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DISSERTATION Guidelines to Introduction Date Due: February 11th Word Count: 1500 – 2000

1. BACKGROUND OF RESEARCH  Do not start with company background, start with topic background or something interesting  Use literature to create excitement and interest  Background of company being researched may be presented by utilizing frameworks such as SWOT, Mc Kinsey 7’S, Porters Five Forces. Choose framework most applicable to your research  When writing introduction, focus on the area you are researching within the company. Subtly leading the reader to your topic.  Background should be specific to what you are researching  Write towards a story, lead towards a problem 2. PROBLEM DEFINITION OR RESEARCH ISSUE  State overall problem  Then brake up problem into 3-4 issues  Use literature to tell us what issues are  Get evidence to support what you are referring to as a problem or issue.  Support problem with theory and evidence. This should convey how big the problem is, the size of the problem, and why it should be addressed at this level. 3. RESEARCH RATIONAL  Strategic Intent: Why are you doing this research  What is the expected result of you solving this problem  Support by theory and evidence  What is the worth or value of research  Why is it important 4. RESEARCH QUESTION  State Research Question  1-2 paragraphs on what type of research you are doing, eg. Exploratory 5. RESEARCH AIMS AND OBJECTIVES  State 1 aim  State 3-4 objectives