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No Democracy, No Human Rights, No Peace in

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Military runs countries.




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%[cuoc:cD6P sao?oc)o:c)o8 MIGRANT KAREN LABOUR UI\IIO

P.O BOX (67), Phasi Chanoen (P.O), Bangkok

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Email- mklumigrautionl@guaiLcomn


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No l)emcraqr, No Human
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Rign$ No Peae in Military mre countries. S,.iI4.... ^p S^,.3,.S1^-S^,J. r,r.S-^ ^: A^ ^:Il\r ?.(^"r r,2r [d,( r, ro t l tir-r t rir ( Y Y !a rr a^,, J.\ rlt u-_J r"A/ilu racce 6.8+PGrDcF srorj3o(Jo3crq] MIGRANT KAREN LABOIJR UIrIION P.S BOX {67},Phasi Charom (P.O}, Ban$ok (


Email- nrklumigrantio*l0@ gamilcnm, Mohite-

T?re 12e anfiil-ersary

of the Migrant Karen Labor Union annilal

Our Migrant Karen Labour Union annual meeting was successfully held on in a Rstcha buri Province, Ttrailand. Abo-ve 509o of the Labor Ution nrembers attended the meeting and some leaders who were living abroad attended by on lineAfter forming the Migrant Karen Labour Uuion in January 1999, the Union main souseniratiou is io pruiect the Karcn wtrrkEni who righis werc vioiated, and help iu rnainiaiu their customs and tradition. Afterforming the union we collaborated wi& the Federation of Trade Unions Burma FIUB) according to the producer. In the enei of 2006 two io three Union leaders have had changed. In 2007 we had faced difficulties to reach our goals but still fiy our besi until 2010 with hope
and enthusiasm. From the begianing of 2011, we stoppd collabcrating with FTtiB person*liy and wslrk related relationship of all kiads. According to the decision made in annual meeting of January 29,2A12. we confirmed again in the next meeting on February Lfr, ZAi? by following issues: Migrant Karen Labor Union officially informed that it resigaed from FTUB.


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KffetrLabsr Union will *perate as ind.epeadent Uuios. After resigned from the FTUB we pleared the financial relationship with FTLIB by following steps: (A)We reponed troth Soliriarity Center arrd FTtiR about the tralanee of the financial assistance grving to MKLU on January- March 2011 from AFL-CId's Solidarity Center via FTUB. We do not have responsible and relationship of any financial
matter* after that date(B) If ttrere is a financial assistance gling to rnigrant workers by the Solidarity Center and the Internaiisnal i.abor Unions, we declare ihat MKLU is no longer
associated with FTUB.


(C)We will inform to the American Center Institutes Labor Solidarity and international l,alror i-inion-s to gr-t finaDciai assistanc.e in tie funrre. Our union will collaborate with other brothers union for the cause of migrant workers.

Central F,xecutive Migrant Karen L,abor Union Contact Telephone number: 089-8 I 5- I 8 I 3 CC: FTUB anti its members unions Solidarity Center (AFL-CIO) Federation of Trade Unions Kawthulae, FTUK International Trade finiein Confederation, iTLiC lnternational labor Organization, ILO