Ruiz 1 Felix Ruiz Professor Cato English 1101 09 August 11

Immigrant Children Should Be Educated And Learn English Although America is known around the world as the melting pot, it is mutually beneficial for all immigrant children in America to be educated and learn English. It is true we are a nation of immigrants. We welcome the world, but by not learning to speak English, immigrants send a mixed signal that they are not American and really do not want to be part of America. Rather they are truly foreigners here seeking freedom, asylum, or financial gain. By accepting and learning the English language immigrant children are better able to advance their education, communicate, and assimilate. There are many reasons immigrant children should be educated and learn English. One reason that can hinder the receipt of a proper education is whether or not an immigrant child can speak and write in English by the time he or she starts school. By law we must accept all school age children in our public school system and in most cases provide at taxpayer expense, English As Second Language (ESOL) tutoring. By making the school district pay for additional tutors

immigrant children often feel different. and cannot compete in the classroom. obeying signs. Being educated in English allows immigrants to communicate with fellow Americans and better understand our culture and way of life. By ensuring that all school aged immigrant children are educated in English takes away any road blocks to communication and eases the transition from their native language to English.Ruiz 2 to facilitate immigrant students robs desperately needed funds for other vital services. Without understanding the English language immigrant children will have a tough time communicating. One of the most important reasons immigrant kids should be educated in English is so that immigrant children can begin the transition from their native land to that of America. ordering food. Learning English is the key to opening and maintaining lines of communication and is a huge morale and confidence booster. left out. Being unable . However this is the best time to educate and teach the English language. What better indication is there than to see an immigrant child speaking English. even if it is a little broken? Most Americans will accept this as a positive effort and not mock them for trying. This has a negative result and often makes immigrant children fall behind children who can speak and write English. and more importantly being accepted outside of their immediate circle of family and friends. Often without these tutors.

but you can move from France to the United States of America. and call yourself an American.Ruiz 3 to communicate in English will make it much more difficult for immigrant children to assimilate. “You can go move to France and not be called a Frenchman. immigrants accept America and in return.” That statement says a lot about the melting pot called America. The last and most important reason for educating immigrant children has to do with assimilation. Ronald Reagan once said. Learning English is the greatest form of acceptance and shows that immigrants value our country enough to learn our language. By speaking their native language they are basically saying I am only a visitor and I love my culture more than I love America. why be in America? . order off the menu. If they are not willing to learn our language. It will make their ability to assimilate much easier as they will be able to read signage. By assimilating. America accepts immigrants. By accepting our language and not speaking their own native language fellow Americans know that immigrants love this country and everything it stands for. Immigrants can only be part of the melting pot experience if they educate their children and learn the English language. watch and understand our laws to name just a few.

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