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Orbit Downloader V4.1.0.1(Jun 7,2011) * Fix: GrabPro button sometimes not visible in FF4 Orbit Downloader V4.1.0.

0(April 29,2011) * Improve : GrabPro support WebM video in IE9 and Firefox4 * Improve : GetIt support HTML5 video and support WebM * Improve : Grab++ support WebM stream Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.11(April 15,2011) * Fix : some error when downloading file Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.10(March 29,2011) * Improve: Support Firefox 4.0 Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.9(March 22,2011) * Fix: Crash in software updater Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.8(March 8,2011) * Fix: some error when downloading file Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.7(Feb 25,2011) * Fix: some error when downloading file Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.6(Jan 13,2011) * Fix: Update software more accuratly * Fix: Crash when exit Orbit Downloader Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.5(Dec 9,2010) * Fix: Crash when cleaning history * Fix: "No Tag" string become blank * Fix: Crash when exit Orbit Downloader * Fix: Number of software installed not correct in left panel when updating Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.4(Oct 18,2010) * Improve: Update your software more accuratly Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.3(Aug 30,2010) * Fix: error of Orbit addon for Firfox Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.2(Aug 10,2010) * Improve: Update your software more accuratly * Fix: Can't use Orbitdownload in Firfox sometimes Orbit Downloader V4.0.0.1 (Jul 15,2010) * Add: Software Updater, helps you to update your software easier, quicker, and more convenience * Fix: No fresh status when downloading. Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.5 (May 10,2010) * Fix: Grab++ Crash When Capture URL. * Fix: Can't capture Fragmented MP4 File from SilverLight. Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.4 (Apr 16,2010) * Fix: Firefox Addon doesn't work in some case. * Add: Add "Become a fan" and "Follow us" link on status bar. Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.3 (Mar 09,2010) * GetIt can not catch some URL in IE6 Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.2 (Feb 10,2010)

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Add: editing function and right mouse button function of Tag Add: remember the selected state, tag, tab when you exit Fix: the UI of task list Fix: some bugs of Tag Improve: keep the task stay in "downloading" when you pause it Fix: file has not been removed when delete the completed task Fix: memory leak

Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.1 (Jan 12,2010) * Fix: Crash When start. Orbit Downloader V3.0.0.0 (Jan 8,2010) We are proud to announce OrbitDownloader 3.0 released. A advanced feature, Dow nload Tagging was added. You can organize your downloads easier.It can help to k eep your downloads perfectly organized with very little work Orbit Downloader V2.8.20 (Dec 21,2009) * Fix: OneCilck YouTube Downloader GetIt bug. * Fix: Grabpro Internet block connection bug. Orbit Downloader V2.8.19 (Dec 4,2009) * Add: "Clear Cache" in OneClick YouTube Downloader * Fix: OneClick YouTube Downloader and GrabPro Block FF and IE Orbit Downloader V2.8.18 (Nov 26,2009) * Improve: The process of 'GetIt' button On IE * Improve: Recorder of OneClick Youtube Downloader * Fix: OneClick Youtube Downloader Icon can't remove * Fix: OneClick Youtube Downloader flick with Firefox menu Orbit Downloader V2.8.17 (Oct 14,2009) * Add: 'OneClick YouTube Downloader' add-on on Firefox * Improve: The process of 'GetIt' button * Fix: some bugs may cause IE crash when operating Grabpro Orbit Downloader V2.8.16 (Sep 2,2009) * Add: 'Getit' support Firefox Orbit Downloader V2.8.15( Aug 4,2009) * Fix: bugs about support Opera and Chrome Orbit Downloader V2.8.14( Jul 9,2009) * Fix: some bugs may cause IE crash when operating the lists of Grabpro * Fix: some bugs may cause Grab++ crash Orbit Downloader V2.8.13( Jun 26,2009) * Fix: some bugs may cause Orbit crash in http downloading progress Orbit Downloader V2.8.12( Jun 9,2009) * Fix: some bugs in GrabPro * Fix: Silent Mode doesn't work Orbit Downloader V2.8.11 ( May 19,2009) * Add: Grab++ support Google chrome * Improve: The process of 'GetIt' button * Fix: some bugs when download from eSnips by GrabPro Orbit Downloader V2.8.10 ( May 4,2009) *Fix: Grab++ doesn't work in IE8 *Improve: The user interface of 'GetIt' button

Orbit Downloader V2.8.9 ( April 20,2009) *Fix: "Get It" button doesn't show in IE8 Orbit Downloader V2.8.8 ( April 7,2009) *Improve: HTTP streaming download from Windows Media Server Orbit Downloader V2.8.7 ( Mar 18,2009) *Fix: conflict with AVG Orbit Downloader V2.8.6 ( Feb 27,2009) *Fix: some bugs of downloaded location setting *Fix: when Orbit updated, it always starts on system startup Orbit Downloader V2.8.5 ( Feb 20,2009) * Fix: some bugs when Orbit deal with the referer * Fix: location of downloaded files could contain blank sub directory * Fix: create zero size file by GrabPro Orbit Downloader V2.8.4 ( Feb 4,2009) * Fix: some bugs * Improve: Download Windows Media streaming Orbit Downloader V2.8.3 ( Jan 20,2009) * Fix: some bugs in Firefox Orbit Downloader V2.8.2 ( Jan 16,2009) * Add: Integrate Orbit Downloader support Google Chrome * Improve: make Grab Pro download RTMP video more efficiently * Fix: some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.8.1 ( Dec 19,2008) * Add: Grab Pro feature: grab and download RTMP video * Improve: make Grab++ grab streaming media more efficient * Add: Integrate Orbit Search (powered by Google) to Internet Explorer * Fix: some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.7.9 ( Oct 25,2008) * Improve: Make Grab Pro more efficient * Fix: a bug may cause Grab++ can not grab streaming media URL * Fix: a bug may cause Grab Pro can not display file name suffix Orbit Downloader V2.7.8 ( Oct 31,2008) * Add: Orbit Downloader 2 Years commemorative edition toolbar icon. * Improve: detect file format more correctly in Grab++ and Grab Pro Orbit Downloader V2.7.7 ( Oct 15,2008) * Add: let Grab Pro suggestions on browser navigation 404 error Orbit Downloader V2.7.6 ( Sep 19,2008) * Improve: connection management algorithm Orbit Downloader V2.7.5 ( Sep 4,2008) * Fix: a bug may cause 'retry limit' error * Fix: a bug may cause wvx file download crash Orbit Downloader V2.7.4 ( Aug 22,2008) * Improve: HTTP streaming download from Windows Media Server * Improve: forum and email attachment download (in IE)

Orbit Downloader V2.7.3 ( Aug 1,2008) * Add: search option in Orbit Downloader * Improve: MMS protocol download * Improve: Set an option to control duplicate download warning Orbit Downloader V2.7.2 ( Jul 22,2008) * Improve: can use Orbit Downloader Grab++ and Grab Pro at the same time * Improve: Firefox addon to support Firefox 3.0.1 * Fix: a bug when fetch YouTube URL using GetIt button. Orbit Downloader V2.7.1 ( Jun 10,2008) * Add: Grab Pro in IE to support media download from sites which use anti-leechi ng technology like YouTube, imeem, etc * Add: Search bar in main window to search web, video, images, blog directly. * Improve: run Orbit Downloader in Vista more smoothly * Fix: a bug in Grab++ which may cause Grab++ crash * Fix: a bug in Grab++ which may cause Grab++ can not grab URL * Fix: a bug in Grab++ which may cause file extension missing Orbit Downloader V2.6.5 ( Apr 2,2008) * Fix: a bug may cause buffer overflow * Fix: a Firefox add-on bug when integrates Firefox Beta 5 Orbit Downloader * Improve: addon * Fix: a bug may n window * Fix: a bug may * Fix: a bug may V2.6.4 ( Mar 21,2008) for Firefox 3 Beta 4 - Thanks Nelson cause Orbit Downloader can not remember maximization of the mai cause download failure via Grab++ cause download failure via RTSP protocol

Orbit Downloader V2.6.3 ( Feb 25,2008) * Add: a menu item linked to 'Essential freeware' in 'Help' menu * Fix: a bug may cause 'Target category does not exist' error Orbit Downloader V2.6.2 ( Feb 21,2008) * Improve: create 'Save to' directory on 'Restart download' if it does not exist * Fix: some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.6.1 ( Jan 29,2008) * Improvement: add index information to WMV file which is downloaded via MMS pro tocol * Improvement: increase connection limit for Windows xp sp3 * Fix: a bug may cause Orbit Downloader crash when download via RTSP protocol * Fix: a bug may cause Orbit Downloader download failed via RTSP protocol * Fix: some interface bugs Orbit Downloader V2.5.2 ( Jan 7,2008) * Fix: a bug may cause Orbit Downloader can not run in Windows 2000 * Fix: Orbit Downloader can not remember maximization Orbit Downloader V2.5.1 ( Jan 3,2008) * Improvement: make Youtube video download more smoothly * Change: retry times to 99 by default per download * Fix: files can not be created when file names contain special characters * Fix: a bug may cause downloaded file name error * Fix: connections stalled in rare cases * Fix: a bug may clear downloading and completed list in rare cases Orbit Downloader V2.4.3 ( Nov 29,2007) * Improve: uninstall process

* Fix: the bug which may cause Grab++ can not grab video with IE * Fix: the bug caused download failure when URL contains space Orbit Downloader V2.4.2 ( Nov 6,2007) * Improve: install interface * Fix: the bug which may cause orbitnet can not be exit Orbit Downloader V2.4.1 ( Oct 31, 2007) * Greatly improved download speed by optimizing chunk-downloading algorithm * Optimized mirror and peer selection algorithm, improved download efficiency * Fix: downloads stalled in rare cases * Fix: rare crash bug when downloading * Fix: Grab++ failure with IE * Change: make update process more smoothly Orbit Downloader V2.3.1 ( Sep 20, 2007) * Fix the bug may cause Orbit Downloader crash Orbit Downloader V2.2.1 ( Sep 7, 2007) * Support 4 GB+ file download * Add 'Make a donation' item to 'Help' menu * Add 'Move up' and 'Move down' item to Downloading context menu * Remember window properties of Grab++ * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.1.7 ( Aug 24, 2007) * Improve download logic to promote download speed * Fix a bug may cause Orbit Downloader crash Orbit Downloader V2.1.6 ( Aug 9, 2007) * Improve Grab++ * Fix the encoding error in some Eastern Language OS * Improve the Opera addon * Fix the bug: DropZone may cause some games minimized * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.1.5 ( July 26, 2007) * Improve Firefox addon ( Thanks Nelson) * Fix DropZone bug: DropZone may cause the full-screen mode exit * Improve Tray Icon feature: Show mail window by one click * Add 'Clean list of completed downloads' feature to 'Edit' menu * Add TrayIcon for Grab++ * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.1.1 ( July 13, 2007) * Support Netscape browser * Support Download Youtube, Google, Metacaf, Dailymotion and Myspace video dire ctly via borwser's context menu item 'Grab video by Orbit' * Add an option in Grab++'s preferences to delete the grabbed item after downlo ad it * Add an option in Grab++'s preferences to rename file by page title * Grab++ support multi-language * Add an option to set grid and colorful grid in Orbit Downloader's list view * Remember the Orbit Downloader's list view header when exit * The FireFox add-on support Arbic * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V2.0.5 ( July 4, 2007) * Fix the bug: In some occasion Grab++ might cause the browser crash

Orbit Downloader V2.0.1 ( June 21, 2007) * Update 'Grab video' to 'Grab ++', support social music and video download, in clude Pandora, Yahoo, IMEEM... * Add an option to amend file extension when completed * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.7 ( June 12 , 2007) * Prompt user exit IE and Firefox when installing Orbit Downloader * Fix the bug: the username and password is swapped in batch download * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.6 ( May 30 , 2007) * Add "Silent Mode" feature * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.5 ( May 11 , 2007) * Add an option to "Exit Orbit" or "Close Main Window" when click the close bu tton on Main Window * Add an option in the batch download filter dialog to mark all items * Improve the DropZone Open/Close feature * Improve the batch download feature * The FireFox Add-on support Ukrainian * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.4 ( Apr 23 , 2007 ) * Add an option to overwrite or rename the file if exists * Add a timeout setting for the tray balloon * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.3 ( Apr 5 , 2007 ) * Add "IE Context" tab in the "Create New Download" dialog * Add "Add to Site Manager" option in the "General" tab of the "Create New Dow nload" dialog * Improve the "Create batch download" feature * Fix some bugs running in Windows Vista * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.2 ( Mar 22 , 2007 ) * Improve the default download-path setting. * Improve the FireFox add-on. * Improve the embedded YouTube video downloaded * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.5.1 ( Mar 13 , 2007 ) * Improve "Grab Video" feature to support most of video sharing websites' vide o download. * Add a block list in browser monitoring feature. * Improve "Anti-Virus" feature * Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.4.6 ( Mar 1 , 2007 ) * Improve FireFox integration, support FireFox3(Gran Paradiso) * Fix the Albanian, Vietnamese and Brazil language files format error. Orbit Downloader V1.4.5 ( Feb 12 , 2007 ) * Fix a bug in FireFox add-on when download from SourceForge * Support download from * Improve pre-download feature

* Fix some bugs Orbit Downloader V1.4.2 ( Feb 6 , 2007 ) * Fix a bug in English language file * Improve the integration with IE7 in Vista Orbit Downloader V1.4.1 ( Feb 5 , 2007 ) * Add scheduler feature to schedule downloads * Add ZIP preview to view the contents of a zip file before downloading it * Add tray icon ballon to check your download progress quickly * Add Unresume Hint * Add "Disk Cache Size" setting * Add "Automatically Exit when Done" setting * Add Bug Report to report bug or feature suggestion to us * Add hotkeys: Ctrl + Alt + Click: Download with Orbit Downloader and Alt + Cl ick: Download NOT with Orbit Downloader Orbit Downloader V1.3.2 ( Jan 1 , 2007 ) * Improve FireFox integration * Fix a bug: press [Esc] than close Orbit downloader's windows * Fix a bug in language file. Orbit Downloader V1.3.1 ( Dec 30 , 2006 ) * Add an add-on for FireFox, support download Youtube video and flash in FireF ox * Support Metalink download * Support Magnet download * Support pre-download * Support download all images from webpage * Compatible with all Windows Vista x32 and Windows Vista x64 * improve drag&drop function in Windows Vista * Add an opinion to change "Use sever date/time for the downloaded file" setti ng * Add an opinion to add sound event when download finished or failed Orbit downloader V1.2.1 ( Dec 15 , 2006 ) * Improve HTTP POST method. * Support most of file-sharing service websites,including RapidShare, megauplo ad, badongo, sendspace, sexuploader, yourfilehost, uploading, filefront, 4shared , turboupload, depositfiles, filefactory, more.... Orbit downloader V1.1.1 ( Dec 5 , 2006 ) * Support https protocol * Support download from * Improve download Flash videos,including stuff from Youtube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion,etc * Support adding mirror manually * Improve preferences setting Orbit downloader * Add a manual * Fix a bug in * Fix a bug in Orbit downloader * Fix a bug of * Fix a bug in * Display Drop V1.0.3 ( Nov 20 , 2006 ) setting to enable/disable p2p connection. Drop Zone. Orbit update. V1.0.0.2 ( Nov 8 , 2006 ) wrong warning of anti-virus program. multilingual interface support. Zone by default.