Attractor Field Dynamics

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David Whalen, RPA, C.E.T.
M.Ms,.Doctoral Candidate

Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop
Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph.780-451-4946 /


780-451-4946 / 2 .Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph.

A MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS God-view Self Life-view Is Level Enlightenment é All-Being One Loving Wise Merciful Inspiring Enabling Permitting Indifferent Vengeful Denying Punitive Disdainful Condemning Vindictive Despising Perfect Complete Benign Meaningful Harmonious Hopeful Satisfactory Feasible Demanding Antagonistic Disappointing Frightening Tragic Hopeless Evil Miserable Peace é Joy é Love é Reason é Acceptance é Willingness é Neutrality é Courage ê Pride ê Anger ê Desire ê Fear ê Grief ê Apathy ê Guilt ê Shame 600 540 500 Bliss Serenity Reverence Illumination Transfiguration Revelation Abstraction Transcendence Intention Release Empowerment Inflation Aggression Enslavement Withdrawal Despondency Abdication Destruction Elimination Log 7001000 Emotion Ineffable Process Pure Consciousness 400 Understanding 350 310 250 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 30 20 Forgiveness Optimism Trust Affirmation Scorn Hate Craving Anxiety Regret Despair Blame Humiliation (Source: "Power vs Force" by David R. SR2 Box 817. Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph.780-451-4946 / davidgwhalen@yahoo. 3 . Sedona. Hawkins. PhD. Arizona 86336. MD. Veritas Publishing.

Calibrate Unloving Thoughts : (-1 . (negative values). Determine the person’s LOC that you are working with. 8.780-451-4946 / davidgwhalen@yahoo. 10. 9.Attractor Field Dynamics Protocol Step 1: Preparation Using a pendulum.10). 4. Loving Thoughts (Power) of 10 and unloving thoughts (Force) of 0 symbolizes the maximum human 4 . 5. 3. 6. (only work with 100%). Verify your Yes and NO. Determine the Power of their associative LOC quartiles (using SUDS chart). Determine at what % your intuition is. Obtain permission or determine that it is appropriate to ask questions.-10). The variance between the measurements demonstrate the Distortion from Truth. practice the following techniques: 1. Check for and remove discordant energies or programs. Determine the Level of Consciousness (LOC) of your intentions / questions. 7. Verify that you are working with your higher self. 2. Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph. Calibrate their Loving Thoughts : (1 .

State to God that you while no do not understand what is required next. state that “My Higher Self and I invite God to make what ever other adjustments are required for the person’s highest good”. Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph. The Subjective Unit of Distress (SUDS). 6. determine the following: 1. Recalibrate their SUDS. 12.. Does the person understand their distress? Ask them.start with The Clearing Process below. Review the key words for each of their quartiles. to clear the energy field (cause) including its symptoms (effect)? 8. 3. proceed with the Clearing Process: The Clearing Process: 9. Using a pendulum. 2.” 7. clearing the lowest valued quartile and. The force of each LOC quartile (using SUDS chart). ask the following questions: 5.. The number of LOC quartiles engaged in their distress. If the answer is yes – state: “Higher self I ask that you give ‘Betty’ a spiritual kick.Attractor Field Dynamics Protocol Step 2: Disengage Underlying Attractor Fields The following techniques can be applied to clear attractor fields underlying all forms of disease. "I completely and fully disengage and clear . if 5 . 4.. The LOC energy field underlying this person’s distress. 14. 13.. together we are a team”. Is enough information available to disengage the force of the underlying attractor field. 10. together we are a team”. Using a pendulum. While this is occurring ensure that the person is not disturbed by others." 11. Using a pendulum. Ask that the Discordant Symptom(s). continue on to the highest value. Invite the person to recite with you “God and I are one. “I seek only the highest Truth”. Energy field(s) and underlying Attractor Field(s) be removed at Root.780-451-4946 / davidgwhalen@yahoo. Does the person require a “spiritual kick”? Ask the pendulum. After each clearing chase the field until it moves into an attractor field in the 200 plus range. If the answer is YES . Once in the 200 range ask the person how they feel about the former distress. Branch and Seed on all levels. State: “God and I are one.

11. 8. Determine the Power of each of their associative LOC quartiles. Do so by stating “ Through my Higher Self and God I ask that ‘so and so’ align with the next higher quartile ”. 7. The Aligning Process: 6 .780-451-4946 / davidgwhalen@yahoo. 4. get lots of rest. Branch and Seed. energized and activated at Root. Afterwards: Encourage the person to take it easy. Ask that each quartile is aligned. Review each quartiles key words with the person. explaining the meaning of each. Determine the Higher Self’s LOC of the person that you are working with. Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph. 2. Advise them that the higher field key words is their respective “food”. 10. Start with the lowest valued quartile and commence with each quartile until completed. drink plenty of water. Once completed recalibrate their overall LOC. Once completed ask if they are ready to engage the next highest field. using the SUDS chart. together we work as a team” ~and~ state that : “I seek only the highest Truth”. Do so with clear loving intent and ask the recipient to welcome the energy. and to surround them self with loving people / situations for the next few days to permit their nervous system to adjust to the Power of their rejuvenated Being. Review the characteristics of the new LOC with the person. 5. 9. While engaging the higher field state that : “God and I are one.Attractor Field Dynamics Protocol Step 3: Aligning with Higher Attractor Fields Using a pendulum: 1. relax. 6.

Kurt Ebert www.powervsforce. Attractor Field Dynamics Workshop Copyright © 2002 by David Whalen ph. David R.780-451-4946 / Hawkins Dr.Footnote: The protocol presented in the Attractor Field Dynamics workshop was revealed to David in a Vision and further inspired by the combined work’s of : The LOC of the unfiltered application of the AFD concept is 7 . Jacob Liberman www.

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