August 2, 2011 Enclosed is ADP's updated TAXHOLDY file containing information on sales tax holidays.

If you are using ADP's Sales/Use Tax System, C language, release 3.4 and higher, COBOL language, release 3.0.4 and higher, or PL/SQL language, release 3.3 and higher, please replace the existing TAXHOLDY file with the enclosed updated file. Please note that this update includes two tax holiday files, TAXHOLDY and TAXHOLDY2. If you did not choose to participate in the New Mexico tax holiday use TAXHOLDY2. ******************************************************************************** C, Release 3.4 and higher System Instructions * Replace the TAXHOLDY file located in the directory pointed to by AVPIN. PL/SQL, Release 3.3 and higher System Instructions * Rename TAXHOLDY to TAXHOLDY.DAT and run SQL Loader to load the file with the control file TAXHOLDY.CTL. COBOL, Release 3.5 System Instructions * Replace the existing TAXHOLDY file with the enclosed updated file. ******************************************************************************** COBOL, Release 3.0.4 through 3.4.1 System Instructions The number of records in the TAXHOLDY file has increased beyond the limit coded in releases 3.0.4 through 3.4.1, COBOL version of the S/U Tax System. This does not affect users who are using release 3.5 and does not affect any CICS or IDMS users on releases 3.0.4 and higher. CICS and IDMS users will receive an updated TAXHOLTB copybook as usual. Suggestions to maintain proper tax calculation: *Upgrade to release 3.5 or higher, COBOL version, S/U Tax System. * Call ADP Technical Support at (866) 890-3971 for guidance in changing TAX010.cob on your system to increase the file record limit size. * If your business does not require the need for Tax Holiday functionality i.e. does not have nexus in any of the states having tax holidays or does not use any of the product codes that are involved in the tax holidays, then please DO NOT update your current TAXHOLDY file with the current TAXHOLDY file. ******************************************************************************** COBOL, Release 3.0.4 and higher, CICS and IDMS System Instructions * Replace the existing TAXHOLDY file and the TAXHOLTB copybook with the enclosed updated files. The updated copybook, TAXHOLTB, will require recompiling and linking the TAX010 program named CICS10 in the CICS version and either CASBVAVP or CASPVAVP in the IDMS version. If you would like to receive software and data file updates via the ADP Taxware Web Support Center, please email Please include your company name, contact name, email address and the product you are licensing, including

All rights reserved. . © 2002 .com.2011 Automatic Data Processing. modified. Use of this software must be subject to a current license agreement or confidentiality agreement between the user and Automatic Data Processing. ADP Tax Department ******************************************************************************** The files referenced in this document are the property of Automatic Data Processing. No part of this software may be reproduced. or disassembled in whole or in part without prior written consent of Automatic Data Processing. or email salestaxsupport@adp. decompiled. reverse engineered. please contact Customer Support at (866) 890-3971. decoded. If you have any questions.the release number and language version.

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