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Master’s thesis IW: Electronics-ICT – Progress Report of the research

First name, Name: Benoît De Bruyne E-mail: PR Number: 1



Subject or title of the master’s thesis research Infrastructure based localization

First name, Family name supervisor(s) Charles Vercauteren, Glenn Ergeerts, Maarten Weyn, Bob Claerhout


In recent years the need for indoor localization emerged. An investigation was conducted By M. Weyn who developed an opportunistic localization system. This system works with a client application for measuring the received signal strength from various access points. Even though this system delivered excellent results it would be interesting to see if it’s possible to obtain the signal strength via the infrastructure instead from the clients. This would make the deployment of a localization system easier while a broader variety of clients can be tracked.

Progress report of Master’s thesis - 1/5 -

2/5 - . Tried to decode the sequence number myself but I soon realized that I needed the 802. added functions alumni Created library for Conversions Requested a second license for the second AP Found a few bugs (dictionary was updating while reading. found a pci-e one that did work Started testing with the 24h trial license Found out with Wireshark that beacons contain a sequence number I was able to find a beacon twice received from both access points.11 specification Found that the sequence number was stored as little-endian Implemented a decoding function for the sequence number Progress report of Master’s thesis . etc) resolved them Found out that there were some problems with the aggregator I wrote earlier. tried out different methods for aggregating and temporary storing the beacons. resolved a few more bugs Seems to be running stable now (ran over 12 hours)  Cleaned up code 22/03   23/03   Started merging the two seperate projects cleaned up code some more. way over complicated things but at last I think I found a solution First tests seems good but requires more testing (license expired in the meantime) Setted up a second MikroTik box Found out that the license I obtained was only usable on one machine Onboard NIC did not work.Short description of the progress of the research work during the past period 19/03          20/03       21/03  Continued testing.

3/5 - .Next Week Planning:  Visit @sharp on Monday for looking into the Aerohive ap’s again  Move the MikroTik ap’s to the elab for fingerprinting  Finish merging the code and start testing with the localization appliance  Start fingerprinting Extra info Progress report of Master’s thesis .

4. New contacts in this period (name. first name. Evaluation: Since the policy of the Aerohive access points at school can’t be changed immediately is the support of @sharp very useful for the implementation of the infrastructure based localization. Aerohive. Kevin. Senior Sales Engineer Central Europe Provided information about the localization abilities of the Aerohive infrastructure and their partnerships. Because the Aerohive representatives had limited technical knowledge about the product they could not answer any technical questions. short summary en evaluation) 1. We came to the conclusion that it would be best to use the infrastructure of an @sharp client. They were very interested in the localization appliance and gave me their contact information so that I could get more technical information. company workshops. 2. company. date. Unfortunately there were only 2 Aerohive representatives who both were active in the sales department. kevin. additional information can be requested. 4. Lu. There was a Chinese representative who provided lots of details about their localization platform. relevance for the research) 1. Weltmaier Georg. I received their contact information as well for further questions.4/5 - . Progress report of Master’s thesis . Found out that Aeroscout was present at Cebit on the Huawei stand. telephone number. Tim Denis will bring into contact with an Aerohive representative for further information. Unfortunately we were not able to configure the access points properly due to a lack of gweltmaier@aerohive. e-mail. 3. We setted up a vpn connection and tried to configure the access points.0384. … in this period (subject.Attended seminars. 021/5160. position. Aeroscout. I tried to get as much information about Aerohive and localization solutions. 2. Furthermore I looked for more companies that are active in the field of WiFi Localization. additional information can be requested. presentations.42419201. Visisted @sharp Subject: Aerohive infrastructure Date: 05/03/2012 Summary: Discussed what needed to be achieved and how @sharp could possibly assist. Cebit Hannover Subject: Internationaal Project Date: 08/03/2012 Summary: Visited the Aerohive stand. Chief Representative China Provided lots of information about the Aeroscout Localization solution. 0049/151.

number of pages. 2012. evaluation (what is the added value for the reserach))  Geier. Opgeroepen op 03 05. Opgeroepen op 03 01. Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC). 2012. 2012. (title. MikroTik. 2012. interviews. short descriptiong.pdf Used for more information on the 802. Opgeroepen op 03 26. of the supervisor Date: Signature of the supervisor: Progress report of Master’s thesis . 802.11 sequence books. authors. Opgeroepen op 03 19. (sd). year of publication. J.wireshark. etc.php/1492071 Provided more details about beacons in general     Visum and comments. (sd). Opgeroepen op 02 van MikroTik: http://www. Managed to decoded the sequence number with this conference/publisher. (sd). van wi-fi planet: http://www.11 Beacons Revealed. van IEEE Standards Association: http://standards. if any.mikrotik. (sd).5/5 - .com/ MSDN Library. 2012.11-2007.aspx Wireshark User's Guide. Routers & Wireless. van Wireshark: (volume. issue). van Microsoft MSDN: (sd).Articles.