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ADVERBS OF MANNER (how?) Carefully, correctly, eagerly, easily, fast, loudly, patiently, quickly, quietly, well.

 She quickly decided to write her paper. (her decision was quick)  She decided to write her paper quickly. (her writing was quick) ADVERBS OF PLACE (where?) Abroad (en el extranjero), anywhere, downstairs, here, home, in, nowhere, out, outside, somewhere, there, underground (bajo el suelo), upstairs.  I wanted to go upstairs.  She has lived in the city since June. ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY (how often?) q tan seguido? Always, every, never, often, rarely, seldom, sometimes, usually.  Mackenzie gets a ride from her brother every day.  The fish usually swims near the top of its tank. ADVERBS OF TIME (when?) After, already, during, finally, just, last, later, next, now, recently, soon, then, tomorrow, when, while, yesterday.  He came home before dark.  It will be too dark to play outside soon.  Jessica finished her homework first.  Andy left school early. ADVERBS OF DEGREE (con que intensidad? adequately, almost, entirely, extremely, greatly, highly, hugely, immensely, moderately, partially, perfectly, practically, profoundly, strongly, totally, tremendously, very, virtually.  The man drove really badly.  They enjoyed the film immensely.  The water was extremely cold.  Billy has almost finished his homework.  She doesn't quite know what she'll do after university.  They are completely exhausted from the trip.  I am too tired to go out tonight.  He hardly noticed what she was saying.  He didn't work hard enough. ADVERB OF ASSERTION (true or false) yes, no, truly, indeed, perhaps, possibly, maybe, probably.  The police officers are truly sorry for the inconvenience.  The movie was indeed (realmente)amazing.  Probably, I will go to the beach next week. INTERROGATIVE ADVERBS  How was the movie?  When does the play begin?  Where is the new mall being built?

however. I get bad grades. at the same time. anyhow. nevertheless.  I always go to other people's funerals. moreover. therefore.besides. . finally. as a matter of fact. I wonder why you have stopped skiing. I will learn very fast.   Why don't you like her? Tell me who that good-looking guy is. consequently. nevertheless. also. as a result. CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS Accordingly.for example. in any case. in addition. they won't go mine. therefore. so.  I study every day. otherwise.  I practice English all the time. anyway. in fact.