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The Cheshire Chat

This year when Julianne Everett had a medically complex occurrence that required in-patient rehab following hospitalization, she told her doctor, Dr. Edmund Quinn that the only place she wanted to come was Cheshire House. The reason was that a year ago when the 80-year old had a total hip replacement by her orthopedist, Dr. Robert Wetmore, she came to Cheshire House for rehabilitation. The therapists got her in good shape and she returned home feeling that she had received the very best care. She credits the staff for the wonderful care theres lots of help on every shift and each is better than the next. Mrs. Everetts flair for dressing well and keeping herself up stems from the time she worked in New York as a private secretary at Chase Manhattan Bank. She led an active social life with bank parties and Broadway plays as well as frequent visits to Radio City Music Hall. Weekends were spent with her best friend on the Jersey shore where we had a ball! After moving to Waterbury Mrs. Everett held jobs in the City of Waterburys Assessors Office and also at Naugatuck Valley Community College. She found ample time to raise her two sons who have given her three grandchildren. Gram enjoys taking the kids to play in the park and thanks Cheshire House for giving her the

Cheshire House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 3396 East Main Street Waterbury, CT 06705 Phone: (203) 754-2161 Fax: (203) 756-2293


physical means to do so. She recently returned home once again to resume her life of shopping in New York, especially at Lane Bryants Tall Shop, and socializing with three close girl friends. Before leaving she added I would recommend Cheshire House to anyone.

I have been hospital bed and wheelchair bound since late November 2010 due to a lifetime of horrible living habits smoking, morbid obesity, overeating and increasingly sedentary lifestyle after 50. My knees were becoming totally worn out over a 5year period. In December 2011, I had a total knee replacement, followed by 6 weeks of very intensive rehab at a really great facility. My progress was so good that my surgeon, Dr. Robert Kennon, suggested moving up the planned second knee replacement by a full month. I had that operation done and today I am back at that same outstanding rehab center, Cheshire House, for more very aggressive rehab work.

Henry Chic Mohr and Grandson Ryan.

I saved my own life by deciding I wanted a better retirement for April and me than wheelchairs, bed pans, and not being able to get into our car. Fortunately, with my wifes tremendous loving hard work in caring for me and mental support, lots of encouragement from my kids, ongoing support from my pastor and hours of prayer on my own, I can now see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. I am not quite sure if its daylight or an on-coming train headlight, but Im going for it. -Henry Mohr

Emma Wright - The Wright Stuff!

Her family nicknamed her The Pontiff because of her strong personality and ability to dominate all around her. It is this determination that helped 75-year-old Emma Wright successfully reach her goals in short-term rehabilitation at Cheshire House. Each of her grandchildren has called her hard-working and this fact was evidenced in her daily therapy. sons as well. Both are active members in Waterburys Zion Baptist Church where Emma hopes to vote soon for a new pastor. Surrounded by this loving family it is understandable why Emma was eager to return home following completion of therapy. Not wanting to return to previous rehab facilities she had heard that Cheshire House had goals for a patient to follow with good outcomes. With some doubt she told her family shed try it out. Once she got here, she said she fell in love with the place!

She helped raise her two grandsons and one grand-daughter with lots of love. Oldest grandson David said: Nana has been the rock of this family. Whenever something was wrong, she always had the answer. Whenever things were right, she always knew how to make Emma was born in South Carolina them better. Emma quickly became the Grand but Connecticut has been her Dame of Cheshire House, entertaining home, keeping her family together Andre, the one in the middle claims both staff and roommates alike. After and raising her son Dennis. She Nana makes me aware that nothing is a successful discharge, Emma is worked many years as a seamgiven to you, everything is earned. happily resuming life at home with stress before spending twenty-one And the youngest of the grand kids, her beloved family. years as a cook at Southbury Sardea, says, she is our foundation Training School. Faith has been a and without her, wed just crumble to constant motivating force through- the ground. out not only Emmas life but her

The Pontiff, Emma Wright, beams with pride as she enjoys her grandchildren David, Sardea and Andre at Cheshire House recently prior to her discharge home.
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Cheshire House has become the first skilled nursing home in the State of Connecticut to have an intravenous line inserted at a facility. Infusion Plus Hi-Tech Nursing inserted an IV, or PICC line, into the arm of a resident. This procedure previously could only be performed at a hospital. As Cheshire House accepts more medically complex cases, especially in the new pulmonary short-term rehab wing, residents will not be inconvenienced by having to go to the hospital for something that can now be done in-house.

Contest Winner Announced

Sueann DiGiovanna, manager of the business office at Cheshire House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Waterbury is the winner in the Name the Wings contest held recently. With the building of a new 17-room addition nearing completion, Joanne Gorenstein, Administrator, decided to ask for suggestions to not only name the new short-term rehab wing, but the two existing wings as well. All submissions were voted on by staff. Inspired by Cheshire, England, Sueann submitted the names of three towns from that area. Cambridge was chosen for the new addition, Hampshire for the front unit and Somerset for the back. The new names are now implemented and staff are giving high-style to paging and messages with use of the new names.

Coming Soon to Cheshire House

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Cheshire House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 3396 East Main Street Waterbury, CT 06705
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New Unit coming along nicely.

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