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Md5Importer script for 3dsmax and gMax ============================================= Version 0.

95 Imports characters and camera animations from MD5 (Doom3 engine format) Copyright (C) 2004-2007 der_ton, tom-(at), "der_ton" on Feel free to contact me, any feedback is welcome. If you use this to make anything that you think is worth taking a look at, then please tell me. :) If you plan to use this for commercial productions, contact me. Version 0.97 made by Gildor (2009), Where to report bugs, get tech support and the latest version: ============================================================== discussion forums, 3dMax section and Modelling & Animations section

Some notes on the usage: ======================== The result of the import will be one object, with a skin modifier applied and bound to the imported skeleton. All submeshes of the MD5 will be in the one object, using different submaterials. The mesh object will be "see-through" by default, because you will want to work with the skeleton. You can set that property for any mesh anytime within the object properties, though (right-click object -> properties, under display properties). In order to see textures, you will have to disable "see-through", and load the diffuse map for the submaterial. Press "m" to bring up the material editor. The submaterials are named after their shader, so if you are familiar with Max's material editor, loading the right images will be straightforward. If the script runs out of memory, go to customize->preferences, maxscript, and set a higher heap memory number (100MB won´t hurt...). If you select "Reorient Bones", then the skeleton after import will look nicer, but bone orientations will not be the same as in the md5mesh it was imported from. Use this only if you don't want to use original animations with the new md5mesh resulting from an export.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars: ============================ If you want to import a lower-LOD model (usually named *_lod3.md5mesh), you have to import the normal model first, then do not close the importer window, but import the LOD model immediately afterwards. This is because the LOD model files do not contain skeleton information. If you closed the importer window, the importer will have forgotten about the previously imported skeleton and the import of the LOD model will fail. After successfully importing the LOD model, you can delete the mesh of the normal model, but not the bone objects, since they are used by both models.

Camera Import: ============== If the "import to selected camera" checkbox is checked. This makes it easy to append camera animations. then the animation will be written to the selected camera. Have fun! . The "Import at frame #" input is used to move the imported anim to that frame. a new camera with the name of the md5camera file will be generated. If not. That's useful because Doom3 sometimes uses several md5camera files for a scene.