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VISSER Summer Workshop Program May 14-28, 2012 National Institute of Physics, UP Diliman VISSER (Versatile Instrument System for

Science Education and Research) is a collaborative program to enhance Philippine education. The main movers of this program are the College of Engineering and College of Science in UP Diliman and the University of Maryland through Dr. Romel Gomez. 1. The VISSER Summer Workshop is a 2-week live-in workshop, which aims to 1.1 develop science instruments and teaching modules to equip and modernize Philippine high schools and other labs to catch up with the rest of the world 1.2 use sophisticated yet inexpensive microcontroller platforms with "open source" hardware and software that offer value at significantly reduced cost 1.3 design multipurpose instruments that are applicable to a wide range of science subjects and topics 1.4 design instruments that, like smart phones, allow 3rd party applications development 1.5 use the intrinsic ingenuity of Filipinos (high school students to college professors) to provide content 1.6 instill in our students and faculty at all levels the values of innovation, creativity, hands-on construction, teamwork and public service through education 2. There will be a designated number of teams for UP Diliman, UP Los Baños and UP Manila consisting of 4 members per team: 2.1 one (1) incoming UP freshman (high school graduate) 2.2 one (1) junior or senior UP undergraduate (college student) 2.3 one (1) high school teacher of the incoming freshman 2.4 one (1) UP young faculty, researcher or graduate student 3. Applications for Incoming Freshman 3.1 A call for applications will be publicized through the Oblation and Top Ten Facebook pages. Applications should be submitted through e-mail at on or before 30 April 2012. 3.2 OVPAA will forward all submitted applications to the OVCSA for evaluation. 3.3 The OVCSA will forward the names of the nominees to OVPAA on 05 May 2012. 3.4 OVPAA will notify the qualified incoming freshmen and their chosen high school teachers through e-mail on 06 May 2012. 4. CU recommendation for other members of the team 4.1 CUs will conduct their own search for the other two members for each team - top junior or senior undergraduate students - young faculty/researchers/graduate students 4.2 CUs will send in the names of their nominees to the OVPAA through e-mail at on or before 30 April 2012. 5. Food, transportation and accommodations 5.1 Lunch and snacks will be provided for the participants during the workshop. 5.2 Airfare and local transportation shall likewise be provided to the participants coming in from the regions. 5.3 Accommodations in the UP Diliman dormitories will be provided for participants residing outside Metro Manila for the duration of the workshop. 6. Winners Each team is challenged to come up with the best and the most innovative gadget. Prizes shall be given to the winning teams.