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Dear Friends Jai Gurudev
The worship of Gayatri mantra conferment to the boon of righteous wisdom. The teachings of and the powers incorporated in Gayatri mantra fulfil this purpose. According to hinduism Scholars Sage (Rishis) have selected the words of various Mantras and arranged them in such a way that chanting creates specific energies.

Om bhurbhuvah swah , Tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya, Dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat ॥
Divine power of Gayatri has caught the intellect and feelings of our head and heart and is guiding them on the path of righteousness. We are totaly pure, concerted and enthusiastic and are getting attained to move in the direction of righteousness with the grace of Gayatri Mata. Brilliance, supreme excellence, utmost piety, purity and divine righteousness should be visualised in the beautiful image of Gayatri Mata. Gayatri Mantra is fully assimilated in the heart of the Devotee. The auspicious result is that in a Quickly his mind gets Remove from evil thoughts and evil deeds and he starts taking enthusiastic joy in righteous thinking and good actions. The secret of the supernatural impact of Gayatri Mantra in the physical domains of life lies in its unique configuration of the specific syllables the seeds of Shabd, which is derived from the esoteric depths of the absolute science of Shabd Brahma-Nad Brahma. The cyclic enunciation of this mantra stimulates the subliminal power centers of the inner being. According to some scholar, People with corrupted vision see evil everywhere but a devotee of Gayatri develops a divine vision with which he sees happiness and beauty all around in this garden of the Lord. Gayatri Mantra is a kind of spiritual light with which it is possible to distinguish between true and untrue, right and wrong, necessary and unnecessary, etc. In majority of cases, the cause of sin and suffering is ignorance, confusion or foolishness. Gayatri bestows the faculty of discernment, which saves the devotee from all the pitfalls. Human body is a storehouse of wonderful powers. If these powers are utilized in a proper direction, one can achieve great successes. Gayatri does bless a devotee with the virtue of self-control and hence with success. Gayatri is the mantra which imparts true wisdom. It inspires the mind, intellect inner psyche and emotions of the devotee towards the righteous path. Its Sadhana helps in progressive growth of righteous(sat) elements. When the Devotee concentrates on the meaning of this. In This Edition We Are Try to Give some Useful Infromation for Our Reader, We Give some special Mantra, strotra, Daily Ritual and some useful information to Make Holy Water Your Self to chanting the Gayatri Mantra for Curing all Diseases and daily use for troubleshooting of problems.

Maa Gayatri Bless you All


moderation and spirituality. Even the Godhead Shree Krishn says in the Holy Geeta "Among all the Mantra I am the Gayatri Mantra".Gayatri is not a new or independent goddess. It is these five elements that are manifested in the five faces of Gayatri. This Gayatri Mantra also has 24 syllables. It develops purity in the mind of the aspirant and also grants divine grace from Saraswatee . moon. Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. Mere seeing the gold and exposing ourselves into its luster promote good quality and external charm in the aspirant. Historically. made up of two Letters "Gaa" and "Yatree". Gold Color Face: gold symbolizes of wealth. N. The second face develops the principle of Nishchal Tattwa in the aspirants mind . She is depicted with five faces with different colors. 8 syllables each in three lines. Bright red Color Face: Red is associated with fiery heat and warmth. "Gaa" means to sing and "Yatree" means protection. She is the supreme power (Shakti) of Lord Brahmaa. the color gold is associated with wealth and prosperity. 4. giving out the luster of whiteness representing brilliance. Pearl White color is signification of purity it's Just like all the other gem stones. These original Pearl White color are Divine in nature. White color Face: This face represents purity And kindness. So Gayatri means those who worship her. sitting on a red lotus. Thus the first face of Gaayatree is of Pearl White color. who came on this Earth in Dwapar Yug. pearls also carry a meaning. Mahesh. This face fosters the aspirant with all wealth and also Divine Grace from Narayan. truth. that is why it is called Gayatri Mantra. The color red simplicity. Gayatri is present in each living being on this earth in the form of energy or shakti. Vishnu. sincerity. Red is one of the nine gems. >> Click Here 1. promotes courage. The colored powder therefore has become a hugely intrinsic part of Indian culture. Lord Krishn. purity. air. Otherwise Gayatri is a type of Sanskrit poetry which has only 24 syllables.5 April 2012 What is the meaning of Gayatri !  SWASTIK.still mind. get protected by her. and candor. Gaayatree is a Goddess also who removes ignorance and lets her Bhakt see the spiritual sun ray. A blue is the color of inspiration. Lord Raam who came on this Earth in Treta Yug. Red is the warmest of all colors. With the high luster and deep color of pearls. took the Deekshaa of Gayatri Mantra from her Guru Sage Vishwamitra. Each of her five faces signifies a specific meaning such as Lord Shiva explains about the significance of the five faces of Gayatri. Vishnu is also blue in color Vishnu Tattwa. JOSHI Gayatri (pronounced as Gaayatree) is a Sanskrit word. White color is signification of purity.This entire universe is made of five elements water. Very bright both in color and quality. light and ether. or sing her praise. Pear White Color Face: Pear are collected from the sea from conch. confidence and willpower. the glowing white aura s have been associated with the . took the Deekshaa of Gayatri Mantra with His friend Sudaamaa from their Guru Sage Sandeepan. 3. 2. earth. White has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blockage from your path. Blue color Face: represents sky And ocean. with ten graceful eyes. power. 5.the goddess for wisdom. Red in mythology protection and strength. carrying different things.

Tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya. a man is neither entangled in avoidable calamity nor does he tread a wrong path. All the problems of a person are solved if he is endowed with righteous wisdom. luminous like the Sun Varenyam Best. Person should need to strong Thought on these feelings daily and regularly. It means that the Almighty God may illuminate our intellect. Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. Om bhurbhuvah swah . Having far-sighted wisdom. Gayatri Mantra is the most important prayer. who removes all our pains and sufferings and grants happiness beseeching His divine grace to imbibe within us His Divinity and Brilliance which may purify us and guide our righteous wisdom on the right path. The teachings of and the powers incorporated in Gayatri mantra fulfil this purpose. the essence of our life existence. Those who lack this clear vision find themselves always facing problems and ever living from crisis it crises. The worship of Gayatri mantra conferment to the boon of righteous wisdom. the Creator of entire Universe. >> Click Here . A wise man intuitive finds solutions to his problems. most exalted Bhargo Destroyer of sins Devasya Divine Dhimahi May imbibe Dhiyo Intellect Yo Who Nah Our Prachodayat May inspire In short. Gayatri mantra is a inspires us to righteous wisdom. it is a prayer to the Almighty Supreme God. A Person gets imbue with divine qualities contemplating and meditating on this meaning of Gayatri. Dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat ॥ Om Brahma or Almighty God Embodiment of vital spiritual energy Means Bhuh Pran Bhuvah Destroyer of sufferings Swah Embodiment of happiness Tat That Savituh Bright. which may lead us on the righteous path.6 April 2012 Meaning of Gayatri Mantra  CHINTAN JOSHI According to hinduism Scholars Sage (Rishis) have selected the words of various Mantras and arranged them in such a way that chanting creates specific energies.

performing it faithfully. Early morning is the best time for regular upasana. Devotee perform Any Spiritual Sadhana or task if conducted systematically with due concentration and punctuality assures completion and comprehensive output The rituals associated with the daily worship of Goddess Gayatri are devised to help desired spiritual. on a bank of a river adjust the daily perform at such a time and spot which is more peaceful. Daily Upasana with Pancha Karma Sandhya: Sit on a White woolen cloth or kush carpet in a comfortable posture (Means sit in comfortable position. Crystal or sandalwood beads. Usually a separate room or a quiet corner of a room in the house is suitable for this purpose. 1) The Panchakarma Sandhya (or the Brahm Sandhya): The following five rituals are meant for the purification of the body and mind and harmonized activation of the flow of prana Pavitrikarana: Hold some water in the left palm and cover it with the right hand and chant the following mantra. In case of sickness or weather constraints. the sadhak could choose a longer duration as per his convenience. Sprinkle this water on the body while chanting the terminating segment – “PavitrikaraN Mantra” of the mantra with a feeling that this water energized by . VIJAY THAKUR Very Simple and More Effective Gayatri Upasana for Daily worship Devotee can be Easily performed Gayatri Upasana mentally at any time in any circumstance. The latter should be performed for 15 minutes at least.7 April 2012 Easy Worship of Goddess Gayatri  SWASTIK. This could be relaxed in case of travelling and stopping rituals on Special occasion etc. N. bathing could be replaced by partial cleaning or sponging. Use rosary of basil (Tulasi). JOSHI. Keep a Copper kalash or Copper glass with full of water lit a deepak and agarbatti in right Site of Goddess. Each Rituals could be performed in 2 to 5 minutes except japa and dhyan. For adept performance of daily rituals it is important to note the implications and sentiments associated with them as Given below. the rising sun or some subtle concept is meditated upon. The panchakarma sandhya as described below should be performed through heart before japa and dhyan in the daily upasana. mental and emotional conditioning of the Devotee. Or. Devotee need to The place of worship should be kept clean. flowers etc. In Realizing (Sakar) upasana. don't give more stress on body.Deep (Pure Ghee). These are simple and could be practised and useful by every one. regularly and religiously has greater significance and spiritual impact. In similar unavoidable conditions. (3) Japa and Dhyana and (4) Saryardhya-dana. The upasana procedure has four parts (1) Pancakarma of purification. these Rituals are derived from in-depth understanding of the true spiritual nature of human self. Formless (Nirakar) upasana does not require any photo or idol. Daily Ritual should commence it only after the routine cleansing of the body. a photo or idol of Gayatri Mata is placed on a small wood table and is worshiped every day by dhoop. Devotee is free to choose the Realizing (Sakar) or Formless (Nirakar) mode of upasana as per his requirement of wish fulfilment. silent and holy. Devotee needs to select an appropriate place where they could perform the upasana at the scheduled time every day without any disturbance. as here. (2) Deva Avhahan (Invocation). Gayatri Upasana gets surely beneficial to devotee in every situation of life. Devotee may go to a nearby temple. But here Most important thing was.) with erect spinal cord. the daily upasana could be performed only by japa and dhyan. For Mantra japa.

Om Satyam. ears arms and thighs after chanting the respective mantras. Om Tapah. The Mantra: Om Chidrupini mahaamaye divya tejah samanvite | Tishth devi| Shikhaamadhye tejo vrudhim kurushva me || Pranayama: Pranayamas are well known breathing exercises for harmonizing the breathing. the right nostril should be closed and air must be taken slowly by the left nostril and then that should be closed and after a time the air slowly sent out by the right nostril. Om Janah. eyes. Our life has no existence without its shelter . The forefinger and the middle finger should be bent and by the thumb and second finger. Shikha bandana: Tie the shikha or touch this central spot (above the suture) on the skull. so that you can gain necessary energy to do the “Sadhana”. We are born and brought-up in the lap of mother earth. Kumbhaka and Rechaka should be in the ratio Achamanah: Hold some water in the right palm. During this perform Pranayam Hold the breath for few seconds to absorb this prana that is sparkling like immense glow of the rising sun. The water remaining in the hands is sprinkled over the entire body in the end. For Sikha Put your right hand on your head so that “Super Natural Power” which exists in the universe can be connected with you. Close the eyes and chant the following mantra with the divine radiance of Gayatri attracted thereby is being absorbed in the brain and is inspiring righteous thinking and illumination of mind. the fingers of the right hand are successively soaked in the water hold in the left palm and touched upon (from left to right) to the mouth. chant the first mantra and drink the water with the chant of “swaha”. For this. A simple pranayama is performed in the panchakarma after chanting the following mantras. begins after the Deva Poojan: Prathvi Poojan is the first step here. inhale slowly at a steady pace with a feeling that the prana shakti of Gayatri inspissated around is being drawn-in with the breath. And chant this mantra. The Mantra: Om Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarvavstha Gatoapi va. Puraka. Repeat the same with the second and third mantras. Om Suvaha. the nose must be touched. Deva Poojan pancakarmas. Om Tat Saviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo yo Nah Prachodayat. nose. Om Mahah. Yah Smaret Pundarikakshan Sa Bahyantarah Shucih | Pundareekaaksha ! Pundareekaaksha ! Pundareekaakshaaya namah || April 2012 The Mantras: Om Bhuh. on either side. The inhaling is called Puraka. so that your body become stable and can gain power to successfully complete the “Sadhana or Pujan”. The Mantras: Om Amratopastaranmasi Swaha |1| Om Amratapidhanamasi Swaha |2| Om Asatyam Yashah Shrirmayi Shrih Shrayatan Swaha |3| These three achamans (sip) as are performed with an intense feeling of drinking the currents of Gayatri Shakti Nyas: In this process. The proportion of time of these three viz.8 the spiritual vibrations of the mantra is purifying your body externally and internally. The Mantra: Om vaam me asye-astu (Touch your mouth) Om nasorme praano-astu (Touch your both nose) Om chakshurme tejo-astu (Both of your eyes) Om karnayome shrota-mastu (Both the ears) Om baahavrome bala-mastu (Both arms) Om arishtani me angani santu (The whole body) The process of purification by the panchakarmas signify that only those possessing the piety of body and mind are worthy of deva Poojan (worshiping the God). Om Apo Jyoti rasomritam Brahma Bhurbhuvasuvah om. the retaining Kumbhaka and the exhaling Rechaka. Om Bhuvah.

The sadhaka may select a divine symbol or image of God for this purpose as per his nature and faith. the motherland is worshiped before the principal God (Pruthavi devata) of the upasana. Vyaptam Yena Characharam | Tatpadam Darshitam Yena. As a mark of gratitude. generosity and forbearance like the earth.9 and support. In the initial phase of dhyana one needs an object or a concept that is to be focused or meditated upon. The sublime presence of the Mother Gayatri becomes intense with the engrossment of sadhaka’s consciousness. Gururvishnu. The enunciation of this japa is such that the lips and tongue move but the volume of voice is kept so low that even the people sitting besides would not be able to hear it. Japa and Dhyana: Japa means rhythmic enunciation of a mantra at a consistent amplitude and frequency. the number of japas could be increased further by some more rosary counts. Dhyan (meditation) is essential for complete effects of japa. Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah ||Akhanda Mandalakaram. The latter would be a mere ‘mechanical’ exercise of the vocal system without dhyana. Japa is one kind of cleaning and sharpening process. Meditation upon rising sun is most recommended for the dhyana during Gayatri Upasana. Sthapayami. The devotees of the sakar upasana of Gayatri also often attempt to visualize her in the bright core of the sun as the divine mother. Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah || Om Shri Guruve Namah | Avhahyami. we invoke the grace of the guru by the following mantra: Om Gurbrahma. The cyclic pressure and attrition induced by the mantra-japa also serve this purpose for the cleansing of the mind and the inner sentimental core. Gurureva Maheshvaro | Gurureva Parabrahm. The upanshu japa is most suitable for the daily upasana. This motherland is thus like a devata to us. The Mantra: Om pruthvi: tvaya dhrutaa lokaa devi: tvam vishunaam dhruta | Tvam cha dhaaray maam devi pavitram kuru chaasanam || April 2012 The spiritual experiment of mantra Jap and Dhyan begins at this stage. Tryakshare Brahmvadini. Dhyayami | Tato Namaskaram Karomi | . one spoon of water is sacrificed to the earth and it is worshiped by flower etc and paid regards (pranama) while chanting the following mantra – with the sentiments that we should also be endowed with the endurance. This type of japa avoids disturbing others and it also supports mental concentration of the sadhaka. Therefore the earth (pruthvi). Dhyayami |Tato Namaskaram Karomi Invocation of the Guru: Guru is an angelic reflection of thy-glow that guides the righteous evolution of the devotee… With a prayer for the blessings of our divine guru for the adept performance of the upasana. Several types of japas are described in the ancient science of mantras. While performing japa. the Goddess sitting on snow-white swan. Gayatri Chandasam Mata Brahmyone Namostute | Om Shri Gayatryai Namah | Avhahyami. Pujayami. The Mantra: Om Ayatu Varade Devi. one should maintain mental concentration and feeling of uprooting of the vices from the body and mind and subsequent spiritual refinement of the inner domains with the ascent of sadbuddhi. If possible. The latter dedicates his self in the holy mother’s lap Invocation of Gayatri: Invocation of the Adi Shakti Gayatri is then prayed through the following mantra with the intrinsic feel (through the depth of the heart) that the divine power of Gayatri is descending and consecrating in our inner self. chanting following Mantra and then join both your hand in “Namaskara Mudra”. The regularity (fixed number and pace) of japa should be maintained every day. Minimum three rosaries (324 times) japa of the Gayatri Mantra should be performed during the daily upasana. Sthapayami. usually the experienced sadhakas practice up to eleven rosary counts at a stretch. Pujayami.

The glow of the soul is absorbed in thy radiance. inner personality and intrinsic faith. assets and potentials should not be kept confined to the narrow boundaries (of selfish possessions and pleasures) … Rather. goodwill and beatified powers. enlightened thoughts and spirituality. The nirakar dhyan involves deep meditation on the rising sun with an engrossed feeling that the nectar-glow of Gayatri is reaching the sadhak along the sun rays and spunning an aura of light around him. This meditation becomes natural and effective with the increased piety of emotions and depth of faith… This dhyan is supposed be progressing well when all disturbances begin to disappear and the devotee despite being a normal adult in the physical world forgets his identity and finds himself as an infant in the course of the meditation. The process of suryardhyadana is meant to inspire dedication of our potentials. This beatific light is April 2012 eliminating the darkness of fears. self-control. and astray search of the self. are evaporating and all the sense-organs are getting refined and sharpened by this brilliance.10 like an infant. Grahanardhyam Divakara ||Om Suryaya Namah. It is then enshowered in an expanded area as clouds or dew droplets. This radiation is slowly penetrating the sadhaks body and energizing all sense-organs and faculties… The insidious incontinence of the ears. tongue and the genitals. the fears. The purpose and teaching of suryardhyadana is that – the water (resource) of our talents. Bhaskaraya Namah || Here the water kept in the kalasha represents our (the sadhaka’s) small identity and the sun is a symbol of the limitless Brahn. nose. Suryardhyadana: After completion of japa and dhyana. the intimacy of the rejuvenation of the devotee’s soul with the divine source of meditation becomes more enliven and strong and effectuates sublime transmutation of the sadhaka with cherubic illumination.… This aura is now expanding towards the brain and refining all the mental and intellectual faculties. He realizes his divine nature and adopts the conduct worth thy grace and ideals. fear and varieties of illusions inspissated in the core of mind is destroyed by this divine radiance and the Gayatri Shakti indwelling in it is kindling unique spark of awareness. he is getting endowed with divine virtues and potentials. With aroused purity. blemishes and infirmities. selfish perceptions of the self. which purifies. The sadhaka should continue the dhyana with the inner perception that the glow of Adi Shakti immanent in this aura is entering the deeper domains of the heart the emotional core… and slowly eroding the incompleteness. This ennobles spiritual evolution of his aspirations. ego. This grand union of the soul with its absolute origin is generating infinite bliss. it should sublimate and expand for use in altruist aims of the social and global welfare. selfishness. our deeds and our life to thy ideals and divine aims. and all-round eminence. The glow and heat of this spark is transforming him into an eminent being…. the water kept in the kalasha at the pujasthali is slowly poured (in the basil plant) as an offering in the direction of the sun while chanting the following mantra: Om Suryadevo Sahastranasho. or the sublimation of an ahuti in the yagyagni. rather the Goddess. The water offered here is evaporated and spread in the sky. eyes. and feels being blessed by the nectar of her spiritual milk. emotions. Adityaya Namah. As the continuation and emotional depth of engrossment in the dhyana intensifies. strengthens and illuminates his personality from within. He gradually begins to feel as though the nectar-milk of the divine mother is spreading like a spark within him and is burning out all the assimilated vices. ignorance and the narrow. self-confidence. Tejorashe Jagatpate| Anukampaya Mam Bhaktya. With this sublime impulse. Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. And that his life is being gradually transmuted from sinful decline to ideal evolution… . >> Click Here . It should be recalled that the mother experienced in the mental image is not a woman. the sadhaka’s heart gets immersed in the ocean of divine inspirations. The smog of intemperance. The individual self is being absorbed in the divine aura and thus unifying its identity with thy grace like the self-sacrifice of a moth in the flame. the divine source of all noble virtues. motherly love. etc. alacrity. an angelic personality…. from a man-animal to a great human.

11 April 2012 ॥ Shri Gayatri Sapa Vimochanam ॥  SWASTIK. JOSHI Sapa Mukta Hi Gayatri Chaturvarga phala prada | Asapa Mukta Gayatri Chaturvarga Phalantaka ॥ Om Asya Shri Gaytri | Brahmasapa Vimochana Mantrasya | Brahma Rsih | Gayatri Chhandah | Bhukti Muktiprada Brahmasapa Vimochani Gayatri Saktih Devata | Brahma Sapa Vimochanarthe Jape Viniyogah ॥ Om Gayatri Brahmetyupasita Yadrupam Brahmavido Viduh | Tam Pasyanti Dhirah Sumanasam Vachagratah | Om Vedanta Nathaya Yidmahe Hiranyagarbhaya dhimahi | Tanno brahma prachodayat | Om Gayatri tvam Brahma sapat vimukta bhava ॥ Om Asya Shri vasista sapa vimochana mantrasya Nigraha Anugraha karta vasista rshi | Visvodbhava Gayatri Chhandah | Vasista Anugrahita Gayatri Saktih Devata | Vasista sapa Vimochanarthe Jape Viniyogah ॥ Om Soham Arkamayam Jyotiraham Shiva atma jyotiraham sukrah sarva jyotirasah asmyaham | (Iti yuktva yoni mudram pradarsya gayatri trayam paditva )| Om Devi Gayatri Tvam vasista sapat vimukto bhava ॥ Om Asya Shri visvamitra sapa vimochana mantrasya nutana srshti karta visvamitra Rhsi | vagdeha Gayatri chhandah | visvamitra anugrahita Gayatri saktih devata | visvamitra sapa vimochanarthe jape viniyogah ॥ Om Gayatri bhajamyagni mukhim visvagarbham yadudbhavah devaschakrire visvasrstim tam kalyanim istakarim prapadye | yanmukhannisrto akhilaveda garbhah | sapa yukta tu Gayatri saphala na kadachana | sapat uttarita sa tu mukti bhukti phala prada ॥ ॥ prarthana ॥ Brahmarupini Gayatri Divye sandhye sarasvati | Ajare amare chaiva Brahmayone Namostute | Brahma sapat vimukta bhava | vasista sapat vimukta bhava | visvamitra sapat vimukta bhava ॥ Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. N. >> Click Here .

12 April 2012 ॥ Gayatryastakam ॥ Shankaracharyavirachitam ॥ Gayatryastakam ॥ ॥ Shankaracharyavirachitam ॥ Vishvamitrapahphalam priyataram vipralisamsevitam nityanityavivekadam smitamukhim khandendubhusojjvalam | tambularunabhasamanavadanam martandamadhyasthitam Gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥1॥ Jatipankajaketakikuvalayaih sampujitanghridvayam tattvarthatmikavarnapanktisahitam tattvarthabuddhipradam | pranayamaparayanairbudhajanaih samsevyamanam sivam gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 2 ॥ mañjiradhvanibhih samastajagatam mañjutvasamvardhanim viprapreṅkhitavarivaritamaharaksoganam mrnmayim | japtuh papaharam japasumanibham hamsena samsobhitam gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 3 ॥ kanchichelavibhusitam sivamayim malardhamaladikan bibhranam paramesvarim saranadam mohandhabuddhichchhidam | bhuraditripuram trilokajananimadhyatmasakhanutam gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 4 ॥ dhyaturgarbhakrsanutapaharanam samatmikam samagam sayamkalasusevitam svaramayim durvadalasyamalam | maturdasyavilochanaikamatimatkhetindrasamrajitam gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 5 ॥ samdhyaragavichitravastravilasadviprottamaih sevitam tarahirasumalikam suvilasadratnendukumbhantaram | rakachandramukhim ramapatinutam saṅkhadibhasvatkaram gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 6 ॥ venibhusitamalakadhvanikarairbhrṅgaih sada sobhitam tattvajñanarasayanajñarasanasaudhabhramadbhramarim | nasalamkrtamauktikendukiranaih sayamtamaschhedinim gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 7 ॥ padabjantararenukuṅkumalasatphaladyuramavrtam rambhanatyavilokanaikarasikam vedantabuddhipradam | vinavenumrdaṅgakahalaravan devaih krtanchhrnvatim gayatrim harivallabham trinayanam dhyayami panchananam ॥ 8 ॥ hatyapanasuvarnataskaramahagurvaṅganasamgaman dosanchhailasaman puramdarasamah samchchhidya suryopamah | gayatrim srutimaturekamanasa samdhyasu ye bhusura japtva yanti param gatim manumimam devyah param vaidikah ॥ 9 ॥ iti srimatparamahansaparivrajakacharya srimadshankaracharyaviracitam gayatryastakam sampurnam  .

. enemy fear. Jackal Horn (Siyar singi). thieves fear Typs Maney Obstruction.Prosperity: Thereby Benifit for Good Wealth. Price: Rs: 1050 to 8200 Available GURUTVA KARYALAY Contact:91+ 9338213418. Maya Jaal. Marriage. Billi Ki Naal/Jer (Billi Naal). Vasikaran. That prosperity will be achieved at home In Bhagya Lakshmi Box Included With Laghu Shreephal (Small Coconut). hypnosis. Conch (Shankh). Black-White-Red Jequirity seeds (Gunja).13 April 2012 || Aghanasaka Gayatistotra || Adisakte Jaganmatarbhaktanugrahakarini | Sarvatra vyapikenante shrisamdhye te namostu te || tvameva sandhya Gayati savitri cha sarasvati | Brahmi cha vaisnavi raudri rakta sveta sitetara || pratarbala cha madhyahne yauvanastha bhavetpunah | vrddha sayam bhagavati chintyate munibhih sada || hansastha garudarudha tatha vrsabhavahini | rgvedadhyayini bhunau drsyate ya tapasvibhih || yajurvedam pathanti cha antarikse virajate | sa sanagapi sarvesu bhramyamana tatha bhuvi || rudralokam gata tvam hi visnulokanivasini | tvameva brahmano lokemartyanugrahakarini || saptarsipritijanani maya bahuvaraprada | sivayoh karanetrottha hyasrusvedasamudbhava || anandajanani durga dasadha paripathyate | varenya varada chaiva varistha vararvnini || garistha cha varahi cha vararoha cha saptami | nilaganga tatha samdhya sarvada bhogamoksada || bhagirathi martyaloke patale bhogavatyapi || trilokavahini devi sthanatrayanivasini || bhurlokastha tvamevasi dharitri sokadharini | bhuvo loke vayusaktih svarloke tejasam nidhih || maharloke mahasiddhirjanaloke janetyapi | tapasvini tapoloke satyaloke tu satyavak || kamala visnuloke cha Gayati brahmalokaga | rudraloke sthita gauri harardhanginivasini || ahamo mahataschaiva prakrtistvam hi giyase | sanyavasthatmika tvam hi sabalabrahmarupini || tatah parapara saktih parama tvam hi giyase | ichchhasaktih kriyasaktirjñanasaktistrisaktida || ganga cha yamuna chaiva vipasa cha sarasvati | sarayurdevika sindhurnarmaderavati tatha || godavari satadruscha kaveri devalokaga | kausiki chandrabhaga cha vitasta cha sarasvati || gandaki tapini toya gomati vetravatyapi | ida cha pingala chaiva susumna cha trtiyaka || gandhari hastijihva cha pusapusa tathaiva cha | alambusa kuhuschaiva sankhini pranavahini || nadi cha tvam sarirastha giyase praktanairbudhaih | hrtapadmastha pranasaktih kanthastha svapnanayika || talustha tvam sadadhara bindustha bindumalini | mule tu kundali saktirvyapini kesamulaga || sikhamadhyasana tvam hi sikhagre tu manonmani | kimanyad bahunoktena yatkimchijjagatitraye || tatsarvam tvam mahadevi sriye samdhye namostu te | itidam kirtitam stotram samdhyayam bahupunyadam || mahapapaprasamanam mahasiddhividhayakam | ya idam kirtayet stotram samdhyakale samahitah || aputrah prapnuyat putram dhanarthi dhanamapnuyat | sarvatirthatapodanayajñayogaphalam labhet || bhogan bhuktva chiram kalamante moksamavapnuyat | tapasvibhih krtam stotram snanakale tu yah pathet|| yatra kutra jale magnah samdhyamajjanajam phalam | labhate natra samdehah satyam cha narada || srrnuyadyopi tadbhaktya sa tu papat pramuchyate | piyusasadrsam vakyam samdhyoktam naraderitam|| || iti sriaghanasaka Gayati stotram sampurnam || Bhagya Lakshmi Dibbi For Achievement of Happiness . Indra Jaal. Bhagyalakxmi Box Protection for evil spirit (Bhut-Pret Badha). killing Magic(Maran).peace . Hatha Jodi (Hast Jodi). Business Growth.91+9238328785. patal Tumdi Type Many rare contents. Court Case. Black Magic Obstruction (Tantrik Badha).

14 April 2012 Atha Shri Gayatri Kavacham  SWASTIK. JOSHI Naarada Uvaacha: Svaamin sarvajagannaadha samsayosti mama prabho chatushashti kalaabhignya paatakaa dyogavidvara muchyate kena punyena brahmaroopah katham bhavet dehascha devataaroopo mantra roopo viseshatah karmata chchhrotu michchhaami nyaasam cha vidhipoorvakam rushi schandodhi daivamcha dhyaanam cha vidhiva tprabho Naaraayana uvaacha: asytekam paranam guhyam gaayatree kavacham tathaa pathanaa dhaaranaa nmartya sarvapaapaih pramuchyate sarvaamkaamaanavaapnoti devee roopascha jaayate gaayattree kavachasyaasya brahmavishnumahesvaraah rushayo rugyajussaanaatharva chchhandaamsi naarada brahmaroopaa devatoktaa gaayatree paramaa kalaa tadbeejam bharga ityeshaa sakti ruktaa maneeshibhih keelakamcha dhiyah proktam mokshaardhe viniyojanam chaturbhirhrudayam proktam tribhi rvarnai ssira ssmrutam chaturbhissyaachchhikhaa paschaattribhistu kavacham ssmutam chaturbhi rnetra muddhishtam chaturbhissyaattadasrtakam atha dhyaanam pravakshyaami saadhakaabheeshtadaayakam muktaa vidruma hemaneela dhavala chchaayairmukhai streekshanaih yuktaamindu nibaddha ratna makutaam tatvaardha varnaatmikaam gaayattreem varadaabhayaam kusakasaassubhram kapaalam gadaam sankham chakra mathaaravinda yugalam hastairvahanteem bhaje gaayattree poorvatah paatu saavitree paatu dakshine brahma sandhyaatu me paschaaduttaraayaam sarasvatee paarvatee me disam raakshe tpaavakeem jalasaayinee yaatoodhaaneem disam rakshe dyaatudhaanabhayankaree paavamaaneem disam rakshetpavamaana vilaasinee disam raudreemcha me paatu rudraanee rudra roopinee oordhvam brahmaanee me rakshe dadhastaa dvaishnavee tathaa evam dasa diso rakshe tsarvaamgam bhuvanesvaree tatpadam paatu me paadau jamghe me savituhpadam varenyam kati desetu naabhim bharga stathaivacha devasya me taddhrudayam dheemaheeti cha gallayoh dhiyah padam cha me netre yah padam me lalaatakam nah padam paatu me moordhni sikhaayaam me prachodayaat tatpadam paatu moordhaanam sakaarah paatu phaalakam chakshusheetu vikaaraarno tukaarastu kapolayoh naasaaputam vakaaraarno rakaarastu mukhe tathaa nikaara oordhva moshthamtu yakaarastvadharoshthakam aasyamadhye bhakaaraarno gokaara schubuke tathaa dekaarah kamtha desetu vakaara sskamdha desakam syakaaro dakshinam hastam dheekaaro vaama hastakam makaaro hrudayam raksheddhikaara udare tathaa dhikaaro naabhi desetu yokaarastu katim tathaa guhyam rakshatu yokaara ooroo dvau nah padaaksharam prakaaro jaanunee rakshe chchokaaro jamgha desakam dakaaram gulpha desetu yaakaarah padayugmakam takaara vyamjanam chaiva sarvaamge me sadaavatu idamtu kavacham divyam baadhaa sata vinaasanam chatushshashti kalaa vidyaadaayakam mokshakaarakam muchyate sarva paapebhyah param brahmaadhigachchati pathanaa chchravanaa dvaapi go sahasra phalam labhet sree deveebhaagavataamtargata gaayattree kavacham sampoornam . N.

34. 65. 71. 91. 12. 80. 36. 23. 9. 47. 60. 50. 2. 93. 32. 11. 29. 17. 98. 96. 102. 82. 69. 107. 59. 85. 33. 77. 79. 14. 46. 106. 13. 81. 39. 75. 7. 83. 44. 103. 15. 25. 66. 8. 101. 5. 31. 51. 62. 30. 10. 18. 53. 78. 21. 63. 35. 105. 48. 55. 97. 88. 22. 52. 28. 16. 70. 67. 27. 42. Om tarunaaditya samkaasaayai namah | Om sahasranayanojjvalaayai namah | Om vicitra maalyaabharanaayai namah | Om tuhinaacala vaasinyai namah | Om varadaabhaya hastaabjaayai namah | Om revaateera nivaasinyai namah | Om pranityaya viseshagnyaayai namah | Om yamtraakruta viraajitaayai namah | Om bhadrapaadapriyaayai namah | Om govimdapadagaaminyai namah | Om devarshigana samtustyaayai namah | Om vanamaalaa vibhooshitaayai namah | Om syamdanottama samsthaanaayai namah | Om dheerajeemoota nisvanaayai namah | Om mattamaatamga gamanaayai namah | Om hiranyakamalaasanaayai namah | Om dheejanaadhaara nirataayai namah | Om yoginyai namah | Om yogadhaarinyai namah | Om natanaatyaika nirataayai namah | Om praanavaadyaksharaatmikaayai namah | Om choracaarakriyaasaktaayai namah | Om daaridryaccedakaarinyai namah | Om yaadavemdra kulodbhootaayai namah | Om tureeyapathagaaminyai namah | Om gaayatryai namah | Om gomatyai namah | Om gamgaayai namah | Om gautamyai namah | Om garudaasanaayai namah | Om geyagaanapriyaayai namah | Om gauryai namah | Om govimdapada poojitaayai namah | Om gamdharva nagaraakaaraayai namah | Om gauravarnaayai namah | Om ganesvaryai namah | Om gunaasrayaayai namah | Om gunavatyai namah | Om gahvaryai namah | Om ganapoojitaayai namah | Om gunatraya samaayuktaayai namah | Om gunatraya vivarjitaayai namah | Om guhaavaasaayai namah | Om gunaadhaaraayai namah | Om guhyaayai namah | Om gamdharvaroopinyai namah | Om gaargya priyaayai namah | Om gurupadaayai namah | Om guhyalimgaamga dhaarinyai namah | Om saavitryai namah | Om sooryatanayaayai namah | Om sushumnaadi bhedinyai namah | Om suprakaasaayai namah | Om sukhaaseenaayai namah | Om sumatyai namah | 56. 40. 24. 19. 86. 74. 104. 68. 43. 6. 72. 90. April 2012 Om surapoojitaayai namah | Om sushupta vyavasthaayai namah | Om sudatyai namah | Om sumdaryai namah | Om saagaraambaraayai namah | Om sudhaamsubimbavadanaayai namah | Om sustanyai namah | Om suvilocanaayai namah | Om seetaayai namah | Om sarvaasrayaayai namah | Om samdhyaayai namah | Om suphalaayai namah | Om sukhadaayinyai namah | Om subhruve namah | Om suvaasaayai namah | Om susronyai namah | Om samsaaraarnavataarinyai namah | Om saamagaana priyaayai namah | Om saadhvyai namah | Om sarvaabharanapoojitaayai namah | Om vaishnavyai namah | Om vimalaakaaraayai namah | Om mahemdryai namah | Om mamtraroopinyai namah | Om mahaalakshmyai namah | Om mahaasiddhyai namah | Om mahaamaayaayai namah | Om mahesvaryai namah | Om mohinyai namah | Om madhusoodana coditaayai namah | Om meenaakshyai namah | Om madhuraavaasaayai namah | Om naagemdra tanayaayai namah | Om umaayai namah | Om trivikrama padaakraamtaayai namah | Om trisvargaayai namah | Om trilocanaayai namah | Om sooryamamdala madhyasthaayai namah | Om chamdramamdala samsthitaayai namah | Om vahnimamdala madhyasthaayai namah | Om vaayumamdala samsthitaayai namah | Om vyomamamdala madhyasthaayai namah | Om cakrinyai namah | Om cakra roopinyai namah | Om kaalacakra vitaanasthaayai namah | Om camdramamdala darpanaayai namah | Om jyotsnaatapaanuliptaamgyai namah | Om mahaamaaruta veejitaayai namah | Om sarvamamtraasrayaayai namah | Om dhenave namah | Om paapaghnyai namah | Om paramesvaryai namah | . 45. 20. 61.15 Gayatri Ashtottara Sata Namavali 1. 41. 49. 64. 84. 95. 87. 94. 73. 38. 26. 58. 100. 37. 99. 92. 76. 89. 3. 54. 57. 4.

Pravruthi vinayanvithou. Mitho gathwadhya Raghava. Rochayaswa Mahasaya. Prayathaa havya vahanam. Bhogachadana bhajanam. Raja kulavatham kulam. >> Click Here . Samprapthoyam Vibheeshana. Nisamya thadvakya mupasthitha jwara. Sruthwa janaka bhashitham. Bhartharamanugachanthyai. Sugreeva vasago bhavam. Dadarsa bharatho Gurum. Mama pasyanthi ye nadham. Bhavishyati Hareaswara. Sthapasaa veethakalmasha. Vathsa Rama. Vismayam janayishyathi. Utaje Ramamaseenam. Bharathasya aaryaputhrasya. Phala Sruthi: Idam Ramayanam Kruthsnam. Sathaneeyam Narendrasya. Dhanyodhayaa sa gandharwa. Sarva paapai pramuchyathe. Mohithaa paramasthrena. Chalanath parvathendrasya. Prashtavyachapi seethaaya. Parna salaam samavisad. Pranamya devadhabyascha. Daraa puthra puram Rashtram. Nayam prapthothya gandakam. Sa Ramabhanabhi hatho brusatha. Gayathri bheeja samyutham. Sugreevam tham Mahabalam. Tham manye Raghavam veeram. Sidhascha paramarshya. Yadhi budhi krutha drushtum. Swasroonam mama cha prabho. Vandhyasthe Thapasa sidhaa. vasamsyabharanani cha.16 April 2012 Gayathri Ramayana  VIJAY THAKUR Tapaswadhyaya niratham. Rishibhi poojithasthathra. Thapaswee vag vidhamvaram. ya paden nithyam. Sukha dukha saha kale. Desa kalou Pratheekshaswa. Mruga roopamidham vyaktham. Brahmanebhascha Mythili. Chachala Parvathi chapi. Schchala chapancha mumocha veeraa. Na ye dhadru sire Rama. Saa thadassn maha kape. Vyatheetha kalayutha samrathikshamam. Magasthyam tham mahamunim. Narayanamana matam. Kshama mana priyaa priye. Sarva mevapi bhakTanno. Jata valkala dharinam. Vikramena maha thejo. Yasya Vikrama masadhya. Seethayai swasuro dhadhou. Gacha seegramitho Rama. Narada pariprucha. Hitham mahartham mruduhethu sammitham. Thadasadhya vyathishtitha. Ithi Raghabamabraveeth. Raja sathyam cha dharmam cha. Ganam devascha kambitha. Valmikir muni pungavam Sa hathwaa Rakshasaan sarvaan. Ramam rajeeva lochanam. Yameva rathrimn Shathrugna. Thameva rathrim Seethapi. Gandharvena mahathmana. Nireekshya sanmuhurtham thu. Pravisya sa visaampathe. dhanu pasya. Sa nirjithya purim sreshtaam. Lankaam tham Kamaroopinim. Raja hithakaro nrunaam. Raja Matha pitha chaiva. Viswamitharasthu dharmathma. Mangalabhimukhi thasya. Prasanga vanuthara methad abhraveeth. Badanjali putaa chedhaMuvachagni sameepatha. Rakshasa nidhanam gathaa. Prasoothaa darakadwayam. Yagnagnaan Raghu nandana. Upathasthe Visalakshi. Yadendro vijaye puraa. Yo vajrapathaasani sannipathaN na chukshubhe napi chachala Raja. Trisandhyam. Vanavasam hi sankhyaya. Hanuman maruthathmaja. Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. Thadaslishta Maheswaram. Vayasyam tham kuru kshipra. Chindanda mari vahineem. Dharmathma Rakshasa sreshta. Langaiswaryam dhruvam sreema-. Adviava gamane budhim. Thushtyavaasya thadhaa vamsam.

After Ending of Chanting. Get A Mantra Siddha Gayatri Yantra (full consciousness with fiery chants) Prepared by scholars Brahmin. There are world Many religions. Cleaning your hands in clean water And Dry your hands with a clean Cloth or disposable towel or Tissue paper. and to signify the source of all life. Clean or Boiled) In it. Before Making of Holy Water should commence it only after the routine cleansing of the body. Then Try to Very Easy And Simple ritual to making holy Water Get Gayatri Yantra Wich one is Made In Pure Copper. to ritualize spiritual cleansing. Judaism Buddhism. Chant Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times. and all of them Holy water plays a significant role. Try to this one for make holy Water       Step : 4 Step : 2   Step : 3  . water has two common spiritual functions. Christianity. it's need to classical methodLegislative with Proved by specific with fiery chants prestigious full consciousness (Puarn Praan Pratisthit) by scholars Brahmin.              Step : 1   Early morning (Brahm Muhurat) is the best time for Make Holy Water. Then. If You May Not to be able to make holy water to above all Rituals.  CHINTAN JOSHI Gangaa is Holy River in Hinduism. Keep whole The Water In Safe Place or Clean Glass or Bottle Your Holy Water Ready to use. In the Worship Place Keep a Copper kalash or Copper glass with Half full of water (Water Must Be Used only Purify. In the Worship Place Keep a Copper kalash or Copper glass with full of water (Water Must Be Used only Purify. Hinduism is not the only faith that upholds the central importance of water as a holy symbol. Keep Gayatri Yantra In Your Worship Place (Pooja Sthan). After That. Clean or Boiled) In it. Fill water in copper spoon (or Another Spoon) Falling water drop on yantra with chanting of gayatri mantra. Gayatri Yantra Keep In another Plate. If You May Not to be able to make holy water to above Rituals. Although different faiths treat and employ water in distinct manners. After That. Holy Water Useful to serves Rituals and Curing Diseases. Yantra Placed Near idol or Photo of Goddess Gayatri. therefore Many people of the Hindu faith make pilgrimages to the Ganges River to bathe. After That Holy Water Are Ready to use. Keep Gayatri Yantra In Your Worship Place (Pooja Sthan). Islam. Here we Giving Some Tips to make holy Water with Your self Power for Curing Diseases. In the Worship Place Keep a Copper kalash or Copper glass with full of water (Water Must Be Used only Purify. Get A Mantra Siddha Gayatri Yantra (full consciousness with fiery chants) Prepared by scholars Brahmin.   Get Gayatri Yantra Wich one is Made In Pure Copper. screechy Your vision on Water and chanting the Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times. Like Hinduism. Before Making of Holy Water should commence it only after the routine cleansing of the body. Simply dip of the fingers of your right hand into the water and chanting the Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times.17 April 2012 Make Holy Water for Curing Diseases. Clean or Boiled). Clean or Boiled). In the Worship Place Keep a Copper kalash or Copper glass with full of water (Water Must Be Used only Purify. it's need to classical method Legislative with Proved by specific with fiery chants prestigious full consciousness (Puarn Praan Pratisthit) by scholars Brahmin. and it is commonly felt that life is not complete without having cleansed oneself in the river at least once. Each time chanting mantra and Falling water drop on yantra.

>> Click Here गायिी यंि Note:    Benefit of Holy Water   Mantra Siddha Gayatri Yantra Shri Gayatri Yantra Samput Gayatri Bisha Yantra Gayatri Yantra (Navgrah Yukt) Sankat Nivaran Gayatri Yantra (Gold Plated) साईज 1” X 1” 2” X 2” 3” X 3” 4” X 4” 6” X 6” 9” X 9” 12” X12” मूल्य 460 820 1650 2350 3600 6400 10800 साईज 1” X 1” 2” X 2” 3” X 3” 4” X 4” 6” X 6” 9” X 9” 12” X12” श्री गायिी यंि संपूट गायिी बीसा यंि गायिी यंि (ििग्रि युक्त) संकट नििारण गायिी यंि (Silver Plated) मूल्य 370 640 1090 1650 2800 5100 8200 साईज 1” X 1” 2” X 2” 3” X 3” 4” X 4” 6” X 6” 9” X 9” 12” X12” (Copper) मूल्य 255 460 730 1090 1900 3250 6400 >> For more information Contact us Call us: 91 + 9338213418. out of his body.18       Placed Yantra Near idol or Photo of Goddess Gayatri. The many benefits which may be derived from holy water. you can try little holy water into some of his food and see if it makes him Very soon. For Protect to dust and germs Cover Top of Kalash or Glass to other plate. Mail Us: gurutva. When the over extent of sweat it will be mix in the water. Spoon. After That no need to do anything. and with greater faith and reverence. gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.  holy Water also useful in Malignant disease and Incurable disease.karyalay@gmail. this water can destroyed all diseases. we would use it far more frequently. or demon from Any ones Plate in clean water And Dry your hands with a clean Cloth or disposable towel or air dry.  Some People are believe had to remove a evil spirit. Your Holy Water Ready after 12 Hours or 24 Hours. Women can not touch holy Water during menses Holy Water Giving twofold benefit of providing grace for both body and sprinkled with faith and piety. can move the Sacred Heart to bless your loved ones and protect them from all harm of Evil soul and body. it may be Harmful to your health. chanting Mantra has full dedication and devotion feeling. his family member can be make holy water for him.  If person May Not to be able to make holy water it self. Copper kalash or Glass.  holy Water is useful to waking energy of your body. Do not Dip Your finger in water More then 5 to 10 minutes.  When Getting trouble to fearing or worry. dip Gayatri yantra into the water at least 12 Hours or 24 Hours. In it.. Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. Sprinkle Holy Water on your body and take some sip of it.  Kindly do not take illegal advantage of the benefits derived from holy water. 91+ 9238328785.  Holy Water's power remove negative Energy and Increase positive energy  Drinking Holy Water is Increase positive energy of the body. Otherwise Hands will sweating. GURUTVA KARYALAY .  April 2012 Holy water. Cleaning your hands.

>> For More Information Email Yantra. We welcome your Knowledge sharing articles. . We Welcome Writers to Free Article Published In Our Weekly Magazine. pictures and more useful information. Astrology.karyalay@gmail. Tantra and Any Kind of spiritual knowledge whic is useful to Others. You also Send us Creative ideas for Our E-magazine. Numerology. Vastu. Mantra. >> For More Information Email Us Contect: GURUTVA KARYALAY gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.19 April 2012 GURUTVA SAHAYOG Global Spiritual Knowledge Sharing Platform Join us and Contribute to Share Spiritual Knowledge.

Om Mahalakshmaye Vidhmahe Vishnu Pathniyai cha Dheemahee Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat. िन्िो दगाु प्रचोदयाि ्।। ु Katyayanayai Gayatri Mantra Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra Saraswati Gayatri Mantra Sita Gayatri Mantra Radha Gayatri Mantra Om Katyayanayai Vidhmahe Kanya Kumari cha Dheemahee Tanno Durgaya Prachodayat. ॐ कात्यायन्यै त्रिद्मिे . हिश्न्प्रप्रयाय धीमहि िन्िो राधा :प्रचोदयाि। ॐ श्री िुल्स्ये त्रिद्मिे . कन्या कमारर च धीमहि. भुनमजाय धीमहि िन्िो सीिा :प्रचोदयाि। ॐ िृष भािु: जायै त्रिद्मिे . Om Mahalakshmaye Vidhmahe Vishnu Priyay Dheemahee Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat.20 April 2012 Various Gayatri Mantra  CHINTAN JOSHI. ु िन्िो दगाु प्रचोदयाि ्।। ु ॐ मिालाक्ष्मये त्रिद्मिे . Om Janaka Nandinye Vidhmahe Bhumijaya Dheemahee Tanno Sita Prachodayat . SWASTIK. त्रिष्णु त्रप्रयाय धीमहि िन्िो लक्ष्मी:प्रचोदयाि। ॐ िाग दे व्यै त्रिद्मिे . Shiv Priyayai Dheemahee Tanno Durgaya Prachodayat. N. Om Vag devyai Vidhmahe Kam Rajya Dheemahee Tanno Saraswati Prachodayat. त्रिष्णु पत्नी च धीमहि िन्िो लक्ष्मी:प्रचोदयाि। ॐ मिालाक्ष्मये त्रिद्मिे . Om Girijayai Vidhmahe निि त्रप्रयायै धीमहि. ॐ भूभिस्िः । ु िि ् सत्रििुिरेण्यं । ु भगो दे िस्य धीमहि । नधयो यो िः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Durga Gayatri Mantra ॐ नगररजायै त्रिद्मिे . Om Tulasyai Vidhmahe Vishnu priyayay Dheemahee Tanno Brindah Prachodayat. त्रिश्नुत्रप्रयाय धीमहि िन्िो िृंदा: प्रचोदयाि। Tulasi Gayatri Mantra . Om Vrishabhanu jayai Vidhmahe Krishna priyaya Dheemahee Tanno Radha Prachodayat. JOSHI Gayatri Devi Mantra Om bhur bhuvah svah Tat savitur vareniyam Bhargo devasya dheemahee Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. काम राज्या धीमहि िन्िो सरस्ििी :प्रचोदयाि। ॐ जिक िंहदन्ये त्रिद्मिे .

Hanasaroodaya Dheemahee Tanno Brahma Prachodayat. सीिा िल्लभाय धी महि॥ िन्िो रामः प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ दामोदराय त्रिद्मिे . Om Govindaya Vidhmahe Gopi Vallabhaya Dheemahee गोपी िल्लभाय धी महि॥ Tanno Krishna Prachodayat िन्िो कृ ष्ण प्रचोदयाि ्॥ . मिादे िाय धीमहि Mahadevaya Dheemahee Tanno Rudra Prachodayat. Tanno Brahma Prachodayat Om Dasarathaya Vidhmahe Sita Vallabhaya Dheemahee Tanno Rama Prachodayat. हिरण्यगभाुय धीमहि॥ िन्िो ब्रह्मा प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ दािरथय त्रिद्मिे . Om kalikaye vidmahe smashan vashiney dheemahee tanno A ghora prachodyat. Om Damodaraya Vidhmahe Rukmani Vallabhay Dheemahee.21 Om Prithivi devyai Vidhmahe Sahasra murthaye Dheemahee Tanno Prithvi Prachodayat. Om Chathur mukhaya Vidmahe. रुकमणी िल्लभाय धी महि॥ िन्िो कृ ष्ण प्रचोदयाि ्॥ Narayana Gayatri Mantra Brahma Gayatri Mantra Brahma Gayatri Mantra Rama Gayatri Mantra Krishna Gayatri Mantra Krishna Gayatri Mantra ॐ गोत्रिंदाय त्रिद्मिे . िं सारुढाय धीमहि॥ िन्िो ब्रह्मा प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ िेदात्मिाय त्रिद्मिे . Om bhagvattay vidmahe Maheshwariya dheemahee tanno annapurna prachodyat. Hiranya Garbhaya Dheemahi. सिस्र मूरियै धीमहि िन्िो पृथ्िी :प्रचोदयाि। ॐ परम्ह्नन्साय त्रिद्मिे . मिा िं साय धीमहि िन्िो िं स: प्रचोदयाि। ॐ भगित्तै त्रिद्मिे . Om Param Hansay Vidmahe maha hanasay dheemahee tanno hansh prachodyat. ॐ िारायणाय त्रिद्मिे . Om Vedathmanaya vidmahe. िासुदेिाय धीमहि िन्िो त्रिष्णु: प्रचोदयाि। ॐ चिुर मुखाय त्रिद्मिे . िन्िो रुद्र प्रचोदयाि। Om Narayanaya Vidhmahe Vasudevaya Dheemahee Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat. April 2012 ॐ पृथ्िी दे व्यै त्रिद्मिे . मिे श्वरयै धीमहि िन्िो अन्िपूणाु: प्रचोदयाि। ॐ कानलकयै त्रिद्मिे . Tanno Krishna Prachodayat. स्मिाि िनिियै धीमहि िन्िो अघोर: प्रचोदयाि। Prithvi Gayatri Mantra Hansa Gayatri Mantra Annapurna Gayatri Mantra Mahakali Gayatri Mantra Shiva Gayatri Om Tat Purushaya Vidhmahe ॐ ित्पुरुषाय त्रिद्मिे .

िज्रिक्षाय धीमहि॥ िन्िो िरनसंि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ ििैस्िराय त्रिद्मिे . Vajra hasthaya Dheemahee Tanno Indra Prachodayat. िन्िो दश्न्प्न्ि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ सिस्त्र िेिायै त्रिद्मिे . िज्र िस्िाय धीमहि. मिा कालाय धीमहि. Om Ekadanthaya vidmahe Vakrathundaya dheemahee Tanno danthi Prachodayat. April 2012 ॐ निरं जिाय त्रिद्मिे . Om Sahasra nethraye Vidhmahe. िन्िो ििुमाि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ सूयु पुिाय त्रिद्मिे . Om Aanjanee jaya Vidhmahe Maha balaya Dheemahee Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat.22 OM Nirnajanaya Vidmahe Nirapasaya Dheemahee Tanno Srinivasa Prachodayat. ॐ लम्ह्बोदराय त्रिद्मिे . निरापस्या धीमहि॥ िन्िो श्रीनििास प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ िरनसंिाय त्रिद्मिे . िायुपुिाय Ganesha Gayatri Mantra Ganesha Gayatri Mantra Ganesha Gayatri Mantra Indra Gayatri Mantra Hanuman Gayatri Mantra Hanuman Gayatri Mantra धीमहि. Om Thatpurashaya vidhmahe Vakrathundaya dheemahee Tanno danti Prachodayat. Om Aanjanee jaya Vidhmahe Vayu putraya Dheemahee Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat . िन्िो यम प्रचोदयाि ्॥ Yama Gayatri Mantra . ियनग्रिाय धीमहि॥ िन्िो ियनग्रि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ Venkateswara Gayatri Mantra Narasimha Gayatri Mantra Hayagreeva Gayatri Mantra Sudharshana Gayatri Mantra Om Sudharshanaya Vidmahe ॐ सुदिुिाय त्रिद्मिे . िििुण्डाय धीमहि. मिोदराय धीमहि॥ िन्िो दं िी प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ एकदं िाय त्रिद्मिे . Om Narasimhaya Vidmahe Vajra Nakhaya Dheemahee Tanno Narasimha Prachodayat. Om Surya puthraya Vidhmahe Maha Kalaya Dheemahee Tanno Yama Prachodayat. िन्िो ििुमाि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ अंजिी जाय त्रिद्मिे . मिाज्िलाय धीमहि॥ Maha Jwalaya Dheemahee Tanno Chakra Prachodayat. मिाबलाय धीमहि. िििुंडाय धीमहि॥ िन्िो दं िी प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ ित्पुरुषाय त्रिद्मिे . िन्िो चि प्रचोदयाि ्॥ Om Lambodaraya vidmahe Mahodaraya deemahee Tanno danti Prachodayat. िन्िो इन्द्र प्रचोदयाि ्॥ ॐ अंजिी जाय त्रिद्मिे . Om Vanaisvaraya Vidhmahe Hayagrivaya Dheemahee Tanno Hayagriva Pracodayat.

370 मंि नसद्ध दलभ सामग्री ु ु घोडे की िाल.com. Om Kama devaya Vidhmahe Pushpa vanaya Dheemahee Tanno Kama and http://gurutvakaryalay. Om Maha jwalaya Vidhmahe Agni devaya Dheemahee Tanno Agni Prachodayat.Rs. April 2012 ॐ जलत्रबम्ह्बाय त्रिद्मिे िीलपुरुषाय धीमहि । िन्िो िरुण: प्रचोदयाि ् ।। ॐ मिाज्िलाय त्रिद्मिे अश्न्प्निदे िाय धीमहि । िन्िो अश्न्प्नि: प्रचोदयाि ् ।। ॐ पािकाय त्रिद्मिे सप्तश्न्प्जह्वाय धीमहि । िन्िो िैश्वािरः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Varuna Gayatri Mantra Agni Gayatri Mantra Vaiswanar Gayatri Mantra Garuda Gayatri Mantra ॐ ित्पुरुषाय त्रिद्मिे सुिणुपक्षाय धीमहि । िन्िो गरुडः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Nandi Gayatri Mantra ॐ ित्पुरुषाय त्रिद्मिे चििुण्डाय धीमहि । िन्िो िश्न्प्न्दः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Shirdi Sai Gayatri Mantra ॐ निरडी िासाय त्रिद्मिे सश्न्प्चचदािंदाय धीमहि.Rs.Rs.251 इन्द्र जाल.251 धि िृत्रद्ध िकीक सेट Rs-251 GURUTVA KARYALAY Call us: 91 + 9338213418. Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe.Rs.Rs. Chakratundaya Dheemahee Tanno Nandi Prachodayat .com/ . Om Shirdi vasaya Vidhmahe Sachithanandaya Dheemahee Tanno Sai Prachodayat .in. Om Pavakay Vidhmahe Sapta Jihvay Dheemahee TannoVaiswanar Prachodayat . ित्था जोडी.Rs.23 Om Jala bimbaya Vidhmahe Nila Purushaya Dheemahee Tanno Varuna Prachodayat.370 माया जाल.550 नसयार नसंगी.550 दश्न्प्क्षणाििी िंख. Suvarna Pakshaya Dheemahee Tanno Garuda Prachodayat Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe.Rs.370 त्रबल्ली िाल.karyalay@gmail.351 मोनि िंख.Rs. 91+ 9238328785 Mail Us: gurutva. gurutva_karyalay@yahoo. Visit Us: http://gk. िन्िो साईं प्रचोदयाि ्।। ॐ कामदे िाय त्रिद्मिे पुष्पििाय धीमहि । िन्िः कामः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ >> Click Here Manmatha Gayatri Mantra Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers.

ॐ भास्कराय त्रिद्मिे हदिाकराय धीमहि । िन्िोः सूयः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ ु Om Aswadwajaya Vidhmahe Pasa Hasthaya Dheemahee Tanno Surya Prachodayat . ॐ अश्वध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे पािस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िोः सूयः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ ु Chandra [Moon] Gayatri Mantra Om Kshira putraya Vidhmahe Amritathvaya Dheemahee Tanno Chandra Prachodayat. ॐ क्षीरपुिाय त्रिद्मिे अमृित्िाय धीमहि । िन्िोः चन्द्रः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om Padmadwajaya Vidhmahe Hema roopaya Dheemahee Tanno Chandra Prachodayat . ॐ पद्मध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे िे म रूपाय धीमहि । िन्िोः सोम प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Angaaraka (Mars) Gayatri Mantra Om veeradhwajaaya vidmahae vighna hastaaya dheemahi tanno bhouma prachodayaat ॐ िीरध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे त्रिघ्ििस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िो भौमः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om Angaarakaay vidmahae bhoomipaalaay dheemahi tanno kuja prachodayaat ॐ अंगारकाय त्रिद्मिे भूनमपालाय धीमहि । िन्िः कजः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ ु .24 Navgrah Gayatri Mantra April 2012  CHINTAN JOSHI Aadithya [Sun] Gayatri Mantra Om Bhaskaraya Vidhmahe Diva karaya Dheemahee Tanno Surya Prachodayat.

25 Budha (Mercury) Gayatri Mantra Om gajadhwajaaya vidmahae sukha hastaaya dheemahi tanno budha: prachodayaat ॐ गजध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे सुखिस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िो बुधः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om Chandraputraaya vidmahae rohini priyaay dheemahi tanno budha: prachodayaat ॐ चन्द्रपुिाय त्रिद्मिे रोहिणी त्रप्रयाय धीमहि । िन्िो बुधः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Guru (Jupiter) Gayatri Mantra Om vrishabadhwajaaya vidmahae kruni hastaaya dheemahi tanno guru: prachodayaat ॐ िृषभध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे िनििस्िाय धीमहि । ु िन्िो गुरुः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om Suraachaaryaay vidmahae shurashresthaay dheemahi tanno guru: prachodayaat ॐ सुराचायाुय त्रिद्मिे सुरश्रेष्ठाय धीमहि । िन्िो गुरुः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Shukra (Venus) Gayatri Mantra Om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae dhanur hastaaya dheemahi tanno shukra prachodayaat ॐ अश्वध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे धिुिुस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िोः िुिः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om Rajadaabhaay vidmahae Bhrugusutaay dheemahi tanno shukra prachodayaat ॐ रजदाभाय त्रिद्मिे भृगुसुिाय धीमहि । िन्िः िुिः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ April 2012 You Can Gift GURUTVA JYOTISH E-Magazines Subscription Free to Your Dear or Near Friends >> Clik Here to Free Gift .

agh hari. amle avinashee ll Kaamdhenu sat chit aananda jay ganga geeta l Savita ki shashvati. >> Click Here ll Maa Gayatri Aarti ll Jayati jay gayatri mata l Jayati jay gayatri mata ll Aadi shakti tum alakh niranjan jag paalan karti l Dukh shok bhaya-klesh kalah daridya dainya harti ll Brahm roopni. durbhav.vidya kamala kalyani ll Snehsani karunamaya mata charan-sharan deejay l Bilakh rahe hum shishu-sut tere daya drashti keejai ll Kaam. jan hitkaari. krodh. yaju. jo hai sukhdata l l Jayati jay gayatri mata . tushti pushti trata l Sat maarag par hume chalao. dwesh hariye l Shudh-budhi. sukhda jagdambe ll Bhayaharini. nispaap. bhavtarini anaghe. pranayani.26 Sanishwara (Saturn) Gayatri Mantra Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae khadga hastaaya dheemahi tanno mandah: prachodayaat ॐ काकध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे खड्गिस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िो मन्दः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Om shanaishcharay vidmahae suryaputraay dheemahi tanno mandah: prachodayaat ॐ ििैश्चराय त्रिद्मिे सूयपुिाय धीमहि । ु िन्िो मन्दः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ April 2012 Raahu Gayatri Mantra om naakadhwajaaya vidmahae padma hastaaya dheemahi tanno raahu: prachodayaat ॐ िाकध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे पद्मिस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िो रािुः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ Ketu Gayatri Mantra om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae soola hastaaya dheemahi tanno ketu: prachodayaat ॐ अश्वध्िजाय त्रिद्मिे िूलिस्िाय धीमहि । िन्िः किुः प्रचोदयाि ् ॥ े Send Your Valuable Suggestions and Feedback to Writers. swadha. mad. bhrahmani radha rudrani l Jay satroopa . pranav mahamahime l Kundalini sahastrar sushumna shobha gun garime ll Swaha . atharva. saam. shakti tum savitri seeta ll Rigu. shachi. vaani . lobh. hridaya man ko pavitra kariye ll Tum Samarth sub bhaati tarini . Jayati jay gayatri mata ll . aj aanand rashee l Avikaari . dumbh. pranat palini jagatdhaatra ambe l Bhav bhaya haari. avichlit.

Mangal Karani Gayatri Sukhdhaam Pranavom Savitri Swadhaa Swahaa Purana Kaam…2 Bhur Bhuvah Swah Om Yut Janani Gayatri Nit Kalimal Dahani Akshar Chaubis Parama Punitaa Inmen Basen Shastra Shruti Geetaa…3 Shaashwata Satoguni Sataroopaa Satya Sanatana Sudha Anoopaa Hamsaaroodha Sitaamber Dhaari Swarna Kaanti Shuchi Gagana Bihaari…4 Pustaka Pushpa Kamandalu Maalaa Shubhra Varna Tanu Nayana Vishalaa Dhayana Dharata Pulkita Hiya Ho Sukha Upajata Doohkh Durmati Kho…5 Kaamdhenu Tum Sur Taru Chhaaya Niraakaar Ki Adbhuta Mayaa Tumahari Sharan Gahai Jo Ko Tarai Sakal Sankata Son So…6 Saraswati Lakshmi Tum Kali Dipai Tumhari Jyoti Niraali Tumhari Mahimaa Paara Na Pavai Jo Sharada Shata Mukh Goona Gavai…7 Chaara Veda Ki Maatu Punita Tuma Brahmani Gauri Gita Mahaa Mantra Jitanay Jaga Maahin Kou Gayatri Sama Nahin…8 Sumirata Hiya Mein Gyana Prakashaai Aalasa Paapa Avidyaa Nasai Srishti Beehja Jaga Bhawaani Kaala Raatari Varadaa Kalyaani…8 Brahma Vishnu Rudra Sura Jay Taytum Son Paven Surataa Tattay Tum Bhaktanaki Bhakta Tumharen Jananihin Putra Tay Pyaaray…9 Mahima Aparampaara Tumhari Jaya Jaya Tripadaa Bhayahaari Porita Sakala Gyaanna Vigyaanaa Tum Sama Adhika Na Jagamein Aanaa…10 Tumahin Jaani Kachhu Rahai Na Sheshaa Tumahin Paaya Kachhu Rahai Na Kalesaa Jaanata Tumahin Tumahin Han Jaai Paarasa Rarisa Kudhatu Suhai…11 Tumhari Shakti Dipai Saba Thai Maataa Tuma Saba Thora Samai Graha Nakshatra Bhramanda Ghanayray Suba Gativaana Tumharay Preray…12 Sakala Srishtiki Prana Vidhaata Palaka Poshaka Nashaka Trataa Maateshwari Dayaa Varta Dhaari Tum Sana Taray Paataki Bhaari…13 Japara Kripaa Tumhaari Ho Taapara Kripa Karen Saba Ko Manda Buddhi Tay Buddhi Bala Paavay Rogi Roga Rahigta Ho Jaavay…14 Daaridra Mitai Katai Suba Piraa Nashai Duhkh Harai Bhaya Phira Griha Kalesha Chitta Chintaa Bhaari Naasai Gaayatri Bhaya Haari…15 Santati Heena Susantati Paaven Sukha Sampati Yuta Moda Manavay Bhoota Pishaacha Sabai Bhaya Khaaven Yama Kay Doota Nikata Nahin Aavay…16 Jo Sadhavaa Sumirai Chita Laai Akshaya Suhaga Sadaa Sukhada Ghara Vara Sukh Prada Lahai Kumari Vidhavaa Rahay Satya Vrata Dhaarai…17 Jayati Jayati Jagadamba Bhavaani Tum Sama Aur Dayaalu Na Daani Jo Sadguru Son Dikshaa Paaven So Saadhana Ko Safala Banaaven…18 Sumirana Karay Suruchi Badabhaagi Lahai Manoratha Grahi Viraagi Ashta Sidddhi Nava Nidhi Ke Daata Saba Samaratha Gaayatri Maata…19 Rishi Muni Jati Tapasvi Jogi Aarata Arthi Chintita Bhogi Jo Jo Sharana Tumaari Aaven So So Mana Vaanchhita Fala Paaven…20 Bala Buddhi Vidyaa Sheela Swabhau Dhana Vaibhava Yasha Teja Uchhau Sakala Badhen Upajay Sukha Naanaa Jo Yaha Paatha Karai Dhari Dhyaanaa…21 Yaha Chalisa Bhakti Yuta Paatha Karay Jo Koy Taa Par Kripaa Prasannataa Gayatri Ki Hoy…22 .27 April 2012 Gayatri Chalisa Hrim Shrim Klim Madhya Prabhaa Jeevana Jyoti Prachand Shaanti Kranti Jagruta Pragati Rachanaa Shakti Akhand…1 Jagat Janani.

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1050 6. 28000 ** All Weight In Rati All Diamond are Full White Colour. ** All Weight In Rati ** All Weight In Rati िुला रानि: िृश्न्प्श्चक रानि: धिु रानि: मकर रानि: कभ रानि: ुं मीि रानि: िीरा मूंगा पुखराज िीलम िीलम पुखराज Diamond (Special) 10 cent 20 cent 30 cent 40 cent 50 cent Rs. 23000 10. 37000 7.25" Rs. Rs. 12500 7.25" Rs. 12500 15500 28000 46000 82000 Green Emerald (Special) 5. 55000 8.108000 ** All Weight In Rati B. 910 Rs.25" Rs. 1050 6. 73000 9.25" 9. 23000 10.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. 30000 6.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. 55000 8. 14500 8. 2100 10.25" Rs. 55000 8.25" 30000 6. 18500 Rs. (ORISSA) Call us: 91 + 9338213418. 12500 7. 1450 8. 1250 7.25" Rs. Rs. 1800 9.25" Rs. 18500 Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. * उपयोक्त िजि और मूल्य से अनधक और कम िजि और मूल्य क रत्न एिं उपरत्न भी िमारे यिा व्यापारी मूल्य पर े उप्लब्ध िं । GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/ 19000 9.108000 ** All Weight In Rati Y. 8200 Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" 5. 4100 Rs. 2300 Rs.25" Rs.Sapphire (Special) 5. 30000 6.34 April 2012 रानि रत्न मूंगा िीरा पन्िा मोिी माणेक पन्िा Red Coral (Special) 5. 1250 7. 37000 7.25" 4. 91000 10.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. 73000 9.25" Rs. 37000 7.karyalay@gmail.25" Rs. BANK COLONY. 28000 ** All Weight In Rati Naturel Pearl (Special) 5. 37000 7. 91000 10. 1450 8. 30000 6.Sapphire (Special) 5.25" Rs.25" Rs. 12500 Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" 6. 9100 6.108000 ** All Weight In Rati B. 19000 9. 91000 10.25" Rs. 73000 9.25" Rs. 8200 Rs. 14500 8.25" Rs.25" Rs. 2800 ** All Weight In Rati Y. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA.Sapphire (Special) 5.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" 7. . 23500 Red Coral (Special) 5. 91000 10. 1800 9.25" Rs. 12500 Rs. 1450 Rs.25" Rs.Sapphire (Special) 5. Rs.25" Rs. Rs. 2800 ** All Weight In Rati Diamond (Special) 10 cent 20 cent 30 cent 40 cent 50 cent Rs.25" 6. 1250 Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. 73000 9. 2100 10. gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.25" Rs.25" 8. 23500 Green Emerald (Special) 5.25" Rs. 91+ 9238328785 Mail Us: gurutva. BHUBNESWAR-751018.108000 ** All Weight In Rati All Diamond are Full White Colour.25" 10.25" Rs. 1900 Rs.25" Rs. 9100 6. 2800 Ruby (Old Berma) (Special) 2.25" Rs.25" Rs.25" Rs. 55000 8. 4100 Rs.25" 3.

Asadha 27:48:10 U.Asadha 28:12:25 Sravana 07:18:08 Libra 14:04:50 Libra 10:59:03 Scorpio 08:21:23 Scorpio 12:24:00 06:17:30 Sagittar ius 16:20:10 Sagittar 16:33:00 ius 15:50:02 Caprico rn 15:55:32 Caprico 23:48:00 rn 11:04:00 Mon 3 Siddhi Visti 10 Tue 11 Wed 12 Thu 13 Fri 14 Sat 15 Sun 4 Vyatipata 19:03:44 15:57:01 13:19:22 11:11:44 09:34:06 08:27:25 Balava 5 Variyan Taitila 6 Parigha Vanij 8 Shiva Balava 9 Siddha Taitila 10 Sadhya Vanij .35 April 2012 Planet Possition.8 to 15 April 2012 Day 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Sun Mon Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Rah Ket Ura Nep Plu 11:24:31 11:25:30 11:26:29 11:27:28 11:28:27 11:29:26 00:00:24 00:01:23 06:11:27 06:26:31 07:11:22 07:25:53 08:10:02 08:23:47 09:07:11 09:20:14 04:09:53 04:09:48 04:09:45 04:09:42 04:09:40 04:09:39 04:09:38 04:09:39 11:00:22 11:00:43 11:01:09 11:01:39 11:02:13 11:02:51 11:03:33 11:04:19 00:20:50 00:21:04 00:21:17 00:21:31 00:21:44 00:21:58 00:22:12 00:22:26 01:09:54 01:10:46 01:11:38 01:12:29 01:13:19 01:14:09 01:14:57 01:15:45 06:02:44 06:02:39 06:02:35 06:02:30 06:02:26 06:02:21 06:02:16 06:02:12 07:11:55 07:11:52 07:11:51 07:11:52 07:11:53 07:11:54 07:11:54 07:11:52 01:11:55 01:11:52 01:11:51 01:11:52 01:11:53 01:11:54 01:11:54 01:11:52 11:11:17 11:11:20 11:11:23 11:11:27 11:11:30 11:11:33 11:11:37 11:11:40 10:08:14 10:08:16 10:08:18 10:08:19 10:08:21 10:08:23 10:08:24 10:08:26 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 08:15:31 Weekly Panchang 8 to 15 April 2012 Date Day Sun Month Paksh Tithi 2 End Nakshatr End a 19:05:01 16:26:24 14:11:14 12:24:12 11:11:52 10:36:06 10:37:51 11:16:10 Yog Harsana End 06:30:19 22:35:46 Karan Taitila End Moon Sign End 8 9 Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a Vaisakha Krishn a 17:30:19 Swati 14:04:50 Vishakha 10:59:03 Anuradha 08:21:23 Jyestha 06:17:30 Mula 28:00:29 P.

00 09.30 10.30 to 06.30 to 12.30 04.00 to 01.00 to 01.36 April 2012 Day Chaugdiya Time 06.00 to 10.00 to 04.30 01.00 to 04.00 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Shubh Amrut Chal Rog Kal Labh Udveg Shubh Chal Rog Kal Labh Udveg Shubh Amrut Chal Kal Labh Udveg Shubh Amrut Chal Rog Kal Udveg Shubh Amrut Chal Rog Kal Labh Udveg Amrut Chal Rog Kal Labh Udveg Shubh Amrut Rog Kal Labh Udveg Shubh Amrut Chal Rog Saturday Labh Udveg Shubh Amrut Chal Rog Kal Labh Daily Auspicious and Inauspicious Times Table Gulik Kala (Auspicious) Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Time period 03:00 to 04:30 01:30 to 03:00 12:00 to 01:30 10:30 to 12:00 09:00 to 10:30 07:30 to 09:00 06:00 to 07:30 Yama Kala (Inauspicious) Time period 12:00 to 01:30 10:30 to 12:00 09:00 to 10:30 07:30 to 09:00 06:00 to 07:30 03:00 to 04:30 01:30 to 03:00 Rahu kala (Inauspicious) Time period 04:30 to 06:00 07:30 to 09:00 03:00 to 04:30 12:00 to 01:30 01:30 to 03:00 10:30 to 12:00 09:00 to 10:30 .30 01.30 to 03.30 to 06.00 to 10.00 09.30 to 09.00 03.30 10.00 12.00 to 07.00 to 07.30 to 09.00 12.30 to 12.30 to 03.00 03.30 07.30 04.00 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Udveg Chal Labh Amrut Kal Shubh Rog Udveg Amrut Kal Shubh Rog Udveg Chal Labh Amrut Rog Udveg Chal Labh Amrut Kal Shubh Rog Labh Amrut Kal Shubh Rog Udveg Chal Labh Shubh Rog Udveg Chal Labh Amrut Kal Shubh Chal Labh Amrut Kal Shubh Rog Udveg Chal Saturday Kal Shubh Rog Udveg Chal Labh Amrut Kal Night Chaugdiya Time 06.30 07.

Hr 4. Vasikaran.Hr 3. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA. . Jackal Horn (Siyar singi).Prosperity: Thereby Benifit for Good Wealth. enemy fear.Hr 12. Hatha Jodi (Hast Jodi). Marriage. Maya Jaal. gurutva. (ORISSA) Call Us . BHUBNESWAR-751018.peace .in.Hr 6. killing Magic(Maran). Court Case. Black-White-Red Jequirity seeds (Gunja).Hr 5. Business Growth. Black Magic Obstruction (Tantrik Badha).37 April 2012 Day Horo From sunrise to sunset Day Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1.9338213418.Hr 7.Hr Sun Moon Mars 2. thieves fear Typs Maney Obstruction.Hr 10. patal Tumdi Type Many rare contents. That prosperity will be achieved at home In Bhagya Lakshmi Box Included With Laghu Shreephal (Small Coconut).Hr 11. Conch (Shankh). Bhagyalakxmi Box Protection for evil spirit (Bhut-Pret Badha). Indra Jaal. GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/3. BANK COLONY.Hr Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Saturn Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Saturn Jupiter Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Mercury Moon Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Saturn Jupiter Sun Venus Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Night Horo Fromsunset to sunrise Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Sun Venus Mercury Saturn Jupiter Sun Venus Saturn Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Moon Mars Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Mercury Moon Venus Mercury Moon Bhagya Lakshmi Dibbi For Achievement of Happiness . Billi Ki Naal/Jer (Billi Naal).gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.Hr Sun 9. 9238328785 Email Us:.Hr Mars 8.karyalay@gmail.

in.* PATI VASI KARAN 730/640/640/640/550/SARASWATI (Up to Class 10) SARASWATI (Class +10 & Above) * VASI (ALL DISPUTES SUBJECT TO BHUBANESWAR JURISDICTION) (ALL DISPUTES SUBJECT TO BHUBANESWAR JURISDICTION) . अलग-अलग किच िैयार करिे कनलए अलग-अलग िरि क े े मंिो का प्रयोग हकया जािा िं . ROJGAR PRAPTI (1. BANK Email Us:. (ORISSA) Call Us .T. 9238328785 Our Website:.Person) *Kavach Only For a good Work or Intention GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/3.38 April 2012 िुभ मिूिु मं िुभ हदि को िैयार हकये जािे िं and http://gurutvakaryalay.gurutva_karyalay@yahoo. मंि नसद्ध किच को त्रििेष प्रयोजि मं उपयोग क नलए और िीघ्र प्रभाि िाली बिािे क नलए िेजस्िी मंिो द्वारा े े MANTRA SIDDHA KAVACH  क्यं चुिे मंि नसद्ध किच?  उपयोग मं आसाि कोई प्रनिबन्ध ििीं  कोई त्रििेष निनि-नियम ििीं  कोई बुरा प्रभाि ििीं  किच क बारे मं अनधक जािकारी िे िु े MANTRA SIDDHA KAVACH SARVA KARYA SHIDDHI *SARVA JAN VASIKARAN ASHTA LAXMI SANTAN PRAPTI SPL VYAAPAR VRUDDHI KARYA SHIDDHI AKASHMIK DHAN PRAPT NAVGRAHA SHANTI BHUMI LABHA KAM DEV PADOUNATTI (PROMOTION) 4600/1450/1250/1250/1050/1050/1050/910/910/910/910/- RUNMUKTI (KARAJ MUKTI) DHAN PRAPTI TANTRA RAKSHA *SHATRU VIJAY VIVAH BADHA NIVARAN VYAPAR VRUDDHI SARVA ROG NIVARAN MASTISK PRUSTIVARDHAK KAMANA PURTI VIRODH NASHAK ROJGAR VRUDDHI 910/820/730/730/730/- VIGHANA NASHAK NAJAR RAKSHA DURBHAGYA NASHAK 550/550/460/1050/640/640/550/460/640/370/- * VASI KARAN (2-3 Persons) * PATNI VASI KARAN 730/-. gurutva.9338213418. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA.blogspot.http://gk. BHUBNESWAR-751018.

39 YANTRA LIST Our Splecial Yantra 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 – YANTRA SET VYAPAR VRUDDHI YANTRA BHOOMI LABHA YANTRA TANTRA RAKSHA YANTRA AAKASMIK DHAN PRAPTI YANTRA PADOUNNATI YANTRA RATNE SHWARI YANTRA BHUMI PRAPTI YANTRA GRUH PRAPTI YANTRA KAILASH DHAN RAKSHA YANTRA April 2012 EFFECTS For all Family Troubles For Business Development For Farming Benefits For Protection Evil Sprite For Unexpected Wealth Benefits For Getting Promotion For Benefits of Gems & Jewellery For Land Obtained For Ready Made House - Shastrokt Yantra 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 AADHYA SHAKTI AMBAJEE(DURGA) YANTRA BAGALA MUKHI YANTRA (PITTAL) BAGALA MUKHI POOJAN YANTRA (PITTAL) BHAGYA VARDHAK YANTRA BHAY NASHAK YANTRA CHAMUNDA BISHA YANTRA (Navgraha Yukta) CHHINNAMASTA POOJAN YANTRA DARIDRA VINASHAK YANTRA DHANDA POOJAN YANTRA DHANDA YAKSHANI YANTRA GANESH YANTRA (Sampurna Beej Mantra) GARBHA STAMBHAN YANTRA GAYATRI BISHA YANTRA HANUMAN YANTRA JWAR NIVARAN YANTRA JYOTISH TANTRA GYAN VIGYAN PRAD SHIDDHA BISHA YANTRA KALI YANTRA KALPVRUKSHA YANTRA KALSARP YANTRA (NAGPASH YANTRA) KANAK DHARA YANTRA KARTVIRYAJUN POOJAN YANTRA KARYA SHIDDHI YANTRA  SARVA KARYA SHIDDHI YANTRA KRISHNA BISHA YANTRA KUBER YANTRA LAGNA BADHA NIVARAN YANTRA LAKSHAMI GANESH YANTRA MAHA MRUTYUNJAY YANTRA MAHA MRUTYUNJAY POOJAN YANTRA MANGAL YANTRA ( TRIKON 21 BEEJ MANTRA) MANO VANCHHIT KANYA PRAPTI YANTRA NAVDURGA YANTRA Blessing of Durga Win over Enemies Blessing of Bagala Mukhi For Good Luck For Fear Ending Blessing of Chamunda & Navgraha Blessing of Chhinnamasta For Poverty Ending For Good Wealth For Good Wealth Blessing of Lord Ganesh For Pregnancy Protection Blessing of Gayatri Blessing of Lord Hanuman For Fewer Ending For Astrology & Spritual Knowlage Blessing of Kali For Fullfill your all Ambition Destroyed negative effect of Kalsarp Yoga Blessing of Maha Lakshami For Successes in work For Successes in all work Blessing of Lord Krishna Blessing of Kuber (Good wealth) For Obstaele Of marriage Blessing of Lakshami & Ganesh For Good Health Blessing of Shiva For Fullfill your all Ambition For Marriage with choice able Girl Blessing of Durga .

GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/3. and (ALL DISPUTES SUBJECT TO BHUBANESWAR JURISDICTION) .state Award Winning Blessing of Lord Vishnu (Narayan) Attraction For office Purpose Attraction For Female Attraction For Husband Attraction For Wife Attraction For Marriage Purpose Yantra Available @:. 2800 and Above….http://gk.chintan_n_joshi@yahoo. 1850. gurutva.09338213418. 1250. BANK COLONY. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA.255.40 YANTRA LIST April 2012 EFFECTS 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 NAVGRAHA SHANTI YANTRA NAVGRAHA YUKTA BISHA YANTRA  SURYA YANTRA  CHANDRA YANTRA  MANGAL YANTRA  BUDHA YANTRA  GURU YANTRA (BRUHASPATI YANTRA)  SUKRA YANTRA  SHANI YANTRA (COPER & STEEL)  RAHU YANTRA  KETU YANTRA PITRU DOSH NIVARAN YANTRA PRASAW KASHT NIVARAN YANTRA RAJ RAJESHWARI VANCHA KALPLATA YANTRA RAM YANTRA RIDDHI SHIDDHI DATA YANTRA ROG-KASHT DARIDRATA NASHAK YANTRA SANKAT MOCHAN YANTRA SANTAN GOPAL YANTRA SANTAN PRAPTI YANTRA SARASWATI YANTRA SHIV YANTRA SHREE YANTRA (SAMPURNA BEEJ MANTRA) SHREE YANTRA SHREE SUKTA YANTRA SWAPNA BHAY NIVARAN YANTRA VAHAN DURGHATNA NASHAK YANTRA VAIBHAV LAKSHMI YANTRA (MAHA SHIDDHI DAYAK SHREE MAHALAKSHAMI YANTRA) VASTU YANTRA VIDHYA YASH VIBHUTI RAJ SAMMAN PRAD BISHA YANTRA VISHNU BISHA YANTRA VASI KARAN YANTRA  MOHINI VASI KARAN YANTRA  PATI VASI KARAN YANTRA  PATNI VASI KARAN YANTRA  VIVAH VASHI KARAN YANTRA For good effect of 9 Planets For good effect of 9 Planets Good effect of Sun Good effect of Moon Good effect of Mars Good effect of Mercury Good effect of Jyupiter Good effect of Venus Good effect of Saturn Good effect of Rahu Good effect of Ketu For Ancestor Fault Ending For Pregnancy Pain Ending For Benefits of State & Central Gov Blessing of Ram Blessing of Riddhi-Siddhi For Disease. gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.blogspot.Rs. 460. BHUBNESWAR-751018. 09238328785 Our Website:. 2300. (ORISSA) Call Us . Email Us:. Ending For Trouble Ending Blessing Lorg Krishana For child acquisition For child acquisition Blessing of Sawaswati (For Study & Education) Blessing of Shiv Blessing of Maa Lakshami for Good Wealth & Peace Blessing of Maa Lakshami for Good Wealth For Bad Dreams Ending For Vehicle Accident Ending Blessing of Maa Lakshami for Good Wealth & All Successes For Bulding Defect Ending For Education.karyalay@gmail. 550..yolasite.Fame.

across the Consultation 45 Min. 1900/-* RS. Many clients prefer the chat so that many questions that come up during a personal discussion can be answered right away. . then please mention in the special comment box . Email Us:.karyalay@gmail. We shall confirm before we set the appointment. All the time mentioned is Indian Standard Time which is + 5.  Once the chat is initiated you can commence asking your questions and clarifications  We recommend 25 minutes when you need to consult for one persona Only and usually the time is sufficient for 3-5 questions depending on the timing questions that are put. 2500/-* How Does it work Phone/Chat Consultation This is a unique service of GURUATVA KARYALAY where we offer you the option of having a personalized discussion with our expert astrologers.M. Please choose from : PHONE/ CHAT CONSULTATION Consultation 30 Min.: *While booking the appointment in Addvance RS. BOOKING FOR PHONE/ CHAT CONSULTATION PLEASE CONTECT GURUTVA KARYALAY Call Us:. We would require your birth details and basic area of questions so that our expert can be ready and give you rapid replied. There is no limit on the number of question although time is of consideration. Our research and experiments on the basic principals of various ancient sciences for the use of common man.41 April 2012 BOOK PHONE/ CHAT CONSULTATION We are mostly engaged in spreading the ancient knowledge of Astrology.: Consultation 60 Min. You can indicate the area of question in the special comments box.  For more than these questions or one birth charts we would recommend 60/45 minutes Phone/chat is recommended  Our expert is assisted by our technician and so chatting & typing is not a bottle neck In special cases we don't have the time available about your Specific Questions We will taken some time for properly Analysis your birth chart and we get back with an alternate or ask you for an Once you request for the consultation. 1250/-* RS. Vastu and Spiritual Science in the modern context.T.  We send you a Phone Number at the designated time of the appointment  We send you a Chat URL / ID to visit at the designated time of the appointment  You would need to refer your Booking number before the chat is initiated  Please remember it takes about 1-2 minutes before the chat process is initiated. chintan_n_joshi@yahoo. In case you want more than one person reading. with a suggestion as to your convenient time we get back with a confirmation whether the time is available for consultation or not.gurutva_karyalay@yahoo. exhaustive guide lines exhibited in the original Sanskrit texts BOOK APPOINTMENT PHONE/ CHAT CONSULTATION Please book an appointment with Our expert Astrologers for an internet chart . gurutva.30 hr ahead of G.

00 & above 21.00 & above 190.00 & above 500.00 120.00 450.00 60.00 & above 45.00 100.00 & above 730.00 90.00 210.00 23.00 90.00 60.00 15.00 90.00 550.00 90.00 120.00 60.00 75.00 & above 190.00 190.00 640.00 230.00 200.00 45.00 120.00 & above 90.00 & above 1000.00 & above 1900.00 1200.00 640. For Venus .00 120.00 90.00 460.00 300.00 60.00 15.00 27.00 550.00 410.00 120.00 & above 2800.00 120.00 15.00 05.00 120.00 350.00 1200.00 & above 25.00 90.00 120.00 12.00 120.00 30.00 & above 190.00 370.00 12.00 190.00 550.00 1900.00 & above 21000.00 & above 280.00 200.00 & above 460.00 15.00 190.00 25.00 2800.00 2800.00 120.00 410.00& above 120.00 42.00 1900.00 & above (Per Cent ) Note : Bangkok (Black) Blue for Shani.00 190.00 12.20 Cent ) (िीरा) 200.00 & above 460.00 12.00 21.00 45.00 & above 90.00 2800.00 15.00 90.00 120.05 to .00 09.00 20.00 & above 730.00 60.00 & above 4600.00 27.00 30.00 45.00 30.00 & above 3200.00 730.00 30.00 60.00 09.00 & above 21.00 30.00 150.00 50.00 & above 100.00 12.00 240.00 15.00 550.00 45.00 28.00 1800.00 90.00 27.00 & above 5500.00 15. not good in looking but mor effective.00 10.00 280.00 11.00 10000.00 & above 640.00 75.00 2800.00 180.00 280.00 30.00 390.00 100.00 09.00 & above 55.00 45.00 & above 4600.00 60.00 03.00 45.00 19.00 & above 550.42 April 2012 GURUTVA KARYALAY NAME OF GEM STONE GENERAL MEDIUM FINE FINE SUPER FINE SPECIAL Emerald (पन्िा) Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज) Blue Sapphire (िीलम) White Sapphire (सफ़द पुखराज) े Bangkok Black Blue(बंकोक िीलम) Ruby (माश्न्प्णक) Ruby Berma (बमाु माश्न्प्णक) Speenal (िरम माश्न्प्णक/लालडी) Pearl (मोनि) Red Coral (4 jrh rd) (लाल मूंगा) Red Coral (4 jrh ls mij) (लाल मूंगा) White Coral (सफ़द मूंगा) े Cat’s Eye (लिसुनिया) Cat’s Eye Orissa (उहडसा लिसुनिया) Gomed (गोमेद) Gomed CLN (नसलोिी गोमेद) Zarakan (जरकि) Aquamarine (बेरुज) Lolite (िीली) Turquoise (हफ़रोजा) Golden Topaz (सुििला) Real Topaz (उहडसा पुखराज/टोपज) Blue Topaz (िीला टोपज) White Topaz (सफ़द टोपज) े Amethyst (कटे ला) Opal (उपल) Garnet (गारिेट) Tourmaline (िुमलीि) ु Star Ruby (सुयकान्ि मश्न्प्ण) ु Black Star (काला स्टार) Green Onyx (ओिेक्स) Real Onyx (ओिेक्स) Lapis (लाजिुि) Moon Stone (चन्द्रकान्ि मश्न्प्ण) Rock Crystal (स्फ़हटक) Kidney Stone (दािा हफ़रं गी) Tiger Eye (टाइगर स्टोि) Jade (मरगच) Sun Stone (सि नसिारा) Diamond (.00 (PerCent ) (Per Cent) 2800.00 15.00 60.00 19.00 2100.00 280.00 5500.00 60.00 12.00 45.00 30.00 20.00 (Per Cent ) 1200.00 150.00 300.00 1900.00 90.00 500.00 8200.00 & above 90.00 & above 190.00 60.00 50.00 & above 410.00 550.00 & above 280.00 & above 45.00 45.00 (Per Cent ) 500.00 19.00 370.00 460.00 & above 4600.00 600.00 & above 910.00 300.00 90.00 320.00 30.00 1200.00 640.00 & above 120.00 30. Blue Topaz not Sapphire This Color of Sky Blue.00 120.00 & above 45.00 19.00 25.00 & above 280.00 23.00 140.00 & above 100.00 100.00 30.00 6400.00 1200.00 45.00 45.00 15.00 1900.00 51.00 1050. Declaration Notice        We do not accept liability for any out of date or incorrect information. Our all kawach. mantra and promptings of the natural and spiritual 91+9238328785 Email: gurutva. (ORISSA) INDIA Phone: 91+9338213418. BHUBNESWAR-751018. If you will cancel your order for any article we can not any amount will be refunded or http://www. preciouse and semi preciouse Gems stone deliver on your door step. We honour our clients' rights to privacy and will release no information about our any other clients' transactions with us.blogspot. BANK COLONY. Yantra. We will not be liable for your any indirect consequential loss. . yantra and any other article are prepared on the Principle of Positiv energy. Rudraksh. our Article dose not produce any bad energy. Web: http://gk. We are keepers of secrets.yolasite. loss of profit. Kavach. Our skill lies in communicating clearly and honestly with each client. Our ability lies in having learned to read the subtle spiritual energy. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA. Our Goal  Here Our goal has The classical Method-Legislation with Proved by specific with fiery chants prestigious full consciousness (Puarn Praan Pratisthit) Give miraculous powers & Good effect All types of Yantra.karyalay@gmail.43 April 2012 FREE E CIRCULAR GURUTVA JYOTISH WEEKLY-APRIL-2012 (2) Edition:3 Editor CHINTAN JOSHI Contact GURUTVA JYOTISH GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/3.

Wich one Used by individuals or Readers  Individuals or Readers himself/herself shall be responsible for his success/failure.  Unbelieving readers/ Atheist/ individuals may can understand just reading material. numerology. place or event would coincide with one's real life if it is coincidence.  Articles to be published In Magazine does not mean that the Our Team or editors agree with these ideas. due to spiritual knowledge based on an article.  On Readers demand We Are reserves the right to publish the article again.44 April 2012 Disclaimer and Rules  All rights regarding articles published in the magazine are reserved with the Magazine rights.  All articles Posted By Our Team are written based on our Many years experience and research. legal regulations against the use of a person subject to the fulfillment of personal interest or use to possible adverse consequences in case of fault. loss/gain For any Mantra-Tantra-Yantra published in the magazine.  Some Other Writers have been provided Some article / experiment. it's May be authenticity and effects that are not Responsibility of Our Team or editor.  loss/Profit or loss of Profit Its Responsibility of Mantra-Tantra-Yantra or Remedy Chooser that will own. Yantra.  We have to be used by any individual  Our Team or editor are not responsible for any Mantra-Tantra-Yantra's genuineness or their effect/non effect .Yantra or Remedy we are used to Many time our self and also used to Our Dear Friends or Relative.  All articles published here are inspired by Indian spiritual scriptures.  Published in the magazine any name. numerology.  Published articles astrology. Tantra Releted articles on spiritual knowledge must be confidence in the reader. Tantra. Mantra. Mantra. social. All the Time We Received sure success and Positive Result in it. Yantra. Vastu. The reason these subjects on the correctness or authenticity of any sort are not Responsibility of Our Team or editor.  Our Team or editor Not bound in any way to Give information about the Writer's Location And address  Astrology. To any individual in any way not to believe in these subjects will own the final decision.  For more information you can contact Us (All dispute subject to jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar court only) . from an article that re-publication Readers may benefit . because In these subjects ethical norms. Vastu.  Any objection will not be accepted by any type of reader.  We post all the Mantra. any name. place or incident or any place at any particular person or event has no relation.

yolasite.9338213418. Kavach. Meaningful attempt to attain it and understanding is Best of and http://gurutvakaryalay. Person living today with artificial and luxuries is tied to frustration and disappointment. GURUTVA KARYALAY 92/3. To achieve success as not your destiny only it’s your right. BHUBNESWAR-751018. Rudraksh. Always Use all type Mantra Siddha Puarn Praan Pratisthit (complete life Installated) Yantra. BRAHMESHWAR PATNA. preciouse and semi preciouse Gems stone and rare product Get You 100% benefit For Fulfil your purpose & give you success in all works.http://gk. The spiritual knowledge is the beginning. Email Which human success and failure is certain.blogspot. 9238328785 Our Website:.karyalay@gmail. our best wishes always with you. Rudraksh. Kavach. Here Our goal has The classical method-Legislative with Proved by specific with fiery chants prestigious full consciousness (Puarn Praan Pratisthit) Give miraculous powers & Good effect All types of Yantra. And to be dynamic in life the way does not receive for (ALL DISPUTES SUBJECT TO BHUBANESWAR JURISDICTION) (ALL DISPUTES SUBJECT TO BHUBANESWAR JURISDICTION) .gurutva_karyalay@yahoo.45 April 2012 OUR GOAL Dear Friends Jai Gurudev As modern science ends. (ORISSA) Call Us . Because emotion life is ocean . BANK COLONY. preciouse and semi preciouse Gems stone deliver on your door step.

46 April 2012 APR 2012 .