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RED TACTON Human Area Networking Technology

Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology

Submitted By: Jayati Mittal
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Index         Abstract Introduction What is Red Tacton Working Principle Human Area Network Red Tacton Transceiver Prototypes Features 1. Any Media Human Safety Advantages Obstacles Application Fields Comparison with other communication methods Advantage over Bluetooth Conclusion References 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11         13 13 13 14 16 17 18 2 . Broadband and Interactive 3. Touch 2.

Abstract Ubiquitous services that are genuinely user-friendly to everyone will require technologies that enable Communication between people and objects in close proximity. high speed network transmission path.When very weak radio signals are used for the communication. the human body acts as a transmission medium supporting IEEE 802. And know about human area network. 3 . this article describes human area net-working technology that enables communication by touching. A transmission path is formed automatically when a person comes into contact with a device and communication between mobile terminals begins. and its working States. When cables are used for communication between terminals. Here.3 half-duplex communication at 10Mbit/s. inevitability and sense of security conveyed by touching in everyday life. In this paper we will discuss about red tacton. Human area network technology for communication between mobile terminals and between terminals that are embedded in the environment has become important. data speeds are reduced by packet collision and other such problems in crowded places such as exhibition sites and security risk from unwanted signal interception is another problem. the routing of the cables is clearly inconvenient . which we call RedTacton. The chips which will be embedded in various devices contain transmitter and receiver built to send and accept data in digital format. and Applications of red tacton various fields. NTT lab from Japan is currently testing & developing this revolutionary technology. Technology for solving such problems includes the use of the person’s body as a signal path for communication. And we will compare our red tacton with the other technology for data transmission. Red Tacton uses the minute electric field generated by human body as medium for transmitting the data. Focusing on the naturalness. RedTacton is a new Human Area networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe.

11b.Introduction Today people can communicate anytime. these two technologies enable communications between terminals located at a distance from each other. etc. Essentially. Throughput is reduced by packet collisions in crowded spaces such as meeting rooms and auditoriums filled with people and communication is not secure because signals can be intercepted. and digital cameras are becoming smaller. all kinds of electronic devices including personal digital assistants (PDAs). An electrical sensor requires two lines (a signal line and a ground line). The principle drawback of infrared communications (IrDA) is the tight directionality of beams between terminals needed for the system to be effective. the body itself. which leads to an unbalanced transmission line. 4 . all those reported technologies had two limitations: 1) the operating range through the body was limited to a few tens of centimeters and 2) the top communication speed was only 40 kbit/s. pocket video games. in which the human body serves as the transmission medium. Wired connections between electronic devices in human area networks are cumbersome and can easily become entangled. However. The communication mechanism has subsequently been evaluated and reported by several research groups around the world. which uses the minute electric field propagated by the human body to transmit information. the Internet lets people download immense quantities of data from remotely located servers to their home computers. Moreover. and with anyone over a cellular phone network. anywhere. i. low security. The ultimate human area network solution to all these constraints of conventional technologies is “intra-body” communication. and high net -work setup costs. However. so people can carry around or even wear various personal information and communication appliances during their everyday activities.) have some problems. then this would be an ideal way of implementing human area networks because it would solve at a stroke all the problems including throughput reduction. whereas in intra-body communication there is essentially only one signal line. In ubiquitous services (which imply communication between electronic devices embedded in the environment in close proximity to people). Short-range wireless communication systems such as Bluetooth and wireless local area networks (IEEE 802.. These limitations arise from the use of an electrical sensor for the receiver. was first proposed by IBM. if we could use the human body itself as a transmission medium. user-friendly ubiquitous services involve more than just networking between remotely located terminals.e. The concept of intra-body communication. Meanwhile. Communication between electronic devices on the human body (wearable computers) and ones embedded in our everyday environments is also critical. so this has driven extensive research and development on human area networks. so the signal is not transmitted correctly.

Warmth. or stepping on a particular spot. holding. Red. Acton-Action 5 . security. sitting. walking. Red Tacton uses weak electric fields on the surface of the body as a transmission medium. Red Tacton enables the first practical Human Area Network between body-centered electronic devices and PCs or other network devices embedded in the environment via a new generation of user interface based on totally natural human actions such as touching. NTT is committed to moving Red Tacton out of the laboratory and into commercial production as quickly as possible by organizing joint field trials with partners outside the company.Warmth. Acton-Action stands for Red Tacton. Using a novel electro-optic sensor. NTT has already developed a small PCMCIA card-sized prototype Red Tacton transceiver. Red Tacton can be used for intuitive operation of computer-based systems in daily life. T-Touch. Red. and a host of other applications based on new behavior patterns enabled by Red Tacton. device personalization. temporary one-to-one private networks based on personal handshaking. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) is pursuing research and development of an innovative Human Area Networking technology called Red Tacton that safely turns the surface of the human body into a data transmission path at speeds up to 10 Mbps between any two points on the body. T-Touch. when networks are seamlessly interconnected and information is always accessible at our fingertips.What is RED TACTON: Human society is entering an era of ubiquitous computing. Instead of relying on electromagnetic waves or light waves to carry data.

Therefore. 6 . Data is received using a photonic electric field sensor that combines an electro-optic crystal and a laser light to detect fluctuations in the minute electric field. The naturally occurring electric field induced on the surface of the human body dissipates into the earth. The Red Tacton receiver senses changes in the weak electric field on the surface of the body caused by the transmitter . Red Tacton detects changes in the optical properties of an electro-optic crystal using a laser and converts the result to an electrical signal in a optical receiver circuit.Working principle: Using a new super-sensitive photonic electric field sensor.Red tacton relies upon the principle that the optical properties of an electro-optic crystal can vary according to the changes of a weak electric field. this electric field is exceptionally faint and unstable. The transmitter sends data by inducing fluctuations in the minute electric field on the surface of the human body. Red Tacton can achieve duplex communication over the human body at a maximum speed of 10 mbps The Red Tacton transmitter induces a weak electric field on the surface of the body. The photonic electric field sensor developed by NTT enables weak electric fields to be measured by detecting changes in the optical properties of an electrooptic crystal with a laser beam.

Human area network:- In addition to the WANs (Internet) and LANs. where everything is networked. By making Human Area Networks feasible. RedTacton will enable ubiquitous services based on human-centered interactions and therefore more intimate and easier for people to use. there are applications best served by Human Area Networks (HANs) that connect the last meter. 7 . Human society is entering an era of ubiquitous computing.

The transmitter circuit varies the electric field on the surface of our body. The signal from the interface is sent to the data sense circuit and the transmitter circuit. The output of the electro-optic sensor is given to the detector circuit.RED TACTON TRANSCEIVER Figure below shows the block diagram of a RED TACTON transceiver. which in turn given to the interface of the receiving RED TACTON device. The data sense circuit senses the signal and if the data is present it sends control signal to the transmitter which activates the transmitter circuit. This change in the electric field is detected by the electro-optic sensor. 8 .

Prototype: NTT has made three types of prototypes Red Tacton Transceiver (PC Card type) Communication speed: 10Mbps Protocols: TCP/IP Communication method: Half-duplex Interface: PCMCIA Red Tacton Transceiver (Hub type) Communication speed: 10Mbps Protocols: TCP/IP Communication method: Half-duplex Interface: RJ45 Red Tacton Transceiver (Box type): 9 .

10 .

starting or stopping equipment. TOUCH:- Touching. gripping. walking. BROADBAND & INTERACTIVE Duplex. using Red Tacton. stepping and other human movements can be the triggers for unlocking or locking. transmission speed does not deteriorate in congested areas where many people are communicating at the same 11 . Because the transmission path is on the surface of the body. interactive communication is possible at a maximum speed of 10Mbps.FEATURES:- 1. communication starts when terminals carried by the user or embedded in devices are linked in various combinations through physical contact according to the human's natural movements. 2. or obtaining data. sitting.

device drivers can be downloaded instantly and execute programs can be sent.Taking advantage of this speed. such as desks. 12 . various conductors and dielectrics can be used as transmission media. 3. walls. DI ELETRICS CONDUCTORS (Signals pass through materials) (Signals travel along surface) A communication environment can be created easily and at low-cost by using items close at hand. and metal objects. Conductors and dielectrics may also be used in combination. and on the thickness of the dielectric to be passed through.time . ANY MEDIA In addition to the human body. on installation locations. But there is one limitation on the length of the conductor to be propagated.

creating a minute displacement current. There is no current flowing from the RedTacton transceiver.  Transmission speed does not deteriorate in congested areas where many people are communicating at the same time. This displacement current is similar to those occurring in everyday life. Not useful unless many people adopt it. This causes electrons already present inside the body to move. 13 . however. the body indirectly receives a minute electric field. Obstacles:     Cost. Advantages:  Communication by just a Simple Touch thus eliminating use of hectic arrangements of wires. No current flows into the body from the RedTacton transceiver.  Displacement current occurring in the body is small enough.  Red Tacton transceiver electrodes are covered with an insulating film. Needs to gain popularity.Human safety  No current flowing into the human body from RedTacton devices. Transmitter and receiver electrodes are covered with an insulating films. RedTacton uses the electric field that occurs naturally on the surface of the human body for communication. Widespread marketing campaigns and education.  Provides high speed and accuracy  Secure Data Transmission.

just the way you like: The seat position and steering wheel height adjust to match the driver just by sitting in the car. Some are:  An alarm sounds automatically to avoid accidental medicine ingestion: Red tacton devices embedded medicine bottles transmit information on the medicines' attributes. If the user touches the wrong medicine. By touching or standing in front of items they are interested in. (Electronic exchange of business cards) Communication can be kept private using authentication and encryption technologies  Just sitting in the seat triggers the car to load all its presets. personal profile data can be exchanged between mobile terminals on the users. consumers can get more in-depth information. The alarm sounds only if the user actually touches the medicine bottle. advertising and information matching his or her attributes is automatically displayed. an alarm will trigger on the terminal he is carrying. reducing false alarms common with passive wireless ID tags.  Instantaneous private network via personal handshake: By shaking hands. which can trigger simply by proximity.  Touch a printer to print: Print out where you want just by touching the desired printer with one hand and a PC or digital camera with the other hand to make the link Complicated configurations are reduced by downloading device drivers "at first touch".  Touch advertising and receive information: When a consumer stands in front of an advertising panel. The driver's home is set as the destination in the car navigation system.Application fields Many application using Red Tacton are introduced. The stereo plays the driver's favorite song… 14 .

15 .  User verification and unlocking with just a touch: Carrying a mobile RedTacton-capable device in one's pocket. etc. Using different sheet patterns enables segmentation of the table into subnets. mobile phones. Users can listen to music from a Red Tacton player simply by putting on a headset or holding a viewer. mobile devices. Secure lock administration is possible by combining personal verification tools such as fingerprint ID or other biometric in the mobile terminal. A network connection is initiated simply by placing a lap-top on the table.  Wireless Headsets: Red Tacton can carry music or video between headsets. Connect to the network just by putting a laptop on the table: An electrically conductive sheet is embedded in the table. NTT developed Room Access Control Sytem using Red Tacton Technology and the video was shown in seminar. ID is verified and the door unlocked when the user holds the doorknob normally.

and interactivity.COMPARISON WITH OTHER COMMUNICATION METHODS "Intra-body communication" using the human body as a transmission medium have been reported. P: Possible N: Not possible P*: Possible under certain conditions 16 . but the electric field/photonics method employed by RedTacton is superior to conventional methods in terms of communication distance. speed.

ADVANTAGE OVER BLUETOOTH The system envisioned by NTT. 17 . These deflections are measured and converted back into electrical signals to retrieve the transmitted data. as only when you are in true proximity you can make this system work. Moreover. Red Tacton solves this issue by utilizing a technique called electric field photonics: A laser is passed though an electro-optic crystal. body-based networking seems to allow for more natural interchanges of information between humans.The issue is that with Bluetooth. There are some specific applications that would appear as being ideal matches for Red Tacton-like technologies. or better than a broadband T1 connection. this new wireless technology claims to be able to send data over the human skin surface at transfer speeds of up to 10Mbps. According to Tom Zimmerman. which have a range of about 10m. such as Bluetooth. it is difficult to rein in the signal and restrict it to the device you are trying to connect to. Receiving data in such a system is more complicated because the strength of the pulses sent through the electric field is so low. While it is true that similar personal area networks are already accessible by using radio-based technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. inventor of the IBM personal networking system. body-based networking is more secure than broadcast systems. utilizes a conversion method which takes digital data into a stream of low-power digital pulses. These can be easily transmitted and read back through the human electric field. But in a busy place there could be hundreds of Bluetooth devices within range. which deflects light differently according to the strength of the field across it.

rather than on the surface of. This technology brings a new dimension of communication which effectively links the user to anyone he wants to communicate. or outside. according to other researchers. it can provide seamless service wherever. The problem faced by the Red Tacton technology is the cost of development. the body. the most important application for body-based networking may well be for these type of communications within. whenever and whoever uses it. Since it provides high speed communication. 18 . Red Tacton technology could put the use of cables to an end.Conclusion The need for artificial body implants to communicate with each other as well as to report back to a portable device could have quite some value. Red Tacton technology is expected to dominate Bluetooth technology in the future. In fact.

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