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INGLÊS PROIBIDO AC/DC/AC-DC adj bissexual ass s 1 bunda: Squeeze his ass, son. You'll like it.

You've got a great ass, kid. 2 cu: I've got to fuck your ass. He's going to fuck her up the ass. asshole s 1 cu: Lick my asshole! Tighten that asshole! Squeeze that dick! Make me cum! 2 babaca, idiota, escroto, canalha: You're an asshole. What an asshole! back door s o ânus como objeto de sodomia: Use the back door. Do you like to use the back door? Why is back door sex so difficult? ball v comer, transar: Your sister? Yeah, I balled her. My God, we were only balling. balls s saco, bolas, ovos: How would you like to suck my balls? I squeezed his balls. bastard miserável, desgraçado, canalha: You bastard! Get out, you bastard! beat off v bater punheta: There we were, two hung and horny young guys, beating off. behind s traseiro bitch s vaca, vagabunda, cadela: Your mother's a bitch. Who does this bitch think she is? blow v chupar, pagar boquete em: I'm not gonna blow you, man, and that's final. blow job s boquete: I'll give you a blow job if you get me out of this, baby. He said she gave him a blow job. bone s pau duro: I tried to hide my bone. v comer: I was boning my assistant the night my wife got shot. boner s pau duro: Stefan's boner was growing in his shorts. boobs peitos: I wanna feel your boobs. bottom s traseiro: You got a lovely bottom, Susan. bullshit s besteira, bobagem, papo-furado: You know it's all bullshit. v dizer besteiras, contar mentiras: Stop bullshitting me! int besteira! bobagem!: Bullshit! bush s os pentelhos da mulher: I remember looking at her bush. butt s bunda, traseiro: It's a nice butt. I have a hairy butt. Her butt was bleeding. buttocks s bunda: I love your big, hard buttocks. butt-fuck v pôr no cu, enrabar: Have you ever butt-fucked anybody? Have you ever been butt-fucked? cheat v trair, ser infiel sexualmente: She has been cheating on her husband. cock s pau, cacete: I felt my cock start to thicken. I wanna suck your cock! cock-sucker; cocksucker s homem homossexual ou mulher que pratica felação come v gozar, ejacular: I'm going to come! I'm coming! It felt cool when he came in my mouth. He made me come. She came right there? cop a feel tocar, bolinar, tirar uma casquinha: Cop a little feel? cornhole v enrabar: Sam started to cornhole me. crap s bosta: See this crap? int merda!: Crap! cream s esperma: Mike filled my ass with his cream. cum v gozar: I'm gonna cum! I'm going to cum in your ass. Oh, shit! Now I'm cumming! s esperma: Drim my cum. There was cum all over. I love the feeling of my cum filling up an ass. cunt s boceta: Ram your cock up my cunt. damn it! dammit! damn (it) int droga! dick s cacete, pau: He has the biggest dick on the team. Man, what a dick. Stop thinking

I love to fuck a guy's ass. He's a fucking legend. my God! They're fucking! He just wants to fuck me. filho da puta: Stupid fucker! You little fucker. fuck you! get laid v dar uma trepada. viado: He's a fag. fag hag s mulher que gosta da companhia de homossexuais: I think the guys are gays and she is their fag hag. and hopelessly fuckable. quem. Have you ever fucked another guy? 2 arruinar. lésbica: Was she a dyke. dry hump v simular os movimentos da foda sem despir as roupas e sem estabelecer contato genital: Have you ever dry-humped? dyke s sapatão. palerma: Who the hell is this dipshit? You dipshit. I'm responsible for the entire fucking world. shit. que porra. um porra. fag s bicha. fart v peidar: Somebody farted. raiva) porra! caralho!: Fuck! Oh. fuck! I've lost the address. estragar: Our plans are fucked now. french kiss v beijar de língua: Have you ever french kissed? fuck v 1 foder: Please. comível. That movie was fucking sweet! That was fuckin' wild. transar: I got laid 23 times this year. they did. fuck with v mexer com. boy. como. abso-fucking-lutely. fuck off v vai tomar no cu: "Can I have a word with you?" "Fuck off!" fuck up v foder. im-fucking-possible. vá tomar no cu. que caralho: What the fuck are you looking at? What the fuck is going on? Where the fuck are the car keys? Who the fuck are you anyway? Who the fuck was that? What the fuck are you doing? int (exprime desagrado. Please! Walter. arruinar: So many little things that could fuck up and. usado como expletivo. miserável: Sing the fucking song. vá se foder: Freddie. problemático: He is just a fucked up guy. dildo s pênis artificial. meter-se com: Don't fuck with me! fuck you foda-se. un-fucking-sociable. que. fan-fucking-tastic. Madonna looked so fuckable in that movie. faggot s bicha: You're a fucking faggot. do it fazer amor: Let's do it. fuck me! Oh. 2 adj & adv (usado para dar ênfase): Everybody's fucking seen it. do it! dork s babaca. estragar. fucked up adj encrencado. papável: I'm really cute. man! Yeah! I'm not changing my fucking show. You act like you're a fag. in-fucking-credible. irre-fucking-sponsible. fucking adj 1 maldito. I'd like to put my dick up your ass. desajeitado: I don't wanna seem like a dork. I fingered him. finger v masturbar alguém: He fingered her on the crowded subway.with your dick. equipment s equipamento: Ramirez's equipment was the biggest on the team. idiota. fuckable adj que apetece sexualmente. Who farted? s peido: Well. s foda: Mama? What does "fuck" mean? He looked like a hot fuck. . I guess you can light a fart on fire. fucker s babaca. dude! I found a dildo! dipshit s imbecil. fuck around v ter vida sexual promíscua: Alex is fucking around and I can prove it. finger-fuck v excitar a vagina ou clitóris com os dedos: Did she say she finger-fucked me? fool around v transar: Could we fool around again another time? But I can't lie and say I never fooled around with a guy. consolo: Oh. a lesbian? eat out v chupar: I love eating out assholes. then.

you're hot. He says she gives good head. give head v chupar. lay v trepar com: He meets her at the Mardi Gras and lays her on a cotton bale. s 1 trepada: He said she was a lousy lay. Stifler wanted to give you two hand jobs? hard on. go all the way praticar o ato sexual: Fox.. Give me head! You sure give good head. And Vicky got hot! Man. not lick! Mind if I lick you? little shit s merdinha: Tell that little shit to get out of here.. hustler s 1 prostituta de rua: Mariah is a hustler. não me encha o saco: Me. go fuck yourself vá se foder: Mariah. Give it to me. pessoa boa de cama: I don't care if you are the best lay I've had in my life. hot adj 1 excitado. jissom. idiota: That jackass delivered the wrong box again! jack off v bater punheta: I kept three fingers in him while he jacked off. Who's the jerk? I know we were jerks to you before. hard-on s pau duro: I'm getting a hard-on. That guy gave better head than any girl I've been with. lick v praticar sexo oral. drug addicts and pimps. dude! homo s homem ou mulher homossexual: Are you a homo? hooker s piranha: She's a hooker. show us with that bottle how you give head. jerk s cretino. 2 gostoso. make out v 1 ficar: He was making out with his girl. man.get off v gozar: You want me to get you off? get pissed off v ficar puto da vida: He gets pissed off when you make disparaging remarks about his country. jism. pagar boquete em: I went down on a guy I just met in the bathroom of a bar. baby.. 2 transar: He taught me how to make out. I don't think we'll be able to go all the way. lamber: I said suck. go fuck yourself! hand job s punheta: Homeless giving hand jobs for crack. apologize to you? Kiss my ass! knob s chapeleta: You've polished his knob three times a week for six months. make it with v transar: I wanna make it with you. I used to jerk off every day. One of my boyfriends is a boxer. jerk off v bater punheta: I told him to jerk off for me. okay? hickey s marca vermelha na pele produzida por mordida ou chupada: Have you ever given or been given a hickey? holy shit int puta merda!: Holy shit. load s esperma: He shot load after load into my mouth. hung like a horse. cheio de desejo: I was obviously hot for this guy. pagar boquete: Madonna. babaca: Ok. gostosa: This girl is so hot. 2 parceiro sexual. jackass s otário. caressing and kissing her but the sudden arrival of her mother made him stop it. goddamnit! goddamn it! int porra!: Goddammit! Can't you hurry up? go down on v chupar. You're that guy who blew his load on the Internet. 2 michê: The street was full of hustlers. give it to v transar com: Come on. jizzum s porra: Gimme a load of your hot jizzum! kiss my ass int não me amole. Did you make out with him? . hung adj bem-dotado: Hung tops ready to pump your hungry hole.. horny adj excitado: Do I make you horny? I'm horny as hell.

shit! son of a bitch s filho da puta: You goddamn. pimp s cafetão: He hung around with pimps and prostitutes. baby. man! 2 ser uma merda: This guy sucks. rim job s cunete: What the heck is a rim job? rubber s camisinha: We always use rubbers. transar: Wanna play with me? pole s pau. We're queer. safado: He's a prick! pussy s boceta: He doesn't need pussy. stud. sucker s otário: You're lucky? Do I look like a sucker to you? suck my dick não me encha o saco. 2 babaca: You fucking pussy! queer s fresco: We're here. Suck me. not give a shit não dar a mínima para: I don't give a shit. screw you! shit s merda: Look on your shoes. my friend s período menstrual: Sorry. stud! Fuck my ass! suck v 1 chupar: Suck my balls. encher. missionary position s posição tradicional papai-mamãe: What's wrong with the missionary position? mother fucker. I gotta piss. comer: I scored with her last night. you're really starting to piss me off. deixar puto: Mare. What'd he do. son of a bitch! Sons of bitches! stud s garanhão: Split me in two. We can't do it tonight because I've got my friend. piss v mijar: Stop the car. desagradável: He's a pain in the ass. I need to have a piss. play v brincar. my ass! Johnny boy. try to grab your nuts? one-night stand s programa. mess around v transar: She was messing around with my husband. mijada: I'll be with you in a minute. See how good I am when I'm pissed off? piss (one) off v irritar. mastro: Slide down my pole. . fuck me. period s período. fuck me now! Do it. saco: Oh.meat s salame: Gimme your meat. suck those nuts. take a leak mijar: I got to take a leak. pain in the ass s pessoa chata. vá tomar no cu: Suck my dick! suck off v chupar: I let guys suck me off. motherfucker. motherfucker s filho da puta: Keith. s ato de urinar. nail v traçar. menstruação: I think I got my period. tent s barraca armada: The tent in his pants was obvious. int merda! porra!: Oh. lowlife. pissed off adj puto da vida: I was pissed off. Does anybody give a shit? nuts s ovos. I think you've stepped in shit. relacionamento sexual por uma noite apenas: I'd rather have a long-term relationship than a series of one-night stands. my ass. prick s 1 pica: Wanna suck my prick? He felt his prick harden. Mariah sucks. beautiful. score v faturar. Get used to it. Suck it. my ass! int uma porra! uma ova!: Special. Fuck off! Motherfuckers! muff s xoxota: He buried his head in her muff. screw v trepar com: Can you really screw someone to death? screw you vá se foder: You don't like it? Well. yes. comer: Is it true that Paul Finch nailed your mom? no shit! int não diga! no duro? not give a fuck não se importar porra nenhuma com: I don't give a fuck. 2 sacana. you motherfucker! You're not asking the question.

. whang s cacete: I never had a guy touch my whang. galinha: What a tramp! turn off v repelir sexualmente: The smell of her breath would turn any man off. wet dream s polução noturna: I used to have wet dreams when I was younger. tramp s vagabunda.tits s tetas: He says he likes women with big tits. turn on v excitar: What turns you on? up one's ass no rabo: Up your ass! well-endowed adj bem-dotado: He was exceptionally well-endowed. tool s ferramenta: My tool was throbbing. whore s puta: I'm not a whore.