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PROJECT ON “A study of US and China’s Economy and its Impact on Indian Budget.”

SUBMITTED TO: Prof. Arpit Loya

SUBMITTED BY: Gunjan Mehta, Shivi Verma, Arvind khade, Azad khan Pathan.

PGDM 5th Trimester SIMS INDORE (MP)

This project Report is an original work by them. Arvind khade. Ruchi Bangur Prof. Azad khan Pathan student of PGDM 5th trisem–Finance. Signature: Prof Arpit Loya: Faculty Guide: Prof.” Under our guidance and supervision. has successfully completed their project on “A study Of US and China’s Economy and its Impact on Indian Budget. Shivi Verma.CERTIFICATE FROM THE FACULTY GUIDE This is certified that Gunjan Mehta. Arpit Loya .

Ultimately I would like to extend my thanks to one and all that extend their affectionate cooperation to complete this project directly and indirectly. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. I am very much thankful to them for their constant support. without which the project could not have been completed. PGDM -Finance SIMS. Prof. INDORE . Ruchi Bangur For her constant support and guidance. Arpit Loya to give us an opportunity for this project. This study work would have never seen the light of the day without the blessings of my parents. action without vision just passes the time and vision with action can change the world” The most awaited moment of successful completion of an endeavor is always a result of persons involved explicitly or implicitly there in and it is impossible without the help and guidance of the people around.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT “Vision without action is merely a dream.

The new methodology new concept used in economy adopted by the Indian country. Our Faculty guide gave us task and guide in each step of my work. .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The main focus of our project was on “what is the Impact of US and China Economy on Indian Budget. To sum up. this experience was awesome for me and it is practical experience which really unique experience. I also have discussed the concept of finance form text book. there has been sustained efforts and dedication involve to make this study a comprehensive study but at the same time the researcher is open to any kind of suggestion that further needs to be considered in respect of the cause of his work.

.OBJECTIVE This project is being carried out to fulfill main objective that is To know about the us economy and china’s economy and its effect on Indian Budget.

Indore.DECLARATION We are the student of Sapient Institute of management studies. PGDM –Finance 5th Tri Signature: . hereby declare that the work done by us on the topic “A study on Impact of US and China Economy on Indian Budget” is genuine and authentic.