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Astrology This is a guest post by Jane Gellar, who runs the star signs blog where you can learn about Leo traits and other signs from a western astrology standpoint. This article, however, takes a look at a lesser known strand of astrology the Celtic zodiac. When examining the science of astrology, the newcomer soon realizes that there are three principal schools of thought or philosophy concerning star signs. Primarily, there is Western Astrology, and also Vedic astrology from India and Chinese astrology too. However, there is a fourth tradition which few are aware of: Celtic Astrology. Celtic communication consists of patterns and symbols (or glyphs). These can act as a kind of esoteric code to communicate the secrets of the ancient zodiac. Their astrological tradition has its own symbols which you may have already encountered in the form of amulets or even tattoos. This whole branch of astrology was formulated by the druids. Their system split the year into not twelve, but thirteen signs. Each of these signs was given a tree to symbolize the qualities that the tree represented. In fact, the druids thought that the whole universe could be conceptualized as a tree, with offshoots reaching up to the heavens. It seems they even had myths where the human race itself descended from trees. In fact, the thirteen trees were these teachings were held as secret and valuable, and communicated through the Ogham alphabet. If you are interested in learning which tree represents you: Dec 24 Jan 20 is the Birch tree. This symbolizes birth and renewal. This slender tree is a bit deceptive. It appears fragile and delicate, yet it is capable of living where 'hardier' trees cannot. Birch signs (just like the tree) are tolerant, tough, and resilient. If you're born under this sign, you, too, may present a rather tender 'front' to others, but your inner strength is unwavering, and you'll lend support gladly to others who rely on you. Jan21 Feb 17 is the Rowan tree. This symbolizes the gateway to the spiritual world. Sometimes referred to as "the whispering tree," the rowan's tree's magic was well known among the Celts. Its berry is shaped like a Zive-pointed star, Zirst of all, the symbol of magical protection against spells, enchantments, and glamour's. Celtic tree astrology recognizes Rowan signs as the philosophical minds within the zodiac. You are highly inZluential in a quiet way and others look to you for your unique perspectives. Feb 18 Mar 17 is the Ash tree. This symbolizes imagination and creativity. These natives have a tendency to moody and withdrawn at times, but thats only because your inner landscape is in constant motion. You are in touch with your muse, and you are easily inspired by nature. Those born under the Celtic tree astrology sign of the Ash are free thinkers. The ash tree is famous, although anonymous, since it's the tree from which the Hanged Man is suspended in tarot decks. The roots of the ash penetrate deeply into the earth, and the tree itself is known for its speed of growth. Mar 18 Apr 14 is the Alder tree. This symbolizes independence and courage. If you are an Alder sign within the Celtic tree astrology system, you are a natural-born pathZinder. Apr 15 May 12 is the Willow tree. This symbolizes intuition and perception. The positive aspects are demonstrated by their resourcefulness and excellent memories. This gives you a realistic perspective of things, and also causes you to be more patient than most tree signs. The willow seeks out water, and is often found near streams or above natural underground wells. May 13 June 9 is the Hawthorn. This symbolizes energy and performance. The hawthorn is a small tree that was often used for hedging, and it has a mixed reputation. Hawthorn signs in Celtic tree astrology are not at all what they appear to be. Known to be both a sign of fertility and death, it was said to contain the knowledge of both reproduction and transformation. June 10 July 7 is the Oak tree. This symbolizes history and education. The oak tree endures what

others cannot. Strength is the gift of this tree. It remains strong through challenges, and is known for being almost immortal, as is often attested to by its long life and ability to survive Zire, lightning strikes, and devastation. July 8 Aug 4 is the Holly tree. This symbolizes nobility and leadership. Hollywood was used by the ancients in the construction of spear shafts, and as the spiny leaves show, it's well prepared for battle. The Celts designated this tree as having a royal or regal status. A symbol of Zirmness and masculine energy, the holly endows those born under its sign with an equally well-prepared nature. Aug 5 Sep 1 is the Hazel tree. This symbolizes study and concentration. Born under the sign of the hazel tree, you also have an inner treasure to offer - the fruits of your knowledge. Like the Holly, you are naturally gifted in academia, and excel in the classroom. Your wisdom and ability to communicate ideas make you capable of transforming the thoughts and opinion of others. Sep 2 Sep 29 is the Vine tree. This symbolizes romance and idealism. Vines traditionally carry fruit, the most famous of which is the grape, used to make wine, that magical elixir that's known for its ability to dissolve the boundaries between us, allow us to mingle more easily, and relax with others. You can be full of contradictions, and are often indecisive. Sep 30 Oct 27 is the Ivy tree. This symbolizes generosity and good cheer. Ivy characters have great personal stamina and abundant talents that can bring personal honors and public recognition. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. People born under this sign generally are colorful individuals with a unique style of their own. Oct 28 Nov 24 is the Reed tree. This symbolizes mythology and truth. Generally speaking, reed people are great survivors in life who are inclined to encounter the hostility of others rather than a helping hand. The Celts designated this tree as the keeper of secrets. The roots of the reed go deeply into the water from which it takes its nourishment. Nov 25 Dec 23 is the Elder tree. This symbolizes the natural world and communion. The elder is a very adaptable tree, quite able to regenerate itself in many ways. It can be rooted from a branch and re-grow limbs quickly, allowing it to recover from the damage of both natural and unnatural assailants with equal ease. Both under the elder sign, then, you too are able to live and prosper under any conditions. Incidentally, it is said that J.K. Rowling used this information to decide upon the wood used for Harrys wand. She selected the Holly tree as Harry Potters birthday fell within that period! For more clariZication on Celtic astrology, check out the Wikipedia page: