Description: Could you please execute the below query and provide us the output in an excel sheet : 1)select

* from apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl where user_concurrent_program_name in ('MSIFND- Common Error Log Purge Program', 'MSIFND- Common Error Log Report', 'MSIFND-Common Archival and Purge program', 'MSIFND- Common Email and Archive program' ) and language='US'; 2)select * from fnd_flex_value_sets where flex_value_set_name in ('MSIFND_EMAIL_GROUP_LIST', 'MSIFND_PURGE_FOLDERS' ) 3)select * from all_objects where object_name like 'MSIFND_COMMON_ERR%' 4)Plese check if the "msifnd_Common_Error_Log_Report.rdf" report file is present in /u02/app/applscp/apps/apps_st/custom/msifnd/12.0.0/reports/US/

5) Plese check if the "msifnd_common_arch_purg_sh" shell script is present in /u 02/app/qaoa071a/apps/apps_st/custom/msifnd/12.0.0/bin

6) Plese check if the "msifnd_common_email_sh" shell script is present in /u02/a pp/qaoa071a/apps/apps_st/custom/msifnd/12.0.0/bin Sector Impacted: BMS Impact: Not Applicable Server/Host Name:: prdvcp-scan Instance/Database Name:: PROA075 Environment:: Other Database:: Oracle Please let me know if any query does not return any result

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