Brittany Wright Professor Stein English 102 18 February 2012 Essay #2 persuasive Healthy Ways for Children Start

Young Is healthful eating important? If so, when should healthful eating begin? Good nutrition is very important in enhancing long life and good health, and it begins in infancy. Healthful eating is a very important factor in a parent’s diet and the diets of their children, and healthful eating affects all of our personal well-being. There are many wonderful benefits from nutritious eating, such as improved health and self-esteem. Eating healthfully doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite foods. Eating healthfully means a well-balanced diet, full of nutritious foods and drinks. It also means limiting the amounts of fat, sugar and carbohydrates you consume daily and exchanging them for better choices. Therefore, I believe healthful eating should begin with children to enrich them with healthier lives, escaping the darkness of diseases and deadly health problems. Changing eating habits as an adult can be a very challenging task; thus, learning to eat healthily as a child is key. The earlier you start, the earlier the benefits can begin. There are so many benefits from healthful eating starting in childhood. The Journal of School Health (1997) states that “healthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence promote optimal childhood

you can also allow your child to get involved in the cooking process by helping the parent prepare healthful meals. healthy snacks. sugar. You can have regular family meals at home with your child. whole These are some of the main causes of death today. Limiting their fat. and may prevent long-term health problems such as coronary heart disease. (2) providing an environment that makes it easy for their children to make 2 . cancer. Dianne Neumark Sztainer states that “parents can help their children engage in more healthful eating and physical activity behavior and feel better about themselves through (1) role modeling healthful behaviors. growth. obesity.” Things that can be done to assist children in healthfully eating include encouraging them to eat more fruits and vegetables.” There are many ways to help promote and encourage healthful eating. and lean meats. You can also discuss with your child the importance of healthful eating so they can be aware of how important it is and the benefits they will reap from healthful eating. Also. prevent immediate health problems such as iron deficiency anemia. children will be more likely to follow suit (Lair. and kept on hand at all times are good ideas. limiting their portion sizes on their plates and giving them good. 2000). and stroke. if parents are eating healthy. only one in five eats the recommended daily five servings of fruits and vegetables. eating disorders. The Center for Disease Prevention (2000) states that “most young people eat too much fat. and intellectual development. and dental caries. You can consider making their lunch for them if they attend school to ensure they are getting a healthy and nutritious lunch when they are away from home. and salt intake. Also. and avoiding drinks with no nutritional value is also beneficial. beans.

There are many outdoor and indoor activities to consider. (3) focusing less on weight and more on behaviors and overall health.” We need to encourage physical activity among young people so that they will continue to engage in physical activity in adulthood to obtain the benefits of physical activity throughout life. along with healthful eating. Children who are introduced to healthy eating 3 . So the question may not be. how can I encourage my child to eat healthfully? Also. and (4) providing a supportive environment” Eating poorly is not the only factor in poor health. such as taking a family walk in the neighborhood or gym or playing a simple game like tag. encouraging good healthy patterns in childhood is a must. The lack of physical activity in our children can contribute to the problems also. physical activity. The Journal of School Health (1997) states that “regular physical activity is linked to enhanced health and to reduced risk for all-cause of mortality and the development of many diseases in adults. mix them up at times. is healthful eating important for our children? But.healthful choices. The knowledge that all the benefits promote long and healthful lives is found to be very encouraging. throwing around a football or playing a game of basketball. what makes healthful eating so important in our children’s lives are the many benefits that are linked to healthful eating. Activities that we can encourage are playing with them. so they may reap every benefit of a healthy life style? With obesity raging in the world today. Hence. Consequently. how can I encourage them to participate in physical activities. Activities should be fun and interesting so children will continue to be interested in them. should be encouraged in our children as well. never keep doing the same activities. For that reason.

early in life have a better chance of eating right when they are adults. the earlier those healthful eating patterns begin. That’s why I believe that healthful eating should begin in children. This is the reality of healthful eating in our youth: the possibility of a long life full of great expectations as we age and grow into adulthood. so they can have healthier lives and not have as many health problems when they get older. 4 . So. the better off you are.

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