Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

Making the first circle work When I Think Different.
Table of Contents; Oil filter before & after Bitron use p.1; Millionaire Mind Declaration p.2; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind p.2; Empowered Inside Out, DeeAnn Lensen:p.3, Naturefx haircare p.4; Naturefx skin care p.5; Purifying Cleanser &Toner a 3 in 1 product, Contact us p.6; Millionaire mindset chart p.7; Whyte’s Framing, Rosswin Travel p.8

Which way does your oil filter look like!! An oil filter before & after bitron use Which do you have?
I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 1

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

"Millionaire Mind Declarations"
I release all subconscious barriers to financial and personal success. I am an excellent money manager. I always pay myself first. I put money into my financial freedom fund every day. My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money. I earn enough passive income to pay for my desired lifestyle. I am financially free. I work because I choose to, not because I have to. My part-time business is managing and investing my money and creating streams of passive income. My inner world creates my outer world. Everything in my life is a choice. I choose to be wealthy. I create my life. I create the exact amount of my financial success. I play the money game to win .... my intention is to create wealth and abundance. I admire and model rich and successful people. I believe money is important, money is freedom, and makes life more enjoyable. I am a confident and powerful magnet for financial abundance and prosperity. Every day in every way, I am becoming wealthier, happier and freer. It is fun and easy to make a lot of money. I deserve prosperity. I enthusiastically create and step into my financial freedom. I am destined to have an abundance of love and prosperity in my life. I create abundance doing what I love. I deserve to be wealthy because I add value to other people's lives. I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver. ... each are equally important.

I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 2

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

I am truly grateful for the money I have now. Exciting, prosperous opportunities always come my way. I live in unlimited, luscious abundance ..... more and more effortlessly flows to me with ease and grace " . My highest desires are manifesting now. My capacity to earn, hold, and grow money increases with each and every day. I allow and receive wealth and abundance into every area of my life ..... easily and effortlessly. I am worthy and deserving of prosperity, abundance and love. Money and prosperity flow into my life from many different sources. I earn enough passive income to enjoy a prosperous and loving lifestyle. I expect and receive miracles.
from Millionaire Mind Intensive Wealth declaration Alex W Fraser Courtenay, BC

Empowered Inside Out: How to Upgrade the Operating System Inside Your Head
By DeeAnn Lensen

Networking University Presents:
Empowered from the Inside Out: How to Upgrade the Operating System Inside Your Head Free Training with DeeAnn Lensen February 22nd Wednesday   6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PST) Are you satisfied with your life, or do you see glimpses of your dream life just out of reach? Many powerful human gifts that could be used to bring extraordinary joy to the user and those in contact with that user are squandered, lost forever, as millions opt to just get through life, rather than LIVE, REACH and CONTRIBUTE with every cell they have been entrusted with on this earth.

I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 3

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

We robotically allow our minds to think random thoughts that generate equally random emotions, actions and even chemical changes in our bodies, such as increased cortisol, which causes accelerated aging and disease. Sadly, this autopilot way of being is how most of us get through our lives. What would happen if you were able to program yourself to find joy and satisfaction thanks to a new operating system? Suddenly, rather than just getting through life, you could create the life of your choice while learning to use each day as a means of experiencing satisfaction and bringing joy to others. Guess what? I discovered that we are still programmable at any age, but usually we don't know where to start, much less how to succeed in reprogramming ourselves for joy. "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – this is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves." — GANDHI Mysterious system failure is reported to have ruined many a person's chance of reaching their potential. The most advanced systems designed to increase wealth, produce perfect health, guarantee beauty or get you married to a cutie are only effective if YOU embrace them effectively. This is why you need a system and a support community. But there's more: none of the above will work if YOU don't believe you deserve to BE the person you are striving to be. Any program loaded into an operating system wrought with self sabotage and/or low self esteem 'viruses' will fail. After leading and coaching people for over twenty years in the direct marketing and spa industry I felt compelled to create a User Manual, which includes these 11 steps: Step 1: Measure your aspirations against your current reality. To successfully install a new program, you must first assess your current operating systems. Determine if the life path you are on is one that you chose, or the results of slap-dash habits. Understand what it takes to be the architect of your future. Step 2: Look your gremlins in the eye. Access whether or not you currently have enough space and energy to run your desired program. If you find blocks, take steps to free space. With the use of multiple exercises, muscle testing, and coaching, you can be guided to uncover a myriad of beliefs that you hold deep in your conscious and subconscious mind that control you. Step 3: Adjust your default response. Humans default to the negative. We naturally look for what's wrong or missing and, if we were cave men, it would keep us alive. Similarly, the ego wants to win at almost any cost, like a cave man saying, "If I don't win, I won't eat!" How do these traits serve you now? Step 5: Understand fear. Resistance to growth wears many masks and can be powerfully convincing. If you change your programs, you change your way of being, which can invoke fear in others. Similarly, you fear change because, you ask, is this new unknown way of operating worse than what you are living now?

I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 4

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

Step 6: Mirror, Mirror. We are attracted to people who have traits we value in ourselves. We're repelled by people with traits we dislike or fear in our own personality. Learn to "be the change you wish to see in the world." As a result, collect supporters who will help you make the life changes you desire. Step 7: Talk yourself into healthy relationships. We talk ourselves into and out of relationships every day. Step 9: Entitle-itis. Not all dependency is bad but, if one of your gremlins is, "I deserve to be taken care of," and no one is waiting in line for the job, you may be pushing people away with an entitlement mentality. Not to worry, great joy can be found in healthy dependence and independence. Step 10: Say yes to life. Once you've defined where you want to BE, and have utilized tools designed to reprogram your operating systems, it's time to look the universe in the eye, connect, and just say yes. This is a very important part of the life journey. It's where belief is either born or given new life. Without belief, there will be no fertilizer for the ideas and goals you have just planted. Step 11: Give and it will be given unto you. Once your gifts have been acknowledged and gently escorted into plain view, it's time to learn how to share them and, in doing so, leverage your chances for creating the full life you were intended to lead. From Networking University newsletter Jan 27/12 Training Article and Upcoming Courses "Josephine Gross, Ph.D." <>

The accidental discovery that will make history.
Antioxidants, Alpha Lipoic Acid, C0Q10, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins A, E & C, Hyaluronic Acid as well as a blend of tri-peptides was added to the potent natural tribal formula to create the best product possible, NatureFX.

NatureFX Skin Care Science
Maintaining or recovering a youthful appearance is a multibillion dollar industry driven by the desire for healthy, great looking skin, regardless of age. Whether consciously or not, we associate the age and attractiveness of an individual with the appearance of his or her skin. Like other organs of the body, the physiological functions and structures within the skin continuously decline with advancing age. Dry skin, fine lines and deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, and age spots are all outward signs we associate with aging skin. Learning more about the process of skin aging can help you understand how to delay and minimize some natural skin aging processes.

Three Factors in Aging I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 5

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16 MY inner world creates MY outer world.  Many factors, both extrinsic and intrinsic, cause the skin to age. Those causes can easily be divided into three main categories: biological aging, environmental aging, and mechanical aging. Let's look at each cause individually to understand ways they can be minimized.

The first category is biological aging. More info go to

NatureFX Purifying Cleanser & Toner Three-in-one product that will amaze you!
Purifies as it gently cleanses away make-up, grime & impurities with a built in skin toner that eliminates the need for multiple products.

A refreshing experience that leaves your skin smooth and glowing.
This concentrated, gently foaming cleanser & toner for all skin types is soap free and moisture infused! • • • • • • • Purifies as it gently cleanses away make-up, grime & impurities Won't clog pores (non-comedogenic) Formulated without sodium laurel sulfate or parabens Neutralizes free radicals before they can damage skin's surface Built in skin toner eliminates the need for multiple products pH balanced for ongoing protection Lays down the first layer of vitamins and peptides What Are You Asking

_____________So what Do You Desire! For?

To Your Success, being you.
Take care and God Bless

Thank you for

Alex W Fraser 1-866-517-2113 or 250-338-6334 ,

Leon Froess 1-866-238-1946

Alex Leon

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With the cost of fuel raising, isn’t it time for you to start using a product that is Engineered to out perform, a product called BI-TRON I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 6

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 7

Star’ceptor Feb-Mar 2012 #16

MY inner world creates MY outer world. 

Co-operation above Competition
Whyte's Framing and Gallery is a family owned and
operated small business in the Comox Valley. Since starting up in the mid seventies we have grown with the valley community as a whole. We first began offering unique handcrafted frames milled and colourstained on site. We now supply a full range of wood, metal frames as offered by premier suppliers we've sourced around the world.

Whyte’s Framing is preparing for a fresh new look in 2012. Clearing out all our wall samples and misc. Some framed pictures/objects formerly over $700.00 now just $200.00. Others even less. Get ready for a new look in the spring.
As the valley grows, we are reaching out with a new ( to us ) way to spread the word. Please check out more about us on  including a map of our rural location under the contact link. Whytes Framing is open tues-sat 9:30-5:30 250-339-3366 1225 Lazo Rd Comox, BC
! ! !!!

Rosswin Travel
Thinking of taking a cruise, a resort holiday, regardless of what kind of travel, check out  the following website for yourself or for your group, we have it all on one website go to  Need help planning or booking your trip then contact me at 1 866 517-2113 or 250-338-6334

Do you shop on-line? then you might want to check out the zamzuu shopping mall, shop  and earn commissions. rosswintravel and click on zamzuu (for Canadians shopping go to the Canadian site under stores). ! ! !              ! Become a Free Affliate, go to create an account, log in, explore, get 30% back on the commissions paid to YTB  on your purchases -Travel, etc.   Check out these videos at ! ! ! Rhoda Ross - Courtenay, BC. - 1 866 517-2113 or 250-338-6334

I put money into MY financial freedom fund every day. 8

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