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AIEEE and other Entrance Exams CHEMISTRY Practice Assignments


Chapter - 5

1. In the equation of state of an ideal gas PV = nRT , the value of universal gas constant would depend only on a) the nature of the gas b) the units of measurement c) the pressure of the gas d) the temperature of the gas 2. 273mL of a gas at STP was taken to 27°C and 600mm pressure. The final volume of gas would be a) 273mL b) 300mL c) 380mL

d) 586mL

3. 3.2 g of oxygen (at. mass = 16) and 0.2g of hydrogen (at. mass = 1) are placed in a 1.12 litre flask at 0°C. The total pressure of the gaseous mixture will be a) 1 atm b) 2 atm c) 3 atm d) 4 atm 4. If 4g of oxygen diffuse through a very narrow hole, how much hydrogen would have diffused under identical conditions? a) 16g b) 1g c)

1 g 4

d) 64g

5. Density of neon will be highest at a) STP b) 0°C, 2 atm

c) 273°C, 1 atm

d) 273°C, 2atm

6. A helium atom is two times heavier than a hydrogen molecule. At 298K, the average kinetic energy of a helium atom is a) two times that of a hydrogen molecule b) four times that of a hydrogen molecule c) half that of a hydrogen molecule d) same as that of a hydrogen molecule 7. The value of van der Waals’ constant ‘a’ for gases O 2 , N 2 NH 3 and CH 4 are 1.360, 1.390, 4.170 and 2.253 litre2 atm mol-2 respectively. The gas which can be most easily liquified is a) O 2 b) N 2

8. At STP, the order of root mean square velocity of molecules of H 2 , N 2 , O 2 and HBr is a) H 2 > N 2 > O 2 > HBr c) HBr > H 2 > O 2 > N 2


a ep



alp by

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c) NH 3

d) CH 4

b) HBr > O 2 > N 2 > H 2 d) N 2 > O 2 > H 2 > HBr

9. A bottle of ammonia and a bottle of dry hydrogen chloride connected through a long tube are opened simultaneously at both ends, the white ammonium chloride ring first formed will be a) at the centre of the tube b) near the hydrogen chloride bottle c) near the ammonia bottle d) throughout the length of the tube 10. A flask containing air (open to atmosphere) is heated from 300 K to 500 K . The percentage of air escaped to the atmosphere is nearly a) 16.6 b) 40 c) 60 d) 20

11. If 500 ml of a gas A at 1000 torr, and 1000 ml of gas B at 800 torr are placed in a 2 L container, the final pressure will be a) 100 torr b) 650 torr c) 1800 torr d) 2400 torr

12. The temperature at which RMS velocity of SO 2 molecules is half that of He molecules at 300 K is a) 150 K b) 600 K c) 900 K d) 1200 K

13. The rate of diffusion of two gases X and Y is in the ratio of 1 : 5 and that of Y and Z in the ratio of 1 : 6 . The ratio of the rate of diffusion of Z with respect to X is : a) 5 6 b) 1 30 c) 6 5 d) 30 11, portal for CBSE, ICSE, State Boards and Entrance Exams. Prepared by Alpha Education , Sec-4, Gurgaon, Haryana.

0 atm (c) − 100o C and 2.14. What is the pressure of the gas in the container ? (R = 0.25 atm b) 3. At 27°C a gas was compressed to half of its volume. the ratio of the by (a) 2 (b) 1 2 (c) 4 d re a % 15. portal for CBSE. At what temperature will both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales read the same value? ep p r 180 (b) (c) 40 (a) 100 o o o 21. we start with 2 mole of N 2 and 5 mole of H 2 exerting a total pressure of 7 atm at a given temperature in a closed vessel. Its molecular weight is a) 50 b) 25 c) 25 2 d) 50 2 18.8 atm (b) 2 atm (c) 3.64 atm d) 0. Hence. Equal weights of methane and hydrogen are mixed in an empty container at 25°C . Sec-4. ICSE. is introduced into an evacuated vessel of 5 litre capacity at 47°C. alpha_education@hotmail.28 atm c) 1.T. N 2 + 3H 2 → 2 NH 3 partial pressure of NH 3 is : (a) 2. To what temperature must it be now heated so that it occupies just its original volume.0 atm (b) 100 o C and 2. The fraction of the total pressure exerted by hydrogen is a) 1/2 b) 8/9 c) 1/9 d) 1/16 16.0 atm P2 P1 molecular formula of phosphorus is : (a) P2 (b) P3 (c) P4 (d) P8 24. The density of phosphorus vapour at S.26 % c) 10 % d) 4. V versur T curves at constant pressure P1 & P2 for an ideal gas are shown in figure.2 atm (d) 4 atm 26. Prepared by Alpha Education . When 50% of N 2 is converted into NH 3 . Gurgaon. Pressure remains constant ? a) 54°C b) 327°C c) 600°C d) 200°C 17. At higher altitude the boiling point of water lowers because (a) atmospheric pressure is low (c) atmospheric pressure is high 27. maximum deviation from ideal gas behaviour is observed at (a) 0 o C and 1. How much should the pressure be increased in order to decrease the volume of a gas by 5 % at a constant temperature ? a) 5 % b) 5. is 5.54 gL−1 .0821 litre atm.0 atm (d) − 100o C and 5. The molecular mass of gas A is half as (d) 1 4 d ae h a uc n io t T→ (d) − 40o 23. The density of A is twice as that of gas B. For a gas. Two separate bulbs contain ideal gases A and B .P. assumed ideal. State Boards and Entrance Exams. O 2 in the mixture is : (a) 1 mol (b) 2 mol (c) 3 mol (d) 4 mol 25. If two gases are at same temperature. 10. Which of the following liquid will exhibit highest vapour pressure? (a) C 2 H 5 OH(l) (b) NH 3 (l) (b) temperature is low (d) none of these (c) HF(l) (d) H 2 O(l) 12 http://onlineteachers. 1g H 2 and x g O 2 gas exert a total pressure of 5 atm at a given temperature partial pressure of O 2 gas is 4 atm. Which of the following statements is correct v↑ a) P1 > P2 b) P1 < P2 c) P1 = P2 d) cannot be correlated p a l pressure of A that of B is that of B. K −1 mol −1 ) a) 5. In the following reaction.24 atm 19.0 gm of oxygen. . A gas diffuses 1/5 times as fast as hydrogen.

c 2. c 17. Sec-4. portal for CBSE. d 16. a http://onlineteachers. b 9. b 20. b 24. c 28. b 14. c 12.a 18. a 10. d Haryana. b 6. b 13 . alpha_education@hotmail. b 5. d 3. b 11. b 26. Gurgaon. Which of the following properties increase with the increase in temperature? (a) Vapour pressure (b) Surface tension (c) Viscosity (d) Both surface tension and fluidity e pr p e ar d alp by ae h c du a n io t ANSWERS 1. a 27. b 21. d 13. b 15.28. c 4. ICSE. d 22. b 25. b Prepared by Alpha Education . State Boards and Entrance Exams. Which has the maximum viscosity? (a) Water (b) Glycol (c) Acetone (d)Ethanol 29. d 29. a 7.