I look at the map of the world and find my country. .Here is how I find my special place on the map. I live in ________________. First.

I look at the map of my country and find my state. I live in ________________.Next. .

I look at the map of my state and find my town. = town . I live in ________________. Our state’s capital is_____________. Key: = capital.Then.

. I look at the map of my town and find my street. My street name is: ______________ ______________________________.Next.

My house number is: _____________. I find my house.And on my street. .

I find my room. I find ME! . And in my room.In my house.

Allow students to color.Directions: Copy on construction paper for durability. After illustrating their bedroom. yarn for hair. google eyes. students will glue their body on to the last page or can attach with string for maneuvering! “ME” template . etc. add clothing using scrapbook paper.

Use the next slide as a template for states other than Tennessee! .

I look at the map of my state and find my town. Our state’s capital is_____________.Then. = town . Key: = capital. I live in ________________.

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