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Critical _____ factors are those that are vital if a manager is to make a full contribution to the achievement of an organization's goals. A. tactical success C. decision D. concise E. None of the above 2. External data is stored in the market forecast file B. forecast allocation file C. customer file D. All of the above E. None of the above 3. The manager of inventory would most likely be found in the A. finance function B. marketing function manufacturing function D. information systems function E. None of the above 4. In which way is a managerial information system (MIS) superior to electronic data processing (EDP)? A. It is batch oriented B. It is most cost effective It provides summary reports without details D. All of the above E. None of the above 5. Working at home might seem like an interesting option. However, _____ contact with other co-workers does have advantages. A. tele conferencing B. communication face-to face D. top-to-bottom E. None of the above


computer processing D. overtime earnings report both (a) and (b) D. and finance areas is called a A. The vice-president of information has primary responsibility for A. data communication C. transaction origination E. An example of a management by exception report is a(n) A. to perform various processing tasks B. modular organization functional organization E. None of the above 12. setting MIS objectives D. None of the above 7. None of the above 9. controlled experiment All of the above E. neither (a) nor (b) E. The major function of the language system is: A. An organization containing manufacturing. recognizing information needs preparing an MIS study proposal C. aged accounts receivable report B. flow network organization C. establishing MIS constraints E. to provide data to the DSS to enable the users to interact with the DSS E. None of the above 11. None of the above 8. matrix organization B. A key verifier machine is used In controlling transaction entry B. observation C.The question "what?" can be answered by A. survey B. to provide artificial-intelligence capabilities to the DSS C. marketing. . None of the above 10.

chart of accounts file D. None of the above 14. accounts payable D. A central purpose of most decision-support systems is to build a model of the decision¬making problem B. to build an expert system D. bus 13. the use of both environmental and internal information describing what should be achieved C. receiving C. ring C. tree (d) realtime E. management information systems data-base management systems C. The files required to maintain general ledger records include A. the use of objectives or standards of performance describing what is being achieved D. One of the purchases order system's procedure sets is automatic purchase order writing B. all of the above E. None of the above 16. A systems theory of management includes the manager as the control mechanism B. inventory file detail postings file C. None of the above 17. All of the above E. decision-support systems D. to design a data-base manage¬ment system C. data-processing systems E. Which of the following is considered to be an interface between the functional applications and the data base? A. All of the above E. None of the above . star B. None of the above 15. to determine the key decisions in the problem area E.Which of the following is not a common configuration used in a DDP system? A.

general ledger accounts involved date of entry C. financial function B. The funds management subsystem attempts to A. MIS D. B. All of the above None of the above 22. both (a) and (6) neither (a) nor (b) E. and data storage units only D. A _____ is a program that serves as an interface between application program and a set of coordinated and integrated files called a database. The journal voucher file includes A. Control E.18. The functional area showing the greatest interest in the concept of functional information systems is the A. rupees posted to each account D. DDS DBMS C. A. manufacturing function C. The MIS consists of A. None of the above 20. All of the above E. increase cash input B. decrease cash output balance cash inflow with outflow D. None of the above 19. None of the above 21. the central processing unit of the computer only. All of the above E. input/output units. the central processing unit of the computer and input/output units only C. None of the above . the central processing unit of the computer.

punched card B. Which of the following is not tree about expert systems? A. The accident file is commonly updated in the accident and claims data system B. None of the above 28. college or university B. A spreadsheet package is one type of _____ support tool. None of the above 24. neither (a) nor (b) E. simulation E. operational decision C. A. money D. material C. payroll system . None of the above 25. export systems are usually designed to run on small general-purpose computers Maintenance support may be difficult to obtain for an expert system. C. success D. All of the above E. hospital bank E. Export systems are expensive to design. Expert systems are collections of human knowledge B. E. OCR document both (a) and (b) D. The manager attempts to slow down the flow of machines B.23. supermarket C. Data base preparation would be most difficult in a(n) A. None of the above 26. None of the above 27. A turnaround document can be a (n) A.

employment control reporting system personnel activity reporting system None of the above 29. the environment All of the above E. static model B.C. the firm's managers B. Monte Carlo is an example of a(n) A. MIS constraints are imposed by A. the firm's finance C. None of the above 30. E. D. deterministic model C. None of the above . optimizing model All of the above E.