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Happy New Year to all our readers
The New Year—historical facts
New Year's Day is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar used in ancient Rome. With most countries using the Gregorian calendar as their main calendar, New Year's Day is the closest thing to being the world's only truly global public holiday, often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts. January 1 on the Julian calendar currently corresponds to January 14th on the Gregorian calendar, and it is on that date that followers of some of the Eastern orthodox churches celebrate the New Year. December 31st is the official holiday in Scotland as it is the New Year's Eve or the Hogmanay. New Year in Scotland is celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm on January 1st. Hogmanay is also called 'night of the candle'. The idea of celebrating Hogmanay dates back to the pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. These celebrations were inherited from the Vikings who celebrated Yule in the medieval period. There are many theories about the derivation of the word "Hogmanay". The Scandinavian word for the feast preceding Yule was "Hoggo-nott" while the
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Flemish words (many have come into Scots) "hoog min dag" means "great love day". Hogmanay could also be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon, Haleg monath, Holy Month, or the Gaelic, oge maidne, new morning. But the most likely source seems to be the French "Homme est né" or "Man is born". In France the last day of the year when gifts were exchanged was "aguillaneuf" while in Normandy presents given at that time were "hoguignetes". Take your pick!

New Year celebrations in other countries!
New Year in Germany is Like most festivals in Spain, New Year's Eve, known as "Nochevieja" is usually a family celebrated on January 1st affair which takes place at home. Until midnight people tend to stay at home and on the as per the Gregorian Calen- stroke of midnight it is traditional to eat 12 grapes, one on each stroke of the clock to bring dar. People bid farewell to good luck for the New Year... the old year and welcome the New Year by eating, Brazilian New Year is one of the most traditionally celebrated festivals for the people livdrinking, dancing, playing ing there. New Year in Brazil is known as Ano Nove (Portuguese) but is more popularly games, exchanging wishes known as Revillion. It is celebrated on January 1st as per the Gregorian Calendar. and they also make resolu- New Year is the time when people from various parts of the world like to celebrate it in tions for the New Year. Brazil. Pubs, party halls, clubs, beaches and even roads are thronged with people... New Year in France is better known as Jour des Étrennes . It is celebrated on January 1st (according to the Gregorian Calendar) with great pomp and show. Jour des Étrennes is one of the oldest festivals celebrated all over France. People are highly excited to bid goodbye to the old year and to welcome the coming year. The New Year holidays in France ends on January 6th with the ceremonial cutting of a special type of festive cake called la galette des rois.

H o n l e y G ro u p Ca s k & S p i n d l e
To end the year, Shirley organised a little Christmas party for all the group. We also had a Christmas carol quiz which amused everybody and Joan very kindly gave each member one of her little gift bags which contained a chocolate. A Beetle drive followed which kept everyone occupied for the rest of the session! These ladies are very competitive! It was a lovely afternoon. In January, the Honley ladies took the mini bus and we all went for a beautiful lunch at the Cask and Spindle in Shepley. Well done to Molly for managing a three course meal!
Marsden Group December 2011
At our second meeting of the month we went on an outing to two garden centres. Firstly we went to Armitages Garden Centre at Shelley. We very much enjoyed looking at the plants and also the many and varied items for sale in the shop. The Christmas decorations were beautiful, there were twinkling lights everywhere and fully decorated Christmas trees surrounded by stunning Christmas ornaments. Going around the Christmas section of the shop was like walking in a Christmas wonderland (well almost). We left Armitages and then went to Hampsons Garden Centre in Wakefield. We arrived there at lunchtime. it was very busy there but once we had ordered lunch we were served very quickly. The food was very good and everyone received more than ample portions. We were surprised to find that Hampsons have their own supermarket in the garden centre. The produce on sale was reasonably priced and looked of good quality. Many of us did some shopping there before looking around the garden centre products. It was an enjoyable outing that everyone seemed to enjoy. It was a nice change for all of us. Cynthia Phillips

Members relax and enjoy their robins
Hello and good wishes to all members and volunteers of Friend to Friend from the Marsden group. We hope that you are all keeping well and that you are really enjoying your Friend to Friend meetings and activities. At our October activities session we all had quite a challenging morning making sugar craft robins under the expert eye of Shelia. We soon produced some very ‘interesting’ shapes with the sugar icing, yet remarkably they quickly began to resemble robins. When we had finally finished making the two little robins everyone was very pleased with their creations. Indeed, thanks to Shelia’s infinite patience and at times fortitude, the robins looked very good indeed. They will make a lovely festive treat or perhaps a Christmas ornament.

Friend to Friend Men’s Group Christmas Lunch

Meltham Sports and Cricket Club 21st December 2011

Love the party hats gents!

Meltham Group December 2011

bottle of whiskey, 2 bottles of wine, a lovely hamper, chocolates and a tin of biscuits. Thank you also to Durker Roods who donated a bottle of wine. Our volunteer driver Neil Craven was presented with a bottle of wine as was John from Slawit & Golcar Taxis. May we at Meltham wish all members of Friend to Friend a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Meltham Christmas Lunch


Snow was not a problem this year for the Meltham Christmas Lunch which was held at Durker Roods on Friday 2nd December. Thirty six members enjoyed a delicious four course meal which included warm mince pies and coffee to finish with. The members received a Christmas Card each and a small box of chocolates. Thank you to the Meltham Volunteers who donated six raffle prizes which included; a

Meltham Group January 2012 January lunch at Meltham

Our meeting on Friday January 6th had a surprise for F/F Members. Each year, each branch of The Yorkshire Building Society donate £1.000 to local Charities. In November I applied for a donation from the Yorkshire Building Society in Meltham for F/F. In December I received a letter to say we would be receiving a cheque for £100 from The Yorkshire Building Society in Meltham. Our members where very surprised when Alistair and Gail from the Meltham branch came to present the cheque to the members at our meeting on Friday. The photo shows some of our members with Alistair and Gail at the presentation.

Everyone enjoyed the lunch on Friday which was beef casserole, Yorkshire pudding and mashed potato. Dessert was ginger sponge and custard. Arnold and Richard drew the raffle whilst everyone enjoyed a cup of tea/ coffee after the meal. The guest speaker Mr John Wallis entertained us with anecdotes and songs about “The End of the Pier”. Mr Wallis spoke about going to the seaside on the old steam trains. His mother scolded him when they arrived at their destination because his lovely clean white shirt was all spotted black from the soot from the steam engine. When you arrived at the boarding house there were notices saying “NO BATHS TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS. You had to be out of the boarding house at 9.45 am (straight after breakfast) and the landlady stood in the doorway saying “Have a nice day”. The songs Mr Wallis sang were good old favourites like: George Formby’s “I’m leaning on a lamp post” and “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”. In 1947 Joseph Locke appeared in Blackpool for 20 successive seasons. One of his songs was “Hear my song”. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped me on Friday. Jenny

Friend to Friend would like to say a BIG thank you to GAFF from Mount Taxis who always goes that ‘extra mile’ (pardon the pun!) for us. He makes sure people get home safely and never fails to let us know if someone has not turned up. Sincere thanks from all at Friend to Friend.


Mount Taxis 97 Westbourne Road HUDDERSFIELD HD1 4LG Tel: 01484 501877

Meltham Old History Group
We had a speaker planned for this meeting who was going to read poems to us from our school years but she couldn’t make it due to flu. Luckily Neil Craven our volunteer driver stepped in and saved the day. Both Neil’s parents were poets, so Neil quickly went home and brought back a lovely selection of poems which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were interrupted by a photographer from the Examiner. He came along to take a photo of us all launching our new 2012 calendar, which I am sure you have all purchased by now. If you missed out on the piece published in the Examiner then below is the very photo with Neil Craven at the front.

Netherton Group
I would like to welcome our new volunteer Isabel who started with us for our Christmas party. This was a good day to start as we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by the Gallery’s kitchen staff. Mary, Jean and Isabel had worked very hard to make the party go with a bang. The table and our room were decorated and looked lovely. Mary had also organised a singer, Harvey Leatham from Huddersfield, whom we all enjoyed and we even got up for a dance or two.

Denby Dale Meeting December
It's party time again! And who could be more welcome than The Songbirds to start off our joyful Christmas Festivities? They are a group of ladies who have got together to have singalongs with local groups and sing they did. And we did too, when we could remember the words. They were all dressed up in their sparkly outfits and hats and we 'dashed through the snow' 'dreamed of a white Christmas' (hopefully it only is a dream) and 'jingle belled' until it was truly time to get the mince pies and Christmas cake out and we were certainly ready for our cups of tea. After our feast Jean made sure our brains had not gone to sleep with a Christmas word search and Marjorie Brown, Audrey Mathers and Gladys Kendal came tops in that. Raffle prize winners were Mary Fisher, Joan Noble, Marjorie Brown, Alice Bryden, Freda Coxon and Nancy Lear. Many thanks to our little helpers who baked mince pies and Christmas cakes and provided the cheese which is essential to go with it all. Julie Barber Denby Dale Exercise Session Seemingly it was chaos before our meeting started. The office had a call from the Zumba lady whose car had broken down, so she had to cancel. Jean, who knows a person or two tried to get in touch with Charlotte, who was uncontactable even in this day and age. Eventually, her husband or Jean managed to get hold of her and she had nothing better to do that afternoon so she came with a huge bag of stuff and really got us going. It was interactive exercise and kept your brain going as well as your arms and legs. We had to pass/throw the ball, wave a huge parachute up and down, think of boy’s and girl’s names and places we had been or would like to go to. Talk about multi- tasking! It was all jolly fun and a very pleasant atmosphere. We had a relax session just before the refreshments which were both fruity and fruit cakey. Many thanks to Jean for arranging it all and thanks to Charlotte for coming - a great end to the sessions. We shall now see what the outcome is after our taster sessions. Julie Barber

Denby Dale Meeting January
It was a very good start to the New Year, if a bit different. Due to the screen and modern technology we had to have the meeting upstairs in the church, rather than downstairs in the meeting room. So the fittest took the stairs and worked off a few calories and the bravest took the lift and a deep breath. Thankfully we all got there and it was well worth it. On the third time of asking Terry Rimmer was able to come and tell us about his bike ride across America to raise money for Water Aid. Hence the screen and projector. He joined a group of American cyclists and was the only one flying a Union Jack. They had all their necessities on their bikes except their food. They set off from Virginia, by the Atlantic Ocean and cycled right across the Continent to the Pacific Ocean. The most peculiar and trying thing about it, was the change in temperature from day to night-time. Although it was July the temperature overnight was well below freezing, but yet during the day it reached 40 degrees and the sun lotion had to be slapped on. Many of his pictures showed the landscape as frosty white. Thankfully, they all survived the experience and Terry managed to raise his target of £10,000 for Water Aid, which will help a good few villages in Africa to get piped clean water. Then it was downstairs to sample birthday cakes for two of our members, Dorethea who helps our funds so well by making cards and jewellery (sorry we were a bit late, Dorethea, but we are not very well organised) and Eleanor Speck who has reached the big 90!

Holmfirth Project December Members so enjoyed the simple Harvest Service that Mike took they asked for a Carol Service in December. Mike turned up with the materials for a Christingle. Everyone got busy with their creations. The carol singing was really tuneful and the volume was surprisingly loud for a group of older people. Christingles were taken home to light. Members were immersed in a Christmas quiz for the time after lunch. Shirley B provided the CDs and the food. Thanks to her. Holmfirth Monthly Meal Mike cooked us a splendid Christmas meal. The occasion was enlivened by a pre meal sherry and a glass of wine to accompany the food. A gentleman new to us, Harvey Leatham entertained during and after the meal. The music he played certainly suited the festive mood of the members. Thanks once more to Mike and Ann for the food. Holmfirth Project January We welcomed Isobel back once more. There was a good deal of discussion. Lovely floral cards were made. To finish we had some poetry. Judi did her first stint of providing food which went down very well. She is another person to thank for stepping in for us.

Answers to the Christmas quizzes
Christmas Quiz 1: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth Dreaming of a white Christmas We three Kings Deck the Halls 12 Days of Christmas Christmas Quiz 2: Once in royal David’s city God rest ye merry gentlemen Angels from the realms of glory Deck the halls with boughs of holly The first Nowell the angel did say O little town of Bethlehem The holly and the ivy As with gladness men of old It came upon the midnight velar Christians awake salute the happy morn Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Ding dong merrily on high In the bleak mid winter frosty winds made moan Good King Wenceslas looked out Good Christian men rejoice Silent Night Joy to the World I saw mother (mommy) kissing Santa Claus Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree Walking through a winter wonderland O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining It’s looking to be a lot like Christmas

Congratulations to all who took part. Many people had almost all the answers correct but there were two clear winners with thirty totally correct answers: Doris Hewitt of Marsden and Janet Martin of Holmfirth. Well done to both ladies! A prize is waiting for you to in the Friend to Friend office and we will get it to you via your Group leader or you can arrange collection if you prefer. Diamond Jubilee For the Jubilee we would like to put together a collection of your memories to share in the newsletter. We would love to hear about your memory of the day, what you were doing etc. Did you watch it on television? Friend to Friend AGM and Volunteer Get Together The AGM will be held at the Holmfirth Methodist Church on the 29th of February. We are holding the volunteer get together before the AGM which will start at 10.30 until 12 pm. We will then break for a light lunch which we will provide. The AGM will then start at 1pm until 2.30.
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