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Kinesiology 

Important Philosophies - 5 o “Idealism”  The mind is the focus of a persons being  In the total scheme of the universe, people are more important than nature  Values are permanent and do not need individuals to carry them forward  The learning process is self initiated  Strive for perfection – organized and like things a certain way  Teacher is a role model  Curriculum centered around the following  Fine arts – science  Language – philosophy  Logic – history  Math – geography o Things that don’t change with the whims of society  Idealism and physical activity  Select activities that encourage honesty, courage, creativity and sportsmanship; wrestling, running, discus, gymnastics, and fitness  Develop strong moral character  Body developed along with mind – body and min go to together – Strong mind strong body  Teacher is firm and passionate  Philosophers who were idealists  Socrates (469-399BC) 70 years old  Plato (427-347BC) 80 years old o “Realism”  Realisms love to watch films  Plain uniforms, no one is more important then someone else. When you enter on to the field you are all equal  A result of scientific methods

etc. Material objects exist in and of themselves. and tatchtranixze their teachers o “Naturalism”  Concerned with land. and testing  The physical world is the real world  Stresses sciences. They contradict their parents. challenged yourself’ compete against yourself  Discipline is non-existents – child/person who disobeys will bring on own punishment  From the beginning of man. and physics  Perpetual the culture Competition is discouraged. results and records  They reward good performance (stickers)  Study anatomy. performance scores  Realists are “bean counters”  They keep all kinds of scores. and memorization  Standardized tests. fish. kinesiology. teaching. education was simple.How to hunt. chemistry. and survive the environment  Philosophers/ people who are naturalists o Jean Jacques Rousseau o Native Americans o People today who make a living in nature settings . record keeping. evaluating. as well as astronomy. Children learned the necessary activities of life from their parents…. forests. without being dependent upon being perceived  Revolt against idealism  Things are objective  Education is objective: objective. and physiology  Drills and fundamentals emphasized  Philosophers that were realists o Aristotle (384-322BC) 62 years old o St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274AD) 49 o Children today are tyrants. drills. gobble their food.

– 393 A. it was the starting line not efficient o Zeus – A God that the games at Olympus were dedicated to o Hera – was Zeus wife – decicated some of the games to her o Pindar – Documented the games at Mount Olympus that were important o Flutists o Trumpets – were signified for signaling a false start. today are much longer o Olympiad – every four years o Nike – a wing goddess. hot tubes. lets spectators travel and go to the games – allowed people go to the games in a safe manner o Paidotribe – were teachers o Ponos – the greek word for pain – “no pain no game” o Scratch – a line through the sand. Words and terms associated with the games o Arete’ – means excellence o Ekecheirria – means truth. a beautiful white statue  The Ancient Olympic Games  776B.  When the games started and ended o Prytaneion – was a small building burned all the time due to a God  The events of the Ancient games o Stade – the length of the stadium . athletes competed in the nude o Theodosis – o Hellanodikae – o Halteres – were hand held weights o Thermae – baths – like cold tubs. massages – to heal the athlete after they competed o Renaissance – o Zanes – cheated – a way of publicly cheated to let other know and humiliate that person if they cheated o Husplex – A started gate for running events o Kampter – a truing post. if it was a short track there would be a post for when to trun around – tracks then aren’t like they are today. back then you were crucified and disgraced your family o Gymnasium – established by the ancient Greek – came from Gyno means nude. ultrasounds.C.D.

Diaulos – double stage – a race of about 200 hundred yards Dolichis – Triple the distance Race in Afmor – put on full body armor and raced The jump – long jump The discuss – no one really knows how it become an event Pentathlon Javelin Wrestling Boxing Pankratin – boxing/wrestling. a combination – can do anything everything was legal o Horse/Chariot racing o o o o o o o o o o .