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John G Baylis

Ann Arbor, MI 48104 ∙ (734) 645-6958 ∙ OBJECTIVE A Human Resources leadership position in an organization that encourages and recognizes vision, innovation, and teamwork and requires someone who can: Develop working relationships at all levels to lead organization development Lead and inspire people through involvement, encouragement, and recognition for effective positive employee relations Strengthen the organization through effective problem solving towards project development and change management EXPERIENCED IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS Strategic Planning Risk Management Employee Development Toyota Production System Succession Planning Performance Management ACCOMPLISHMENTS Leadership Organized a Human Resources (HR) organization to support the start-up and growth of an OEM automotive technical center. Result: Developed an HR system that went from supporting 75 employees to an organization in excess of 1,000 employees. Strengthened HR relationships with all levels of employees by moving the HR specialists from a central location (campus situation away from our customers) to be located on-site at each Division due to low morale survey results. Result: Next morale survey all HR communication/relationship issues were eliminated (100% improvement). Developed and implemented a five-year strategy to create a competitive compensation and benefits program. Result: Achieved 100% competitive market rates for all levels in three years and reduced turnover by 75% over a five year period. Created a succession planning system to identify and develop potential future executive leaders. Result: Created a planned strategy for developing the bench strength of future executives and opportunities requiring external candidates. Originated and led a project team to create a company scorecard (Key Performance Indicators) for a Research and Design operation. Result: Created specific targets for R&D operations that led to overall annual improvements of 30%. Initiated a flexible lunch schedule to address low morale due to traditionally long work hours within an extremely conservative company culture allowing employees to have more opportunity to balance work/life needs. Result: Improved morale, assisted in the reduction of attrition by 20%. Policy Development Human Capital Communications

Employee Relations

Problem Solving

Organization Development

Project Development

Change Management

Inc. Legal. training. MI 1994 . employee relations. Hyrda-matic Division of GMC. Toyota Technical Center USA. Result: Developed and established the base policies and processes for the HR NA operations. Exercising/Running. Action: Designed and led teams to develop a range of HR programs and policies.2007 General Manager – Administration (8 direct reports) – Challenge: Establish policies. and Corporate Planning (15 direct reports) – Challenge: Centralize and standardize HR for all 11 manufacturing operations in North America (NA). and human capital) policies and processes in NA. established myself as a credible resource with all levels of the organization developing a broad-based skill set through steady career promotions with increasing responsibilities and scope. Action: Quickly learned the technical aspects of each of the positions and regularly sought out additional challenges.2005 Manager – Human Resources (6 direct reports) – Challenge: Support the growth and development of base Human Resource policies. programs and policies to establish a start-up technical center for a global automotive technical center in North America. Ann Arbor. Inc. Purchasing. MI ACTIVITIES Assistant Scoutmaster (BSA). processes. and compensation. Safety. and a variety of support functions to go from a technical support operation to an actual vehicle design and research operation. benefits. MI 2007 – 2011 Sr. MI 2006 . Troy. processes for basic Human Resource activities such as employment. Salaried Human Resources – Challenge: Acquire and develop technical and management skills. Results: Achieved alignment of HR policies. Ann Arbor. MI EDUCATION Bachelor of Science. and rewards within the project deadlines with minimum impact to overall morale for the Technical Center employees. Ypsilanti.John G Baylis EXPERIENCE page 2 VP Human Resources. Legal. processes. Safety. performance management. Executive Administrator (liaison role) – Challenge: Align and integrate the two very different worlds of Toyota Research and Design and Manufacturing in North America (NA) in an 18-month timeframe. Action: Led a local team to establish basic HR programs to enable the startup of a technical center operation in North America. Result: Successfully supported the growth of a small (less than 300 employees) operation to a 1. Ann Arbor. Security and Environmental.1993 Various: Supervisor . Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation.Production. Public Administration Ferris State University. Action: Created a base HR team comprised of HR leaders from three of the main manufacturing operations to help lead a collaborative activity for the functional development of HR (compensation. Toyota Technical Center USA. Family . Big Rapids. Golf. Result: Designed policies. MI 1990 . Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America. Result: Provided quality results. and practices for Human Resources. Labor Relations. programs.000 plus operation located in multiple states. Action: Worked very closely with the NA Manufacturing Headquarters to align HR processes and policies to minimize potential employee relations issues of loss of identity as a Research and Design operation.