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NJITs Campus

CAMPBELL HALL/STUDENT SERVICES: With oces for the Educational Opportunity Program and Career Development, its almost one-stop shopping for student services. CAMPUS CENTER: is 2004 building is the heart of the campus with a rooop garden, places to eat (including Starbucks), a bowling alley, a game room, the bookstore, student organization oces, the Dean of Student Services oce, and the Murray Center for Women in Technology. CENTRAL AVENUE BUILDING: Home to the School of Management and the 160,000-volume Robert W. Van Houten Library. CENTRAL KING BUILDING: Formerly known as Central High School, the building was acquired by the university in 2010 and is undergoing renovation to house a variety of educational functions, including pre-college programs. CHEN BUILDING: Houses the Medical Device Concept Lab, biomedical engineering research labs, and the administration of University Heights Science Park. COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: Home of NJITs newest academic unit, the School of Art + Design and the New Jersey School of Architecture. COLTON HALL: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineerings labs, oces and classrooms, plus a supersophisticated GPS antenna on the roof. CULLIMORE HALL: College of Science and Liberal Arts classrooms and oces; the departments of mathematics, humanities, and history. CYPRESS RESIDENCE HALL: Cypress Hall houses 420 students of every class standing in two-room suites. Each suite has a shared bathroom. EBERHARDT HALL/ALUMNI CENTER: Built in 1857, this registered historic site serves as the alumni center and houses the oces of University Advancement. ECE BUILDING: Oces, classrooms, and labs for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT CENTERS 2 AND 3: House start-up companies as part of NJITs business incubator program. ESTELLE AND ZOOM FLEISHER ATHLETIC CENTER: Swim (or learn to kayak) in the pool, swing a racquet, li weights, get a workout, practice or compete on varsity teams, intramurals or in club sports from cricket to bowling. FACULTY MEMORIAL HALL: For electrical engineers, this is where the action (and reaction) is with cryogenics lab, electron microscope, CAD lab, and every other oor with more engineering labs. FENSTER HALL/ADMISSIONS: e NJIT building that every prospective student visits at least once, since the Oce of Admissions is here. In addition, there is Albert Dorman Honors College, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and administrative oces including the Oce of the President. GUTTENBERG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES CENTER: eres a lot in this $30 million building, from the factory oor facility with exible manufacturing and plastic processing labs to the College of Computing Sciences and Newark College of Engineering.

KUPFRIAN HALL: Includes the University Learning Center and the 425-seat Jim Wise eatre, site of productions created by NJIT and Rutgers-Newark students LAUREL RESIDENCE HALL: Designed by the worldrenowned architect Michael Graves, Laurel is home to upperclass and graduate students. LUBETKIN FIELD AT J. MALCOLM SIMON STADIUM: Features professional-grade articial surface for the varsity soccer teams, intramural teams and physical education classes. eres also seating for 1,000 and a walking track. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CENTER: Mechanical Engineering Department, plus one of the largest site-built solar energy structures in the Northeast. MICROELECTRONICS CENTER: Sophisticated research technologies reside here, allowing researchers to work on micro-engineered devices such as integrated circuits and silicon chips. NAIMOLI FAMILY ATHLETIC AND RECREATIONAL FACILITY: e newest campus building, the center contains some 25,000 square feet of space for recreational sports, intramurals, athletics practice sessions and other university activities. OAK RESIDENCE HALLS: Recently renovated as a prototype state-of-the-art, energy ecient building , Oak Hall houses 230 upper-class and graduate students in twoperson and three-person rooms or ve-person apartments. REDWOOD RESIDENCE HALLS: Redwood Hall houses over 200 rst-year students in double rooms, including an Honors Floor Learning Community SPECHT BUILDING: e power plant.













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STUDENT MALL/PARKING DECK: Head to the mall for lots of your practical needscomputer lab, bursar, registrar and nancial aid, along with parking for 1,300 vehicles with a high-tech security system. THE GREEN: It lives up to its name as a grass-lled spot where students gather for volleyball, Frisbee, naps, conversation, relaxation and outdoor concerts and movies. TIERNAN HALL: Houses transportation research facilities, the Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research and research facilities in chemistry and chemical engineering, including membrane separations and biotechnology. VAN HOUTEN LIBRARY: Includes more than 160,000 volumes, 1,000 hard-copy journals, digital access to more than 10,000 journals, plus plenty of study areas and lounges. YORK CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE: e nations largest university-based hazardous waste management facility, the center conducts important research in pollution.


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