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August 04 The Progress Principle 05

October 10 The Social Organization 11 12

Anthony J. Bradley | Mark P. McDonald Harvard Business Review

February 18 A Brief Tour of Everything

Teresa Amabile | Steven Kramer

HBR Management Tips Beyond Performance Management
19 20

You Need to Know About the Economy
Joel Kurtzman

What to Ask the Person in the Mirror
Robert Steven Kaplan

Christopher Meyer | Julia Kirby Francis Frei | Anne Morriss

Standing on the Sun Uncommon Service

Jeremy Hope | Steve Player


Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets
Sylvia Ann Hewlett | Ripa Rashid

November 13 India Inside 14

Nirmalya Kumar | Phanish Puranam Baruch Lev

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September 07 Higher Ambition

Winning Investors Over

Michael Beer | Flemming Norrgren and Coauthors Fred Reichheld | Rob Markey

08 09

The Ultimate Question 2.0 Capitalism at Risk

December 15 The Essential Michael Porter
Joan Magretta

Joseph L. Bower | Herman B. Leonard | Lynn S. Paine


Passion and Purpose

John Coleman | Daniel Gulati | W. Oliver Segovia

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January 17 The Little Black Book

of Innovation
Scott D. Anthony

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00 • 256 pages US$ 26. AU G U ST Higher Ambition takes you inside the minds of some of the most successful and insightful leaders of our time.95 • 224 pages US$ 27.95 • 224 pages US$ 29.FALL 2011 HI G HLI G HTS 4 T H E P ROGRESS P RINC IP L E Teresa Amabile | Steven Kramer 5 WHAT TO ASK T HE PERS O N IN T HE MI RRO R Robert S. to craft new strategies for staying on top of your game. This book uncovers the questions leaders should ask themselves. SEP TEMBER AUGUST S E P T E M BE R US$ 25. This thoroughly updated and expanded edition explains how practitioners have used Net Promoter to drive extraordinary financial and competitive results. Kaplan 7 Michael Beer | Flemming Norrgren 8 TH E U LTI M ATE Q U E STI O N 2 .0 Fred Reichheld | Rob Markey HIG HER AMBIT IO N The Progress Principle equips aspiring leaders with the insights they need to maximize performance.95 • 224 pages 2 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .

US$ 24. accessible summary of Michael Porter’s revolutionary thinking.org/books 3 . Anthony 22 H A RVA R D B U S I N E S S R E V I E W’S 1 0 M U ST READS Paperback Series The best management practices and insights from top thinkers in the field are now right at your fingertips.hbr. D ECE MB E R This unique hybrid of professional memoir and business guidebook provides a powerful 28-day program for mastering innovation.FALL 2 011 H I GH LI GH TS 11 M A NAGE ME NT TI PS From Harvard Business Review 15 THE ESSEN TIAL MI CHAEL PO RT ER Joan Magretta 17 T HE L IT T L E BL AC K BO O K O F IN N OVAT IO N Scott D.00 • 224 pages US$ 24. JA N UA RY This new series from Harvard Business Review features timeless ideas and practical advice every manager should read. providing the first concise.95 OCTOBER US$ 18.95 • 208 pages US$ 25.00 • 208 pages www. Joan Magretta sets the record straight.

and favorable perceptions of the organization. strong motivation. seemingly mundane workday events can make or break employees’ inner work lives. The Progress Principle equips aspiring and seasoned leaders alike with the practices and insights they need to maximize their people’s performance and engagement. [ BOSTON. and Creativity at Work Teresa Amabile | Steven Kramer GENE RA L MA N AG E MEN T 978-1-4221-9857-5 256 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 25. MA ] 4 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .The Progress Principle TERESA AMABILE AND STEVEN KRAMER What really sets the best managers above the rest? It’s their power to build a cadre of employees who have great inner work lives — consistently positive emotions. Engagement. motivation. MA ] AUG UST colleagues. she has long studied creativity. Through rigorous analysis of nearly 12. [ BOSTON. the authors explain how managers can foster progress and enhance inner work life every day. The book shows how to remove obstacles to progress. The worst managers undermine inner work life. including Harvard Business Review and the Academy of Management Journal.000 diary entries provided by 238 employees in 7 companies. including The Progress Principle Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy. and performance in the workplace. The author of numerous articles and books. including meaningless tasks and toxic relationships.00 • Hardcover World Rights encouragement and demonstrations of respect and collegiality. often unwittingly. Brimming with excerpts from the authors’ diary study and anecdotes from the companies studied. As Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer explain in The Progress Principle. their work. such as clear goals and autonomy — and (2) nourishers — interpersonal events that uplift workers. It also explains how to activate two forces that enable progress: (1) catalysts — events that directly facilitate project work. and their AB OUT THE AU THOR S Teresa Amabile is a professor of business administration and a director of research at Harvard Business School. Steven Kramer is a developmental psychologist and has coauthored a number of articles in leading management periodicals. including Creativity in Context. But it’s forward momentum in meaningful work — progress — that creates the best inner work lives.

By asking these questions.org/books 5 . www. [ BOSTON. and ask the key questions that are critical to your performance and your organization’s effectiveness. a global venture philanthropy firm. A BO U T TH E AUTHO R Robert Steven Kaplan is a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and former vice chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group.hbr. MA ] AUG UST What to Ask the Person in the Mirror Critical Questions for Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential Robert Steven Kaplan LEA DERS HIP 978-1-4221-7001-4 224 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 26. He is also co-chairman of Draper Richards Kaplan. and does it reflect who I truly am? This highly readable and practical guide helps you learn to ask the right questions — and work through the answers in ways that are right for you. and advance your career. including questions such as: • Do I clearly articulate my vision and top priorities? • Does the way I spend my time enable me to achieve my top priorities? • Do I give subordinates timely and direct feedback they can act on? Have I developed a succession road map? • Is my leadership style still effective. In What to Ask the Person in the Mirror. reflect.95 • Hardcover World Rights PU B LICITY Extensive media campaign targeting top-tier business and mainstream publications. you can craft new strategies for staying on top of your game. The challenge lies in being able to step back.What to Ask the Person in the Mirror ROBERT STEVEN KAPLAN Successful leaders know that leadership is less often about having all the answers and more often about asking the right questions. He advises numerous companies around the world. change course if necessary. Harvard Business School professor and former Wall Street executive Robert Kaplan presents a process for asking the big questions that will enable you to diagnose problems. He lays out areas of inquiry.

NY ] A L S O BY SYLVIA AN N HEWLETT Off-Ramps and On-Ramps 978-1-4221-0102-5 US$ 29.00 • Hardcover 6 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . Yet they’re approaching the war in the wrong way — bringing in expats and engaging in bidding wars for hotshot local “male” managers. including: Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets Why Women Are the Solution Sylvia Ann Hewlett | Ripa Rashid GE NERA L MA N AG E MEN T 978-1-4221-6060-2 256 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 35. Without enough “brain power. higher ambitions. such as employer-subsidized taxi services Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets is required reading for all companies seeking to strengthen their talent pipeline in these rich and expanding markets. Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid analyze these forces and present strategies for countering them. and the United Arab Emirates. these women boast better credentials. China.95 • Hardcover Top Talent 978-1-4221-4042-0 US$ 18. Increasingly. is the founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy and the chair of the Hidden Brain Drain Task Force — a group of 60 global companies and organizations committed to fully realizing female and multicultural potential. The solution is hiding in plain sight: the millions of highly educated women surging into the labor markets of Brazil. mentors.” AB OUT THE AU THOR S Sylvia Ann Hewlett. Russia. India. But there’s a catch: attracting and retaining talented women in emerging economies requires different strategies than those used in mature markets.Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets SYLVIA ANN HEWLETT AND RIPA RASHID The war for talent is heating up in emerging markets. Ripa Rashid is executive vice president of the Center for Work-Life Policy and has over 15 years’ experience as a management consultant in North America. [ NEW YORK. Latin America. and Asia. economist and author of 10 high-profile books. Europe. [ NEW YORK. NY ] AUG UST multinationals can’t succeed in these markets. sponsors) • Introducing flexible work arrangements to accommodate family obligations • Providing safe transportation.00 • Hardcover World Rights • Sustaining ambition through stretch opportunities and international assignments • Combating cultural bias by building an infrastructure for female leadership (networks. and greater loyalty than their male peers. In Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets.

as global competition stiffens and enterprises face increasing public scrutiny. Emeritus. and Campbell’s Soup. In fact. and their shareholders.Higher Ambition MICHAEL BEER. Nokia. The authors reveal how these leaders from around the world are converging on a new management paradigm that unlocks the energy and potential of their people to deliver superior economic and social value. Sweden. www. and a fellow at the TruePoint Center. Tobias Fredberg is a professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Tata. right? Wrong. successful leaders must win on all fronts — with their people. argue the authors of Higher Ambition. [ BOSTON. timely advice.hbr. The book identifies the specific leadership goals that are essential for achieving sustainable value across all constituencies. at Harvard Business School and chairman of TruePoint Partners and its Center for High Performance and High Commitment. Higher Ambition takes you inside the minds of some of the most successful and insightful leaders of our time: the CEOs from companies as diverse as Standard Chartered Bank.00 • Hardcover PU B LICITY Extensive media campaign targeting top-tier business and mainstream publications. SWEDEN ] Organizations must choose between people and profits. and cogent insights. Cummins. including how to: • Find a winning approach for both people and profits • Forge a successful strategic identity • Build a shared commitment to excel • Create a global community that embraces diversity • Energize leadership at all levels With powerful stories. MA ] Russell Eisenstat and Nathaniel Foote are partners at TruePoint. their customers. Dedicated social media outreach. IKEA. Higher Ambition is poised to become a management classic in the tradition of In Search of Excellence and Built to Last. [ STENINGE. FLEMMING NORRGREN AND COAUTHORS A BO U T TH E AUTHO RS Michael Beer is the CahnersRabb Professor of Business Administration. [ BOSTON.org/books 7 . Infosys.95 • Hardcover Audiovisual Rights: Authors All Other Rights: Harvard Business Review Press A LSO BY MICH A E L BEE R Breaking the Code of Change 978-1-57851-331-4 US$ 60. MA ] Flemming Norrgren is a professor at Chalmers University and a partner at TruePoint. their communities. SEPTEM BER Higher Ambition How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value Michael Beer | Flemming Norrgren and Coauthors GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT 978-1-4221-5974-3 224 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29.

who sully your firm’s reputation and readily switch to competitors. He is the bestselling author of The Loyalty Effect. Since the book was first published. [ WELLESLEY. In this thoroughly updated and expanded edition. The Ultimate Question 2. explaining its connection to your company’s growth and sustained success • Presents the closed-loop feedback process and demonstrates its power to energize employees and delight customers • Shares new and compelling stories of companies that have transformed their performance by putting Net Promoter at the center of their business Practical and insightful.0 (Revised and Expanded Edition) How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World Fred Reichheld | Rob Markey GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T 978-1-4221-7335-0 224 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 27.95 • Paperback Loyalty Rules! 978-1-59139-324-5 US$ 18. who generate good profits and true. with Bain colleague Rob Markey. You also generate a vital metric: your Net Promoter Score. you identify detractors. constituting a game-changing system and an ethos that rival Six Sigma in its power. AB OUT THE AU THOR S Fred Reichheld is a fellow at Bain & Company. With his trademark clarity. and promoters. published by Harvard Business Review Press. as well as numerous articles published in Harvard Business Review.95 • Hardcover Audiovisual Rights: Authors All Other Rights: Harvard Business Review Press Rob Markey is a partner and director in Bain & Company’s New York office and head of the firm’s global customer strategy and marketing practice.0 provides a blueprint for long-term growth and success. MA ] SEPTEM BER The Ultimate Question 2. MA ] A L S O BY F RED REICHHELD The Loyalty Effect 978-1-57851-687-2 US$ 17.The Ultimate Question 2. business loyalty guru Fred Reichheld revealed the question most critical to your company’s future: “Would you recommend us to a friend?” By asking customers this question.0 FRED REICHHELD W I TH RO B M A R KEY In the first edition of this landmark book. Reichheld. explains how practitioners have built Net Promoter into a full-fledged management system that drives extraordinary financial and competitive results. Net Promoter has transformed companies across industries and sectors. Dedicated social media outreach.95 • Paperback PUBLI CIT Y Extensive media campaign targeting top-tier business and mainstream publications. [ WELLESLEY. 8 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . sustainable growth. Reichheld: • Defines the fundamental concept of Net Promoter.

PAINE The spread of capitalism worldwide has made people wealthier than ever before. the authors explain how business must serve as both innovator and activist — developing corporate strategies that effect change at the community. national. But capitalism’s future is far from assured. or small start-ups — the current threats to market capitalism present important opportunities. resource depletion. Leonard is the Eliot I. Income inequality.org/books 9 . www. Presenting examples of companies already making a difference. Professor of Public Sector Management at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. [ BOSTON. established regional players. In Capitalism at Risk. and Lynn S. Capitalism at Risk A BO U T TH E AUTHO RS Joseph L. and international levels. Herman B. Baker. How can capitalism be sustained? And who should spearhead the effort? Critics turn to government. Bower | Herman B. Harvard Business School professors Joseph L. religious fundamentalism — these are just a few of the threats to continuing prosperity. The global financial meltdown of 2008 nearly produced a great depression. Bower is the Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Leonard. Leonard | Lynn S. LEONARD AND LYNN S.JOSEPH L . Capitalism at Risk presents a compelling and constructive vision for the future of market capitalism. Paine GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT 978-1-4221-3003-2 256 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29. Bower. Paine is the John G. mass migrations from poor to rich countries. Jr.00 • Hardcover PU B LICITY National print and online advertising. MA ] Capitalism at Risk Rethinking the Role of Business Joseph L. Economies in Europe are still teetering. McLean Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School..hbr. B OW E R The CEO Within 978-1-4221-0461-3 US$ 35. For enterprising companies — whether large multinationals. HERMAN B. [ BOSTON. Paine argue that while governments must play a role. Capitalism at Risk draws on discussions with business leaders around the world to identify ten potential disruptors of the global market system.95 • Hardcover World Rights A LSO BY J O S E P H L . businesses should take the lead. Snider and Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the George F. MA ] SEPTEM BER BOOK JACKET NOT AVAILABLE Herman B. [ BOSTON. BOWER. Filled with rich insights. MA ] Lynn S.

revealing what managers must do to make collaboration a source of enduring competitive advantage. McDonald GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T 978-1-4221-7236-0 256 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 35.The Social Organization ANTHONY J. IL ] O CTO BER The Social Organization How to Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employees Anthony J. BRADLEY AND MARK P. working with executives on the business application of information technology. [ SAN ANTONIO. [ SAINT CHARLES. not just providing technology AB OUT THE AU THOR S Anthony J. and innovation from your customers and employees. Bradley is a group vice president at Gartner Research. His responsibilities include advising clients on the enterprise employment of social media and social software solutions.00 • Hardcover World Rights • Launch: creating a collaborative environment and gaining adoption • Guide: participating in and influencing communities without stifling collaboration A • dapt: responding creatively to change in order to better support community collaboration The Social Organization highlights the benefits and challenges of using social technology to tap the power of people. knowledge. PUBLI CIT Y Dedicated social media outreach. Bradley | Mark P. 10 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . it’s your job to extract maximum talent. McDonald is a group vice president and head of research at Gartner Executive Programs. energy. The authors identify the core disciplines managers must master to translate community collaboration into otherwise impossible results: • ision: defining a compelling vision of progress toward a highly collaborative V organization S • trategy: taking community collaboration from risky and random success to measurable business value • Purpose: rallying people around a clear purpose. TX ] Mark P. But how? In The Social Organization. two of Gartner’s lead analysts strongly advocate exploiting social technology. The authors share insights from their study of successes and failures at more than 400 organizations that have used social technologies to foster — and capitalize on — customers’ and employees’ collective efforts. MCDONALD As a leader.

hbr. On top of all that. help is on the way: the new Management Tips from Harvard Business Review. powerful idea you can immediately put into action. Pick it up anytime you have an issue to solve or a few minutes to spare. you’re shouldering more and more responsibilities — from maximizing your team’s performance to increasing your company’s market share to building profitable customer relationships.Management Tips FROM HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW As a manager. handy guide is packed with quick tips on a broad range of topics. This concise.00 • Hardcover World Rights www. you need to orchestrate your own time and keep your career on track. How are you supposed to resolve this dilemma? Happily. this book puts the best management practices and insights from top thinkers in the field right at your fingertips. you’ll stand the best chance of succeeding in your role as a manager. organized into three major skills every manager must master: • Managing yourself • Managing your team • Managing your business Drawing from HBR’s popular Management Tip of the Day. You may not be able to do much about being time starved. O CTO BER Management Tips From Harvard Business Review GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT 978-1-4221-5878-4 224 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 18. The challenges are stacking up — but you’ve got less and less time to figure out how to tackle them.org/books 11 . But with Management Tips from Harvard Business Review. and you’ll have a fresh.

AB OUT THE AU THORS Jeremy Hope is cofounder of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT) and has authored numerous books and articles on performance management. clear-eyed book. [ DALLAS. balanced scorecards. And they all promise to help you excel at the toughest parts of your job: defining your organization’s strategic direction. Why? As Jeremy Hope and Steve Player reveal in Beyond Performance Management.00 • Hardcover Reinventing the CFO 978-1-59139-945-2 US$ 29.95 • Hardcover World Rights Brimming with rigorous analysis and solid advice. [ WEST YORKSHIRE. and how to extract maximum value from each. When. TX ] O CTO BER BO O K JAC K ET N OT AVA IL A B LE But just 30 percent of these tools deliver as intended. how to implement them correctly. PUBLI CIT Y Advertising in key management publications. In this eminently useful. and rolling forecasts to key performance indicators.95 • Hardcover 12 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . while many tools are sound in theory. not empower them — a serious and costly mistake. For example. and How to Use 40 Tools and Best Practices for Superior Performance Jeremy Hope | Steve Player GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T 978-1-4221-4195-3 288 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29. the authors critically review dozens of wellknown management tools — from mission statements.Beyond Performance Management JEREMY HOPE AND STEVE PLAYER There’s a bewildering array of management tools out there. Six Sigma. ENGLAND ] Steve Player is the director of BBRT North America and coauthor of Future Ready (2010). managing customers and costs. A L S O BY JEREMY HO P E Beyond Budgeting 9781-57851-866-1 US$ 35. executives buy and implement a tool without first asking. Beyond Performance Management helps you swiftly gauge the value of each management tool and navigate the increasingly crowded field of offerings — so the tools you select deliver fully on their promises. they’re misused by most organizations. Beyond Performance Management Why. “What problem are we trying to solve?” And they use tools to command and control frontline teams. including Reinventing the CFO (2006). and performance appraisals. They explain how to select the right tools for your organization. and boosting workforce performance.

hbr. efficient. GE. the long-held monopoly of the developed world is over. In India Inside.95 • Hardcover World Rights A LSO BY N IR MA LYA KUM A R India’s Global Powerhouses 978-1-4221-4762-7 US$ 27. right? Not according to leading management experts Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam. The authors’ analysis makes clear that for certain kinds of innovation. and robust in the face of harsh environmental conditions.India Inside NIRMALYA KUMAR AND PHANISH PURANAM A BO U T TH E AUTHO RS Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam are professors at London Business School and serve as codirectors of its Aditya Birla India Centre. the authors draw on their research to show how India is already turning this assumption on its head — often in ways invisible to consumers in the developed world. [ LONDON. Infosys. ENGLAND ] Thanks to its ability to innovate. lowcost. Through their research and extensive interviews with India-based executives from such companies as AstraZeneca. and Wipro. the authors unveil the dramatic rise in invisible innovation occurring in India — from B2B products and R&D outsourcing to process and management innovation. The book also illuminates Indian companies’ growing ability to innovate consumer products that are compact. strategy. and Indian business. NOV EM BER India Inside The Emerging Innovation Challenge to the West Nirmalya Kumar | Phanish Puranam INNOVATION 978-1-4221-5875-3 200 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29. innovation. Intel.org/books 13 . the developed world will always have a distinct advantage over the developing world.95 • Hardcover Marketing as Strategy 978-1-59139-210-1 US$ 35. They have authored numerous books and articles on marketing.00 • Hardcover www. India Inside provides a wake-up call for executives and policy makers in the developed world and a clear-eyed view of both the challenges and the opportunities facing multinationals seeking new sources of innovation in the future.

often surprising instructions for dealing intelligently with Wall Street — and boosting your company’s earnings and stock price. rebuild. Get it wrong. NY ] NOV EM BER BO O K JAC K ET N OT AVA IL A B LE alienating investors as well as employees. you can still craft a mutually beneficial. Not anymore. and you risk AB OUT THE AU THOR Baruch Lev is the Philip Bardes Professor of Accounting and Finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business and the director of both the Vincent C. The stock market is an uncertain place. and maintain credibility on Wall Street Winning Investors Over Surprising Truths About Honesty.Winning Investors Over BARUCH LEV Pleasing Wall Street used to be easy for executives. [ NEW YORK. He is a permanent visitor at École Nationale Des Ponts and Chaussées (Paris) and City University Business School (London).95 • Hardcover World Rights • Buy time for your company’s recovery from activist shareholders and hedge fund raiders • Structure your compensation to win shareholders’ support Winning Investors Over demonstrates that despite the uncertainty that characterizes Wall Street today. 14 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . There are right ways and wrong ways to do this. and suppliers — which can erode your earnings and stock price. Through rigorous data analysis and real-life cases. Baruch Lev draws on his own and other finance scholars’ research to present authoritative. and Other Ways to Boost Your Stock Price Baruch Lev GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T 978-1-4221-1502-2 272 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29. Earnings Guidance. long-term partnership with investors. In Winning Investors Over. PUBLI CIT Y Extensive media campaign targeting top-tier business and mainstream publications. Lev shows how to: • Understand and address investors’ concerns to secure ongoing funding and support from the capital markets • Deliver disappointing news effectively to investors • Build. consumers. Ross Institute for Accounting Research and the Project for Research on Intangibles. and every day executives have to figure out what investors really want.

Differentiation. Magretta uses her wide-ranging business experience to translate Porter’s powerful insights into practice and to correct the most common misconceptions about them — for instance. a McKinsey Award winner. a top pick of its year by The Economist. But while everyone in business may know Porter’s name. this book will enable every manager in your organization to grasp Porter’s ideas — and swiftly deploy them to drive your company’s success. this new book delivers fresh. not being the best. many managers misunderstand and misuse his concepts. and author of What Management Is. his former editor at Harvard Business Review. not a battle between rivals. Eminently readable. The Essential Michael Porter sets the record straight. Michael Porter’s frameworks are the foundation. If you want to understand how companies achieve and sustain competitive success.The Essential Michael Porter JOAN MAGRETTA Competitive advantage. providing the first concise. The value chain. Relative cost. MA ] DECEM BER The Essential Michael Porter What Every Manager Needs to Know About Competition and Strategy Joan Magretta GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT 978-1-4221-6059-6 208 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 24. that competition is about being unique. not being all things to all customers. [ CAMBRIDGE. She was a Bain partner and strategy editor of Harvard Business Review. which includes answers to managers’ FAQs. Written with Porter’s full cooperation by Joan Magretta. clear examples to illustrate and update Porter’s ideas. Industry structure.org/books 15 . She is a senior associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. accessible summary of Porter’s revolutionary thinking. An added feature is an original Q&A with Porter himself. that it is a contest over profits. Five forces.hbr.95 • Hardcover World Rights www. that strategy is about choosing to make some customers unhappy. A BO U T TH E AUTHO R Joan Magretta has worked with Michael Porter for almost two decades.

and is the founding CEO of FashionStake. In candid accounts of their successes and setbacks — from launching startups to taking on the family business to helping kids in the Arabian Gulf to harnessing new technology and developing clean energy — they reveal how the next generation of ideas. Passion and Purpose offers profound insight into the values and vision of tomorrow’s leaders. and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. including Dominic Barton (CEO of McKinsey & Company). GA ] DEC EM BER BO O K JAC K ET N OT AVA IL A B LE In Passion and Purpose. Daniel Gulati holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Diversity. and must. where he was a Baker Fellow and an Arthur Rock Entrepreneurship Fellow. pursue. AB OUT THE AU THOR S John Coleman earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. followed by firsthand accounts from young leaders who are tackling these issues head-on. presidential adviser and director of Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership). and inspiration and ideas for all aspiring leaders who hope to lead change in the world. David Gergen (CNN analyst. Oliver Segovia received an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School. Sustainability. dozens of recent Harvard Business School MBAs share personal stories on assuming the mantle of leadership in ways unlike any previous generation. where he was a Dean’s Award winner. Passion and Purpose provides an overview of big. Nitin Nohria (dean of Harvard Business School). a venturebacked fashion company. These are the big issues on the minds of young leaders today — the challenges they most want to. and the public sector. Convergence of the public and private sectors. hot-button issues.S. aspirations. business schools. Oliver Segovia Foreword by Bill George LE AD E R S H IP 978-1-4221-6266-8 250 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 25. Technology. DANIEL GULATI. academia. Learning. and many others. Drawing on insights from a survey of 500 students from top U. Carter Roberts (CEO of World Wildlife Fund). AND W. MA ] W. where he was a Zuckerman Fellow and a George Fellow. [ MAKATI CITY. [ ATLANTA.Passion and Purpose JOHN COLEMAN.95 • Hardcover World Rights luminaries in business. [ CAMBRIDGE. Their personal stories are rounded out with broader perspectives from established Passion and Purpose Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders John Coleman | Daniel Gulati | W. PHILIPPINES ] 16 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . and practices are shaping business and redefining leadership around the world. OLIVER SEGOVIA Globalization.

And for good reason. And it makes or breaks professional careers.org/books 17 . A N T H O NY The Silver Lining 978-1-4221-3901-1 US$ 25. breaks down the essential differences between types of innovation. Anthony is the managing director of Innosight. and software. and illuminates innovation’s vital role in organizational success and personal growth. longtime innovation expert Scott D. Innovation transforms companies and markets. This unique hybrid of professional memoir and business guidebook also provides a powerful 28-day program for mastering innovation’s key steps: • Finding insight • Generating ideas • Building businesses • Strengthening innovation prowess in your workforce and organization With its wealth of illustrative case studies and vignettes from a range of companies around the globe. It’s the key to solving vexing social problems. In his trademark conversational and lively style. How to Do It Scott D.00 • Hardcover The Innovator’s Guide to Growth 978-1-59139-8462 US$ 35. telecommunications.00 • Hardcover www. however. a global strategic innovation consulting and investment firm.The Little Black Book of Innovation SCOTT D. In The Little Black Book of Innovation. [ SINGAPORE/CAMBRIDGE.hbr. Anthony INNOVATION 978-1-4221-7172-1 208 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 25. ANTHONY Innovation may be the hottest discipline around today — in business circles and beyond. For all the enthusiasm the topic inspires. He has authored The Silver Lining and coauthored Seeing What’s Next and The Innovator’s Guide to Growth. Anthony presents a simple definition of innovation. this engaging and potent playbook is a must-read for anyone seeking to turn themselves or their companies into true innovation powerhouses. Anthony draws on stories from his research and fieldwork with companies like Procter & Gamble to demystify innovation. He has worked with clients ranging from national governments to companies in industries as diverse as health care. the practice of innovation remains stubbornly impenetrable. A BO U T TH E AUTHO R Scott D. MA ] JANUARY The Little Black Book of Innovation How It Works. No longer. consumer products.00 • Hardcover World Rights A LSO BY S COT T D. He is the head of Innosight’s Asian headquarters in Singapore.

What are the key drivers of today’s global financial system? How might they fuel your company’s growth? What dangers do they present? If you can’t answer these questions. and lay the groundwork for weathering large-scale crises. He was previously editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review and founded Strategy+Business. A L S O BY JO EL KURTZ MAN Global Edge 978-1-4221-0346-3 US$ 29. MBA in a Box. mitigate risk.A Brief Tour of Everything You Need to Know About the Economy JOEL KURTZMAN F EBRUARY With today’s global economy in an uproar. He has published twenty books.95 • Hardcover World Rights • What opportunities and risks come with fluctuations in global currency values • How banking regulations and the Federal Reserve are reshaping business Armed with this concise. it’s harder than ever for busy managers to know which corporate and economic indicators matter most to their businesses. and Global Edge. including The Death of Money. you can’t make informed decisions or take strategic action. [ SANTA MONICA. In A Brief Tour of Everything You Need to Know About the Economy. CA ] A Brief Tour of Everything You Need to Know About the Economy Joel Kurtzman FI NANC E 978-1-4221-4082-6 208 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 27.95 • Hardcover 18 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . Joel Kurtzman identifies and explains the economic principles every manager must grasp to recognize and seize emerging opportunities. engaging guide. Kurtzman shows you how to distill relevant data from the flood of information you receive each day — and use it to make the right decisions for your company. Kurtzman identifies: • What profits really tell you about your company and its position relative to competitors • How small changes in capital markets can make or break your enterprise AB OUT THE AU THOR Joel Kurtzman is a principal at Kurtzman Group and a senior fellow at the Milken Institute. For example.

[ CAMBRIDGE. low-income economies mature. • Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market is redeemed by the “invisible handshake” of collaborative networks.hbr. by 2050. will they adopt the practices of the old guard? Or make their own way and create the next prevailing version of capitalism? What new opportunities will that create for firms around the world? Standing on the Sun tackles these questions with fresh ideas and provocative examples. [ LEXINGTON. MA ] F EBRUARY BOOK JACKET NOT AVAILABLE Julia Kirby is editor-at-large at Harvard Business Review. India. China. Among his past books are Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy and Future Wealth. MA ] Standing on the Sun How the Explosion of Capitalism Abroad Will Change Business Everywhere Christopher Meyer | Julia Kirby GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT 978-1-4221-3168-8 224 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 27.org/books 19 . www.S. As these fast-growing.CHRISTOPHER MEYER Standing on the Sun WITH JULIA KIRBY For half a century the U. and others — will surge forward. The advanced economies that in 2000 consumed 75 percent of the world’s output will. and writes frequently on business strategy. Now it’s no secret that the center of gravity is shifting. Meanwhile. a unit of Monitor Group. Among them are these: • The obsession with return on equity gives way to more broad-based measurements of success.95 • Hardcover World Rights A LSO BY CH R ISTO P HE R M E Y E R Future Wealth 978-1-57851-194-5 US$ 27. the authors outline new principles for commercial success.50 • Hardcover PU B LICITY Top-tier business and general interest media attention and broadcast campaign. consume just 32 percent.” Those who need to understand the emerging shape of global capitalism will benefit from reading Standing on the Sun. A BO U T TH E AUTHO RS Christopher Meyer is founder of Monitor Talent. Based on firsthand observations of companies defying capitalism’s old rules yet prospering. and Western-style capitalism dominated. the emerging economies of the world — Brazil. • Businesses take ownership of the impacts they now call “externalities. sat at the center of the global economic system.

PUBLI CIT Y Dedicated social media outreach. [ BOSTON. where she developed the school’s successful managing service operations course. Uncommon Service makes a powerful case for a new and systematic approach to service as a means of boosting productivity. MA ] Uncommon Service How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business Frances Frei | Anne Morriss GENE RA L MA N AG E MEN T 978-1-4221-3331-6 256 pages • 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" US$ 29. Frances Frei and Anne Morriss explain how. profitability.Uncommon Service FRANCES FREI AND ANNE MORRISS In Uncommon Service. in a volatile economy where the old rules of strategic advantage no longer hold true. The authors reveal a transformed view of service. That means weaving service tightly into every core decision your company makes. a consulting firm that helps leaders to surface and remove performance barriers. 20 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .95 • Hardcover Audiovisual rights: Authors All Other Rights: Havard Business Review Press to get them to treat your employees with respect? Do you need to make it easier for them to use new technology? Practical and engaging. presenting an operating model built on tough choices organizations must make: • ow do customers define “excellence” in your offering? Is it convenience? H Friendliness? Flexible choices? Price? • How will you get paid for that excellence? Will you charge customers more? Get them to handle more service tasks themselves? • How will you empower your employees to deliver excellence? What will your recruiting. and competitive advantage. MA ] F EBRUARY Anne Morriss is the managing director of the Concire Leadership Institute. [ BOSTON. training. service must become a competitive weapon. and job design practices look like? What about your organizational culture? • How will you get your customers to behave? For example. what do you need to do AB OUT THE AU THOR S Frances Frei is UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management at Harvard Business School. not a damage-control function. selection.

PRE VIOUSLY R E L E AS E D M ANAG IN G YOU R S E LF HBR on Making Smart Decisions 978-1-4221-7239-1 HBR on Communicating Effectively 978-1-4221-6251-4 HBR on Advancing Your Career 978-1-4221-7223-0 M A NAG I NG YOUR BUSIN ESS HBR on Winning Negotiations 978-1-4221-6257-6 HBR on Rebuilding Your Business Model 978-1-4221-6262-0 HBR on Increasing Customer Loyalty 978-1-4221-6252-1 HBR on Reinventing Your Marketing 978-1-4221-6255-2 HBR on Greening Your Business Profitably 978-1-4221-6256-9 HBR on Thriving in Emerging Markets 978-1-4221-6263-7 HBR on Managing Supply Chains 978-1-4221-6260-6 HBR on Fixing Health Care from Inside and Out 978-1-4221-6258-3 HBR on Aligning Technology with Strategy 978-1-4221-6247-7 HBR on Succeeding as an Entrepreneur 978-1-4221-7224-7 GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT All books in this series: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 22. then Harvard Business Review paperbacks are for you. In each volume. greening your business. and many more.org/books 21 .Harvard Business Review On… Paperback Series If you need the latest best practices and most important business ideas but don’t have time to find them.00 • Paperback World Rights M ANAG IN G OT H E R S HBR on Finding & Keeping the Best People 978-1-4221-6254-5 HBR on Building Better Teams 978-1-4221-6234-7 HBR on Collaborating Effectively 978-1-4221-6264-4 HBR on Inspiring & Executing Innovation 978-1-4221-6261-3 www. Harvard Business Review has selected the best and most recent articles on a range of topics — communicating effectively. making smart decisions.hbr. readers will find a wide range of inspiring and useful perspectives found only in Harvard Business Review. increasing customer loyalty.

change. HBR’s 10 Must Reads series focuses on the core topics that every ambitious manager needs to know: leadership. Leaders looking for the inspiration that big ideas provide.95 • Paperback HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Change 978-1-4221-5800-5 304 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24.HBR’s 10 Must Reads Series HBR’s 10 Must Reads paperback series is the definitive collection of books for new and experienced managers alike.95 • Paperback HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself 978-1-4221-5799-2 288 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24. should look no further.95 • Paperback HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Strategy 978-1-4221-5798-5 288 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24. and managing yourself. to accelerate both their own growth and that of their companies. managing people. Each title includes timeless advice that will be relevant regardless of an ever-changing business environment.95 • Paperback HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing People 978-1-4221-5801-2 304 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24. the best thinkers. P R EV I OUSLY RELEASED HBR’s 10 Must Reads: The Essentials GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T World Rights 978-1-4221-3344-6 153 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24. enduring advice.95 • Paperback HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Leadership 978-1-4221-5797-8 288 pages • 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" US$ 24. strategy. Classic ideas. Harvard Business Review has sorted through hundreds of articles and selected only the most essential reading on each topic.95 • Paperback 22 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .

Pocket Mentor Series The Pocket Mentor series offers immediate solutions to the challenges managers face on the job every day. Whether you’re at your desk.95 • Paperback World Rights www.hbr. PRE VIOUSLY R E L E AS E D Becoming a New Manager 978-1-4221-2507-6 Coaching People 978-1-4221-0347-0 Creating a Business Plan 978-1-4221-1885-6 Developing a Business Case 978-1-4221-2976-0 Developing Employees 978-1-4221-2885-5 Dismissing an Employee 978-1-4221-1884-9 Executing Innovation 978-1-4221-2881-7 Executing Strategy 978-1-4221-2889-3 Focusing on Your Customer 978-1-4221-2975-3 Fostering Creativity 978-1-4221-2893-0 Giving Feedback 978-1-4221-0348-7 Giving Presentations 978-1-4221-1475-9 Hiring an Employee 978-1-4221-2582-3 Improving Business Processes 978-1-4221-2973-9 Laying Off Employees 978-1-4221-2968-5 Leading People 978-1-4221-0349-4 Leading Teams 978-1-4221-0184-1 Leading Virtual Teams 978-1-4221-2886-2 Making Decisions 978-1-4221-2871-8 Managing Change 978-1-4221-2969-2 Managing Confrontations 978-1-4221-2508-3 Managing Crises 978-1-4221-2274-7 Managing Diversity 978-1-4221-2880-0 Managing Projects 978-1-4221-0187-2 Managing Stress 978-1-4221-1875-7 Managing Teams 978-1-4221-2974-6 Managing Time 978-1-4221-0186-5 Managing Up 978-1-4221-2277-8 Measuring Performance 978-1-4221-2970-8 Negotiating Outcomes 978-1-4221-1476-6 Persuading People 978-1-4221-2273-0 Running Meetings 978-1-4221-0185-8 Setting Goals 978-1-4221-2891-6 Shaping Your Career 978-1-4221-1876-4 Thinking Strategically 978-1-4221-2971-5 Understanding Finance 978-1-4221-1883-2 Understanding Marketing 978-1-4221-2892-3 Writing for Business 978-1-4221-1472-8 GENER A L M A NAGEM ENT All books in this series: 5" x 7" US$ 9. these portable guides enable you to tackle the daily demands of your work with greater speed. savvy. self-tests.org/books 23 . and real-life examples to help you identify strengths and weaknesses and hone critical skills. in a meeting. and effectiveness. or on the road. Each book in the series is packed with handy tools.

95 Coaching and Mentoring 978-1-59139-435-8 US$ 19.95 Performance Management 978-1-59139-842-4 US$ 19. and Persuasion 978-1-59139-631-4 US$ 19. P R EV I OUSLY RELEASED Business Communications 978-1-59139-113-5 US$ 19.95 Managing Projects Large and Small 978-1-59139-321-4 US$ 19. For managers at all levels.95 Creating Teams with an Edge 978-1-59139-290-3 US$ 19.95 Hiring and Keeping the Best People 978-1-57851-875-3 US$ 19.95 Marketer’s Toolkit 978-1-59139-762-5 US$ 24.95 Strategy 978-1-59139-632-1 US$ 19. personal coaching.95 Entrepreneur’s Toolkit 978-1-59139-436-5 US$ 24. background information. Influence.95 GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T All books in this series: 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" Paperback (unless otherwise noted) World Rights Crisis Management 978-1-59139-437-2 US$ 19.95 Finance for Managers 978-1-57851-876-0 US$ 19.95 Managing Creativity and Innovation 978-1-59139-112-8 US$ 19.95 24 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .Harvard Business Essentials Series The Harvard Business Essentials series is designed to provide comprehensive advice.95 Negotiation 978-1-59139-111-1 US$ 19.95 Power.95 Time Management 978-1-59139-633-8 US$ 19.95 Manager’s Toolkit 978-1-4221-1868-9 • Hardcover US$ 29. and guidance on the most relevant topics in business.95 The Innovator’s Toolkit 978-1-4221-9990-9 US$ 24.95 Manager’s Toolkit 978-1-59139-289-7 US$ 24. these solutions-oriented books put reliable answers at your fingertips.95 Managing Change and Transition 978-1-57851-874-6 US$ 19.95 Decision Making: 5 Steps to Better Results 978-1-59139-761-8 US$ 19.

Lessons Learned gives you instant access to the wisdom and expertise of the world’s most talented leaders. each volume in this series offers twelve to fourteen insightful essays by top leaders in industry.org/books 25 . A crucial resource for today’s busy executive. and academia on the most pressing issues they’ve faced.95 • Paperback Rights: Audio.hbr. P REV IOUSLY R E L E AS E D Communicating Clearly 978-1-4221-3983-7 Crisis as Opportunity 978-1-4221-3980-6 Doing Business Ethically 978-1-4221-3985-1 Doing Business Globally 978-1-4221-2647-9 Executing for Results 978-1-4221-2641-7 Going Green 978-1-4221-2643-1 Leading by Example 978-1-4221-1859-7 Leveraging Technology 978-1-4221-3989-9 Loving Your Work 978-1-4221-3986-8 Making Customers Matter 978-1-4221-3988-2 Making the Sale 978-1-4221-2302-7 Managing Change 978-1-4221-1858-0 Managing Your Career 978-1-4221-1861-0 Motivating People 9781-4221-3981-3 Never Stop Learning 978-1-4221-3990-5 Overcoming Obstacles 978-1-4221-3982-0 Sparking Innovation 978-1-4221-2642-4 Succeeding in China 978-1-4221-3987-5 Unleashing Talent 978-1-4221-3984-4 Weathering the Storm 978-1-4221-3979-0 G ENER A L M A NAGEM ENT All books in this series: 4 3/8" x 7 1/8" US$ 9. the public sector.Lessons Learned Series Wondering how the most accomplished leaders from around the globe have tackled their toughest challenges? Now you can find out — with Lessons Learned. These contributors share surprisingly personal anecdotes and offer authoritative and practical advice drawn from their years of hard-earned experience. Concise and engaging. Simplified Chinese: Fifty Lessons All Other Rights: Harvard Business Review Press www.

Harvard Business Review Classics Series Since 1922.95 • Paperback World Rights 26 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 . The Harvard Business Review Classics series now offers readers the opportunity to make these seminal pieces part of your permanent management library. Each highly readable volume contains a groundbreaking idea that has shaped best practices and inspired countless managers around the world — and will have a direct impact on you today and for years to come. Prahalad 978-1-4221-3654-6 The Necessary Art of Persuasion Jay A. Joseph Pine II. Sahlman 978-1-4221-2142-9 Marketing Myopia Theodore Levitt 978-1-4221-2601-1 One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees? Frederick Herzberg 978-1-4221-2599-1 All books in this series: 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" US$ 8. Conger 978-1-4221-2671-4 GE NERA L MA N AG E ME N T How to Write a Great Business Plan William A. Gabarro and John P. Smith 978-1-4221-7975-8 A Country Is Not a Company Paul Krugman 978-1-4221-3340-8 Do You Want to Keep Your Customers Forever? B. P R EV I OUSLY RELEASED Managing Oneself By Peter F. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Kotter 978-1-4221-2288-4 The Discipline of Teams Jon R. Don Peppers. Drucker 978-1-4221-2312-6 Managing Your Boss John J. Harvard Business Review has been a leading source of breakthrough management ideas — many of which still speak to and influence us today. K. and Martha Rogers 978-1-4221-4027-7 Strategic Intent By Gary Hamel and C.

N OTES www.org/books 27 .hbr.

North Ryde NSW 2113. Berkshire SL6 2QL. call: 1-800-343-4499 or fax 1-800-351-5073 Orders can also be sent to: PDS. New Delhi Prices may be higher outside the United States. Inc. E URO P E. You.org Booksellers/Wholesalers Harvard Business Review Press books are distributed to the trade by the following distributors: UN IT ED STAT ES & CA NA DA AUSTR A L IA & N E W ZE A L AN D SI N GAP O RE Perseus Distribution Services: To place an order. Australia Postal Address: Locked Bag 2233 Business Centre North Ryde 2113 Tel: Switch 61 2 9900 1800 U. England Tel: 44-1628-502500 Fax: 44-1628-770224 Harvard Business Publishing India Unit #4323 Grand Hyatt Mumbai — Apts. TN 38301 For additional information. Attn: Order Entry 193 Edwards Drive Jackson. the purchaser. 4B Ansari Road Daryaganj. For toll–free ordering. 4378/1. Mumbai — 400 055 Tel: 91 22 65160248 Fax: 91 2266761235 E-mail: infoindia@harvardbusiness. Santacruz (East). Level 2 82 Waterloo Road. K .CO NTACT/O R DER I N G V ISIT US O NLINE : WWW.O RG/B OOKS Harvard Business Review Press PU BLIC I T Y R IGH TS SALES Julie Devoll Publicity Manager 617-783-7471 jdevoll@hbr. are responsible for duty and tax charges assessed by your local government. call: 1-203-655-6449 McGraw-Hill Education The Everglade Building.HBR. M ID D L E E AST & AFRI CA And other Far East and Southeast Asian countries not otherwise listed here McGraw-Hill Education 60 Tuas Basin Link Singapore 638775 Tel: 65-6863-1580 Fax: 65-6862-3354 INDIA McGraw-Hill Education McGraw-Hill House Shoppenhangers Road Maidenhead. Off Western Express Highway. 28 Harvard Business Review Press | Fall 2011 .org Mary Dolan Sales Director 617-783-7593 mdolan@hbr.org Primary Postal Address: Ground Floor. please contact your PDS sales representative.org Audra Longert Rights Manager 617-783-7607 alongert@hbr. .


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