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Letter of Reference Request Form

(type or neatly print) Please request letters of reference 4 weeks in advance

Please type/type your name as you'd like it to appear in the letter. Emelia Mckay When do you need this letter? By April 20, 2012 Check all that apply: I will probably send this letter to a college. I will probably send this letter to an employer. Right now I only plan to put this letter in my Exit Portfolio. When did you enroll at Garza? April 2011 Approximately how many credits have you earned at Garza? 5 What are some of your strengths and talents? (in class or as a person) I am very good at reading people and the environment and acting as the mediator of a group. I like to write, mostly poetry. I like to study astrology which is the connection between the stars and planets of our solar system and how they effect us. I love music and am interested in the study of classical and music composition. What are your goals after graduation? (particularly during the first year) I would like to go on and attend ACC in the fall of 2012 and get my basics done and then move to an out of state four year college.
(Choose a day 4 weeks from today and at least 4 school days before you plan to Star Walk)

Describe any extracurricular activities in which you participate (activities, clubs, volunteer, jobs, etc.) I like to hike with my friends in our beautiful green belt and listen to live music.

What personal characteristics have helped you succeed at Garza? Self-discipline because there is really no one but yourself who can get your way through Garza. Good judgment is also needed because we live by the code of honor and knowing what is right and wrong through self-respect.

What skill, talent, or aspect of your character would you like to develop to a greater degree? I hope maybe my writing will help me get a degree in literature. I also think my love of music might wind me up doing music production. What would you like to be doing 20 years from now? I would like to be doing something I love involving travel and lots of excitement with someone to share my expierience with.

For each person writing you a letter, compose a paragraph that lists: 1) His/her name 2) Each class you took with him/her 3) Two skills/concepts you learned in his/her class; and 4) Your favorite project(s) from the class.

Coila Morrow was my English teacher at Garza. I took English III and IV with her. I learned about many different kinds of literature and how to analyze humor. My favorite project was the one where I got to watch Man on Wire and do a report on it.

Which Habits of Mind best apply to you? (choose up to 3) PERSISTING: Stick to it. See a task through to completion, and remain focused. MANAGING IMPULSIVITY: Take your time. Think before you act. Remain calm, thoughtful and deliberate. LISTENING WITH UNDERSTANDING AND EMPATHY: Seek to understand others' points of view & emotions. THINKING FLEXIBLY: Look at a situation another way. Find a way to change perspectives. THINKING ABOUT THINKING (METACOGNITION): Know your knowing, thoughts, strategies, and dealings. STRIVE FOR ACCURACY: Check it again. Nurture a desire for exactness, fidelity, and craftsmanship. QUESTIONING AND POSING PROBLEMS: Develop a questioning attitude. Find problems to solve.

APPLYING PAST KNOWLEDGE TO NEW SITUATIONS: Transfer it beyond the situation in which it was learned. THINKING AND COMMUNICATING WITH CLARITY AND PRECISION: Strive for accurate communication. GATHER DATA THROUGH ALL SENSES: Use gustatory, olfactory, tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, & visual. CREATING, IMAGINING, INNOVATING: Try a different way. Generate novel ideas; seek to be original. RESPONDING WITH WONDERMENT AND AWE: Let yourself be intrigued by the world's mystery & beauty. TAKING RESPONSIBLE RISKS: Venture out. Live on the edge of your competence. FINDING HUMOR: Look for the whimsical, incongruous, and unexpected in life. Laugh at yourself. THINKING INTERDEPENDENTLY: Truly work with and learn from others in reciprocal situations. REMAINING OPEN TO CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Learn from all experiences. Resist complacency.