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Jared Greer History Primary Source Analysis 4/9/12 Meriwether Lewis’s Journal Entry Meriwether Lewis was born in Charlottesville

, VA on August 18, 1774, and from that point in time, events began to transpire that would eventually lead to a western expedition of untraveled and undocumented lands. The trip, which was assigned by President Thomas Jefferson, would not only document unknown lands to the west, but it would also be a stepping stone of the advancement to the western region, and the restructuring of the American nation as it was known at the time. Meriwether Lewis was a childhood neighbor of Jefferson, and became a young Army Captain, and eventually secretary-aide to Jefferson, due to Lewis’s knowledge of the Western Country. Jefferson seemingly knew that there would be makings of a western expedition when he appointed Mr. Lewis to this office, due to the experience and background of Meriwether Lewis. In 1803 congress appropriated the funds needed for the expedition and Lewis began his preparations. On August 30th 1803, the journey would begin and the realizations of just how treacherous and dangerous the expedition would be were quickly brought to fruition. After giving a brief summary of the travelers who were currently involved on the expedition, Lewis subtly mentions the distance traveled which was merely 3 miles, before taking a break to rest.

and that he fired the gun multiple times.Lewis mentions an interaction with the men in his group. By analyzing the differences in the atmosphere and weather changes. as Lewis speaks of the fog that surrounds them. giving the impression that he was putting on a shooting display of sorts with a newly purchased gun. but not fatally wounding her. The next bit of the journal entry gives a better understanding of the true reason for the expedition. Blaze was not familiar with how to operate the weapon. and he observes the differences of the atmosphere as compared to all other regions he had previously traveled. The image that is portrayed by this is one of a long and grueling trip that involved intense labor. grazing her head. Lewis begins to evaluate the cause of the fog in the area. This early account of the expedition gives the impression that the crew was not only interacting with locals. but he is also accounting for all of the . This also shows some of the difficulties in travel during this time period. and at times carry it over low water areas. and harsh terrain. due not only to the fact that Lewis was traveling in unchartered lands. and he also notes his exhaustion at the end of the day when the crew retires for rest. Blaze Cenas to shoot the gun. and accidentally shot a woman through her hat. Lewis is not only painting a picture of the area. but it also gives the impression that the men traveling with Lewis may not be as capable as he. and how the temperature change and time of year may affect the atmosphere. Lewis speaks of ripples in the creek and notes the low water levels along the route the crew was traveling. in which there was an interest in his air gun. which proved to be a poor idea due to the fact that Mr. but also due to the lack of modern tools that would have eased many of the issues with travel. After Lewis finished firing the weapon he apparently allowed Mr. Lewis also notes times in which the crew was required to get out of the boat and lift it up.

or lack of rainfall in the region. and the speed of which travel occurred in the time period. Lewis may have noted the extreme heat. when he speaks of employing a man with oxen to help get his crew through a point in the river that he and his crew could not pass after hours of failed labor. it goes to show the massive impact that the group would have on people throughout the expedition. Considering the fact that the group had just embarked on its journey and they have already needed to employ locals to help get them through a point on the river. If the crew had been traveling through west Texas in the summer time. and also nearly killed another local woman. and spurred Americans interests in the previously unknown land. The journal entries that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark logged were the only source of information on the Western country that was available to Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the American nation at the time.subtleties that make a certain region what it is. . After the discussion of fog. The two men’s’ accounts of the expedition laid the groundwork for western expansion. again proving just how challenging of an expedition the crew had embarked on. Lewis once again mentions a time in which the crew interacted with local people along the journey. There is also another mention at the very end of the entry of how the group was only able to travel ten miles in one day.

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