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Chapshire, 27th October 04 Chapshire is now a thriving settlement, trading in goods and spices. I have set up shop in 13 Blue Street. The laboratory is being tended by my apprentice Frank Sandbrush. While he keeps the lab in check I am focusing on my archaeological project of Herobrine. I have accumulated a fine collection of artefacts from the Expeditions main land, but a specific tome insisted I head to a certain latitude and longitude. Or in other words: Chapshire. Being an island at the middle of ocean, its strange to end up here. Mind you we are still technically in the Expedition, and Chapshire is the capital of it, but I wouldnt realise anyone would have even got this island without having succumbed with a lack of food and water! Evidence suggests the best the former natives of thee Expedition could manufacture for water transportation is a canoe! And I dont understand how they could even have found the latitude and longitude of this place! Do they even know what that is? This has got me thinking about the natives technology -Professor Goldengem

Chapshire, 3rd November 04 I have just inspected the new video grams show at the theatre from Gamechap and Betiechap, and I experienced a eureka moment! I witnessed an attack on them from Herobrine while in the county side, and pondered Why them, why now? I went to the waterfall to think about it, and I came to two conclusions. One, Gamechap and Bertiechap must be feared by Herobrine. If he wanted something from them, he would have it. But if you noticed, sometimes Herobrine is seen multiplying. Now, this is what makes it obvious. If Herobrine is cloned, thats simply like cloning the devil. Im pretty sure that Herobrine would only need to stay in one form. But he doesnt. Herobrine wouldnt come to the surface form the Nether without him being in an extremely powerful state. He is said to be able to conjure extreme spells in exchange for simple ones, including all the spells of illusion. In that state hes said to be able to strike down whole continents, let alone a little house. That itself is definite fact. Conclusion two is that the natives worshiped him as a god. They would do his bidding, and he would give them technology and black magic. They must have got here with a portal. It only puts another question in front of me: Why did they tell me how to get here? Later on I nodded off on top of a hill. I had a nightmare. I was falling. In the Nether. A voice was talking to me. He told me weird things in a strange manor. The words were backwards. He said to me to stop. He said to obey. He said to me to fear. I saw a glowstone capital e. I finally woke up. -Professor Goldengem

Chapshire, 12th December 04

Frank came to me and told me a funny story about an old boot he had that was so old it disintegrated when he was clearing out the pantry. He even showed me the remains. It came to me. The large piles of dust at the temple where I found the tome. It was the remains of buildings, items and people. He killed them. Herobrine destroyed his own followers. There were only two sets of fingerprints on the tome, mine and an odd couple. These must have been a native who wanted to stop Herobrine from harassing his people. He must have found out, or the village would still be there. They were punished for one mans crime. And I figured out what the capital e means. Herobrine speaks backwards. Three worlds came to mind. Desecrate, assimilate and annihilate. They all end in e. Come to think of it I saw three es in that nightmare. But they were carved into the cliff faces. Only when I looked hard into the depths of my hazy memory did I find this out. They were so well hidden. After two sleepless days I worked out what it meant. He wants to desecrate the lands, assimilate all good and holy to evil and to annihilate all who oppose Herobrine. Gamechap and Betiechap must be the hope for the side of justice. They must be able to stop him. Could they be our only hope? If so, I wish them the best of luck. -Professor Goldengem