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More than thousand studies collection on vaccination injuries and failure
aprile 2002:

Una raccolta di plu di mille studi sui danni dei vaccini e il loro fallimento Summary - Sommario

Asthma and allergies from vaccine [14 quotes] =Asma ed allergie da vaccino 3 Ataxia and vaccine [10 quotes] - Atassia e vaccini 3 Autoantibodies following vaccination [20 quotes] - Reazioni autoimmunitarie conseguenti a vaccinazione 3 Autoimmunity and vaccination [104 quotes] - Autoimmunita e vaccinazione 4 Chromosomic aberration from vaccine [2 quotes] - Alterazioni cromosomiche da vaccino 8 Vaccine and deafness [12 quotes] - Vaccini epatologie uditive 8 Vaccines and diabetes [35 quotes] - Vaccini e diabete 9 Epilepsy, convulsions and vaccines [31 quotes] - Bpilessia, convulsioni e vaccini 10 Eyes, complications from vaccine [23 quotes] - Occhi: complicazioni da vaccino 11 Heart complications following vaccine [16 quotes] - Complicazioni cardiache da vaccino 12 Kidney disfunctions [23 quotes] - Disfunzioni renali 12 Immuno-suppression from vaccines [ 16 quotes] <Immuno-soppressione da vaccini.. 13 Vaccines induce the very same illnesses they should prevent [25 quotes J -I vaccini possono indurre fa stessa malattia che dovrebbero prevenire 14 Vaccines ineffective [28 quotes] =Inefficacia dei vaccini 15 Myocarditis [16 quotes J - Miocarditi 16 Multiple sclerosis, demyelination and vaccine [35 quotes] =Sclerosi multi'pla, demielinizzazione e vaccini 16 Neurologic demage from vaccines [106 quotes J ~ Danni neurologici da vaccino 17 Neuritis and polyneuritis [12 quotes] - Neuriti e polineuriti.. 21 Optic neuritis [16 quotes J - Neuriti ottiche 21 Polio related Studies [124 quotes] -Studi correlati a Polio 22 Polio immunosuppression [9 quotes] +Immunosoppressione da polio 26 Pemphigo [7 quotes] - Pempigo (malattia cutanea) 27 Parkinson [2 quotes J - Morbo di Parkinson 27 Paralisis [10 quotes] - Paralisi 27 Pancreatitis [3 quotes] ~ Pancreatiti 28 Purpura [57 quotes] - Purpura 28 Psychic diseases [5 quotes] - Malattie Psichiche 30 Postvaccinal virus [13 quotes] - Virus postvaccino 30 Rash [56 quotes] 30 Vaccine and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) [28 quotes] - SIDS (morte bianca 0 in culla) 32 Severe general reaction [72 quotes] - Reazioni avverse generiche 33 Skin disorders [53 quotes] - Malattie della pelle 35 Subclinical [2 quotes] =Infezioni subcliniche 36 Thymus [1 quotes] - Timo 37 Thimerosal direct related [2 quotes] - Tiomersale 37 Tiroide [1 quotes] - Tiroide , 37 Tumors and leukemia from vaccine [33 quotes] - Tumori e Leucemia da vaccino 37 Uveitis [11 quotes] - Uveiti 38 Vasculitis [36 quotes] - Vasculiti 38

More than thousand studies collection on vaccination injuries and failure Una racco/ta di piiJ di mille stud! sui danni dei vaccini e illoro fallimento


More than thousand studies collection on vaccination Injuries and failure Una raccolta dl pili dl mille studi sui dannl del veocini e illoro fallimenio Asthma and allergies from vaccine [14 quotes] - Asma ed allergie da vaccino • • • "Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?", Epidemiology 1997 Nov;8(6):678-80 AIm JS; Swartz J; Lilja G; Scheynius A; Pershagen G Johan.Alm@sos.ki.se; Atopy in Casale TB, Bernstein IL, Busse WW, LaForce CF, Tinkelman DG, Stoltz RR, Dockhom RJ, Reimann J, Su JQ, Fick RB Jr, Adelman DC., "Use of an anti-IgE humanized monoclonal antibody in ragweed-induced allergic rhinitis", J Allergy Clin Immunol 1997 Jul;100(1): 110-21 children offamilies with an anthroposophic lifestyle [see comments]; Lancet 1999 May 1;353(9163): 1485-8 Ekbom K., "A case of asthma after vaccination against smallpox", Acta Med Scand Suppl. 1966;464:170-1. Goldman II., [Allergic rhinosinusbronchopathy in a patient after the use of dry anti-influenza serum],Vestn Otorinolaringol. 1966 Mar-Apr;28(2):98-9. Hurwitz EL, Morgenstern H., "Effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis or tetanus vaccination on allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the United States", J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2000 Feb;23(2):81-90 Kemp T; Pearce N; Fitzharris P; Crane J; Fergusson D; St. George I; Wickens K; Beasley R; Lewis SA, Britton JR, "Measles infection, measles vaccination and the effect of birth order in the aetiology of hay fever", Clin Exp Allergy 1998 Dec;28(12): 1493-500 McIntyre PB, O'Brien ED, Heath TC., "Immunisation and asthma", Commun Dis Intell. 1998 Mar 19;22(3):38. . Muhlemann K; Alexander ER; Weiss NS; Pepe M; Schopfer K, "Risk factors for invasive Haemophilus influenzae disease among children 2-16 years of age in the vaccine era, Switzerland 1991-1993. The Swiss H. Influenzae Study Group", Int J Epidemiol1996 Dec;25(6): 1280-5 Odent, MR et al; Pertussis Vaccination and Asthma: is there a link? ; JAMA 1994- Vol. 272, No.8 pag. 592593 Reed CE., "Pertussis sensitization as an animal model for the abnormal bronchial sensitivity of asthma", Yale J BioI Med. 1968 Apr-Jun;40(5):507-21. Reizis Z, Frank J, Sikuler E., [Allergic vasculitis and bronchial asthma following influenza vaccination], Harefuah. 1987 Jan 15;112(2):70-1. Singh M., "Influenza vaccination and asthma", Indian Pediatr. 2000 Apr;37( 4):459-60. Watson IM, Cordier IF, Nicholson KG., "Does influenza immunisation cause exacerbations of chronic airflow obstruction or asthma?", Thorax. 1997 Feb;52(2):190-4. e vaccini

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Ataxia and vaccine [10 quotes] -Atassia • • • • •

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Deisenhammer F, PohI P, Bosch S, Schmidauer C., "Acute cerebellar ataxia after immunisation with recombinant hepatitis B vaccine", Acta Neurol Scand. 1994 Jun;89(6):462-3. Duenwald JC, Holland IM, Gorham JR, Ott RL., "Feline panleukopenia: experimental cerebellar hypoplasia produced in neonatal ferrets with live virus vaccine", Res Vet Sci. 1971 Jul;12(4):394-6. Katafuchi Y, Aida K, Shiotsuki Y, Yamashita Y, Horikawa M, Andou H., [Acute cerebellar ataxia and facial palsy after DPT immunization.], No To Hattatsu 1989 Sep;21(5):465-9 KatsiIambros L, "II fenomeno di apatia in uomini ed animali dopo l'iniezione di virus in dosi molto elevate", Rev Med Moyen Orient, 20:539-546, nov.- dic. 1963 Plesner AM, Hansen FJ, TaudorfK, Nielsen LH, Larsen CB, Pedersen E., "Gait disturbance interpreted as cerebellar ataxia after MMR vaccination at 15 months of age: a follow-up study", Acta Paediatr 2000 Jan;89(1):58-63 Pohl KR, Farley ill, Jan JE, Junker AK., "Ataxia-telangiectasia in a child with vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis", J Pediatr 1992 Sep; 121(3):405-7 Provvidenza G, "Un caso di benigna atassia acuta del cervelletto nell'infanzia", Arch Ital Sci Med Trop, 43:189-194, aprile 1962 Saito H, Yanagisawa T., "Acute cerebellar ataxia after influenza vaccination with recurrence and marked cerebellar atrophy", Tohoku J Exp Med 1989 May;158(1):95-103 Sunaga Y, Hikima A, Ostuka T, Morikawa A., "Acute cerebellar ataxia with abnormal MRI lesions after varicella vaccination", PediatrNeurol1995 Nov;13(4):340-2 Trump RC, White TR., "Cerebellar ataxia presumed due to live, attenuated measles virus vaccine", JAMA. 1967 Jan 9;199(2):129-30. following vaccination [20 quotes] - Reazioni autoimmunitarie conseguentl a vaccinazione



More than thousand studies collection on vaccination injuries and failure Una raccolta di piiJ di mille studi sui danni dei vaccini e iI/oro fal/imento • Aasted B., "Characterization of the antibody production in rabbits induced by streptococcal group A and C carbohydrate antigens. II. Evidence that the appearance of an antibody response of restricted heterogeneity is accompanied by an anti-antibody production", Scand J ImmunoI. 1974;3(5):553-8. Burova LA, Christensen P, Grubb R, Schalen C, Svensson ML, Beltukov PP, Totolian AA., "Antiimmunoglobulins in experimental streptococcal immunization; relation to bacterial growth conditions and Fereceptors", Acta Pathol Microbiol Immunol Scand [C). 1985 Feb;93(1):19-23 Burova LA, Christensen P, Grubb R, Shalen K, Ogurtsov RP., [Induction of anti-immunoglobulin synthesis during the immunization of rabbits with streptococci group A], Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR. 1986;(7):63-71. Burova LA, Nagomev VA, Pigarevsky PV, Gladilina MM, Seliverstova VG, Schalen C, Totolian AA., "Circulating anti-IgG and glomerular damage in rabbits immunized with IgG Fe-receptor positive group A streptococci", Adv Exp Med BioI. 1997;418:531-5. Colling RG, Brown JC., "The appearance of IgM and IgG cold agglutinins in rabbits hyperirnmunized with group C streptococcal vaccine", J Immunol. 1979 Jan;122(1):202-8. Drozdz M, Kucharz E, Felus E., "Antiglobulin antibodies in blood serum of rabbits hyperimmunized with bovine albumin and treated chronically with hydrazinophtalazines", Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 1981 ;29(2): 167-73. Eichmann K, Braun DG, Feizi T, Krause RM., "The emergence of antibodies with either identical or unrelated individual antigenic specificity during repeated immunizations with streptococcal vaccines", J Exp Med. 1970 Jun 1;131(6):1169-89. Feme M, Schlossberg M, Michel J., [Antibody formation in rabbits after vaccination with Streptococcus pyogenes cultured in the presence of subinhibitory concentrations of erythromycin], Pathol Biol (Paris). 1984 May;32(5):369-71. Grachev VP, Popova YD, Vasilyeva IG, Avdeyeva LI., "Formation of autoantibodies in laboratory animals after inoculation of viruses with different virulence. I. Results of studies on vaccine and wild strains of polio and measles viruses in guinea pigs", Acta Virol, 1973 Jul; 17{4):319-26. Greenspan NS, Monafo WJ, Davie JM., "Interaction ofIgG3 anti-streptococcal group A carbohydrate (GAC) antibody with streptococcal group A vaccine: enhancing and inhibiting effects of anti-GxC, anti-isotypic, and anti-idiotypic antibodies", J Immunol. 1987 Jan 1;138(1):285-92. Koroleva IV, Burova LA, Shalen K., [Streptococcal immunoglobulin Fc receptors as inductors of antiimmunoglobulins.], Vestn Akad Med Nauk SSSR 1989;(11):37-41 Luster MI, Leslie GA., "Erythrocyte antinuclear antibodies in sera of chickens hyperirnmunized with group A streptococcal vaccine", Infect Immun. 1976 Mar;13(3):825-9. Luster MI, Leslie GA., "Erythrocyte antinuclear antibodies in sera of chickens hyperimmunized with group A streptococcal vaccine", Infect Immun 1976 Mar; 13(3): 825-9 Movsesiants AA, Gurvich EB, Dzagurov SG, Grachev VP, Avdeeva LI., [Experimental study of the ability of different strains of vaccinia virus to induce autoantibody formation.], Vopr Virusol1975 May-Jun;(3):297-302 Munk ME., [Vaccines with anti-idiotypic antibodies], AMB Rev Assoc Med Bras. 1987 Nov-Dec;33(1112):241-4. Negina IP., [Comparative study of autoantibody formation following inununization with different types of typhoid vaccines], Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol ImmunobioI. 1980 May;(5):69-72. Onica D, Miha1cu F, Lenkei R, Gherman M, Tudor M., "Autoantibodies detected in rabbits hyperimmunized with group A, C, and G streptococcal vaccines", Infect Immun 1977 Dec;18(3):624-8 Osterland CK, Miller EJ, Karakawa WW, Krause RM., "Characteristics of streptococcal group-specific antibody isolated from hyperimmune rabbits", J Exp Med. 1966 Apr 1;123(4):599-614. Vasil'eva IG, Semenov VF, Grachev VP, Popov a VD., [Possibilities of using the phenomenon of autoantibody formation for evaluating the quality of vaccines], Lab Delo. 1972;6:368-9. Zablocki B, Skalba D., "An attempt to induce the production of rheumatoid factor-like substance in rabbits by prolonged immunization with killed bacterial suspension", Bull Acad Pol Sci Biol, 1966;14(1):23-4. and vaccination [104 quotes] - Autoimmunita e vaccinazione

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Autoimmunity •

"Polymerase chain reaction detection of the hemagglutinin gene from an attenuated measles vaccine strain in the peripheral mononuclear cells of children with autoimmune hepatitis ", Archives of Virology, volume 141, 1996, pages 877-884 AIm JS; Swartz J; Lilja G; Scheynius A; Pershagen G ; Atopy in children of families with an anthroposophic lifestyle [see comments]; Lancet 1999 May 1; 353(9163):1485-8 - Comment in: Lancet 1999 May 1;353(9163): 1457-8 Bayer AS., Arthritis related to rubella: a complication of natural rubella and rubella immunization., Postgrad Med. 1980 May;67(5):131-4., PMID; 7375401 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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