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state “site no.” DRI * * reset_d “site no.” DRI ” DRI no.” Chg_l disp_gsm “site no.” disp_cell_status “site no.” or disp_cell_st “site no.

” disp_act “site no.” state 0 site * * state “site no.” state 0 ” site no” state 0 MTL * * state 0 RSL * * state 0 XBL * * state 0 axdr * * state 0 cic * * disp_con disp_eq “site no.” rtf * * disp_eq “site no.” rtf “rtf no” disp_eq “site no.” rtf 0 0 disp_rtf_ch “site no.’’ “’rtf no.” disp_hopping disp_bss dtpad /etc/hosts cd /usr/omc/ne_data/OTG quick start Device type: BSS Select BSC’s SCCP Busy in use cic Busy cics_mean Summary Level: none

check DRI’s reset DRI change security level from 1 to 2 to reset DRI display site’s name display cell status not ), BCCH check site’s alarms ( check if it is barred or

check working sites display device status information of site check the date of on air check MTL’s BSC – MSC check RSL’s BTS – BSC check XBL’s BSC – Transcoder cic validation checking no. of Aters on each BSC through remote login

check half rate display hopping information for a cell display high level information of all sites supported in the BSS

>help >passwd

to find command to change ur Pass word

State siteNo. Gclk * * Disp_equip 0 path siteNo. 0 Disp_mms 0 mssNo. 0

to check GClock state to find mss id No. to check mms state 0=mean set frequency mode 1=mean phase lock mode to reset the

Chg_el phase_lock_gclk (siteNo.) 0 GCLK Chg_el phase_lock_gclk (siteNo) 1

state 0 rsl * * (to check the status of site link) disp_cell_st 4 (check the status of the site if carry traffic or not) disp_act_alarm 0 (check the alarms on the BSC) disp_rtf_channel 1 0 0(to check if there are calls or note) state 0 mtl * * state 5 dri * * (to the DRIs of the site 5) state 0 axcdr * * (check the transcoder) state 2 (to see every thing about the site) ins 9 dri 0 0 (to reset the DRI) (to check HR) disp_eq 8 rtf 0 0 Disp_conn (if the mtl is connected or not) disp_cell_st (site no.) (to see if it is barred or not) state 0 site 14 0(to know the date been on air) state 0 site * *(to see the working sites) disp_gsm 5(to know the name of the site) chg_l enter enter ahmed alawsi: ahmed alawsi: ahmed alawsi: ahmed alawsi: l site ID dri 0 0 l site ID dri 0 1 unl site ID dr 0 1 unl site ID dri 0 0 lock dri Un lock dri .

chmod 775 event 6 .tar.gz 8. X=your user name( manuall) ==> /home/ali 2.get it by ftp and open it normall by using WINZIP its take about 10 mint if you want get it automatic as in iraqna you shoud ask omc team to make corn and replace the path in step 1 to become as below (automatic) ==> /home/omcadmin/script .tar.gz 4.tar xvf /home/X 3.reset_site site_id reset_device site_id dri 0 0 ins site_id dri 0 0 ins 0 mms 0 1 reset_site 55 disp_p 0 rest site rest dri lock and unlock lock & unlock reset site 55 to check BSCs LCF& GPRG distribution [18/06/09 14:48:36] MMI-RAM 0117 [aeidan] -> disp_eq 8 dri 2 0 full DRI identifier: 2 0 DRI Density[dri_density]: DOUBLE Associated DRI identifier: 2 1 Transceiver Flag: 0 Cabinet identifier: 0 Type of connection to the BTP: MASTER Port to which the TCU is connected[tcu_port]: 4 RTF identifier[pref_rtf_id]: 2 0 GSM cell ID where the DRI appears: 286 02 51001 34559 Cell name where the DRI appears: GONSEB10731T-B34559 Antenna select number for this cell[antenna_select]: 3 Tuneable combining used: No The diversity flag for this DRI is[diversity_flag]: 1 The fm cell type is[fm_cell_type]: 4 Hardware Information: FRU: CTU2D Kit Number: SYWF4876G Serial Number: X96H8P2DWE Hardware Version Number: Unavailable Events alarm: Attachment (event.gz) is your request please follow the following steps the following step to get event manual 1.tar can find output file under path /tmp/event_2008MMDD./bin/gunzip/ event.event ftp put attached file under any directory example: /home/X a.tar.

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