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Week Beginning: October 21, 2011

NELA Internship Weekly Activity Log

Days Teacher Observation Teacher Evaluation Teacher Meetings Building Meetings District Meetings Community Meetings/ Contacts ExtraCurricu-lar Events Management Tasks Other



One (1) Teacher Evaluation with 8-U, Social Studies

Collaboration with 7th Grade Language Arts teachers as part of the School Improvement Project

Meeting with my Mrs. Hardy.




Co-teaching with None 6-R re: Science Fair from 8:00am-11:00am how to identify variables controlled, independent, and dependent; how to conduct an investigation -


Field day - NELA Middle School Developmental Activity Project *Conway Middle School, with Mr. Holley, Asst. Principal; Ms. Powell, ISS Coordinator *with Christina Williams, NELA Fellow, Central Elem. School, Northampton County Schools None One (1) PostObservatio n Conference with 8-U Collaboration with 7th Grade Language Arts teachers as part of the School Improvement Project None None None None Co-teaching with None 6-R re: Science Fair from 9:00am-11:30am choosing/ approving Science Fair projects


*Reflection on this weekly log (include feedback from coach and mentor):

On Collaboration My meeting on Friday, Nov. 18th with the 7th Grade Language Arts teachers produced one major change, which was on the way they collaborated with lesson planning. It used to be that given an informational/narrative/poetry text, the teachers would sit down and talk how they all would teach it, and if ever they would do any change with the final lesson plan, they just needed to write about it under the reflection part of the lesson plan. This was the first week they implemented the change during the collaborative meeting, they would all come with resources and strategies; they would decide as a team on the common texts one for each - informational, narrative, and poetry); each teacher would have to choose another informational/narrative/poetry for her/his classes. Together with the sharing of resources was sharing of strategies how they would teach the common texts and the extra pieces that they have to do for their respective classes. On Teacher Evaluation: Scheduling for the teacher evaluation depends on the availability of the teacher and his evaluator. I scheduled one before 8-U and everything was set until he realized he had to go to a new-teacher workshop. Lesson Learned: When I become an administrator, I would definitely have the schedule set at the very beginning of the year, and this would include the following: pre-observation conference, actual observation, post-observation conference, and peer evaluation schedules. On Co-teaching: The co-teaching activities I did this week took most of my time; I didnt have time to do teacher observations anymore. 6-R needed a lot of help on how to conduct the Science Fair lessons, choose and approve topics of her students. I could say that I learned a lot from my first co-teaching session (with 7-C) as these two days of coteaching with 6-R went out smoothly. I was introduced formally by 6-R to the class; helped her with the materials, and would join the discussion only when she needed my opinions/ideas/comments. Awesome!