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After the Experiment is over the students must show the output to the instructor and get signed by the instructor. Do the verification. record etc. INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. mails is strictly prohibited during lab hours. Students will work in a group of four in hardware laboratories and individually in computer laboratories. the pending work has to be done in the leisure hour or extended hours. If the experiment is not completed in the prescribed time. If the ICs are overheated they should immediately switch off the power supply to the processor and inform the instructor. . 4. Take only the lab manual . 9. ASST. calculations and write the code table and take the signature from the instructor. 10. browsing of non-academic websites . prepare the prelab questions. calculator (if needed) and a pen or pencil to the work area. PROFESSOR. 11. 3. While coming to the lab bring the lab manual cum observation book. Before coming to the lab. Failure to do this will lead to damage to the 8086 trainer kit and the full cost of the 8086 kit will have to be borne by the group of students who are working on that kit in lab. While working with the 8086/8051 trainer kits the students have to constantly check the 8086 ICs whether they are getting overheated or not during experiments. 7.. 6. Read through the lab experiment to familiarize yourself with the components and the assembly sequence.. 2. Utilize 3 hours time properly to perform the experiment . You will be expected to submit the completed record book according to the deadlines set by the instructor. 8. In the computer laboratory. The Instructor will have full rights to dismiss the student who is caught doing these activities during lab time.PREPARED BY B.KALYANRAM. 5.V. Students should attend all labs.

.. talking loudly . Failure to do this. disturbing others etc.12. The instructor will have full rights to send away the students who is indulging in these acts and will be put absent for that lab period. 13. discussing loudly. the students will not be allowed in to the next lab and . 15 marks shall be awarded for day to day evaluation of the students work in the lab and 10 marks to be awarded during internal laboratory test. Students should maintain index of experiments and should get signed for each and every experiment in both observation and record books within one week of performing the experiment.. Of the 25 marks for the internal . For practical subjects there shall be a continuous evaluation during the semester for 25 sessional marks and 50 end examination marks. Students must maintain silence during lab time and should not indulge in chatting. 14.