A month in the India Transport Sector

April, 2012

DAIMLER TO ENTER THE TRUCK MARKET German automaker Daimler, the world's largest truck manufacturer, entered the Indian truck market with the Bharat Benz brand. With a complete range of trucks with a capacity ranging from 6 tonnes to 49 tonnes, Daimler plans to pose a stiff challenge to major Indian truck manufacturers, Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. More information on ITP “BHARAT BENZ OFFERS MODERN TRUCKS, THAT COMBINE FUEL EFFICIENCY, DURABILITY, RELIABILITY AND COMPETITIVE PRICING” FLORIAN LAUDAN, CORPORATE COMMUNICATION, DAIMLER India is one the largest and also the fastest growing CV industry in the world. Though it is highly attractive in terms of market attractiveness, it is the least developed in terms of product technology, when compared to its peers in BRIC. More information on ITP DAIMLER TO ROLL ON JKT One of the biggest names in the truck manufacturing segment, Daimler, the acclaimed German brand, has decided to launch its truck in the Indian market. The trucks, will soon hit the country’s roads. This has meant good news for the Indian tyre manufacturer JK Tyres. More information on ITP

A storm hit the Railways ministry. Former Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, who proposed a too politically dangerous rail fare increase in the Budget, has been replaced by Mukul Roy who backpedaled on the project. But right after the wave of indignation, because of its impact on the poorest, the new Minister faced a backdraft from railways employees who wanted to come back on this measure and increase passenger trains fares. The financial situation of Indian Railways remains critical. Reality is hard, but simple: there is a huge need for money to further Railways development. Recent announcements regarding the launch of real time tracking on trains highlights this point. The Centre for Railway Information System works with the Indian Space Organization to provide this technology which will allow authorities to know the exact position of a train with an accuracy of 10 meters, and a latency of 2 minutes. Rs 70 crore have already been allocated to the project. Benefits from this technology are obvious regarding safety, punctuality and information management. It seems that Mukul Roy asked to modify the Budget. But, in order to balance the accounts, official are working to cut down allocations proposed under several heads including passenger safety. Regarding passenger safety, the allocation could be brought down from Rs 2, 000 crore to RS 1, 300 crore. It would mean slowing the pace of the technology upgrade plans (Train Protection and Warning System, Anticollision devices). Mukul Roy said that he wants to focus on both safety and security. He is right. But the real question is just how much this is going to cost. And the answer can not be a populist agenda.

SCANIA IS ENTERING THE INDIAN MARKET In February 012 Swedish giant Scania, announced the launch of its assembly plant near Bangalore in Kolar district’s Narasapura Industrial Area. The company’s Indian wing Scania Commercial Vehicles India is all set to enter the Indian market with a renewed vigour through this assembly plant worth around Rs150 Crores (30 000 000 USD). More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

April, 2012

SEDANS OR LUXURIOUS SEDANS? Since the 1990s, the Indian automobile industry has grown tremendously offering Indian car buyers a plethora of cars to choose from. Today, car manufacturers recognize the buying power of Indian customers and try to please them by making car models exclusive to the Indian market. More information on ITP INDIAN MARKET FOR LUXURY CARS The 11th Delhi Auto show Audi unveiled its compact SUV Q3 alongside R8 Spyder and super stylish A3 E-TRON models. The other German biggie BMW launched the iconic brand MINI whose three variants are all geared to hit the Indian market by mid-2012 whereas Japanese car maker Nissan’s super car GT-R also made its debut. More informations on ITP SUVS: A NEW CRAZE AMONG INDIANS The Sports Utility Vehicle, or SUV, has seen an unprecedented growth in sales figures in India in recent years. The shift in the buying pattern has been remarkable as more and more Indians are opting for an SUV rather than a sedan these days. More informations on ITP TRANSPORT INDIA


Transportation plays a key role in the economic development of a country or region. While air and water transport are equally important, road is the most elemental and accessible form of transport. More information in ITP TOO MANY SIGNALS LEAD TO TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND DELAYS Heavy traffic congestion is one of the primary woes that commuters face on Indian roads on a daily basis. Long queues of traffic during peak rush hours are all too common. More information on ITP THE NEED FOR TRAFFIC POLICE Indian roads cannot be imagined without traffic or the essential traffic police. The Union Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram made a statement in the press recently about how Indian traffic needs to be more disciplined. More information on ITP “INFRASTRUCTURE (ROADS AND HIGHWAYS) IS THE BACKBONE FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY.” DR. P.K .KAICKER, SHRIRAM INSTITUTE The quality of roads in India has been improving. There has been focus on strengthening capabilities to ensure quality assurance of roads. More information on ITP

FOREIGN MANUFACTURERS – THEIR SUCCESS IN INDIA The growth story of India’s automobile market has been astounding and is currently viewed as one of the top destinations in the global auto market. Naturally, every auto manufacturer is trying to get a share of the hot Indian pie. More informations on ITP EU INDIA TRADE DEAL The proposal of free trade deal between the European Union and India has drawn a lot of attention as well as criticism. While the negotiations continue, speculations about how the free trade agreement will affect sectors such as automobil are rife. More informations on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector TYRES AND WHEELS
WHAT IS A GREEN TYRE? Green tyres, as the name suggests, are ecofriendly tyres that make driving a more environment friendly experience. Green tyres have been around since the 1990s but it is only now that they are gaining popularity. One of the reasons for the slow adoption rate of green tyres is their higher manufacturing and production costs. More information on ITP RADIAL TYRES FOR TRUCKS AND BUSSES Radial tyres for trucks and busses are different from their traditional counterparts in their engineering and have improved durability and handling. Radial tyres are different from the traditional cross-ply or bias-ply tyres basically in the layout of the cord plies of the wheel. In radial tyres, the plies meet at the centre of the wheel from all angles and stay at an angle of ninety degrees to the direction of travel irrespective of the angles when the tyre is stationary. More information on ITP FOCUS ON NATURAL RUBBER The importance of natural rubber in the worldwide tyre industry is unparallel. The bulk of production of natural rubber or NR goes in the making of tyres. The inherent qualities of NR make it an instant choice for this industry. Natural rubber gives durability as well as has enough elasticity to adjust the bumps of the roads and coupled with that it does not lead to over-heating even after long usage. More information on ITP ALLOY WHEELS ON CARS Indian roads, especially those in metropolitan cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore have undergone many changes in recent years. The change is not limited to the dimension of the roads alone but also extends to the traffic on it. More information on ITP

PUBLIC TRANSPORT – A BETTER AND SAFER WAY TO TRAVEL One of the primary infrastructural amenities that determine any country’s sustainable development is the public transport system. Thanks to its wide range of connections and affordability, more and more commuters in India choose to use public transport. More information on ITP RAILWAYS PROJECTS At the heart of India’s public transport sector is the railway system of the country that over the last decade seems to have lost some of its earlier sheen. Writhing under immense criticism due to poor facilities, outdated technologies and frequent accidents Indian Railways (IR) soon started making losses. More information on ITP INDIA’S RAILWAYS PLAYERS Indian Railways has one of the largest networks in the world ferrying a record number of passengers and freight on a daily basis. Covering about 65000 kms of the country with 114,500 kilometres of railway tracks and 7500 stations, Indian Railways carries about 2 million tonnes of freight and 14 billion passengers per day. More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

April, 2012

INDIAN NORMS AND THE BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), was established in 1986 and sets national standards for the quality of goods and services. Formerly the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) BIS falls under the administration of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution of the Government of India. More information on ITP CARBON EMISSION NORMS With the rise in vehicular traffic on Indian roads the greatest challenge faced by the country is to create a pollution-free environment for its citizens. To maintain a clean and green environment, the adoption of emission norms setting the maximum limit of released pollutants in the air, is important. More information on ITP

WRITTEN BY TOYOTA: TOYOTA PRIUS In the hybrid cars category, the Toyota Prius is one of the most known names as it has created a revolution in this arena and has also set standards to be followed by future cars. More information on ITP WRITTEN BY INFINITY QX INFINITY: NISSAN

Infinity QX is the sports utility vehicle (SUV) from Infinity, the luxury arm of the globally famous Japanese automaker Nissan. More information on ITP

INDIA WAREHOUSING SHOW April 26 - 28, 2012 Delhi


More information on ITP FAST TRACK ROAD CONSTRUCTION May 10, 2012 New Delhi

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