1. 12 members per team comprising of: i. ii. iii. iv. v. 1 icon player 1 ‘A’ category players 3 ‘B’ category players 4 ‘C’ category players 4 Girls

2. Team playing a game will have to give in names of 11 of its players who w 3. ill be playing the match. The 12th person will be a substitute. i. ii. iii. 1st over 6 boys and 3 girls will be on field. 2nd and 3rd over 7 boys and 2 girls will be on field. The remaining overs will have 8 boys and 1 girl on field.

4. 1st over will be batted and bowled by girls only. 5. 2nd over, first 3 balls, the batsmen will have to compulsorily play reverse batting. (i.e. right handed batsmen will have to play left handed and vice – versa) Only way to get a wicket is One-Bounce-One Hand Out, Run-Out and Stumping. Six Allowed. 6. Bowling power play can be taken between overs 3 and 6. 7. Batting power play will consist of 3 balls that can be chosen not more than once in an over. 1 batsman can take a maximum of 2 power play balls. 8. Free hit rule applied. Six allowed. For over stepping and above the waist no-ball. If batsman gets out in any form, the team will be given (-4). 9. Each innings will comprise of 8 overs. i. ii. iii. i. 1st over by a girl. 7 overs by boys. Only 1 bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs in an innings. No field restrictions during the over bowled by a girl.

10. Field Restrictions:

13. A batsman can appeal to the umpire for the ball bowled to be fast. iii. Bowling action will be watched carefully. 11. 25. Every team has to be present at the FCL field 20 mins prior to their game. 15. 18. Balls cannot be bowled from above the waist. 21. during which six will be allowed. In case of tie. 22. The team batting first in the 8-over format will be batting second. Every innings will be of 30 mins. After which every 5 mins taken by the bowling team to complete the over. In case of tie. Wrong action will be declared as a no ball. Six allowed. 12. Run-rate of the team will be factored. After every no ball. Innings break will only be of 5 minutes. (i. On a no ball. 7 players. an additional of 10 runs will be added to the total score of the batting team.ii. Argument with the umpire or bad behaviour on the field can result in suspension of the player for the entire match. In case of equal points in League stage and Quarter-Finals. 14. 17. A shot hit on or in a designated spot will be awarded +4 runs. Substitute shall replace. and there will be 5 mins of buffer time. 3 overs after that only a maximum of 3 players can field outside the inner circle. The remaining overs should have a minimum of 3 players inside the circle (Including the keeper). runs/overs) 26. 19. Chutki is not allowed. 20. . the batting team will be awarded a free hit. 24. The final decision will be the umpires. the batsman will be allowed to hit a SIX. 7 player’s on-field which will be decided by the team captain.e. SIX other than during a no ball or a power play ball will be given out. Compulsory Sport Shoes and the given jerseys. 3rd time the bowler will be dismissed from bowling for the entire match. super over. super over format will be played. 23. 16. 2 warnings will be given for a wrong action.

Maximum number of sixes hit by a batsman. Highest run scorer. Best female player of the tournament . Man of the Series. 4. 2. 8. Man of the Match. Most wicket taker. 3. Runner – Up of FCL. 7. 6. Winner of FCL. 5.AWARDS 1.

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