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Teachings of the Holy Qur’an

By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi The Holy Qur'an is the final form of the very source of guidance that has been extended to mankind from the beginning. • An attempt to compile the guidelines in a subjective format. Simple explanations and Hadith quotations are provided where appropriate. The purpose is to bring forth the basics of the Qur'anic teachings and to break the barrier for those who hesitate to study Qur’an directly. • A reference book for Da’wah workers and Imams of Jumu’ah Prayer. • An attractive and useful gift to your loved ones.

Heroes of Islam

By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi

A translation of Urdu book Raushan Sitarey. Life sketches and detailed description of the marvallous acts of our ancestors and the Heroes of Islamic History. Those males and females who helped create the history of Islam, the real followers of Muhammad SAW. A book which boost the reader to go on the right path, the path of the righteous people.

Role of Muslim in the Storm of Evils
By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi Today society is caught in the storm of sins and vices. Trapped in this storm, the boat symbolizing the society is struggling to stay afloat. It is high time now that we should rise to the occasion and save this ship from drowning. Hence, it becomes our religious and moral duty as Muslims to safeguard our society from the evil forces, but how? This book provides a timely answer to the oft-repeated question.

Finality of Prophethood
By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi A paper delivered in a conference held in Chicago (USA) on the same topic. A very powerful and complete write-up to understand the concept of Finality of the Prophethood in the light of Holy Qur’an.

Hajj, The Holy Journey By: Dr. Salman Asad A pocket size, easy to understand guide book for a common reader. A lot of books have already been written on this very topic, but this book is different from all those efforts in many aspects. This book describes all the five days' rituals separately in detail. The

URDU SECTION Aadab-e-Zindagi By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi Civility and Good Manners. Dignity and Courtesy. Reliance on God and Bold Initiative. The grammar has been explained in a very simple language and the most important points have been highlighted suitably. sincerity in faith and deed and remove the short-sightedness. This is a book which a pilgrim can hold in his hand very easily and can perform all the rituals of Hajj very easily without any confusion. Sincerity of Intention By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi This book deals with fascinating explanation of first Hadith of the most authentic book in Hadith. These are the magnificent features of a truly Islamic life. The Message of Allah By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi Lectures delivered in the religious. Japan & the Message of Truth By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi A detailed description of Islamic activities. A Practical Approach to the Arabic Language By: Dr. Those who want to have God-fearing. Selflessness and Sacrifice. Wali Akhtar Nadwi A complete course of Arabic language in two volumes. . Hospitality and Humility. organizations and Islamic Personalities of Japan.way of performing each and every ritual is mentioned in a very simple and practical manner. Begins with Alphabet and takes a learner to the graduation level. Fear of God and Piety. Organization and Discipline. political and social gatherings of Hyderabad. The writer presented the explanation in a way that invites people to have sincerity in faith and deed and fear of Allah. The book is a compilation of all these topics and a lot more to help lead a life in the light of Islam. Neatness and Purity. Pleasant speech. After each unit numerous exercises in translation have been given for practice. This book will help you the same. A comprehensive description of different welfare organization and personalities of Hyderabad. ‘Bukhari’. A Compilation of Lectures and answers to the questions of Muslim of Japan by Maulana Islahi.

human beings. NJ (USA). Surah Yususf. which he delivered after Tarawih prayers at the Muslim Center of Middlesex. the 99 attributes of Allah. the names of Qur-anic Surahs. living and non-living things. These games are designed for the age group of 6 years to 14 years. Surah Anfal. . neighbors. the beliefs and Ibadaat. ISRA Games An Interesting way to learn Islam This is a humble effort to make the learning of Islam interesting. Surah Isra’. This family tree accounts for three hundred sixty eight names who helped create the history of Islam. These many names were never seen before at one place.Muhammad (SAW). and the names of prophets. in easy and attractive writing it is an essence of whole life study. Surah Ibrahim. The player of these games can never feel boredom as the ever-changing attitude of the games keep the player fresh all the time. Quraysh. MULTIMEDIA CORNER DARS-E-QUR’AN By:Mohammad Yusuf Islahi (Audio Cassettes) This valuable set of six audio cassettes is a series of Maulana Islahi’s lectures. These cassettes comprise of Tafsir (commentary) of Surah Fatihah. the Tribe of Muhammad (SAW) By: Dr. Surah Baqarah. Surah Taubah. The Prophet And a Human Being By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi This book is an attempt to present a true figure of Muhammad (SAW) and to prove two facts that he is a Prophet of Allah and Humanbeing as well. The idea behind this is to learn with fun. The games appear each time as new. the way to offer Salah. but any one who wishes to seek the knowledge of Islam can be a player. Surah Kahf. This is really a very useful tool to teach Islam to our younger generations. but this CD gives an in depth and detailed knowledge of basics of Islam. The book is free from exaggeration. the rights of parents. Salman Asad A unique family tree shows 14 generations from the family of Mohammad (SAW). the Islamic values and morals. spanning almost three hundred fifty years. These lectures are in simple Urdu language. There are a lot of Islamic games’ CDs which claim to be informative. the 99 names of Muhammad (SAW). Piscataway. Surah Hajj and Surah Noor.

This book describes the view point of all major Mazahib of Fiqh with support of Ahadith. The Salah and all pertinent issues like Wudu. Fear of God and Piety. Johri Farm. By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi This book is a unique compilation of its kind. Selflessness and http://www. This is a compilation of all these topics and a lot more to help lead a life in the light of Islam. practices and prayers.: 91-11-26315028. Nawafil and Sunan. people and places. This is really a book which is equally important for every Muslim and an effort of making Muslim Ummah united.FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS Etiquette of Life in ISLAM World Famous Book Now available on CD (Audio and Text Version) By: Mohammad Yusuf Islahi Civility and Good Manners. This encyclopaedia of Islam covers names of prophets. Hospitality and Humility. Reliance on God and Bold Initiative. 51. everything is duiscussed in this book.110 025 (India) Tel. events and things connected with . It teaches them Islam in a easy way.A. This would be the fastest. Fiqh of Salah (Urdu and English versions) A NAME FOR ANY KIND OF BOOKS FROM INDIA ISLAMIC STUDIES RESEARCH ACADEMY (P) LTD. A to Z of ISLAM This book is an encyclopaedia for children which gives them true information about Islam. Dignity and Courtesy. Fax: 91-11-26315029 e-mail: info@israonweb. These are the magnificent features of a truly Islamic life. and many more names. New Delhi . Organization and Discipline. angels and anecdotes. most interesting and most effective way to learn Islam. Neatness and Purity. battles and books.israonweb. It is very handy for those who are eager to equips their children with Islamic knowledge. Pleasant speech. Jamia Nagar. rites and ritual.