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Youth Leadership Organization

Summer  Youth  Internship  Program  2012  
1416  E.  Commerce  San  Antonio,  Texas  78205  

Program Information
The  Youth  Leadership  Organiza4on  (YLO)  runs  a  summer  internship  and  exchange  
program  every  year  for  youth  to  engage  and  empower  themselves  as  organizers  and  
thinkers.  Interns  work  in  different  areas  of  leadership;  Youth-­‐Juvenile  Jus4ce,  Art  and  
Culture,  Environmental  Jus4ce,  Border-­‐Global  Jus4ce,  Economic  Jus4ce,  Civic  Engagement  
and  Networking.  This  leadership  forma4on  allows  youth  to  grow  and  develop  a  model  of  
social  change,  for  the  enrichment  and  empowerment  of  young  leaders  and  local  
communi4es.  Youth  receive  hands-­‐on  organizing  experience  with  learning  theory,  history,  
popular  educa4on,  cultural  and  organiza4onal  exchanges.  

Schedule and Stipend
Interns  will  organize  for  8  weeks:  TUESDAY,  WEDNESDAY,  THURSDAY  with  2  SATURDAYS  
from  10:00  am  to  4:00  pm.  Earning  a  s4pend  of  $100.00  every  two  weeks  and  $400.00  
awarded  of  comple4on  of  internship.  ONE  lunch  a  week  will  be  provided  by    SWU-­‐YLO.  
Internship  Dates  are  as  follows:  June  19th,  2012  to  August  11th,  2012  

Application Deadline: Friday, May 25th, 2012
Requirements No Late Applications will be accepted
• Be  a  young  person  that  has  been  involved  with  the  YLO  of  High  /  Middle  School  age.  
• Must  be  able  to  work  hours  required  and  be  flexible  for  volunteer  4me.  Make  up  
hour  that  were  missed  before  the  end  of  program.  Must  Complete  full  internship.  
• Willingness  and  passion  to  par4cipate  in  ac4vi4es,  workshop,  cultural  events  and  
training  program  
• Desire  to  work  on  all  of  the  organiza4ons  campaigns  and  projects.  
• Openness  to  learn  and  think  cri4cally,  ques4on  and  strategize  social  issues  
• Be  responsible  and  accountable  for  4me,  projects  and  campaigns  
• A  willingness  to  improve  communi4es.  
•   Be  able  to  travel.  
• HAVE  FUN!!  

Answer the following questions
Email to or hand deliver before May 25th

e.   _____________________________________________________________________   Application Deadline: Friday.  musical  instruments.  etc. 2012 .Youth Leadership Organization Summer  Youth  Internship  Program  2012   1416  E.  speak  foreign  language.  Texas  78205   General  Informa4on   210.299.  college  or  University  your  ahending:_____________________   Programs  you  know?  (circle)  Word    Excel    InDesign    Photoshop    Illustrator    Final  Cut   Other?  _____________________________________________________________   List  any  special  skills:  (i. May 25th.)   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   What  method  of  transporta4on  will  you  most  likely  use  to  get  to/  from  work?  (circle)   Drive  my  own  Car            Public  Transporta4on        Ride    Other:____________   How  did  you  hear  about  the  Summer  Internship  Program?  _____________________   List  ALL  other  commitments  that  will  affect  your  availability  during  the  internship.2666   First  Name   Last  Name   Address   City   State   Primary  Telephone     Gender   Zip  Code   Date  of  Birth   Ethnicity   (                  )                        -­‐   Email  Address   How  oDen  do  you  check  your  email?   Informa4on  about  You:   Name  of  High  School.  Commerce  San  Antonio.

2666   Internship Questions: Answers should be more then 4 sentences How  would  you  describe  yourself?  Any  talents/giks/special  projects.  Texas  78205   210.299.  or  uniqueness?     _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   Why  are  you  interested  in  organizing  with  SWU  Youth  Leadership  summer  Program?   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   What  do  you  hope  to  accomplish  during  this  internship?  What  do  you  hope  to  gain?   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   What  support  and  training  do  you  expect  from  us  during  the  summer?   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   .  Commerce  San  Antonio.Youth Leadership Organization Summer  Youth  Internship  Program  2012   1416  E.

 marches.  Texas  78205   210. 2012 Email to sandralee@swunion.Youth Leadership Organization Summer  Youth  Internship  Program  2012   1416  E.  Commerce  San or hand deliver before May 25th .  social   jus4ce  issues  or  youth  jus4ce?  *  please  describe  specific  issues/  ideas*   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________   Check  the  following  that  you  would  like  to  see  happen  during  the  summer  program   _____  Food  Jus4ce   _____  2012  Elec4ons   _____  Culture   _____  Block  Walking   _____  Art   _____  Fundraising   _____  Murals   _____  Organizing  Events   _____  Garden   _____  Travel     _____  FUN   _____  Facilita4on   _____  Music   _____  Social  Jus4ce   _____  Direct  Ac4on   _____  Media  Training   _____  Sex  Educa4on   _____  Youth  Organizing   _____  Tours   _____  Labor  History   Application Deadline: Friday. May 25th.2666   Internship Questions (cont) : Answers should be more then 4 sentences What  experience  (if  any)  do  you  have  in  community  involvement.