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Change Management Paper

Change Management Paper
Keller Graduate School
Samuel L. Manning 2/1/2012

The work environment is very conducive to learning and employee development. implement. procurement. The Office of Management and Operation’s mission is to provide administrative and operations support for the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control. My office services 4 branches and the Office of the Director. contracts. which employed over 225 civilian employees and contractors. to fulfill the needs of staff in detecting. CDC works with national cancer organizations. Epidemiology Research and Surveillance Branch. The OMO’s function is to oversee the administrative operations of the division. facilities. The administrative functions of the office are: personnel management. One of the areas I particularly wanted to assess was if any of them were cross-trained in other job functions and how each individual is used. and travel.Change Management Paper The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a leader in nationwide efforts to ease the burden of cancer. which consists of 4 branches: Cancer Surveillance Branch. Being a new Team Leader. . knowledge and abilities of the staff to see how they measured up. state health agencies. My staff consists of 4 Management and Program Analysts. and controlling the spread of cancer globally. Through the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC). and 9 Administrative Support staff members. The Office of Management and Operations staff strive to provide an administrative operation that is organized and mission-oriented. by displaying integrity and accountability at all times. Comprehensive Cancer Control Branch. and Prevention Services Branch. and the Office of the Director. recruitment and staffing. preventing. and other key groups to develop. I wanted to assess the skills. and promote effective strategies for preventing and controlling cancer. and see what change is needed. a Contracts Specialist.

Braverman. I decided to use a combination of a questionnaire. With the permission of my immediate supervisor. A “gap analysis” typically involves organizational analysis. I had to know how the process worked and what were the major elements involved. and Goldstein. I disseminated it to the employees and my manager. which provided me where change is needed to achieve organizational success. I conducted interviews with the management teams. and task analysis” (Goldstein. 1991. and the results from a team retreat. person analysis. and requested a 2-day turn-around. Next I had to decide what method I would use to conduct my assessment. .Change Management Paper Gap Analysis In order to conduct an effective gap analysis. interviews. 5-35 to 5-75). At the same time.

5th Edition (2010) McGraw-Hill Irwin New York. Wexley (Washington. and Schmitt. E. CIPD Publishing. 5. Raymond A.Change Management Paper References Harrison. Noe. NY . and Goldstein. R. Rosemary (2005). 1991): 5-35 to 5-75. N.” Personnel Psychology 39 (1986): pp.. N. L. Employee Training and Development. DC: Bureau of National Affairs. P. pp.. K. H. Learning and Development. 497-523. “The Influence of Trainee Attitudes on Training Effectiveness: Test of a Model.. “Needs Assessment.. Goldstein.. A.” in Developing Human Resources. Ed. Noe. Braverman.