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“What does globally responsible leadership means to me”

Miguel Angel Morales Mendoza Daimler Financial Services Scholar

sustainable. high-level engagement is necessary to ensure the common vision is enacted in all geographies and at all levels. running a responsible business means more than just being philanthropic. In this essay I am going to address three issues: (i) what is my personal understanding of global responsible leadership. I realized that innovation has become a mantra for many organizations as they shift from a recessionary. cultural. it is clear that the war for talent . economic. thus. the market collapsed. In this context. new products and services were introduced at record rates and job prospects were promising. sustainability. 2 . The new leaders must address four critical obstacles: lack of stakeholder understanding. the idea of Global Responsible Leadership could be described as corporate social responsibility. Leaders need to be able to integrate and go beyond in their decisions to consider environmental. Fortunately. a chain of a globally responsible mindset. we make the path visible” Phil Lane Jr. we must seek to be living examples of the change we wish to see in the world by walking the path. integrity. the past few years have been some of the worst for many back on. Undeniably. corporate citizenship. To make a difference. (ii) then I will describe the meaning of integrity for an organization doing international businesses.Daimler Financial Services Miguel Angel Morales Mendoza Compliance. blue or green. going global. and (iii) finally I am going to point out what do I expect from The Daimler World Dialogue. Organizations flew into damage-control mode and focused on streamlining their businesses and executing only the bare minimum strategies. and social factors. It also means taking calculated risks. Then. cost cutting mindset to a competitive one. people and profit. For me.m ora les @daim ler. and what will be my contribution from my personal experience. aversion to risk. The majority of organizations surveyed are in the process of changing their business models and “In all of our actions. and failure to execute.barely a consideration during the worst of the economic crisis. creating value for stakeholders and driving profit.a . The implementation of basic day-to-day practices is the push factor for more integrated and advanced leadership for global responsibility. It is within the context of this new and more optimistic business environment that organizations worldwide shared their insights about the present and future state of leadership. lackluster ideas. The Global Responsible Leader duty should be a strategic interest in innovation and in integrating the interests of the stakeholders into all aspects of business. Regulatory & Loss Recovery M igue l. They would need to adapt decisions from the inside to be able to bring them to a global understanding that will be followed by other people and corporations making. organizations around the world are positioning themselves for future success. political. Some years ago stock markets were reaching all-time highs. ethics. or looking for ways to be more competitive. among others.

There is no way we could understand actual business activities without considering working with integrity. Regulatory & Loss Recovery M igue l. To achieve and demonstrate the highest standards of corporate integrity requires an understanding of the organization and how to tailor a solution to fit its individual culture. Employees will be convinced to adopt globally responsible actions when leaders exhibit personal examples of how to bridge personal and professional responsibility. Furthermore. Finally. in itself. stakeholders are becoming extremely active in forcing companies to comply with the stringent levels of regulations governing business activities. good practices and cases in business that I learned from my work experience. such as being involved in charity or volunteering in social and environmental activities. Leaders and managers who openly practice global responsibility in their personal life are role models for the workforce. more easily the organization can sail adrift to corruption. If the leaders of the company do not embrace an ethical approach to doing business and demand the same from their On the other hand. Ethical leadership sets the example and convinces third parties of the importance of integrity in their own organizations. supplier vetting. My contribution would be valuable since my expertise in many of the most important companies in Mexico and the social work that I do is just what I need to share my experiences and apply all that in a multicultural environment. I would be able to talk about how I see my country in these issues and how could be improved.a . I am inspired.Daimler Financial Services Miguel Angel Morales Mendoza Compliance. in the near future. a good thing. it is necessary to recognize that ethics and integrity are the foundation of any organization or individual decision. but a starting point for human beings and organizations. motivated. I would like to start the path to become a Global Responsible Leader and help organizations in Mexico to become better and convince people to accept a new vision of sustainable development. Many companies believe that engaging with business integrity is. and excited to enhance my career and be. I am sure that the Daimler World Dialogue would give me a profound insight into the future of the Global Responsible organizations. In order to achieve complete compliance with increasing legislation and regulations and foster confidence among stakeholders. Acting with integrity sets an example inside and outside the organization indicating that global responsibility is taken seriously. 3 . I will be open to learn and discuss new initiatives. a guidance to apply all the information that I would learn and receive from other countries’ representatives. Integrity in business begins in the upper echelons of management. most of the companies are implementing anti-money laundering compliance consultancy. projects and strategies. and corruption reports.m ora les @daim ler. This guiding principle is not an end point. A raft of new legislation has been introduced around the world in recent years with the aim of increasing integrity in international business. I really would like to exchange innovations.

Fortunately things are changing since the emphasis on environmental and sustainability issues becomes more acute for law firms whose client lists tread heavily toward the green sector. It was a great experience by which I learned a lot and changed the way I think about and act on protecting the environment.a . Now. I was able to help save the world in my own little way: by getting involved with this climate change program. I truly believe I would be an excellent representative of Daimler-Mexico City. Regulatory & Loss Recovery M igue l.Daimler Financial Services Miguel Angel Morales Mendoza "Can I have that in writing?" is something that I heard a lot when I was an intern on law firms. I transmit that to my actual colleagues by inviting them to do the same. practical steps to become better environmental and energy stewards. It amazes me how people react positively to what I tell them. 4 . Last year. I was an intern at Chadbourne & Parke. I appreciate your consideration and hope I can take one step further to a wider global perspective. a program of the American Bar Association to encourage law offices to take simple. a law firm certified in the Green Power category as a Leader in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge.m ora les @daim ler. and how they adapt what I teach them to their own work conditions.