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In-Principle Approval for Work Permit ~~p;~y~r'~~oPY

IPA No: 056342907121011 FIN: G7253923R 5B Transmission Ref No: 339543-


12 Oct 2011

Dear Sir I Madam We are pleased to inform you that the Work Permit application for YUJU FENG has been approved inprinciple. This In-Principle Approval will expire if your worker does not enter Singapore by 10 Jan 2012.. Your worker may start work upon entering Singapore, while the necessary steps for obtaining the Work Permit card are completed This letter contains the employment details for you to confirm and the next steps you need to complete so that a Work Permit card may be issued to your worker, If you do not complete these steps within 14 days of your worker's arrival, this approval will be revoked and you will need to repatriate your worker. Yours faithfully

Then Yee Thoong Controller of Work Passes


Check the details. If you have any corrections, please send in your amendments with the supporting documents to \NIIIJ\J\ .gov sg/isubmit We will inform you whether a new application is required CONSTRUCTION YUJU FENG 26 FEB 1983 CHLNESE G25518707 056342907 12 OCT 2011 CONSTRUCTION WORKER 1 YEAR(S) CPF Submission Number Basic monthly salary Monthly housing allowance Monthly food allowance Monthly housing deduction Monthly food deduction Monthly salary after taking into account food and housing Housing provided Monthly Levy Rate 200604279C - PTE - 01 5$1400 S$O 5$0 5$0 S$O S$1400

Industry Worker's name Date of Birth Nationality Pass~ort number Work Permit number Date of Application Occupation Period of Work Permit

YES S$230


Important: You must abide by the Conditions of Work Permit and the provisions in the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, which are available on w.NW.,mom .. ov .. g ..Failure to do so g s may result in the revocation of the Work Permit, You may also be prosecuted and barred from future work permit applications ..


Ministry of Manpower Work Pass Division 18 Havelock Road Singapore 059764

Telephone +65 64385122 Facsimile +65 63171367 Website http://WWwmom.govsg Email mom_wpd@mom gov sg

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on the day after arriving to enter Singapore.tWwmom.. WORKER for B-CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD. You win find the complete set of instructions on pages 2 and 3 I Before you leave home Check your details Check and confirm your employment details in this letter. Ensure that this In-Principle approval has not been cancelled nor expired. II ~ Protect yourself Protect yourself by knowing your rights and responsibilities whilst working in Singapore After you arrive in Singapore Collect your card ~ ~ You and your employer must complete the tasks detailed overleaf within 14 days of your arrival. You should keep this letter as it contains important information on your employment in Singapore. This letter may be used: You must enter Singapore Yours sincerely no later than 10Jari 2012 or this approval will expire" ~({' Then Yee Thoonq Controller of Work Passes What happens next? Please follow these simple steps to get your Work Permit card.govsg Pagelof3 . You will need to show the entire 3-page letter to Immigration • • As a visa to enter Singapore.111I1111I"llmlllill m~ 11m 111111111111111 1111111111"llllli 1111111111~II nil ~ IPA No : 056342907121011 S8 Transmission Ref No: 339543FIN: G7253923R YU JU FENG cIa B-CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD . To start work as a CONSTRUCTION in Singapore. Otherwise this approval will be revoked and-you risk being sent home FIWPSll1Eb_W Ministry of Manpower Work Pass Division 18 Havelock Road Singapore 059764 Telephone ~65 64385122 Facsimile +65 63171367 Website http://\l.govsg Email mom_wpd@mom.. and collect your Work Permit card. 1022 TAl SENG AVENUE #05-3530 SINGAPORE 534415 12 Oct 2011 Dear YU JU FENG We are pleased to inform you that your application for a Work Permit has been approved in-principle .This letter serves as confirmation and explains what to do next.

That IIwe shall produce to the Controller of Work Passes any person whose Work Pass has been cancelled or whose Visit Pass/Special Pass has expired or who is required to report to the Controller at such times as 1fwe may be required to do so. b for the number of persons indicated in the Schedule whose particulars shall be supplied from time to time on the date of their arrival in Singapore and when so supplied shall form part of the Schedule ('1he said persons_). If we shall inform the Controller of Work Passes in writing within seven days of such completion or termination of employment or resignation from employment and. If we shalf immediately or within such period that may be specified by the Controller of Work Passes repatriate them of Work Passes may if iii iv. vii. LTD. if any of them should die while in Singapore. v. I/we shall be responsible for the prompt payment of salary. or the cancellation or revocation of their Work Passes. Name.000 00) as security in respect of the performance of the above conditions NOW THE OBLIGATION shall be void and the cash deposit shall be returned to me/us if l/we at all times perform and observe the above conditions But should I/we breach any of the above conditions in respect of any of the said persons. A partial forfeiture shall not extinguish the Government of the Republic of Singapores right to forfeit the remainder for the same breach or a different breach !/ <II iii II: NRIC/Passport No . That IIwe shall provide acceptable accommodation for them. and such steps shall include (a) reporting to the Controller of Work Passes if'lwe know they are not complying and (b) informing them of the Work Pass conditions applicable to them. /:1 ! i I I for and on behalf of Name of Company _ Seal FWPOL348a . and That upon completion or termination of employment or resiqnation from employment of any of them. of (or having our registered office at) 1022 TAl SENG AVENUE #05-3530 SINGAPORE 534415 bound to pay the Government of the Republic of Singapore the sum of SGD$10 000. acknowledge myself/ourselves PURPOSE lJWe wish to apply for the issue of Work Passes: *a for the persons whose particulars appear in the Schedule to this Bond (the 'Schedule_) ("the said persons_). Designation & Signature Name & Address of Witness Signature ./ Signed sealed and delivered by: In the presence of.Employment of Foreign Manpower Act {Chapter \:IJ.A} Employment of Foreign Manpower {Work Passes} Regulaticns (Regulation 12) Security Bond Form For FOREIGN WORKERS (Domestic and non-Domestic) BY THIS BOND received this IlWe B-CONSTRUCTION day of 20 . c for the persons whose particulars may from time to time be included in the Schedule with the consent of the Controller of Work Passes prior to or on the date of their arrival in Singapore in substitution for those whose particulars appear in the Schedule ("the said persons ) *(Delete a bore as necessary) STATUTORY AUTHORITY The Controller of Work Passes is agreeable to the issuing of Work Passes to the said persons on the following conditions to be observed by me/us in respect of the said persons. vi. then the Obligation shall be in full force and effect and the amount in respect of that person as indicated in the Schedule shall be forfeited partially or ill whole by the Government of the Republic of Singapore. llwe shalf be responsible for the cost of burial or cremation or the return of the body to the country of nationality. be responsible for and bear the costs of their upkeep and maintenance.00 ("the Obligation__). SECURITY DEPOSIT I/We hereby deposit the sum of dollars Ten Thousand (SGD$ 10. That I{we shall employ them in accordance with the Work Pass applicable to them. That "we shall take reasonable steps to ensure that they comply with the Work Pass Conditions applicable to them. That. ensuring that all outstanding salaries or monies due to them have been paid before their repatriation. namely:That during their stay in Singapore. And regulation 12 of the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) Regulations provides that the Controller require a bond to ensure compliance of the above conditions . PTE. subject to giving them reasonable notice. including medical treatment and give them rrasonable notice of and bear the full cost of their repatriation.

00 FWPOL348a .S8 No :201110131051 The Schedule SIN 1 2 PONNAIAH KARUPPIAH YU JU FENG Name of Worker Work Permit No.00 $5000. 032495702 056342907 Date of Application 11110/2011 12110/2011 Amount $5000.

etc) 6 Locomotor/Neurological a Significant limb amputation or deformity b Limb movement and co-ordination c Significant spinal deformity d Other significant abnormalities (in relation to the Work required to be performed) 7 Endocrine disorders. thyrotoxicosis 8 Mental state Part IV Please tick in the box provided Abnormal 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 Hearing-unable to hear ordinary conversation at 2m 5 Vision (should be at least 6/12 in both eyes with a i) ii) b c 6 or without glasses) Vision Acuity Right eye Left eye Colour Vision (for electricians & drivers only) Any organic eye disease e g Trachoma Blood film for Malaria HIV (AIDS) Note: HIV (AIDS) Test and blood film for Malaria must be done at laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health.21 Upper Weld Road. Other Tests 1 Chest X-ray . give brief details @' g- @' @' 1 declare that all the information given above is true and correct I hereby give my consent for a copy of this medical report after it is completed by the examining doctor to be released to the Ministry of Manpower.'I:. ego persons with cardic murmurs or symptoms suggestive of Myocardial ischaemia) 0 Severe varicose veins g%) 2 Anaemia (if clinically anaemic.t"l\'11l 0151 .to be taken in Singapore 2 Urine a Albumin b Sugar c Pregnancy 3 VORL Abnormal Please tick if any of the Examinations/Tests Clinical Examinations 1 Cardiovascular System A Blood Pressure Systolic: Diastolic: B Heart Disease C ECG (compulsory for male Thai workers & others above age 50 and in younger applicants where it is indicated.q. and also to the employment agent who assisted in my work permit application Signature Part III of Foreign Worker is Abnormal Date and give brief details separately. widespread eczema.\'. KHOO YOf\lG HAK MBSS (. give brief details 6 Yes G:r @' @' 7 8 9 Tuberculosis Heart Disease Malaria Operations 0 0 0 0 No If yes. The foreign worker's Travel Document must be produced to Part i Name: Personal Particulars of Foreign Worker Passport No Date of Birth: Sex: 'Male 1 Female Citizenship: Height: Weight: cm kg Occupation: Part 11 Medical History (To be declared and signed by the foreign worker) Yes 1 2 3 4 5 Mental illness Epilepsy Chronic Asthma Diabetes Mellitus Hypertension 0 0 0 0 0 No 51 @' If yes. 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 0 GJ" Clinical Part V examinations/tests (*iAeludiAgJexciuding ECG) required above are normal except those test results indicated 'Abnormal" (if any) in Part III Certification from the Doctor (Any amendments must be endorsed by the Doctor who completes this Report) I certify that I have examined the above-named foreign worker and found that this person is 'Fit I Unfit for employment in the above-stated occupal Name of Doctor: (in BLOCK Letter) Clinic Address: TELEO PTE LTO DR. by a Singapore registered doctor. Singapore 207378 'Delete where inapplicable Doctors to Note: Please give a copy of the completed medical form to the employerl employment agent if he/she asks for it The information is updated on 11 Mar 2011 i:IIf. e. psoriasis. leprosy. do HB: 3 Respiratory System 4 Abdomen a Hernia b Enlarged Liver c Enlarged Spleen d Genito-Urinary System 5 Skin-Chronic Disease (e g. my employer.2 POSE} MeR 03220D Signature of Doctor: Date: Telephone Number: Tel: 6292 2777 Fax: 6396 37 No.Full Medical Report Form FOI"Foreign Workers All Parts in this Form are to be completed the Examining Doctor for identification.