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The avalanche that covered Gayari camp of Pakistan Army located on the Siachen Glacier, caused burying of 124

soldiers and 14 civilians, is a national tragedy. This disaster grabed the attention internationally as Siachen has been considered the highest battlefield. Solders are fighting with a unique enemy and that is climate. Not a single bullet had been fired from years but this battle took lives of 8000 solders of both India and Pakistan. Both countries have maintained their permanent military presence since, April 1984 ranging height of over 22,500 ft. Base camps on both sides had been deployed and have a sophisticated infrastructure of bunkers training camps, aviation workshops and huge ammunition storage. Hourly helicopter flights are the only way of transportation in the region which facilitates in carrying ration, medicines, fiber huts, kerosene, and snow scooters to the glaciers. Presence of military raised the temperature which was 2.6 C on scale in the start but rose to 10.2 C till 1991. This increment in temperature resulted in several devastating incidents like Nubra River flood which washed away 33 Indian soldiers in 2010. In August 2010 another cloudburst incident took 200 lives at Siachen and Lea city. Global warming is a greater threat to both the countries rather any military attack. Glacial melt due to warming planet and is resulting in great threat to the Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalayan region. A report by an Indian glaciologist, Vijay Kumar Raina states that some Himalayan glaciers are growing. He has also reported on the stability of the Siachen glacier which is second largest in the world outside the polar areas. Another NGO naming Geres-India, have released a report recently on Climate Change which is based on data collected over last 35 years. According to the report patterns of rainfall and snowfall have changed singnificantly. Temperature has risen in the region by 01 C along with less snow fall in winter. According to a latest research report that was released in March 212, by University Grenoble, France also concluded that Karakoram glaciers have grown over last decade. Latest techniques were used to conduct this research by the university which includes 3D Altitude maps and satellites images between 1999 and 2008 and showed that the mass balance of Glaciers is positive. Notably above mentioned climate changes created rapid panic to both countries. High ratio of budget is consumed in this war. Countries are in combat with climate challenges in this region. Soldiers are in constant combat and hundreds of them lost their lives and hundreds lost their body parts. India and Pakistan once again have to sit together and discuss Siachen issue. Rethinking and restructuring of policies. Political parties and military establishment of both the countries have to show flexibility so that both the countries can avoid disasters and can cut short in budget spent in Siachen. Bilateral withdrawal can be most appropriate solution for both the countries. We have to define our limits on table and move forward. Unilateral withdrawal, suggested by political leader Nawaz Shrif and an ex army general, which wasn’t appreciated by majority in Pakistan. Military leadership and other political parties were of view that bilateral development should be entertained in matter of withdrawal. Conflict is simply a pointless battle, where economic costs are higher enough. Withdrawal will make no loss to any country instead it will be beneficial for both of countries. A sofesticated monitoring mechanism can help in handling strategic issues.

men and efforts in other areas for development process rather than freezing them in high altitude of Siachen. . Among other issues between India and Pakistan. A valuable change can be noticed in economic status of both countries if such actions are taken. Let us ensure not a single life becoming scapegoat in this conflict and we should not waste 138 precious lives.Pack up from Siachen as an eco-park and ensuring no presence would only stop glacier degradation. India and Pakistan can surely spend money. improvement in economical situation. bilateral stability. Unavoidable climate situation would increase in problems and such incidents would happen more frequently than ever before. cut short in budget. peace progress and foremost resolution of Kashmir issue. Siachen should have most easiest to resolve as it involves indirect or third party involved combat and a combat with climate. Resolving this issue may help in stepping ahead in resolution talks towards Kashmir issue which is most difficult and foremost concerned issue. save precious lives.