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Foreword As we can see, nowadays our country's economy is growing strongly. Every day, elements in the market constantly change by the direction of modernization. And we can also see that businesses also contribute significantly into this development. To do this, enterprises need to find out for themselves the right business strategy. With the topic: “Before launching a product in the market, what should a producer do? Suggest some solutions to make products best – selling and always stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Give an example of the product which is famous and always best – selling.”We will also learn how manufacturers choose to expand and develop their brands and products.

Out line: I. Before launching a product in the market, what should a producer do? II. After launching the product, what should that enterprise do to make it become a best – selling product and always stay ahead in today’s competitive market? III. Coca Cola with its strategy.

etc. prices in retail agents. Price affected the product distribution system. It’s true because customers want to buy products for their needs. In addition. The packaging needs to be written clearly about: place. appearance and packaging of product. maker. trademarks. Before launching a product in the market. except producing and operating costs.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 2 I. To calculate the products’ prices. Most of manufacturers believe that: “Build trust today or lose the market tomorrow” and they always agree that the quality is the leading factor determining the existence of a product. there are so many factors to take into consideration: testing qualities of product. branding. there are still other factors: the current prices of the competitive products. their appearances. promotional prices. what should a producer do? To introduce a new product to the market. The first P is product. place and promotion. Secondly is price. One beautiful name and attractive appearance can appeal more customers because people are always interested in the beauty. But the producer also need to note that when the brand name must to be comply with the regulations of intellectual property law. there are many issues around the product that makes manufacturers have to consider carefully. the producer also concern about the name. date of manufacture. price. packaging and so on.ENGLISH 1. logos. and prices for other forms of payment… Finding out the affordability is very important. when produce. Because . Managers should make a calculation about price. When launching a new product. ingredients and usage. They concern about the quality more than the other factors. But most of producers choose to build a basic strategy model based on 4-P model which includes: product.

Besides 4-P.. .and social network: facebook. what should enterprises do to make it become a best – selling product and always stay ahead in today’s competitive market? After launching the product into the market. film.. And the finally is promotion. video.. The next is place.. e-news.Continue advertising the product with more interesting and attractive ways. II.Find out the upcoming strategies of competing firms and set up the reasonable price policy. After launching the product. time of seasons. . always stay ahead in competitive market. magazines.. such as discounts.. the makers should analyze the expected demand of the product so they don't over or under-shoot their initial product run. web. to have a huge profit.. . the producer still has to find out the business strategies to make that product becomes the best-selling product. They should start advertising the new product several weeks to a month before it is launched. customers care policy and advertising campaign. Account for sales based on returning customers. Introduce and persuade potential markets to use the products of the enterprises via advertising forms such as social communication. mass media : newspaper. television. blog.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 3 the clients are very happy when buying a good and reasonable product especially in Vietnam because Vietnamese’s income isn’t high.. gifts. Choose and manage commercial channels so that the products occupy the target market in the right time and develop logistics system and product transportation. twitter.. media attention and advertising with some new products. promotions. it is often beneficial to inform the public of how many units will be available at launch.ENGLISH 1.… on holidays. radio.

It is becoming more and more important and necessary to the economic. installation service. . customer care systems must be based on modern technological equipment. testing.Moreover we need to train the employees to improve and develop their skill and qualification. Therefore. So specially need to concern about the after-sale service: delivery service. The consumer can post any questions about the item and to be answered by the other customers or from your employees. the other provices and overseas. the clients can buy the product more easily. seller can manage the selling number and who buy product. Customers always want to be treated with politeness. Customers can look for full information which involved the new product. But the customer care service just can be recognized if it is associated with a good quality.Look for the potential customers by creating a website of the firm or that product and building a high-tech management service.Expand the market with the agents system in the area. This process requires a wide knowledge and skills to .3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 4 . By this way. Pay attention to the benefits of the intermediary channel: commissions. The seller must understand the advantages and limitations of their products as well as the same products in other competitive companies. In addition. free shipping to customer's house.… and establish a sustainable relationship with the intermediary.ENGLISH 1. respect and their needs are endless. bonuses. repairing and warranty. . in a professional condition. In today’s competitive market. there is a quote: The customer is our God. .Customer care service is very important to the business. Let's give customers feelings of safety and comfort when purchasing the product.

All of these things are very helpful to make your new product become the bestselling product in today competitive market. active part of the business. . Planning company's strategy and implementing it go hand in hand. But we must translate strategic plans into action plans. Until now.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 5 communicate skillfully.Cola and they also love it like me. Avoid talking too much about the product his company. Coca – Cola is an official name of the bottling plant which is the biggest company producing soft drinks in the world and it’s also the best – selling product in the history of carbonated drinks.ENGLISH 1. Now it still holds the leading position in the market. It's refreshing! And I think anyone in the world knows about Coca . No business can benefit from strategic plan sitting on sheft collecting dust. I still love it and always choose it to be the first favourite drink. No strategic plan is completed until it's put into action. disparaging other copanies' products to build customer confidence in quality products and quality service that your company brings to customers. Entrepreneurs must convert strategic plans into operating plans that guild their companies on a daily basic and become a visible. And it’s no surprise if you earn a giant revenue from selling your product. Coca Cola with its strategy: I have known about Coca .Cola since i was a little child and I'm so interested in drinking a cool bottle of Coca . III.Cola in hot days of Hanoi.

ENGLISH 1. Coca – Cola’s brand has been known by many people. The traditional way is advertising by posters. newspapers. images. The brand name “ Coca – Cola” was registered in 1893 in USA and the development of this company started from that. banners in public places. in supermarkets. Candler bought control of the Coca – Cola’s formular and brand. organizations and projects around the world such as American Idol.… The other way to spread the brand throughout the world is by sponsorships. Coca – Cola (also called by Coke) was known as an oral liquid that makes people feel better when drinking. One part of these strategies is advertisement. In 1887. Apple Itunes. Currently. Candler and his association managed with the investment is $2. Asa G. the Coca – Cola company sponsors in many big events. In the market.… or in media transportations such as TV.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 6 To be invented in 1886 by Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in Columbus Giergia. Each year.…By this way. football matches. So it’s the easiest way to find out the humous potential customers who have demands to buy Coca – Cola. BET network. Another part of their business strategies is bottling partners. They also distribute these beverages to customers and find . the Coca – Cola company has done a lot of business strategies. Why? As you can realize.3 millions. But Pemberton didn’t see the success of the product he created. they have nearly 300 partners worldwide. clocks. Sound Fest. the Olympic Games. The bottling partners manufacture and package the beverages. Every year. In 3 years. they pay a lots for advertising by many other ways. there are many competitors in producing beverages but Coca – Cola is still the famous and the best – selling product. in body bus eventhough in calendars.

that is the time of discount. and more than. That’s all my view of this topic. Coca – Cola has many brands such as Coca – Cola classic. promotion or gift because in this time. we can have more knowledge about the marketing. In different season. Cherry Coke. According to this discussion. the label that has attractive colour and wonderful white curves. The bottling partners range from large. Sprite.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 7 other vending partners who can sell the products to consumers. international. Or because of the variety of beverages. needs are also much more than the other times.ENGLISH 1. family – owned operations. With each brand. One more factor in their business strategy is price. Vanilla Coke. the factor that brings the success of the company is from its product with the good qualities. there are many different price levels. diet Coke. Mello Yello. It’s so helpful for us! . Fanta. Specially in summer or holidays. plastic bottle which is safe for health and friendly with the environment to satisfy consumer demands. about how to make a true strategy in the right time to have earn more sales for a company. Coca – Cola also create new packaging sizes and materials of bottles: metal cans. publicy traded businesses to small. In the other sight.

ENGLISH 1.http://www.3 DISCUSSION – GROUP 6 8 The reference: of the University of Commerce.http://www.English .thecoca-colacompany. .vn/ .