .htm (65 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Every thought. In the omnipresence of Life the law of Love is active everywhere. purity and goodness of the Omnipresence. 28:16 This is none other but the house of God. It gives to all men liberally. and I knew it not. Gen. and embrace the fuller consciousness that Love is no respecter of persons. I will love by giving my best thought to all. Gen. 28:17 My home is the Lord's house. I love the lovely and the unlovely. From the greatest to the least Love is the perfect law. I do all heartily.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Love measures not. 3:28 Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven. A statement to memorize: I recognize only good in my home and in its every service. I give up all inclination to selfishness and criticism. I have awakened to his Presence and know that I dwell in that Presence forever. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. I see the Presence in my home. Gal. I will recognize in every soul the strength. One God is literally Father of all.com TRUTH IN THE HOME Bible: And Jacob awaked out of his dream and he said. and honor the sacredness of its perfect Love. There is no holier place than my home.

I go forth this day trusting the one Power. 178 TRUTH IN SOCIAL LIFE Bible: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.nd I follow this light of my Life. I acknowledge God.Divine Science Principle And Practice . I work not unto myself. Truth teaches me simplicity and sincerity. 177 TRUTH IN BUSINESS Bible: The Almighty shall be thy defense and thou shalt have plenty of silver. The perfect law of Life plans each day i." The Christ-Spirit of me succeeds in every perfect way for the highest good of all. I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me. Prov. Mark 12:31 Love envieth not. Perfect Love gives us a new view of all persons and things. The Intelligence that is perfect Wisdom guides and directs my way. The Lord of all rules my business. seeking the good of all. I succeed not unto myself. Let us speak Truth for this and abide by it: I will say nothing of anyone that I would not say of myself. Hag. as the brain. A statement to memorize: With unselfish purpose. The Father in me doeth the works. seeking above all to obey the law of right.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 10:12 In obedience to Divine Love. I will think and speak of others as of myself. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. love vaunteth not itself.com A statement to memorize: I will love others as myself. our social customs would need much changing. 2:8 They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. the heart and the nerve of my work. 13:14 Love covereth all sins. is not puffed up.htm (66 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Job 22:25 The gold is mine and the silver is mine saith the Lord of hosts. I will think nothing of any one that I would not be willing to have another think of me. 1 Cor. I rejoice in another's success as in my own. I live not unto myself. "Of myself I can do nothing. I will endeavor to be this to those whom I meet. I leave to Omnipresence the perfect accomplishment of all that I do.

179 HEALTH Bible: That thy way may be known upon earth. even as thy soul prospereth. thy saving health among the nations. The eternal state of my body is health. 12:5 Truth governs my thoughts. My eyes are opened to see God's thoughts. Prov. unvarying in nature. Knowledge of Truth restores to me the consciousness of my changeless health in God. since God says.htm (67 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . 30:17 Beloved. This must be. There is nothing besides. 3 John:2 Soul is health. 10:5 Whatsoever things are of good report. 180 HEALTH IN MENTALITY Bible: Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.com Through the eyes of Love. Jer. believing and abiding in the consciousness of health. This is my saving knowledge that as is my soul so is my body in Truth. I look upon all and see all in the light of Divine Nature.Divine Science Principle And Practice .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. A statement to memorize: I meet all in Love this day. 67:2 I will restore health unto thee. I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health. I now adjust every thought to this Truth of Wholeness. I give forth to all and expect from all. "besides me there is none else. by thinking. Omnipresence is changeless Substance and Life. Ps. think on these things. I do justice to all. and I obediently think as God thinks God's thought is perfection. justice and genuineness. Phil. A statement to be learned: Omnipresence is perfect health. I meet all in sincerity and truth. for God sees naught of which to think but his own Being and expression. The true state of everything is wholeness. 2 Cor. Substance of Life is the same forever. The living Substance of my body is changelessly perfect." file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 4:8 The thoughts of the righteous are right.

Perfect Spirit forms perfect body. through all. Seeing God as all.Divine Science Principle And Practice . through and in all is this perfect health. Matt. 3:15 One God and Father of all. pure in Substance.htm (68 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . my body is of the pure. and in you all. I judge not by appearances or feelings but by Truth. 6:22 Present your bodies a living sacrifice. Mentality is the activity of this Presence and is as perfect as the Mind that acts. who is above all. my eye is single. Zeph. and nothing less. My body is perfect in Life. perfect and changeless Substance. holy." Perfect Mind is one and is omnipresent. This Mind and this mentality are mine. and only the spotless and perfect can be offered as sacred. A statement to learn: One Life is all.com "I think God's thoughts after him. I see that I am well because God omnipresent is health. Eph. I accept the sacredness of my body and present it. I see the same for others. Rom. acceptable unto God. I adjust every thought to this Truth. One Substance is all. whole unto Truth. 12:1 A whole body God accepts. I now know sacrifice in its true meaning. sees but one and my body appears to me in its true light. The animal sacrificed of old must be without spot or blemish. is. My body is always health for it is always what the Perfect Spirit. I cannot be wholly conscious of health while I see lack of it in others. 182 HEALTH IN OTHERS Bible: The Lord is in the midst of thee. Since there is but one Mind there is but one kind of mentality. 181 HEALTH IN BODY Bible: If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light. its Source.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. thou shalt not see evil any more. making sacred. as it is. One with the whole. A statement to learn: My mental attitude for this day shall be the Consciousness of the Presence and Power of good in every thing. Above. 4:6 The Presence of God is health. By the light of understanding I see my body as health. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.

my Word. If I meet appearances of sickness or lack. A statement to learn: file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. conscious that Truth is and is faithful to its word. The Truth of one is the Truth of all. We shall try to give in this exercise what will help each to realize.resting in the silence. this is recognition --. I realize freedom from supposed bondage to any inharmony.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. With sincerity of purpose I look into the perfect law of liberty and see myself and others free. I see all in wholeness. I see all in Truth. 183 REALIZATION Bible: Ye shall seek me and find me. I use this freedom for the good of all for it is the freedom of realizing the good in all and in everything. my Consciousness.htm (69 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . I see that God is all. I now relax every effort of my own and wait upon Truth. Jer. my Thought. To realize is to perceive as reality. Think of the Truth earnestly "with all your heart." until you find it growing clearer to your thought. This brings realization. Do not make effort to realize. 29:13 Many desire realization. we shall realize that there is no other law to govern thought or body.com Truth is the same forever and everywhere. I now acknowledge the Truth that there is but one Life. 8:2 The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is the perfect Law of the universe active everywhere. A statement to be learned: God is all of me --. and then to feel or appreciate fully the Truth we have perceived. my Realization. one Law. Rom. John 8:32 The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. when ye shall search for me with all your heart. 184 REALIZATION OF FREEDOM (If you seem limited) Bible: The Truth shall make you free. Realization comes from faithful recognition of Truth. my Body.Divine Science Principle And Practice . I positively and trustingly declare the Truth. A statement to learn: I judge not by appearances. and knowing this. I will at once be obedient to Truth in thought and recognize the omnipresence of perfect Life that is health. As soon as we truly recognize that this perfect Law is the only Law. All in and of Truth is wholeness. Meditate upon the reality of Truth. I settle everything by what I know of Truth---I see only health in others.my Mind.

7:2 I realize freedom. 28:20 Truly. mental and bodily. Love knows not place nor time. Matt. sufficient for every need. and give thanks. Phil. "I have done all this and yet I lack"? That is impossible if you have realized and put into practice all that this implies. The soul conscious of unity with God known that it is within itself all fullness. myself and to my fellowman. The Omnipresence is my full supply. our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. 185 REALIZATION OF SUPPLY (If you seem to lack. I adjust every thought to the fullness of God that fills all. I can not feel separation from anyone. Job 22:27 With what measure ye mete.com I see and feel within and without only the influence of realized good.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. I rest. I am free in the Truth. Remember that to meditate is but the beginning of practice. it shall be measured to you again. Matt. Does one say. in whatever circumstances I may be placed. I am honest to God. In conscious unity with Omnipresence. God's thought is now forming my perfect supply. A statement to be learned: I will not spend beyond necessities until all that I owe is paid. In fellowship with the All. I trust. for Love never changes. How are you measuring to others! Are you paying what you owe? If not.Divine Science Principle And Practice . 186 REALIZATION OF COMPANIONSHIP (If you seem lonely) Bible: Lo. I cannot be alone. Wherever I go. I feel the companionship of all I love. Love is conscious unity. I companion with God. I accept. There is no law to limit God's full expression in and through me.) Bible: Thy God will supply all thy needs. 4:19 Thou shalt pay thy vows. this may be blinding you to your full supply. 1 John 1:3 A good man shall be satisfied from himself. never is absent.htm (70 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. I am with you alway.

. fills every thought and feeling. Upon these I go forth to meet everything and everybody in my world.) Bible: The prayer of faith shall save the sick. Jas. and the All-Love is willing to bring forth in wholeness. All time and every place are filled full of Life and Joy.com A statement to be learned: There is no time nor place to feel lonely. I am whole. . the emanation of the Universal Wholeness. 5:22 Let the peace of God rule in your hearts. A statement to learn: I meet everything today in the Spirit of Love. goodness. The peace of Love rules my heart. One perfect Law creates all and makes all perfect. Gal. I can not be anything that the whole is not.fills my soul. Wholeness is likewise the Truth of the Individual.) Bible: The fruit of the Spirit is love. criticism or kindred feelings to dissolve. Love and Power could not make anything other than whole. All is Law and Order. A statement to learn: file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. I see perfection everywhere and love the Truth that is in everything. 188 REALIZATION OF WHOLENESS (If you seem to be sick. Wholeness is the Truth of the universe. I have no inclination to belief of criticism or of unkindness.htm (71 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . I am part and parcel of this changeless Wholeness and know myself now as whole." He who loves enough will have naught of irritation. 5:15 Everybody is made whole. mercy. The Infinite Intelligence. I feel only Love. Gentleness. . 187 REALIZATION OF KINDNESS (If you feel irritable or critical.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Col. The Spirit of Love fills all --. gentleness. joy. The All-Intelligence knows how. fills my mentality. for I am Love. peace . the All-Power is able. kindness are the wings of Love. I will find these wherever I am. 3:15 "Love is the fulfilling of the law.

the I AM of the individual is coeternal and self-existent in God. and the truth. and the now-ness of Eternal Life." "I and my Father are one.htm (72 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . 189 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 11 . and that we must accept.190 Divine Science is a Christian religion based upon the teachings of Jesus. There is only one Mind. since that which is born of Spirit is Spirit and like produces like. are One. invisible and visible. no duality anywhere.p. "I am the resurrection and the life. lack is unreality. and the life. a unit complete in Being.Creator. the truth that we are one with the Father." Jesus said. We should often affirm: "My spirit is divine Life and Substance." "I am the way. Man exists as God-idea brought forth into form." 191 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. Jesus' teachings make it clear that he saw. 190 only one Spirit. God has nothing but Himself out of which to make His children. Health is the real. Thus it is established that "I.Conclusion . and that we must see the unity of substance. and acting in accordance with the law will express perfect results. my body is divine Life and Substance manifest. substance is eternal. and creation --the unity and fulfillment of all law is based. that he accepted. therefore I am Whole. he is one in nature. Man at one with God.com Wholeness is reality. creative activity. in sonship is life. The law of expression is the very foundation of unity for it proves that man is the All-Good in manifestation. expounding the principle of the omnipresence of God and proving by the law of expression that innately man can be only what God is. I am real. It provides the understanding by which man can bring his thinking and experience into unity with God's idea of him and the divine plan and purpose for his life. They are perfect because He is perfect. and they share it. They live because He lives. Spirit can manifest nothing from within itself that is not a likeness of itself. Divine Science teaches the sacredness of the body. Divine Science establishes fully and absolutely through its teaching that in reality there can be no dual power. my living soul is divine Life and Substance expressed. and the Father.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Divine Science emphasizes the law of expression for upon this law or trinity --. and they are Spirit.Divine Science Principle And Practice . sickness is the unreal." Divine Science is a definite system of teaching based on the all-ness and every-whereness of the One. In Him we have being.

Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. then all false conditions will be dissipated and proved unreal. that true and permanent healing is done. otherwise God would not be omnipotent. which is taught in Divine Science and that is demonstrable as healing. the direct method of the trinity. Every seeming illness. and of creative action. glorify me with thine own self. Since God is life. creative action. It teaches the truth of Being. It is in this consciousness and in the knowledge that unity as principle is infallible. A true and spiritual education. The transcendence and immanence of God. God.Divine Science Principle And Practice . "Father. The spiritual source of all substance. The incarnation of the Spirit of God in mankind. It is for each one to know God. Nothing but direct expression of the Most High is expected in treatment. with the glory I had with thee before the world was. The divine nature of life. His will is perfect health. one living and true Good.htm (73 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . never was. and never can be."I know what I am. it is possible to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our lives when we accept our unity with Him and work from the one Source and Cause. His will is life. in which God is known and made the basis of all conclusions is the principal need of humanity. His will is good. think. The immortality of the individual soul. Let each one candidly. 5 It is possible for man to do the works Jesus did when he attains the realization of Truth which Jesus had. and the Real.this never changes. unsparingly question his habit of thinking. That which has no place in God or His creative action has no place. Am I constantly recognizing this? Are my daily decisions true to what I say I know? Do I ever admit a self apart from God and unlike God? Do I faithfully and regularly meditate upon and admit only the good as true? Do I refuse to hear. man must have being in God before he is expressed. At-one-ment with the Eternal is the end desired. the Absolute and the Relative. The unity of life in all its phases. Divine will is ever in accord with divine nature. and avoids all thought and action contrary to what God is.com Divine Science teaches: The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Man can truthfully recognize for himself what Jesus realized when he said. and man proves his freedom from all misconceptions by 193 demonstrating his knowledge that God is the only Life. It is the divine order. since God is health. the Universal and the Individual. goodness. no existence. or lack belongs to the false belief of separation from the Good. the True. As man's existence is a direct expression of God. I have glorified thee in earth and finished the work thou gayest me to do. We now see each other as we are in Truth. The same Source and the same I are one today as they were in Jesus' time." John 17:4. the Uncreate and the Create. exists now and is demonstrated by Divine Science. Divine Science is the system of teaching in which man's divinity is known and proved. since God is good. The unity that Jesus recognized and accepted then. Self-examination is essential in learning to live true to principle. is not. and creation to be a unity. sin. The power of right thinking to release into expression man's divine inheritance. even as he is known of God. and health is in each individual 192 --. As man learns what to think and what to do. the Invisible and the Visible. he will gradually make thought and deed harmonize with this knowledge. With practice comes a deeper realization. and proves the Creator. or talk 194 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.

Erroneous application of principle causes confusion. from the first glimpse to the full understanding and acceptance attained by Jesus Christ. This knowledge elevates man's estimation of himself and enables him to see that scriptural promises can be fulfilled here and now and are for his comfort and enjoyment in this world. Be patient with yourself and others for often even after we have learned to control daily thought there may be some deep-set opinion of the past which may never have been fully uprooted and which is keeping us from victory. Since the infinite includes the whole. The value of Divine Science is its unfailing principle. When we know ourselves to be environed only by Supreme Good we are without limitation here and now. and conviction becomes realization. and satisfaction. certainty. In time more complete understanding erases false conceptions. God is as far from punishing or bringing affliction upon His own offspring. At all levels of understanding the student should hold to his degree of consciousness of Truth refusing to be influenced by a false sense of things. no source of supply but the inner. Man. no time but now. its exactness. It is true spiritual education. and His creative action. no source or cause but one. no place but here. We must not expect to finish a course in the study and application of a principle in a few months. peace. no life but the perfect. or an opinion contrary to love?" Thus let us give Truth control of thought. pure Being. as the principle of mathematics is from bringing error into the solution of a mathematical problem. and deed. Persistently meditate upon declarations of Truth and the subconscious will in time be cleared. and the only way man suffers is by the lack of realization of the presence of God. This science 197 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. error of belief. Earnest application brings conviction.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Divine Science deals inclusively with God. or example. Truth is worthy of our whole attention. its never-changing basis. In like manner. in reality there is no finite. A true idea of God is essential to a correct understanding of Divine Science for our every conclusion concerning ourselves and the universe is based upon our knowledge of what God is. word. Since good is infinite there is no evil. and the basis for the advancement of society.com of ills? Do I refuse to judge by appearances or feelings? Do I hold to a will. Always the most valuable attainment is that which demands the best effort of thought and sacrifice of 196 time. To know only God means to know no reality but good. and action. a way. and inevitably right thinking and right doing will result. and applicability. perfect activity. since it cannot express God. no self but Christ. will cause a sense of confusion and seeming punishment. no soul but God. In the science of mathematics an understanding of principle assures the correct solving of every problem and produces a true finished solution. The strength and reliability of any work depend upon the permanency and unchangeableness of its foundation. We are learning of limitless possibilities which we shall go on expressing throughout eternity. The perception of Truth is progressive. no mind but the divine. word. It is this truth which concerns all living. The only way the mathematical solution fails is by lack of application of principle. To know God as All eliminates the power previously 195 attributed to a false sense of things and appearances. but students must work to prove the principles for themselves by right thought.htm (74 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .Divine Science Principle And Practice . and demonstrates the perfect example of health. It concerns both the individual and humanity. Teachers can state basic principles. right thought. that what is begotten of Spirit is Spirit. In Divine Science a knowledge of the nature and infinitude of the One All assures truthful conclusions. Since like expresses like it is seen that man is Spirit because God is Spirit.

being Life. self-existing. it is seen that there is no strife. nothing with which to strive. This is a fact to be accepted. doing. "The invisible things from the creation of the world are clearly seen by the things that are made. the One from which all visibility proceeds. that the ever-present is from everlasting to everlasting. or the doing. It is of value here for a final clarification of the oneness of all. and is sensed as supreme harmony by those who demonstrate Truth. and is ever being demonstrated in all forms of nature about us.a trinity --. Substance. the creation.manifestation by the law of expression. The transmission of God's will through man's mental. and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing. Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree. and is His image and likeness. The eternal and omnipresent Good can neither be nor become evil at any time in any place. Omnipotence can neither be nor become weak. and all the trees of the field 200 shall clap their hands. Omnipresence can neither be nor become absent. physical.Being. It is the consciousness of being one with the whole of self-existing Being and its action. So. God. in 198 order to demonstrate that which is desirable and pleasurable to experience. time and place are illuminated with the consciousness that eternity is now. result. and Omnipresence. and when man's thought is uplifted into pure Consciousness he will see all things uplifted. the Creator. Where the truth of the unity of the Whole is known and applied. it is Creator. all there is. Spirit is God and God is Life. and environmental circumstances is the law of his own perfect being. creative action and creation. God. God.com is based upon a rock of everlasting strength and endurance. for it teaches the meaning of both Creator and creation. the creating.htm (75 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . When people are healed of false belief and ignorance they will experience freedom. Man is eternal soul. "death is swallowed up in victory. the omnipresence of God and His Self. precludes the possibility of duality There can be only one Life.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. God the All in all. The law of expression reveals Man to us as nothing else has ever done. or God. and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. or Presence. is first or Being. Intelligence. this All is God and is eternally Good.Divine Science Principle And Practice . as result. Lay hold of Truth. and nothing but Truth. for it explains the origin and nature of his living soul and body. All form is Spirit's expression of soul. a reality to be enjoyed and lived. emotional. changeless in nature and substance. or idea. at all times. 1:20 No one who understands the truths taught by Divine Science can sense bondage or limitation in it. Principle. Power. hence Life cannot die. The self-existing One is Omniscience." Rom. being omnipresent. 15:54 199 q q q q Immortality is the eternal truth of Being. The All. Unity is the real and eternal state of all that is. Creation is the expression of the idea and is the Creator visibly expressing. Omniscience can neither be nor become ignorant. The self-existing All. Omnipotence. Mind. An earnest study of Divine Science should bring a student to the following conclusions: One is All. For ye shall go out with joy." 1 Cor. and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. God's idea of His creation is second. Its benefits are alike for all people. Spirit is to lead the way through man. to repeat that the law of expression is the simple rule of three --. "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void: but it shall accomplish that which I please. or idea in God.

Hannah file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. It could not happen that any man or woman could pray for a single moment without some good result. We have heard this said many times and we have read of it frequently in inspirational literature. He restoreth my soul. knowing that "He leadeth me beside the still waters. love.com tree: and it shall be to the Lord for a name.Selected Inspirational Readings . Consider His presence everywhere and in everything. He is the life of the chair on which you sit. Without this experience of meditation we go on just knowing that certain things are supposed to be true. close your eyes and meditate about God. My Christ Consciousness is my resurrection. intelligence.p. In the room He is the life of the air you breathe." ---E. The truth it teaches is the truth which Christ Jesus taught and He said. and power of all that is. 55:11-13 Divine Science is a wholly spiritual yet scientific and practical religion. I am brought forth in His image as I let His Spirit have full expression through me according to His Will. hold fast that which is good. "If ye continue in my word.the most powerful form of energy that one can generate. Your understanding of Truth is your realization of freedom. and ye shall know the truth." John 8:31. therefore. Prayer is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. Under such conditions we lose ourselves in spiritual ideas to the exclusion of all others." said Emerson."---Alexis Carrell 202 Sit down. 32 Truth has made you free. I consciously trust Him and rest from all struggle or fear. "without learning something." Isa. it is also an invisible emanation of man's worshiping spirit --. then are ye my disciples indeed. His Spirit is equal to every experience or test that may come to me. and then the ideas take hold and come to life for us and become a part of us. This is my part in the resurrection. for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off. "Prove all things. but have we actually practiced it and realized it? Only through meditation and prayer shall we be able to impregnate our minds with the Divine consciousness and environ ourselves with true spiritual awareness. We do know that whenever we address God in fervent prayer we change both soul and body for the better.htm (76 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM .Divine Science Principle And Practice . 201 Return to the Top Return to the Top Chapter 12 . Obedience to that law is a "must" if I would rise into my spiritual kingdom and have dominion. His law is perfect within me. ---Irwin Gregg *** Prayer is not only worship. "No man ever prayed.202 I accept my resurrection as a daily experience of practicing the Presence of God.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary." One-pointed in Divine Mind I live the truth and it demonstrates itself. He is the life. and the truth shall make you free.

His face thou'lt never see.htm (77 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . alone. he is the actual human fulfillment of the divine Idea. and this intelligence in action in all individuals constitutes the "harmony of the spheres. 1682 *** There is a wonderful saying in the Book of Isaiah: "Before they call. harmonious. the spirit does not expand save under the influence of file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. I know that Jesus is not only the symbol of the universal Christ. Hold. I will answer. My life. ---Allen B. Ah. As where man's heart with God in unison doth beat. but to train the heart in acceptance. would thy heart but be a manger for the birth. ---R. whole. And learn to live the truest way. It is the directive quality to guide our individual lives so as to function harmoniously within this universal scheme by finding and maintaining a balance between the good of the individual self and the good of the universal or cosmic whole where. May I grow stronger day by day. my health." What does this mean but that God anticipates our needs. I trust Him for my daily food. All this I ask because I know Thou art the Love that wills it so. has foreseen and provided for them from the beginning! Our part. and while they are yet speaking. As your answer pours in. This is the Kingdom of God. there! where runnest thou? Know heaven is in thee. Grenville *** At last I perceive both aspects of the resurrection. Don't wrestle with your problem. is not to petition. If He is not born in thee.com *** MY EVENING PRAYER For Children Now I lay me down to sleep. Brooks 203 Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born. and all my good. I know that God His child doth keep. any one of which you can easily accomplish. thy soul is still forlorn. Relax and let it flow through you. Prescott Jr. intelligence is the ability to recognize a cosmic or universal scheme or purpose. No individual part of it is ever to violate or betray the rest of it. Those of whom I write are the sons of God. ---Nona L. The cosmos must be kept united. H.---Gayle King Keables 204 The tiniest atom of your being is motivated by God. and this we do through faith. God would once more become a Christ on earth! ---Angelus Silesius.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Take one step at a time."---E. the good of the individual is to be found. In all eternity no tone so sweet.Divine Science Principle And Practice . the creative faculty does not mature. it always does if you let it. I will hear. To imagine that we can ever find our individual good in violation or betrayal of the cosmic good is the very antithesis of intelligence. you will see that every large task is made up of many small tasks. Hannah *** The mind does not unfold. then. *** Defined on the human level. The way will come. Seek thou for God elsewhere. Only through stillness can you sense the answer.

Rest assured. but constantly looks through all appearances to find unchanging Truth. The roses that grow in my garden. insulted. I thrill to the lure of the East. Call to roses deep. All men ever born are my brothers. Baum *** IDENTITY I am one with storm and sunshine. or fail to do. If the peace and joy of one's own inner centre is at the mercy of the world and rests upon what others do. My song is the song of the dauntless. I am one with wind and with rain. letting our thought run out to all peoples of all nations. Not only in small things but in the large things do we need poise. We let such little things turn us aside. and submerged in mental darkness. we quickly discern the sad lack of poise everywhere.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. My heart is a stranger to fear. ---Calvin Coolidge 205 As we contemplate the great world about us.com reverence. it is fine to have a well poised body ready for every demand. 206 One who is really poised in understanding is not led by emotions or governed by feelings. for even the simple mental balance should be impervious to these mistakes. My heart is the heart of the Redman.Divine Science Principle And Practice . ---Mrs. he shows his own weakness. I know that Love's kingdom is Here. but the poise of understanding is greater than all else. limited by our own attitude. and the surface happenings have no power to disturb.htm (78 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . or hurt by another we are still dwelling on the personal plane. and certainly mental balance is greatly to be desired. then there is need of more understanding and fuller Self-reliance. In the dewdrop catch gleams of the Whole. This poise comes only to the one who is so consecrated to Truth. I laugh with the laughter of children. L. I am one with the greatest and least. that the deep things of the Spirit are revealed as an open book. ---Henry Victor Morgan file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. we must remember that no one can decide for another what his attitude should be toward war. C. I fly with the birds in the forest. We are often asked: "What should be our attitude toward war?" In reply. as evidenced by others. I live with Wise of all ages. When one is made unhappy by the sins of omission or commission. the so-called physical the mental. as long as we can be upset. I grow with the wheat on the plain. and the spiritual. Poise is needed on three planes. deep in my soul.

This is as true of prayer as of anything else. give me the humility and compassion that will make it possible to understand another's need. Energy is to be found in feeling. If I could give to mankind one gift of my own choosing. but to ourselves. the fear would go out of our passing from one plane to another. ---Gayle King Keables *** The sun shines. rather than self-righteous. It takes energy to get anything off the ground. Jeffery 207 The answer to any problem which may be facing me at this moment is already in the divine Mind within. Father. It is an opening of the mind and the heart. ---H. ---Max H. In the stillness of this moment. where he knows and is known of God. once I am still.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. So man is on the beam of God. Garns *** Sometimes when an overwhelming experience overtakes us. I shall more and more surely shut the door to the Wisdom which is eternally knocking at my consciousness deep within. the sun is shining!" Today I open mind and heart to the radiance of God's presence. we think. It will be made known to me if I but obey the laws through which divine guidance may come to me. ---John S. Let me get still. Let me know that my mind even now joins the eternal Mind as the inlet joins the ocean. God is. The movement of the human spirit toward God is a movement of consciousness rather than of time or place. ---R. heal me with Thy gentle purifying Love. (not merely believe or hope that they are).com *** The aeroplane flies on a beam. If through wakeful nights of worry I cudgel my brain for modes of escape. Munz *** Father of Love. It is the wing by which we lift ourselves above conditions and contemplate the divine and perfect pattern of things. we stay too long in the experience. If all men could feel immortal. H. and relive our difficult experiences until all vision of good is temporarily lost. The light of that love penetrates and transfigures every aspect of my life.htm (79 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Grenville *** Prayer is not something we do to God. the "grab" would go out of our social relationships. Ballard 208 The pearl of great price is the realization that all life is eternal. based on purpose. it is as though we were to open the blinds in some dark room and exclaim. Man has freedom as he moves in the light of divine understanding. how many of the things we call evil would fall away from the world scene! The hurry would go out of our daily activities. I shall not receive the solution to my problem. to have this Mind answer. and to be kind. He went on to greater fulfillment. Jesus did not remain in the shadow of the cross. talk about. H. an act of recognition and realization. I rejoice and bask in His love. B. ---Carrie F. of companionship. Grenville 209 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. If in fear of these conditions I draw back and in dread refuse to go forward. we forget the years of happiness. I should give each man a vivid realization of the hereness of immortality and the nowness of eternity. "Why. ---R. that I need only to make my call in faith. of accomplishment. of normal everyday living.Divine Science Principle And Practice .

in sorrow and in joy. Let us celebrate ourselves and be ourselves --. Let no man say that what he thinks. regardless of the human personalities that voice negation. I am in the presence of All-Good."I and my Father are one. ---Max H. overbrooded.Divine Science Principle And Practice . and in the last analysis everything depends on him. or be afraid. I shall not doubt. Father. Only the Good is real. and each one should evaluate himself accordingly. Good goes before me and prepares the way. H. I have prayed when my heart and my lips could only cry. ---Anna L. Like the poet-mystic. Feeling is the key to prayer. ---R. Let us endeavor to stand tall. your soul is singing itself forthwith its eternal. from the mantras and prayer wheels of Tibet." I have prayed in the dawn and in the darkness. we should celebrate ourselves because God has endowed us with such wondrous possibilities and linked us with infinite power. The heartfelt prayer wings its way into the heart of the one who needs it. Walt Whitman. Lord. that we do not always demonstrate what we think. "Only the Good is true. Ballard *** There are many kinds of prayer and many ways of praying. the devotional exercises of the whirling dervishes of India. to the Jesus Christ consciousness --. Every man is an investment on the part of God. and does. But we always demonstrate what we feel. Palmer *** The individual is important. and dare greatly.com I meet the experiences of today with prayer and power. think true. in need and in prosperity. the Good. the only Law of my life. is All --. Matthew 6:24 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. the soul consciousness takes wings.---Cynthia Sunday *** What happens to you when you make your positive declaration that only good can come to you? There is a vibration that passes through your consciousness and carries with it a force and generative power. God. He is the most important social unit there is. sometimes for another in the middle of the night. says. Grenville 211 Ye cannot serve God and mammon. In other words. "Thank you. too. and demonstrations come quickly and easily. abundant consciousness into visible form. revealing to him the answer within the infinite Mind of God. ---Max H. worry. the supplications of the Christians. Perhaps you have noticed. "Lord. Ballard *** Talking about God is not the same as experiencing God. why hast thou 210 forsaken me?" And I have prayed when my life was so filled with joy and wonder that all I could say was.htm (80 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . the only Mind. Surrounded.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary." Good is the only Power. and upheld by Almighty Good. Regardless of the experiences of the day.that which we are in truth. Wherever I go. has no value to the race. my heart is filled with a great sense of security and satisfaction." I have prayed in many ways.and in all. I have found that whenever prayer becomes an intimate feeling rather than an intellectual analysis. a vibration that brings into expression the quality of that which you have asked for in the silence.

resentments. and some are far advanced. Let us remember that as we ourselves are parts of infinite Life. Truth --. We seek to separate business life from social life. You will see that some are at a low level of unfoldment towards their Christhood. It means one should be free of suspicions. my way is provided for in Thine eternal plan. --John S. The great American humorist.. All are needed by each one. Garns *** Our loved ones who pass out of the physical body are never lost to us. Even the trees and flowers are my kin. The latter ones deserve your appreciation. to put into compartments or isolate from one another the various aspects and activities of our living. is reported to have said. Regard and consideration for a stranger are placed in a different category than regard and concern for a friend. I move with Thy healing peace and my whole day is blessed. Worship and daily activities are ridiculously separated even to the point of setting aside certain days for worship and others for "work. To do that you must have an understanding of why men behave as they do. Everyone I meet seems closer to me." But life will not be so divided.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Thy tide of love flows through all my activities and they are lifted up. because I am your child.is the sole formula for experiencing permanent good. requiring different approaches and attitudes.com Often we try to divide. living Presence moving majestically in perfect peace. ---Ralph Waldo Emerson 212 The uplifted consciousness changes negative habit patterns. a sense of belonging to and being a part of the society or neighborhood. there is only the eternal now. thus love heals the body." Let your social consciousness grow naturally and logically out of your consciousness of the allness of God. Religion and science have too long been thought to be separate. Our prayers can bring to us the real sense of communion with God when we let the transforming spirit of His renewing love take complete possession of us. "I never met a man I didn't like. In mind there is no past or present. By first healing our conceptions of limitation and disease.. casting a shadow over all the other facets of life and experience. Garns *** Our Father. This is my Father's world. I am at peace with the world and with God. Hannah THE INNER STILLNESS file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. It is a contradiction to think we can apply Principle to social or home life and take an attitude of "buyer beware" in business or work-a-day life. There is a continuity of life and of mind which makes it possible for us to continue our friendships and comradeships with those who have passed on. Nothing is fair or good alone. but not in the other.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. in an even deeper and more intimate consciousness of oneness and love. --John S.htm (81 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . There is only one Principle. so are those we love forever present in God-Life and one with us. congenial. Will Rogers. life is indivisible. Any attempt to violate Principle (the practice of putting God first in every act) leads to ultimate disaster. Others are at an intermediate stage. ---E. one way of assuring lasting success in any endeavor. It means to love your fellow man. ---Elsie MacKay 213 To have a true social consciousness means to have a sense or feeling of being harmonious.the practice of putting God first in every considered act --. the prayer of faith opens our hearts to the Spirit of Love and every cell is vibrant with God's abundant life. and prejudices. and appreciative toward all human beings. ---Edward Hagen Nor knowest thou what argument Thy life to thy neighbor's creed has lent. thinking that we can apply one code of action in one . and the former ones need your love and encouragement.

The Lord is my Light! He is the Light of my whole body. Through meditation. That perfect silence where the lips and heart Are still. my individual understanding is bound to grow in direct ratio to the service given. I shall be of more real help to my neighbor when the time comes to offer him my services. It needs our unwavering faith in God.com Let us then labor for an inward stillness--An inward stillness and an inward healing. and we no longer entertain Our own imperfect thoughts and vain opinions. snow. ---Longfellow 214 LITANY FOR LIGHT The Lord is my Light! He is the Light of all my days: Let rain fall---hail. If I develop my talents.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Still the Lord is my Light! He brightens all my days.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. For where He shines there can be no darkness. my Light and my Salvation! ---Elizabeth Searle Lamb 215 The law of life is a two-fold law. and prayer. With Light He casts out shadows. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. needs you and me. indeed. It needs our positive certainty of God-in-man---the Christ. The Lord is my healing Light! He radiates perfection in my body. my mind: So is erased the darkness of depression. Let the atomic fog envelop earth. The Lord is my Light! The Lord is. That we may do His will and do that only. Likewise. and increase my wisdom. But God alone speaks in us and we wait In singleness of heart that we may know His will." ---Gayle King Keables *** The world. the more you will have to give. and in the silence of our spirits. The Lord is my Light! He is the Light of this." But on the other face of that tablet is written: "The more you unfold from within. the more you have for yourself. imperfections. I shall have something to offer.htm (82 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . So is swept away negation. as I serve my fellowman. and it works two ways at once. faith. perfect my health. What is good for the individual is good for society. as never before. He leads me to the Glory of His very Presence. Always is the Lord my Light! He illumines every thought I think The Lord is my Light! He is the Light of Lights within my soul. The law of the Spirit reads: "The more you give away.

to express in human manifestation the divine Idea. By this achievement Jesus made my own potentiality of Sonship that much more real and my own necessity for manifesting it that much more urgent. prayer can supply. Remember that you are praying whenever you are thinking of God --. but as an individual expression of the great universal truth of the Father's giving of His own life that the world might live. and whenever you claim that God is thinking.com It needs our steadfast love. wise. sorrowing.one which is patterned after God's own understanding. the Word. You file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. My earthly father and mother are really my guardians and protectors. Brooks *** God is my true Father. unlimited in my possibilities of growth. prayer can melt it away. loving. you are drawing nearer to God.whether you call it prayer or not. or acting through you. that I am strong. is the true father. If I think of myself as earthy. the Light of the world. Whatever your burden may be. so the human seed is put into warm human flesh. but God created the seed and causes it to grow and ordained the laws of its growth. I put just these limitations upon life into expression. ---E. alive. he became the Christ in the world of process as well as in the realm of principle. if I know that I am God's Life."--John S. Then God in me shall whisper continually in my inner ear. Thus he became in actuality the only begotten Son. Jesus brought his potentiality into objective expression. happy.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. capable. Whatever you may lack to make your life complete. "Thou art my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Thus my objective existence takes on the color of my conditioning thoughts. A father and mother take a seed or seeds and put in the proper place for growth. Jesus did give his life for me. ---Nona L. who created the seed and designed a human being in miniature. ---Gayle King Keables *** Whatever your problem may be. Garns 217 Now I see that Jesus himself became the Logos. The highest thing I can wish for myself is an understanding of myself and those about me --. Hannah *** That compassionate. God. speaking. baffled.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Just as you put the seed of 216 the sweet corn into the warm soil. not as a sacrifice to appease a vengeful God. understanding heart of my Father is a source of the greatest comfort to me. when you are meditating. ---Gayle King Keables *** The life which I live is unlimited save for my limiting conceptions of it. You are praying whenever you are reading the Bible or any spiritual book. All you do is put the seed in the proper place for growth. but it would be as wise as to claim that you are the real father of your son. then life in me shall unfold eternally. prayer can solve it for you. Suppose you go into the garden in the springtime and you put the seed of sweet corn into the ground. that there is no limitation in the nature of my being.htm (83 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . no matter how I may appear at the moment. in this sense. When you go out later and gather the harvest from that planting you do not say that you are the father of the sweet corn. you are overcoming. What a real help it is to know that He always sees the truth of me. unhappy. Surely. Quite as surely. Thus you see that whenever you are doing any of those things. Of course not.

" Whoever makes his contact with God and listens for the voice of God.the law that was before the world. His hand has torn the veil of the great law --.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. Again the answer is --. The Bible has something interesting to say about this. We need no other stones to build the stairs on to the unfulfilled. We have enough. 219 No other ivory for the doors. His feet have felt the pressure of old worlds. and guides you. No more is God a stranger: He comes as common man at home with the cart and crooked yoke. You cannot start from any other place but where you are. we are always standing on holy ground when we travel consciously with God. ---Emmet Fox *** "God created man in his own image.prayer. It is by far the best and most powerful form of psychiatry. broad-shouldered. If you are fearful. in the modern phrase. You are. new purposes.by prayer --. and are to tread on others yet unnamed --. It is more likely to be a gradual unfolding. is standing on holy ground. As for this high joy of consciousness to which I 220 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. ---Edwin Markham *** No matter where you may want to go. that he may shrink the spaces of the world. This holds true whether you are vacationbound. We men of earth have here the stuff of paradise. Man calls the lightning from its secret place. a slow going from step to step by means of a moderate process of evolution. Man bursts the chains that his own hands have made: hurls down the blind fierce gods that in blind years. cleaning out the subconscious. suddenly full-blown and mature. It is a beautiful thing to contemplate. affirm that the place whereon you stand is holy ground and that the love of God surrounds. to get rid of the fear and other negative 218 things that are to be found in it. for no matter where we start or where we go. press against the world's slow gate. At altar fires anterior to earth his soul was lighted: And it will burn on after suns have wasted in the void. he fashioned. Do you remember what God said to Moses when He called to him from the burning bush? "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet. And now men trace the orbits of the law and find in it their shelter and their friend.worlds sleeping yet in some new dream of God.Divine Science Principle And Practice . Here on the common human way is all the stuff to build a heaven. you have to start from where you are.and to rejoice in this knowledge that the "Practice of the Presence of God" is the great deliverer. No other cedar for the beam and dome of man's immortal dream. or whether you are seeking a healing or want to take several steps up the ladder of success.com are spiritualizing your everyday life. Man comes a pilgrim of the Universe." It is the hour of man. People often ask what is the best way to redeem the subconscious mind. ---Herman Wolhorn *** I can hardly expect realization to leap into my consciousness. protects. no matter how far we may travel or what circumstances we may meet. The best way to redeem the subconscious is to meet each difficulty as it arrives --. no other marble for the floors.htm (84 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Know man and you will know the deep of God.

in far-flung beauty. ---R. If the fatalists were right. in that moment I am touching a higher consciousness. There are the flashes that come when I am aware of divine love. ---Elizabeth Searle Lamb 222 Think of The Infinite speaking to you: That which I Am in the light of the sky.the basic reality of our universe is not matter but music. Destiny does not make us. Do not cling to them. I may have only flashes at first. Grenville 221 There is a sustaining principle proceeding from the heart of God and manifesting through nature and in man. ever working to unfold the perfect plan of good. we lift our thought from the confusion and discord. Grier *** Be ye therefore perfect." How amazing! From this we can see that science is moving ever closer to a purely spiritual interpretation of the universe. nor the playthings of chance. ---Gayle King Keables *** We speak of destiny as if it were some tremendous. There are the flashes that come from contact with beauty. the way we are headed at any given time. and perceive that it (God's law) is ever active. we make destiny.. in life eternal. If the basic reality of our universe is music.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. sewed-up. in sunset rays. ---Gladys C. in power and strength file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. carrying men and nations along willy-nilly. Do not dwell on the imperfections. The giving of my service to another in unselfish devotion can lift me into a sense of peace that shines around the edges with pure joy. what sense would there be in striving toward any conceivable goal? Energy would give way to lethargy. For a single moment the glory of a sunset or a symphony may flood my mind with new wonder and ecstasy. in the rolling waves. Acknowledge the perfection that is always there. Music is harmony. God has given us free will and the divine right of choice. give thanks to God as you see these qualities mirrored in your body. in endless love. or harmony. IN TRUTH I AM WELL AND STRONG AND PERFECT. pulled by heavenly strings. how about our individual lives? Are we really living "in tune with the Infinite"? Loving God's law.com aspire. talk about them and root them more deeply into your consciousness. if we subscribed to such a belief.. they are not Truth. Matt. silently praise your body. and harmony implies a concordant relationship between two or more factors. H.a destination.htm (85 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Rejoice in the perfect health and strength that belong to you in Truth. 5:48 Throughout the day. Destiny is simply what the word implies --. We are not puppets. and settled. but I know that they will grow and expand.Divine Science Principle And Practice . He has endowed us with intelligence and vouchsafed us the spirit of truth which will lead (not drive) us into all Truth. even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. those flashes may be brief and they may be illusive. if everything were prearranged. That which I Am in desert space. ---Henry Victor Morgan *** An outstanding scientist recently made the statement: "We are making the startling discovery that . zeal to indifference. impersonal juggernaut. I recognize such flashes as bridges on the way to my new level of consciousness.

---Robert Browning *** We talk a lot of keeping "on the beam." and that if we do. While you are doing it. Where truth abides in fullness. pull back. He needs to see it for what it is. fear. ---Elizabeth Searle Lamb *** Man needs a true evaluation of Life. and acquaint himself with its integrities and loyalties. even if outer things seem to be confused or even very dark. Lose the balance and disorder comes in --. and if you are on the beam. and all Good. all your talents.htm (86 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . Keep flowing. It may be that you need to know some certain skill or how to meet some situation before you are ready for the larger place you want to fill.That I Am in you. continue to do what lies before you as well as you can.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. for God and Life are one. He who is true to Life is true to the God of Life. You can train yourself to become sensitive to balance. nor will it move in any other way. Than in effecting entry for a light Supposed to be without. and furthermore as being constituted of Intelligence. and then loving it for its very nature. learn all the lessons you can from it. in anxiety. Love. Power. said Emmet Fox. and you can know when you lose it." It all adds up to keeping on the beam. In the meantime consider your present job as preparation. ancient Chinese philosopher. a certain flow. Agnes Sanford ventures the opinion that "this life of God moves upon a certain wave length. it takes no rise From outward things. Forever anchored in Thee. my Father. learn to live it in all its strength and beauty." In my sight I would say. ---E." and that is a good expression to keep in mind. He who sees Life as being God. Your reward will be sure. He who sees otherwise. and to KNOW Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape. pray that you may be led to your rightful place. experience its joys and wonders.Divine Science Principle And Practice . to get back on the beam." Pause often during the day to check up. and partakes of the fruit of his own works. we need "no other force. to get set. and in varying degrees betrays Life for himself and others. give of them freely wherever and whenever you can. "As long as you keep the balance 223 you are safe. Tension knocks you off the beam --. follows a true course and enters into the glory of Life for himself and for others. said that we must learn to flow "as life flows. I give boundless thanks. moving ahead. Munz *** Truth is within ourselves.and confusion. ---Carrie F. any process of thinking that makes you pull in. There is an inmost centre in us all. Use all your abilities. my child. "you are safe.com --.also anger. whate'er you may believe. 224 perverts Life. but as soon as you get off the beam you are in danger. ---Newton Dillaway *** If you feel you are not in your rightful place." Laotse. Hannah file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.

com *** Life is full of possibilities and genius uncovers them. ---Anna L. When he commanded the rich man's son to be healed at a distance. He will guide. They see beyond the appearance to the possibility and eventually make the possible real. but that the Christ work was being done within him. our minds are genuinely stepped up in both peace and power. Shall we fail in our course to believe or have faith in this expansion of law? Shall we continue with the process of life as it now is. When we turn to the One Infinite Mind. As we do this more and more. and instruct you. a new race. This is true not only in the fields of science and invention. and many other potentialities which man has now begun to utilize with skill. Not a thought. ---Vida Reed Stone 225 Man has learned to step up electricity into ever-higher. encourage. Draw freely on His indwelling wisdom and power. Jesus. electricity may be specialized on higher levels of vibration into radar. Prosperity and happiness are possible for all. In this way. Men can live in peace with one another. Grenville *** THE RIVER OF LIFE Just to be lost in the illimitable Goodness. leading to frequencies that have heretofore been unattainable and immeasurable. ---R. invisible. he was revealing the law that opens the eyes of he blind. and a new glory of God.not to feel --Just to rest. and that no one had sinned. Not to think --. X-ray. for your every worthwhile purpose is His purpose too. to be able to transcend all laws that had hitherto been known as set laws. but in human society as well. ---John Seaman Garns *** This miracle working Power is the healing force or consciousness that caused the Master man. Any worthwhile objective you may have is backed by all the creative power in the universe. sinking deep with the Allness. just where we stand? Sing for the miracle of life is within thee. and from struggle and competition to legitimate exchange of services and goods. This is what we should learn to do with our minds. When he raised the dead from the tomb. When he spoke to Peter's wife's mother and the fever left her. intellectual and physical. Palmer *** file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. We begin to discover unused possibilities within. from force to helpfulness. he was abolishing 226 the law of death by the recognition of the continuous presence of eternal life. it was the action of Mind through body. flowing endlessly The River of Life. we shall find that the whole race will be turning from war to peace. When he taught the blind man that he had no inheritance except from God. H. God thinks and acts through you.Divine Science Principle And Practice . spiritual. it was the expansion of a law that ignored time and space. The eyes of Spirit are clear and true.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. vibratory wave lengths.htm (87 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . nor yet a word--Just the soundless depth of peace. cumbered with the decay of the human mind and body„ or shall we accept this Principle of Being which will bring into the visible a new world.

Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

You can know the Truth for another and bring him healing. What a tremendous comfort this is when a member of the family or a dear friend has a great need, or when someone who is scarcely known calls for help. The Truth is for all; the laws of Truth work for all. By prayer and realization you can help bring health into manifestation for another, especially if that one is receptive. Be very still. Clear the decks of your mind --- stow away out of mental sight other problems, interests, and ideas. Look toward God, toward the realm of Truth. Reach into communion with God, mentally holding the one you would help by the hand, and draw him into this communion with God also. See him bathed in healing light. See him well, strong and perfect. You need not catalogue his needs; God already knows. Realize the Truth for him, the reality of perfect health being manifest in him now, this very minute. Do not relegate his healing to the future; see it accomplished now. Recognize 227

the healing currents sweeping through his body, dissolving the imperfect manifestation. See and feel every cell in his body responding to that one life. Know that he is healed, strengthened and made perfect in every part now. Rest in that assurance and give thanks to God. There end your prayer, continuing only a feeling that all is well. Use this treatment for others often. Healing will come to you, too. ---Elizabeth Searle Lamb *** The constructive action of the mind looks beyond the faulty present condition to the perfect ideal. If I see my friend in terms of his highest potentiality, my love and my vision will soon help him to measure up to this ideal. If I see my business in terms of its possibilities, it will grow. If I behold myself in terms of God's image and likeness within me, I shall gain greatly in confidence and power, and shall release my mind to its proper union with the affirmative mind of God. ---John S. Garns *** Today if you see a so-called sick person, look beyond the body of flesh to the spiritual and eternal reality of him. See him as he and all things are in the sight of God --- perfect and nothing but perfect. If you see a quarrelsome or discordant person, look beyond what you see to the calm and repose that is the true nature of all spirit reality. So beholding you will leave a blessing on all, and you will have done your part towards tuning in the universal picture to its accurate expression of spiritual reality. ---E. Hannah 228

All in all --- all in All
By I. von Dolffs God is the all encompassing Totality; Is Mind and Soul and Essence of all forms. His creatures all together shape His Selfconception; Creation is One Whole though seen as many parts. Each by itself alone veils God by incompleteness And yet reveals Him partly as a fraction does the whole. The value of each part lies not in self but only In its relatedness to God the One, the undivided All. Each item is complete within its limitations. The creature never can become nor be Creator God, But of One Spirit and One Nature all are fashioned. All are contained in One and all are One in Him.
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Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

My My My My

life is Thy Life, my God, --- timed in Eternity; self part of Thy Self, one letter in Thy Word; soul one endless throb of Thine immeasurable Heart; mind one unit of Thy Wisdom Substance.

As one essential measure in Thy Cosmic Selfpronouncement, I cannot be absorbed in Thy Infinity nor ever cease to be. Thy Universe without me would be incomplete; Thy Revelation of Thyself lack one integral part. Lord, I would realize the worth of my existence--The Meaning of Thy gifts of Consciousness and Life. One bell in the full chiming of creation, I would ring clear and true the fullness of my note. 229

Beyond the little self's stupendous wonder, I recognize Thy Selfhood as my basic own. Thine Omnipresence fills the world around me In stars and bumblebees --- in stones and fellow men. Thus would I worship Thee alone in Thy creation: --Greet all that come my way as complements of Thee; Pour out my love --- yea render homage to ev'ry creature As to Thee alone in Verity, --- and only Thee. *** Carrying out the threeness that runs through all of nature, we find that human satisfactions come on three levels. Pleasure is on the sense level; happiness is a step higher, for it is a mental state and has to do with man's adjustment to his environment; but joy is of the Spirit, for it comes only to those who are conscious of the presence of God. ---Gayle King Keables *** I once heard a world-famous poet make the assertion that "life is rhythm." Back of the visible is the Invisible; back of the manifest is the Unmanifest, and in that realm of Truth and Reality an infinite and unbroken rhythm is established. When we work in rhythm we work in harmony with the great inner forces of life, and "all things unfold evenly, easily, smoothly."---Gladys C. Grier 230

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Divine Science Principle And Practice - Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary.com

Glossary - p.231

THE ABSOLUTE: That which is eternal and changeless in the creative order of being, nature, presence, consciousness, power, activity and perfection. Free from every restriction; unconditioned; not comparative; ultimate; not derived from anything else; not dependent. AFFIRMATION: A spiritual truth mentally entertained; it may be voiced, and should be carried into action. ATONEMENT: Conscious unity with the One. BEING: All that is both invisible and visible. Another name for God. BELIEF (false): Opinion without a basis in Truth. BODY: Temple of Spirit. Divine Idea manifesting according to the consciousness of the individual. CAUSE and EFFECT: The invisible is all Cause. The visible is effect or result and has no power either to hurt or to help us. CHRIST: The indwelling identity of God-man, the divine individual. Son of God. Universal man. CONCEPT: Mental image; an opinion. CONDITIONS: The many and varied experiences of man while he seeks the established consciousness of Perfect Being. CONSCIOUSNESS: Applied to the Universal it means God's awareness of Himself, hence, of all there is. Applied to the individual it means the unfolding awareness of God. One's present realization. CREATION: God in Self-manifestation; God-idea being expressed; Substance made visible according to the original divine pattern. 231

CREATOR: Source; Only Cause; Infinite Intelligence; Principle. DIVINE SCIENCE: A practical, reasonable, livable teaching based upon the omnipresence of God. The science of God-like living. EARTH: True outpicturing of the heavenly consciousness. True manifestation. God's creation manifested. ENEMIES: False conceptions. ETERNITY: Without beginning or end. Unchanging state of good. Everlasting. EVIL: A false belief in a presence and power other than God. A partial view of the truth of himself and his world causes man's misconception of life. A passing condition since it has no principle to sustain it. Misconstrued good. Inferior thinking manifested. Violation of God-law. EVOLUTION: The lawful progression of consciousness expressing as form. FACTS: Man-made conditions which may be true or false depending upon whether they are based upon principle or upon false assumptions. FAITH: "Acceptance of the wisdom, love, and security behind and within the processes of creation. Recognition of a universal integrity so complete and so inevitable that human doubts are intuitively dissolved." M. P. Hall "The Mystical Christ" p. 15 FASTING: Abstaining from beliefs of evil. FATHER: God; Source; Principle; Life; Cause. FUNDAMENTAL: Basic. That which originates in God and proceeds from God. GOD: The one and only Presence both invisible and visible. The All in all. Infinite Good. 232

GOD'S WILL: God's true intent and purpose inherent in creation, expressing as law. GOOD: God. GRACE: The gift of the nature of God which is omnipresently available to man. GROWTH: Unfoldment. Ever-increasing realization. HEALING: A process of individual unfoldment, a change from a belief in inharmony to a realization of wholeness and divine harmony. HEAVEN: Consciousness of the omnipresence of God. Spiritual realization of that which is "within" and "at hand" --- the
file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice.htm (90 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM

INDIVIDUALITY: Man's true Being as a center of God. I: Totality.Divine Science Principle And Practice . HOLY GHOST: The consciousness of the whole Truth. NEW BIRTH: Revelation. seen in man and forces of the universe as purpose. the Christ within. OMNIPRESENCE: The one and only Presence. Prayer is a state of receptivity in which Truth is accepted. IDEA: Idea is always perfect. Thought and body are expression of Idea. The degree of unfoldment of the individuality. It is communion with God and realization of the Divine Presence. the rule which governs creation. file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. OMNIPOTENCE: The one and only Power. which has earned for him the title. Idea gives form to creation. INTELLIGENCE: God-Wisdom. "In His name" means man's innate divinity as the expression of God. reasoning faculty of the conscious level of mind. complete. Integrity of Being. INVISIBLE: The uncreate. God's changeless Being in expression and manifestation. God. and eternal in God. and Understanding. It is the full realization that I and my Father are one. and order. presently achieved. ONE: God the All in All. INTUITION: Inspiration or revelation from the Super. Man is eternally what he is. NAME: Nature. Everlasting Life. Energy manifesting as form. life. wills. The One. law. God-Knowledge. LAW: God's rule of action. "Love is the fulfilling of the law. MIND: Spirit. PRAYER: True Prayer is acknowledging. that which thinks. knowledge.Understanding in action. a perfect idea in God-Mind. IMMORTALITY: Ever-livingness of Spirit." 234 MEDITATION: Reflection upon Truth.mind. affirming. Omniscience. love. The limitless One. The one and only Wisdom. who became the full embodiment of the Christ consciousness. PERSONALITY: The degree of God-Consciousness which one has attained and expresses outwardly. living soul. understanding. LOVE: Conscious unity expressed as out-streaming good will. Eternal. and acting according to the true nature of Being. A state of consciousness in which the ideal is spiritually realized. and body. Man aware of living. the All in All. God-Idea is realized by man as he consciously unfolds in consciousness. 233 INDIVIDUAL: The individual is inseparable from and identical in nature with his Source. HOLY SPIRIT: The emanation of divine consciousness. LIVING SOUL: God's idea of man in expression. JESUS: The man of Nazareth. Knowledge. Another name for God. love. for the "three" are the One I AM in expression.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. invisible and visible. INFINITE: The All. INTELLECT: The thinking. God-Mind. God knows each man as an individual expression of Infinite. and feels. I AM: The name of God and the spiritual identity of each individual. LIKENESS: The perfect. contemplative stillness. the individual brought forth. and is ever one with perfect life. God. OMNISCIENCE: Divine Intelligence.conscious level of mind.activity. intelligence. Totality. power. MAN: Man is the individualized expression of God. INVOLUTION: The establishment of the inherent spiritual ideas in the divine pattern for all phases of creation before being manifested. and joy. historically speaking. Infinite Consciousness. New realization.htm (91 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . INHERENCIES: Inseparable attributes which express the nature of God: wisdom. There is but one Mind. and substance. Christ Jesus.com omnipresent God. Individually I am Spirit. MATTER: Qualified manifestation of substance. All that is involved will in time be evolved. living expression and visible representation of God-Idea.

REALIZATION: Conscious awareness of Truth. SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Study of the One Mind and man as the expression of that Mind. Not absolute or existing by itself. RIGHTEOUSNESS: Right thinking accompanied by right action. to him it is sin. THOUGHT TRAINING: Man's conscious direction of mind toward complete acceptance of Omnipresence. obscuring God's true creation. whatsoever is not of faith is sin. SIN: Man's failure to unfold and express his real Self.Divine Science Principle And Practice .Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. PSYCHOLOGY: The study of mind which deals with mental and emotional behavior. Spirit has within it all inherencies. Intentional or unintentional violation of spiritual laws. 14:23 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good. VEIL: False conceptions that blind mankind to the Truth. It may be right as far as it goes but it will unfold into fuller knowledge and consciousness. Complete receptivity. RESURRECTION: Man's evolving consciousness. VISIBLE: That which is apprehended by the senses." Rom. and doeth it not. underlies. ". His gradual rising to a higher concept of Truth. one 235 of the names of God. SOUL: God's eternal Idea of man. infinite. SUBSTANCE: The original quality and composition of Spirit. supreme. Man before expression. SILENCE: Period of physical and mental relaxation in which a person joyously gives attention to the truth of his oneness with God.. 237 Return to the Top Return to the Top file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. TRINITY: The triune or threefold expression of God. and supports visible creation. eternal Good. regulates. SON OF MAN: Individualized expression of the Son of God.htm (92 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . God-Mind. THOUGHT: Action of the Infinite Mind. Changeless Truth. WORLD: The outpicturing of a limited concept of creation. The 236 substance of God. RELIGION: Man's quest for God and resultant understanding and practice. God-Idea of man. therefore. That which permeates. TRUTH: All that God is. PROSPERITY: The consciousness of infinite Substance. God-Idea.. that which brings forth. the true basis of judgment and action. manifested as well-being. all potentialities of the perfect pattern in God-Mind.. determines. Cause in its widest sense. REALITY: That which IS.com PRINCIPLE: That which is first." James 4:17 SON OF GOD: Universal Man. hence the substance of all. God-Manifestation. omnipresent. THE RELATIVE: State of partial awareness of Truth. SPIRIT: Substance of the One Mind.

Emmet 218-219 Gams.6. 26. 100. 216-217. Gladys C 222. 39.. 225 Grier.. 44. 66. 61 Christ 72. 178 Carrell. 180-183 Heredity 149 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 66. 190.. 64. 143-153 Christ Consciousness .. 132 Affirmation 82. 221. 73.61. L 206-207 Being 27. 191-192. 99. Edward 212 Hannah.. 64 Creator 38. 119. Alexis 202 Cause 37.. Malinda E 5.. 216 Browning. Irwin 202 Grenville. 50. 29. 75. 108 Divine Science. 32. 51.. 158 Expression. 42 Ballard. 101. 103 Death 126. H.. 210 Baptism 150-151 Basis . 51. 142 Development 55 Dillaway. 122. 33. 120.com INDEX Adam 125. 63. 114.. 224-225. 196 Baum. 65 Fear 33 Form 40 Fox. 193. 131.. 205. 99. 196 Emerson. 98. 133. 60. 27. 101. 209. E. 37. Max H 208. 194 God . Nona L 9-17. 105-106 Fast 80 Father 61. 165 Gregg. 214. 143 Experience 68.28.203. 60. 53. 121. 122. 13-15. 37. 33. 217.. 47.127-128. Calvin 205 Cosmic Consciousness 128 Cramer.. 118. 151-152 Example 129. Robert 223 Business 139. 106.. 98. 123.. 163-164. 18.. 29. 195 Evolution.Divine Science Principle And Practice . 36.204. 226. John Seaman. 86-87 Atonement 145-147 Attributes 36.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary..29-30.. Ralph Waldo 212 Error 31 Evil 30-32. 126. 60. C. 43.. 213. 211. 230 Growth .. 132. 74-75 Creation 38. 101 Brooks. 122. 48. R. 228 Glory 73. 52.. 135 Body 62. 71..htm (93 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM ... 138 Good . Newton 223-224 Dis-ease 43. 116.. 7374. 199. 141 Christ Mind 88.36. 70. 132. 60.208. 39.96-112. 98. 124. 101 Faith 92.27.. 132 Hagen. 193 Health 97-100. 163. 124.116. 41. 63. Law of.. 51. 38. 196 Bible 125.. 228 Healing . 90 Coolidge.. 123.. 128. 203. 105.. 37-38. 117. 201 Education 23-24. 116. 97. Mrs.

98. 41. 48.. 118. 58. 136 Light 25. 68 Immaculate Conception . 5. 55. 26.189 Mesmerism 106 Mind 24. 86 Omnipotence 28 Omniscience 28 Original Sin 149-150 Palmer. 42.147.. 125-126.. Allen B 205 Principle . 36. 42. 226-227 Pattern 116.139 Markham. 63. 218.22-23. 44. 139-143 Keables. 116. 91.6. 70. 43. 196 Process 116-134.com History 9-17 Holy Ghost 61. 62. 74-75. Henry Victor. 31-32. 125 Readings 202-230 Reality 43. 132..84-88. 100. 118 James. Stories of 18.207.41. 63-65 Individual 65-67. 224.. 124 Life 42.68. 78. 43. 44. 91-92. 114.. 222. 72. 125 Infinitude 42 Inherencies 36.. 114 Purpose 66.117. 152 Progress. 96.. 122. 29. 227-228 Law. 83. 93. 41. 121-122. 129 Power 28. 192 Practitioner 104-112 Prayer 78-94 Prayer.. 66. 166 Idea 38.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 44. Carrie F 208. 145. 36 Likeness 62-64 Living Soul 62 Longfellow. 217.. 118.. 87-88. 220-221. 64.7.65... 47. 223 Nature 6. 114. 60-61. 230 Kingdom. 85. 28-29.. 60-61. 70.123.139 Peace 23. Henry W 214 Love 42.. 98... 116. 61. 39. 168. 73.htm (94 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . 66. 6. 96. 41 Inheritance 75 Intelligence 99. 26.Divine Science Principle And Practice ..24.. 51. 68. 37. H. 15 Jeffery. 222 Munz. Emma Curtis 10 238 I AM . 125.. Anna L 211. Elsie 213 Man . Fannie B 5. 69-70.. 9. 216. 157-188.. 82. 73. 31. 70. 108.148 Image 62.... 44.. B 207 Jesus . Gayle King. 193. 73. 69. 136 Intuition 84. 197 Lamb. 27-28.204. 92. 98-99 file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 73-74 Morgan. 67 Hopkins. 30.. 37. 39.136 Practice 51-52. The Lord's 82-83 Prescott Jr. 78. 136 MacKay. 39. 137 Knowledge . 209. 89. 116. 26. Edwin 219-220 Matter 39-40 Meditation .. Elizabeth Searle 215.121.. 118. 117 Omnipresence . 69. 44. 123 Individuality 62. 50.5.. 137. 65.

51 239 Second Coming .com Realization . 184-189 Recognition 65. 121. 75-76. 133-134 Stone.40. I 229-230 Vine 63. 117. 64. 116. 110-112. 61.. 97.. 88 Silesuis. 71. 69. 20. 60-61. 92-93. 122. 59. 38. 81. Alethea B 9. 200 Statement of Being 46 Statements of Truth 33. 70. 76. 141 Senses 67. 72. 26. 118 Spirit 24. 122. Herman 220 Word 62. 43. 86-88. 157.. 199. 18. 61. 109. 38-40. 75. 52... 201 Uncreate 37-38 Unity 17. 134. 96. 41 Wolhom. 126... 114.6. 119. 114. 136 Sunday.. 107.. 93.7. 106 Substance 29. 36. 93-94. 120 Silence 84. 98.. 99. 166 Thinking 54.. 22-23. 140. 91. 74 Resurrection 120-122 Revelation ..... 138. 44.Read the Complete Text for free at NewThoughtLibrary. 154-155 Seed 24. 72. 39. 115 Self . 47 56. 117. 28. 63. 15 Son . 63. 66. 132.Divine Science Principle And Practice . 144 Source 37. 48-58. 201 Unfoldment 36. 115-133 von Dolffs. 68-71. 27. 60. 139 Trinity 60.127. 138. 38-41. 67. 74. Cynthia 210-211 Superconscious 67 Supply 164. 19. 64 Return to the Top Return to the Top Did you enjoy this Book? file:///E|/pdf/cramerMalinda/Divine-Science-Principle-And-Practice/Divine-Science-Principe-And-Practice. 197 Truth . 92. 139. 40. Vida Reed 225 Subconscious 67.. 114. 87. 70 Wisdom 36. 122. 75. 191 Understanding 72. 22. 159. 45. 86.64.htm (95 of 96)9/2/2011 3:58:14 PM . 109 Thought . 67. Angelus 204 Sin 152 Small. 83. 158 Responsibility 55.36. 118. 32. 65. 42. 92. 154 Science 6.

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